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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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british authorities are ready to. bail conditions. in london the country considers whether to accept him as a political refugee. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is said to be in a coma amid mounting tensions over who will succeed him after the presidential run . pledged to stay in syria despite. media. reports that tens of thousands of chinese troops. near the country.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here. he is facing arrest british police say the wiki leaks editor has violated his bail by seeking sanctuary at the ecuadorian embassy in london now the world's most famous whistleblower has asked for political asylum in the latin american country to avoid extradition to sweden. at the embassy while our reporter laura smith is right now. in london i talk to both of them just a little bit about. well the hind closed doors and julian assange is taking refuge at the moment you can see some of his supporters have gathered outside here this morning now still a clear indication of exactly what the decision is going to be of course a huge amount of speculation at the moment now
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a little earlier on investigative journalist government body and from city university had come out of the building and he had spoken to some of the reporters here and said that the atmosphere inside was warm and that there would be a statement later on today so we left speculating at the moment of course the embassy here the evaluating his request it wasn't going to be long before julian assange was going to have to present himself to the british authorities and then he faced extradition to sweden where of course he faces questioning the sexual assault allegations that he's never actually been charged in all at the end of last month after the u.k. supreme court rejected his appeal against the extradition really asuncion his legal team we're running out of options now the next big question that everyone's asking right now is why ecuador again a lot of speculation that we do you know that julian assange had previously met the president of ecuador he interviewed him for
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a show the runs analyse and it seemed to hit it off in the meeting just take a listen to that now. thank you president. as you move it is really a pleasure to me at least in this way. to the global security. that's only we have to do it every day. over to you know or to do tell us or one of the u.k. or forty saying at this point. well mainly that if he steps outside the ecuadorian embassy they will arrest him as you were saying earlier he is in breach of his bail conditions which are very strict he's been under them for the last eighteen months and one of the states that he has to spend the night at his registered address which is obviously not the ecuadorian embassy and he has been there since yesterday spent the night while inside the ecuadorian embassy he's of course out of reach of
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the police because it's a sanctuary. the moment he steps outside we understand that there are police officers waiting for him they don't exactly know what their orders are but they know that they have to stay there until something happens according to reports says it's working with the u.k. to sort this situation out whatever that means but of course this is not unexpected it was that we didn't think that julian ourselves would just be able to go to ecuador without any kind of repercussions and this is really a last ditch move for him and a very unexpected move of course we know that he's exhausted all his legal options here inside the u.k. he took his case right up to the supreme court which offered. him an appeal but then rejected it at the last moment so now his only recourse in the legal system is to go to the european court of human rights but he evidently doesn't expect that the european court of human rights would be able to help him and of course this is all because of him being wanted for questioning on allegations of sexual assault in
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sweden no charges of course of being brought they're looking at sweden is looking to extradite him just a question. and he has always been that if sent to sweden he would be extradited on from that to the united states he's pointed out that the united states is a country where the death penalty is still in force and they have also been reports all through this eighteen month process and confirm date that the u.s. is already building a case against him for espionage the stakes are very high in this it's really a last ditch attempt to avoid being extradited this case is coming to a clay. method with tara forth before now we did actually have a chance to talk to her julian assange just mother thought of christina's songe she told us that it's her son being abandoned by his native country that's now led to this current time offense i would like to say is to govern that stand up and had some independence from us foreign policy and to know. what you're doing is persecuting
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a journalist who has not been charged with anything and you're on this commitment as done nothing wrong they should have stood up they should have a copy of the swedish ambassador i think that that that breaks to iran and they could slice it and your pay to respond when they shouldn't they should have participated in that plea to the. u.k. government it's disgraceful display during a hearing that you persisted to the u.s. that the calls are being. done they should have protested organize things they've done nothing that i did in a big city you wasted persecuting my son. or let's not discuss further what might be next for the world's most famous whistleblower coston halley a spokesperson for frankfurt friends of wiki leaks now joining us live from germany good to see you today mr haley what is what is your take on the current events and how necessary and timely was this move alternately asking for that of political asylum oh i think it came on quite clearly to a surprise as
