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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we wanted to visit. something else. live from moscow this is r.t. i'm rule research i hear you had lines now it's a nervous wait for julian assange ecuador weighs up the death threat hanging over the world's number one whistleblower if indeed he's eventually transferred to america this before delivering its verdict on his plea for political asylum. as opposition forces in homs stage a mass offensive against syrian government troops despite a red cross brokered truce we report on how intimidation to join the ranks of the rebels has meant death for some who refuse. the military backed election commission delays the results of the presidential runoff in the egypt the move has outraged
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many in the country who see it all as part of a coup keeping the army interim rule is empowered. now while julian assange is fighting his battle against extradition to sweden and for political asylum for ecuador discusses the future of his wiki leaks project with the website's press spokesman out of kristinn hrafnsson and the interview is now. thank you very much for joining us can you tell us how you came to join wiki leaks well. joining us ours was working quite a lot in iceland in the winter of two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten and after actually here year we could he produced a tremendously important leak in two thousand and nine with exposed the corruption
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within the iceland banks. superstation school. of the light on why the entire banking system in iceland webster two thousand and eight i met him and then the period when he was doing it with among other things one supporting the project the icelandic modern media initiative. and we befriended he. showed me the collateral murder video i was at the time working for the state television and of course offered my help and it became. basically a joint project to with between the eyes and the state television and we can use. join then we can use full time in the summer of two thousand and ten and how's it being feel you've been described as sort of the second public face of wiki leaks having stepped into this much more spotlighted role say to speak at such a difficult time with wiki leaks. have you been finding it i've been finding extremely interesting and
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a journalist would would find it interesting to take part in the the biggest leaks in history. basically transform. politics from certain areas and it's been a total game changer it's a paradigm change is saying is agendas but it's like working and what do you perceive is the other journalists response because we've seen a lot of them doing a turn on wiki leaks and julian assange. well i mean there is a very mixed feelings among journalists and we have worked with a lot of excellent journalist who understand the importance of what we can use we also work with other journalists who have to go back and we have failed. very strange most of the. people so small. it is hard to say what exactly forces so but they have many of them have been. dishonest and spiteful in their in their. covering of weekly so. i have no
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idea. but it's extremely strange as it is disappointing to experience that for me as a journalist for more than twenty years but it's a fact ok i want to talk to you about wiki leaks as a how do you think there's a concern there that the focus is moved away somewhat from the really important aspect of it which is these incredible leaks. to actually this sort of idea about wiki leaks as a whole in julian assange that's maybe a shadowing more important aspect of it now does that concern me well i mean the. always been an independent kind of thing but we have not been able to always. decide upon how it was handled i mean. for example like in the first probably the day to power. in the collateral murder video. release in april of two thousand and
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ten i was surprised by the fact that the biggest stories were actually on the leak itself and secondly on julian a science. the fact that this is a video that is exposing. a war crime got much less attention and still hasn't gotten the attention it deserves but it's the media for you. the media will decide where the focus is and that's the reality we live in a way to see the future of wiki leaks always very hard i mean we have. we have been starved of ninety five percent of our funds julian assange is facing a legal battle. we know that in virginia there is a secret grand jury trying to find those of bringing cases against julian and or possibly others in the organization. people that have and are supporting we can use
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our being harassed when they. tell us even us citizens so we it's hard to see where the future is but. i believe that despite. everything we look back at the accomplishments or we can do so they are. great in this period to say this is a battle between wiki leaks in big corporations governments we see this as a battle. against corruption. and lies secrecy. and he thinks going to win. well it's hard to say but let's hope that. rupert murdoch was right in the early fifty's when he was on a tour in australia where he. rode in weather tauriel.
