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on death row in texas find out next. but number given we heard in the park harbors important you know the love. i think the rock the bombing is beautiful and funny well. we never got the live shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you lose your freedom. but the ordinary what i mean there are little black and they alone are still you know get the real headlines with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those
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stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging bloggers a big picture. part
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it's time for show and tell on tonight's program and earlier this week we told you about the environmental conference in rio twenty years after the original earth summit was held there not only is the conference been overshadowed by events like the g twenty but it's also been highly criticized for a lack of clear details and clear commitments so we don't ask you why you think the ability to commit to environmental protections and standards has changed in the last twenty years it's going to produce a pretty decent sente to find out what you had to say i'm on the streets of d.c. to tell people the nation's capital what our viewers had to say on twitter facebook and you tube and see what comments we should keep or delete. do you know what the rio plus twenty conferences. you know other than a two minute back i don't someone you do you somewhat ok so it's an earth summit
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that's happening right now where world leaders are meeting so do you think that the environment a big issue right now yes so i read you some of your sponsors and then you tell me what you think why has the ability to commit to environmental protections changed in the last twenty years well people on you tube wrote in to say nobody wants to commit to environmental protection because the big dogs all think it's frivolous do you agree. i don't feel that this issue is frivolous i do they by i do think that law society is changing in the past twenty or so years and up on facebook wrote in to say an unrelenting campaign by various industries and their lobbyists is what's keeping environmental protections from being enacted do you agree with that meat alex possibility do you think there are other pressing issues happening right now that's why environments on a backseat get in the soldiers home they could be about the economy because you know people are you know hurting i think the environment is an important issue i don't want to say when issues more important than another there's still more
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progress to be made but i think there has been progress against that it hasn't been but again tension to the violent this will be my last show and tell it we would like to thank you for sending in your thoughts and for everyone here who stopped by to talk to us in d.c. but don't worry there will be plenty more opportunities to have your voices heard you guys and alona everyone on the team and are to it has been a pleasure working with you and i will miss you guys. thank you for your responses as always and well today i guess we won't have a question for you but we would love to hear your ideas on other things you'd like to see on the show other fun segments that you think that we can offer and in the meantime join myself and the rest of the team here on the show bidding adieu to patrice wishing her the best of luck she'll be dearly missed. now we often cover the issue of wrongful executions and other faults within our justice system here on the show we spoke at length about troy davis the georgia man executed in
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september of two thousand and eleven even though there was significant doubt about his guilt last month we covered the case of carlos de luna he was executed over twenty years ago but a recent report published by columbia law school law concluded that he was innocent and sadly those are not the only two cases that are out there we've covered the creation of a national exonerations registry a database it's chronicled over two thousand exonerations since one nine hundred eighty nine and it's a number of the report admits that underestimates the frequency of wrongful convictions and one that highlights into institutional problems in our criminal justice system but today we'd like to talk about yet another case of a potential wrongful conviction that might lead to execution this is the case of texas native rodney reed and it's a case that hasn't gotten much attention but yesterday the nation did a profile of reed you see he was convicted of the one nine hundred ninety six rape and murder of nineteen year old stacy stites when he was twenty nine and currently he's on death row but critics say this case was characterized by an insufficient
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investigation racial bias prosecutorial misconduct and his own attorneys incompetence see one side state's was discovered read semen was found inside of her and he later explained that the two were having an affair but didn't want to initially reveal that to investigators an interracial fair in small town texas could be considered incendiary and the fact that states was engaged and a teen would have added fuel to the fire so reid says that he was trying to distance himself which seems like an obvious mistake but one that still didn't put him at the scene of the crime there was no other physical evidence linking reid to stites no fingerprints no murder weapons or the truck that she was driving nothing that police even mishandled state's body and then return the truck to her fiance a police officer named jimmy fennell who would later reveal himself to have violent tendencies take a look at this you know who would. cop and he was now put guilty to kidnapping an improper sexual activity with a woman in his custody despite failing to lie detector test when asked if he killed
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his fiance for now was ruled out as a suspect. now investigators ruled out the nel because they said he couldn't return home from the scene of the crime between the murder and when he was found there but beer cans found near stites body were discovered by state investigators to have d.n.a. from fidel's friends and colleagues and to increase suspicion of a cover up the local police returned fidel's truck to him before evidence testing could be completed and shortly after he sold the truck now it's even more disturbing is that critics say the district attorney mishandled evidence linking fidel to his former fiances murder rates defense might have been able to point all this out of court records show that they did not start preparing until two months before the trial started and observers say the reids lawyers failed to call witnesses that would have prove that he had in the listed affair with sites that would question the relevance of the d.n.a. evidence but the odds seem to be stacked against reid prosecutors describe his semen as cinderella's slipper and the jury agreed there wasn't even conclusive
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evidence that states was rape before her death but read sits on death row today regardless and he's attempting to have his conviction overturned and just yesterday an appeal was denied by a federal judge in austin and no one took notice even though this case has been so riddled with injustice in response to a two thousand and nine appeal texas assistant attorney general tina miranda herself displayed some pretty gross incompetence this is her quote read attempts to overwhelm this court with what may appear on the service to be mass evidence pointing to his innocence quantity however does not translate to quality with his scattershot approach it would seem that reed believes his innocence may be proven by simply creating some doubt as to his guilt or how low a jury isn't supposed to convict if there is reasonable doubt about someone's guilt that's how the system works innocent until proven guilty is a pillar of our criminal justice system and sadly reads fate. could already be sealed even there there is some doubt as to his guilt in the past thirty five years texas has killed the most inmates and has the second highest per capita execution
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rate in the us and doesn't help that despite all the outrage over troy davis' execution mainstream media has not once mentioned reid's case. now we have to take one more break at a time for our tool time award this one is going to a political campaign that's trying to get americans talking i know and i'm happy our louisiana's got a new status update for a lot of its residents sex offender taking. a lot of american power. by the time. they were very good ball. game.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm charging the big. story with the. book and they alone are still you know get the real headline with none of the marks of the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. .