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a surprise to all of us. i think that the last twelve hours just trying to keep up with what is happening. what happens from now is very much a matter of speculation i don't think anybody knows that he will the number one we've already consented to. but do you think at the end of the day do you think it will be granted this asylum that he's asking for yes i think you know what happens . also use being granted that asylum practically how he is. how he travels to it good or. really very much the question everybody's asking right now well certainly we be doing a bit of research on our side here. and from what i understand if indeed he is granted diplomatic asylum political asylum that he should be given some sort of political rights to have a safe passage to the airport to get to ecuador but however let's just say for example this plan does not go according to what he's hoping for what else is there julian assange to do perhaps some are saying he should still appeal to the european court of human rights well that i mean the course is on the. it's
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a very difficult question to answer right now i think given is that it happened over the last twelve twenty four hours on the hand of the british government to reconsider their position but again i mean i know i don't want to speculate on what will happen if there's a comedy if there's a car accident on the way to. the news these questions suddenly in the united states for many months now since oh well for over five hundred days has been on house arrest in the u.k. there have been some members in washington d.c. calling for his incarceration even some members saying he should be facing the facing execution how grounded do you think is fia's sweden extradition to sweden would just be a short stop on the road to further prosecution or even worse in america well i think the quote will. not refuse the extradition request for the last forty is as far as i'm well we only have to look at the case of money. so i think he's
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a well untruth. but i think in the day a lot of people are asking about the basic democratic right of freedom of speech when it when it comes to julian assange and his for and his ability for freedom of speech to to be made a poor victim in bringing to light certain secret documents a perhaps the public wanted to know about at the end of the day why is it that perhaps officials in washington are so upset about the wiki leaks. i think the thing that we have to remember bradley manning is this is an example. the americans may take him or they may take bradley manning but they're not going to do it quietly these these men are being put on trial deserves a warning for the rest of us. to not exercise i want to. know at a cost in haiti a spokesperson for the frankfurt friends of wiki leaks life in germany thank you for coming on to you today thank you. well don't forget to joining us on his very
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own interview program is being broadcast here on r.t. throughout the day its latest edition will be coming up for you i do believe in about twenty one minutes if you've missed any of the previous episodes they are always available on a special section of our website songe doughty dot com. julian assange. it is true of wiki leaks expose the world secrets these documents belong the united states government being attacked by the united states strongly condemn. illegally. hundred days now i being detained without charge. doesn't stop this. today. or really. can change the world. are now a time when it's past the hour here in moscow egypt's ousted president hosni
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mubarak is in a coma and that's the latest from the country's security officials amid uncertainty over his condition it comes as the results of the presidential runoff it due to be announced on thursday with both candidates already claiming victory. reports from cairo. the fundamental question that we're asking just top people in town here feel about the news that mubarak has died away otherwise is the question of whether or not his death would make a difference to people here on the streets in the gentleman's who is actually no so people people he came out and called for him to step down from power last baby mubarak for them is did whether he is dead physically or not makes little difference he's dead in the hearts and minds and he's certainly not a political player here egypt is changing from day to day you have the presidential election that happened just last week and you have these conflicting reports of mubarak you have demonstrators back on the streets of tokyo and we do get
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a sense that there is going to be some kind of showdown if not on tuesday when those he makes an assault on mounds in sometime soon after that the showdown is likely to be between the muslim brotherhood and the ruling military and it's a showdown that's been some time in coming the muslim brotherhood has been around and waiting for eighty years the only question at this stage that cannot be answered is when will that showdown happen and to want to extent will it be and will it be a massive demonstration when it was on to violence it would be something that is more controlled. reporting right there what it's good to have you with us here on the program still to come for you shortly calls to crack down on iran from the swans see you nations to toughen sanctions against the country. leadership and to iran offering concessions to cooperate. plus a moscow court extending some punishment for political punk rockers known as pussy riot who were arrested for performing at moscow's main cathedral find out how
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russian society is split over the issue. now the eurozone is breathing a sigh of relief after the greek socialist leader announced the three parties have agreed on a coalition go. following sunday's election it comes after weeks of uncertainty and fears that an anti bailout party would have a majority in parliament however the crisis focus is now shifting to spain which is set to see yet another round of protests on wednesday. greaves across all the developments for us joining us live good to see you firstly that's a discuss the situation there in greece it now has a government after weeks of political uncertainty so how did they manage to get to the stage. we're hearing that government will be headed up by mr marson leader of new democracy who won in the recent elections now is going to be joined forces as you said by the democratic left by the past party as well so three waco election