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in the race between truth and secrecy truth will always win. i hope he'll remember these words himself but somehow i doubt if you're an effective journalist and i thing. which is the thing that is being one of the world's strongest when it comes to either legal rights protected to whistleblowers what you think is the other countries are following state well iceland is on the path of changing the laws to to make it a very strong. shield for journalists and whistleblowers. it's a long term project but after the year economic collapse in no time two thousand and eight when everybody was agreed was caused by lack of transparency and formation so this is. the nation was. ready for for a total overhaul of the legal system it will take some time but sometimes shocks
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like. the entire nation spectacular show total meltdown economy. creates the right atmosphere for. deciding for improvement in this nature one of the positive things that can come out of such situations but i suppose the shocks can also work the other way because the seeing of the sea the us and some extent by sort of almost taking steps backwards and there's a sense maybe that these big corporations that are now under threat that the sort of transparency wiki leaks would bring fighting back against this now. that is certainly the trend i mean the situation comically are worse stream with dire i mean it was a. spectacular meltdown i mean the banking sector. was ten times the size of the local economy ten times the g.d.p. of iceland when it all collapsed over a few days you can imagine the consequences. in other places like here in britain i
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mean there was a bailout. basically the taxpayers had to shoulder the burden to keep the banks like they were too big to fail. years which are. it's not all over all over yet what we're seeing of course is this trend. which we saw most serious of. a crackdown was a boy with since. totally contrary to to be slow and gradual improvement in the legal environment that we've seen. over the years. of longbow and some more protection i was introduced here in u.k. of similar one us but still we received basically systematic crackdown on whistleblowers especially in the us a very serious one were all from one nine hundred seventy in the espionage act it's been used to. haunt those who were basically blowing the whistle blowing the
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whistle on. illegalities corruption which is hurting the general public and costing the taxpayer money ok so we think that the legal protections afforded to potential whistleblowers can't necessarily be relied on at the name in which there's an organization that permits these anonymous leaks what can you actually offer a whistleblower when they come to you how much genuine protection can you offer them. we'll have you know the a track record of. is impressive in that respect i mean nothing no nobody that has contributed material to weeklies has been exposed by anything that we can use has done so. hopefully the ses like that we have we are still working on reopening the. electronic dropbox allows people to submit information to us with. it being traced to them in any manner we
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we wouldn't be able to do it ourselves even let's hope that they will that will open soon meanwhile we've heard from a shouldn't delivered. to us and publish it anonymously but. it is a very very important channel to have for whistleblowers again thank you very much . wealthy british style. president on the president's right on. target. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. of a global war lords wall could be notes we have a lot of illegal call groups deal with the causes of the sluices also argues in the right enough to my mouth it was like many of that knowledge that wasn't forced not agents with maddie when i was fourteen years old you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe i'm going to stun them not to across. the part of the patient it's a position and better construction to stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they
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don't care about the women of afghanistan. down the official anti up location giuliani phone pulled touch from the. much on t.v. life on the go. video on demand on t.v. minefield comes and feeds now when. palm of your. question on. the list. please technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today please.
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the headlines on r.t. and a nervous wait for julian are sanch ecuador weighs up his death threat hanging over his head over the world's number one was a blow if indeed he's eventually transferred to the u.s. ecuador though before delivering its verdict on his plea for political asylum. as opposition forces in homs stage a mass offensive against syrian government troops despite a red cross brokered truce we report on how intimidation to join the ranks of the rebels as many death but for some who refuse. and the military backed election commission delays the results of the presidential runoff in egypt at the movies outraged many in the country who all see it as part of a coup and keeping the army into room rule is in power. right now let's turn over
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to run with the sports. thank you rory oh and welcome to this is sport on r t with me wrong cos forever and here is what's coming up. back in action euro two thousand and twelve resumes on thursday with portugal versus the czech republic a preview of all four quarterfinals coming up shortly. from chelsea to didier drogba swaps the champions league winners for chinese super league strugglers and big spenders shanghai wall. and king malkin the pittsburgh penguins star you get involved in is named the n.h.l. as most valuable player for the first. couple first out of the battle of former finalists is jew this thursday night chris shiner and all those portugal take on the czech republic in the quarterfinals off your oats once it's well in warsaw case
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for krrish previews that match for us plus all the other last eight clashes. so the group stage guillotine of euro two thousand and twelve has dispatched cohost ukraine and poland not to mention world cup finalists holland and early prospects russia but how will the remaining teams fare in the knockout stage after days break the focus is back on the quarter finals where history could help decide the prospects of the eight that made the cut. first up of the national stadium in warsaw on thursday it's group a win as the czech republic vs group b. run is up portugal captain christiane there are now though he of the cough tear and dizzying step over us is coming off the back of a scintillating personal performance and two goal hole against the dutch and now goes up against the czech side who went through with a negative goal difference. however the czechs did precisely the same ninety six when they reached the semifinals and they did so by beating portugal one nil in the last eight the equally magnificent remained carol to boesky producing the. now
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trademark of the advancing vetoed by a to send the portuguese packing this time though the bookies are backing paolo bento skipper to grab the goals. meanwhile the victors this time around will face either group c. whenas and defending champion spain or group d. second place is france who do battle on saturday at the dumbass arena in donetsk and encounters spain coach. is relishing not surprisingly the last time that all her face was in a friendly in paris ahead of france's embarrassment at the twenty ten world cup ominously goals from the media and said he almost handed the future world champions a to know when but a subsequent french national outcry the change of coach and a twenty three match unbeaten run also means isn't taking france lightly as the spanish uniquely seek to retain the title while the men that did the french to first place in group d. old enemies in england take on group c. runners up italy in kiev on sunday surprisingly for two giants of european football
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these two rarely play one another the upcoming quarter final will be their first competitive contest in almost fifteen years and the only time the two have previously met at the european championships was in the group stage on june the fifteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty england needed to be the italian host to progress but it was the sooty who triumphed one nil thanks to a goal from now ireland assistant manager marco todd. yet most memorably for england fans was qualifying for the nine hundred ninety eight world cup with a battling goalless draw in rome against ten men italy again huddle side knew a points would see them into the finals which they generally try and however in right then christine very both missed late chances in a dramatic finale while bloody and bandaged paul ince produced a valiant performance for the three lions in two thousand and twelve one goal might be all the difference with wayne rooney and mario balotelli taking domestic rivalry
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on to the european field. and whoever emerges as victor will take on group b. winners germany against group a runners up greece after the two go head to head the amber colored get damask arena on friday greece have lost five and drawn three of their eight encounters with germany but before writing off an endo santos team remember you greek history in two thousand and four after knocking out defending champions france one nil in the last eight and you lost how to stay us was again the hero score in the fifty seventh minute winner in the final as his side beat portugal one nil in lisbon to win the european title one of the biggest shocks in football history a superbly drilled side by then coach otto they hog all stifled portuguese flair and the tactics remain the same allowing greece to be russia on route to the last eight however against germany they face a powerhouse three times the champions three times the run is that the germans have effectively made the euros their tournament they won in group b.