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that's what we're seeing at the moment now they're going to have to jump together one hundred seventy nine seats in this three hundred seat parliament that could prove very crucial going to be passing some very unpopular austerity likely in the future and legislation associated with it but questions here already being asked as to the sway that these people actually have in parliament pasok the democratic left already we're hearing rumors that they may not want to put forward their best m.p.'s into this coalition for fear that their names could be tarnished with the austerity bill and the austerity bills that you may see passed in the future when it comes to series and now they were front runners what came to the election to prove very problems there and they took a lot of the electorate along with them with their anti austerity message still going to hold a lot of sway in the parliament they're likely going to prove very crucial in the future when it comes to orchestrating protests both within the parliament walls and also outside in the streets and against austerity project and so ultimately the end
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of the day the greek government the greek coalition government does come to fruition but what about the basic challenges that greece and not just greece but also the entire eurozone facing right now. greeks they have some answers but the still really lacking in many such as the wave of anti austerity that we see in the build up and with these elections some of the parties in support of it such a new democracy have been forced to change their tune a bit they say they'll probably reese seek a renegotiation when it comes to the bailout conditions that's something that germany and other states in the euro zone or is that a flat no to so that's the situation for them now the key word there to be worried when it comes to the euro zone has always been contagion that something is really never been more prominent the right now when. comes to spain spain may already have to seek one hundred billion euros in order to recapitalize its banks will no more the figures on thursday. borrowing costs at the moment reaching that that arland
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portugal greece all face and they had to seek an all out bailout from the euro zone and that's something many people say the users simply couldn't afford for spain right now you know when it comes to the economic situation spain they're facing unemployment levels at twenty five percent the highest in the euro zone full stop and that's led labor used to de lay says day they'll be taking to the streets in barcelona to protest the current situation protest against the job cuts that we see taking place in spain as part of this austerity greaves in athens thank you. un observers say they are committed to completing their mission in syria seen as a key to ending violence despite the earlier decision to halt it because of security risks observers claim they've been given safety guarantees by the syrian government but not from the opposition now there's been a spate of fighting in the country with a major media war also gathering steam the latest now to want to use an important. head of the united nations supervision mission in syria general robert mood briefed
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the u.n. security council on the state of syria and more importantly his decision to suspend the missions activities according to general mood supervision mission in syria can resume once he feels that the observers will be safe and secure as they monitor syria he says the government has made a commitment to ensure the safety of the u.n. workers but so far the opposition group has not the commitment of the government the opposition to the safety and security and the freedom of movement of the observers the government express that he clearly in the last couple of days. statements from the opposition the as the head of the u.n. mission in syria was briefing the international community about the crisis taking place in the country media outlets many of them were reporting stories indicating
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that russia was sending or attempting to send attack helicopters to syria a claim that russia has denied there was another somewhat outrageous report about some legit military exercises that were scheduled to take place between russia syria china and iran now the reason i say outrageous is because when you listen to the numbers of this report claiming that ninety thousand soldiers would be participating one thousand tanks one hundred warships that sounds like a humongous exercise to take place between countries and of course to include one country in the midst of his own conflict now the russian foreign ministry immediately denied this report saying it had no merit there were no facts to it and also russian officials say that those reports. being unleashed by many
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western media outlets are part of a false information campaign being spread about syria so it is more important than ever right now with this considering the state of the syrian crisis for the information that is being provided by media outlets to be factually supported so here we see that the international community is not just dealing with an escalating conflict in syria there's also an escalating information war taking place outside of the country and most recently it is being aimed at russia by many western media outlets you know that was artie's more important either as you were saying with a full scale media was talking place outside syria we've been talking to one of president assad's main political and media advisers she shared her views on the crisis ongoing in the country and the way the turmoil is being covered you can see that interview in full next hour. there are. tens of.