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the so-called group of death with three victories the only team to do so and with a midfield engine driven by bastian schweinsteiger plus three goal mario gomez staking a claim for the golden boot it would probably take a second trojan horse to breach their defenses but then the dutch are out the italians haven't won since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and the english have never lifted the trophy history is dead to be made. r.t. kiev ukraine. i'm staying with football and the neymar goal was not enough for holder's sons also to prevent paul arrivals corinthians from moving into their maiden called doris final going into the match santos trailed one nil from the first leg of their semifinal double header however that so i was even with poised after neymar first sporks an onslaught and then finished off the goal with nine minutes before the break the twenty year old left with a simple tip in after borgia's hit the post but santos hopes of a comeback came to an abrupt end as the needle was given enough time and space to
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clinically left foot a freaking by addicks right after the restart so every reason for corinthians to celebrate as the five signed brazilian champions hang on for a one old role so when two one on the grid the elsewhere dizzy a drug has left chelsea and joined chinese superleague side shanghai shanghai walk the ivory coast striker signed a two and a half year contract with a big spending club reportedly earning up to three hundred thousand u.s. dollars a week the thirty four year old spent eight years at chelsea scoring one hundred goals in two hundred twenty six appearances he went out on the high scoring the decisive penalty in their champions league final victory over a bar in munich just last month. now in ice hockey more accolades have been showering on russian star you'd get a moloch and the pittsburgh penguins forward has been named the n.h.l.'s most valuable player the twenty five year old collected his maiden heart memorial trophy
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after ceremony in las vegas he also picked up his second r. ross trophy as their regular season scoring leader the two thousand and nine stanley cup champion posted fifty goals and fifty nine assists malkin was also named the most valuable player at last month's ice hockey world championships after guiding rush out so their third crown in five years. and to basketball and the n.b.a. now where miami could be just one game away. way from claiming their second title following a one hundred four ninety eight home victory in game four of the final series against oklahoma star trio of le bron james dwyane wade and chris bosh all made big contributions in miami's game for victory over oklahoma on tuesday james turned in a gutsy performance with twenty six points and twelve assists the score is now three one to the heat as the next match takes place on the underscored given durant's knows that his side have nothing to lose at this point as no demon history
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has ever recovered from a three one deficit in the best of seven finals series. real true with a chance to. take it back to oklahoma city. tomorrow we can with three games in a row here. we can win the series you know but next game we're going to take it is a position it's a game of. go to the so you know tomorrow of course is you know do it. for. now there are less than two weeks to go until one of the sufis things earings events in the world sport gets on their weight that's once its wealth tour de france begins in belgium intend they saw i'm one of the favorites this year is team sky's bradley wiggins who has been preparing from a training camp in spain that it's a year old begins is aiming to become the first ever british winner of the events and says it's something he's dreamt about since he was twelve years old however wigan says defending champion australian carville evans is the one to catch but i
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still think though is the man to be he's the winner last year he could turn to climb we can win sprints on small mountains so he. is still the man survey for the issues too and he wants to fight so it's on you never gives up. so for me. the main thing. and finally indian cricket yuvraaj is saying is eyeing a return to the sport that's once its once the world cup later this year the big hitting batsmen was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer earlier in when it's well and spends more than a month in a boston hospital in the united states historic it is to play at the i.c.c. events in sri lanka are in september the thirty year old has already returned to light training and says his recovery is on the right track. six seven sessions of dreaming dreaming very very few so i'm just getting back in
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the groove to do is be like a normal was you know breathe normally be normal which is a lot of excitement and fun for me at the moment andrew former will bring you up to date less than a couple of hours from now buds are you tube channel is available to you at any time and can be found at r t sport news so it's a click when you get a chance rory and the headlines up shortly.
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