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the channels who made themselves part of the war on syria and citing sectarian wars. about what's happening in our country it can do a lot of them in the media war because when your. religious men fighting sectarian head to among the syrian people there are many people who fall victim to do this incitement unfortunately the media war throughout history could be very damaging. but effective. we will be joining marina shortly for the business for now though a moscow court has prolonged the detention period for two of three members of a notorious band who were arrested for singing a political punk song in the capital's main cathedral but the case over the group known as pussy riot has triggered flare ups and deep division among russians he's
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pretty one of them is outside the court where the hearing is taking place. just behind me is being trying to decide whether three women accused of being the members of punk rock collective pussy riot conducted a demonstration inside moscow's major cathedral in earlier this year should be released from police custody now that demonstration took the form of a. punk prayer it was called this is certainly splits elements within russian society and outside the courtroom today we've seen heated debate so occasionally spilling over into small scale violent conflicts between. christian groups and on the other those that support the options of. these women should not be held in custody for this long if they haven't been charged formally that they should be released no the investigators have said that they should remain in custody saying that they have the potential to escape investigation should they be released also
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saying that they could destroy evidence that they hope to to gain to enhance their cases well and that they could be the protests taking place they are expected to be charged with hooliganism which in russia could bring with it up to seven years in prison i will have to remember that much more video and many more stories on our website. a quick look now and see what's in store for you at the moment nuclear sends shivers down the spine of residents in beijing i look at this right here and . hangs over the chinese capital for quite some time. also an american navy warship returns home with ten tons of marijuana find out how the marines discovered the drug that's on our web site also.
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i do stay with us for the r.t. world update but for now our france is urging the e.u. to toughen its sanctions against iran and to fully apply an oil embargo from the first of july this comes as iran says it's willing to and ready rather to fully cooperate with the international atomic energy agency only though if all sanctions placed on the country are lifted tehran's achieve negotiator has offered the deal to the group of six world powers during the two day talks in moscow all in a bid to bring more transparency but he also stressed a terror on is not going to give up the enrichment of uranium to twenty percent or something the world powers don't want to agree to now hopes are high for a technical meeting of nuclear experts that showed you all for july third in istanbul and the political crisis between iran and the international powers has certainly been the subject of intense debate in today's crosstalk. policymakers
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have sent men to go clearly they've been affected you suggest that the sanctions are affecting the policy that's one thing i want to get i'm. going to be i'm sorry now but i think germany is you know we did use well sanctions i'm going to let your forwards regime change their i mean that's the difference of opinion here and it probably won't happen ok so nations alone won't do that well i'm not sure about that but i'm talking more getting communicate clearly i'm talking about the injustice of it i think it's incredibly uncivilized to hurt innocent person a so innocent person they will go after a guilty person potentially guilty person b. . and i live from moscow this is r.t. time now for the world update for you a police say that one person has been created from a bank into lives fronts where a man claiming to be linked to al qaeda took four people hostage at the area around
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the bank has been cordoned off and there are no reports of any injuries police said the man did fire one shot after his demand for money was denied he also lost it to talk with the police unit which killed islamist a gunman mohamed merah in march from iraq killed seven people in three separate attacks and to lose before police snipers shot him dead. twelve afghans are dead more than a dozen others injured after a motorbike packed with explosives drove into an international military convoy in the country's east the casualties included civilians and security forces there were it's unclear if any international soldiers were among them it's the third time in two days coalition troops have been targeted after a base and police checkpoint in the south were attacked yesterday. all right in about six minutes times it'll be the latest installment of julian assange has exclusive program here r.t. all of this is right now at this moment in time he's seeking diplomatic asylum with
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