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to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. our guys it's time for tonight's told time award and tonight we're giving it to the g.o.p. presidential contender because struggling to get his message across that we all know that mitt romney's self declared strongpoint is economics after all he is a businessman but the thing is it seems having trouble selling this tough economic
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times line even though he's putting out attack ads like this. well mr president you've had your moment we've seen the results and now mr president this is our time. now it all makes sense right romney wants americans to say themselves obama hasn't succeeded on me so let's try out a new guy and obviously the economy is not very good shape so it's not really that hard an argument to make what the problem is that things still aren't going according the romney camp master plan because believe it or not the overall economy is slowly improving just very slowly so it's not dramatic but things have been getting better especially in certain pockets and see several governors out there have been touting economic success in recent months and that includes republicans
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now what's worse is that the republicans in key states for the presidential election take florida's rick scott he released a press statement saying today's unemployment report adds to the series of encouraging indicators that florida's economy is steadily moving in the right direction with two hundred forty three thousand jobs opening and unemployment down eight point seven percent more floridians are finding new jobs throughout the sunshine state well these cuts statement is basically the opposite of what romney wants you to think so corina bloomberg a romney adviser asked rick scott's staff to quote tone down the good news if you're really toning down the good news in other words help me mislead the american people and if the romney campaign wants to continue down this road well they're going to have to talk to other governors about toning it down as well ohio's john case that recently told college students that there are about eighty thousand jobs available once they enter the workforce virginia governor bob mcdonnell boasts that his state's job improvement is on his web site saying that their economy is
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recovering and unemployment as a three year low now that's. actually pretty good news people in fact a reason bloomberg news poll asked americans if they thought of this country is better off than it was four years ago thirty six percent said no forty five percent actually said yes so i guess that it's a sign of improvement and if that's improvement then that's good news for people except for of course mitt romney now as we all know republicans haven't exactly really been putting the economy first they have a single track mind that is geared toward undermining the current president. top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term we look at things like that the actions of our sitting president and we say anybody but obama is a he could be a mediocre one term president. and that's what he's been there that's far in these first year you're not here to say the republicans are sabotaging the economy but a lot of people think that's the case but do you think that's the case yes what's
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he got into the business for example of health care reform expanding the size of government expanding the deficit those are all weaknesses as i look at brock obama and i think you'll be a one term president the single most important thing we want to achieve is for president obama to not the single most important want to do is to create jobs for the american people to grow our economy to educate our children to keep our country safe the most important thing is to make you president one term president being a successful one term president or a mediocre one term president from second one the goal of the republican party of the right of corporate america the tea party of the whole should rank has been and women a disguise presidency. see it's there and so romney is so desperate to way that he's asking republican
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governors and much needed swing states to actually take the fall for him by not promoting success in their states to help him make it to washington now i know what i'd say if i was governor scott case if you're mcdonnell but i can't say it on the air i'm also not part of the team g.o.p. but this pathetic request by romney all comes down to politics and politics is a dirty game but to actually live the american people all over the sake of getting elected i know people do it all the time but it's still wrong so i'm sure the right now governor rick scott is getting a tool time award from the romney camp for making statements that don't help the annoyed one get into office but in our eyes it's the romney campaign that deserves a nice tool time award for being so transparent in wishing for bad news of all the rest of us in order for them to get more power.
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our guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening alone a show senior producer jenny churchill and independent journalist rania colic hello ladies i'm taller than someone. this does not happen often you're. ashleigh's you guys i am standing wearing i know we really are you attending here i don't know you're breaking i didn't realize her down and ali outside i know i was told to stand on the end we have a lot of rules and when it comes to. yes. let's talk about our first story shall we is that. this is this is happening in louisiana and so the a.c.l.u. is challenging this previous law that basically banned the sex offenders from being on social media take a look. american civil liberties union is fighting a new louisiana law that prevents sex offenders from using social networking sites like facebook the a.c.l.u. says the law violates free speech and prevents sex offenders from ass accessing
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other sites like newspaper and job databases. yes that's something you've been trying to challenge but now there's a new louisiana law that actually requires sex offenders and child predators to state their criminal status on facebook or other social networking pages that they might have i don't know anything about that i think that that is better than simply banning them banning them i mean we've talked so many times on the show about how sex offender registries can be really unfair to people who you know got drunk and peed in someone's yard or whatever so i think it's better than banning them from using social media however it only puts a flag up and says hi i'm sexual offender it doesn't stop them from contacting you know children if say they had molested a child i don't know it's complicated well i actually agree with what you said and i think one of the biggest problems with these type of things is that it's just a form of humiliation and punishment like if you really want to keep sex offenders
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from talking to children and having them like you said like label themselves the sex offenders isn't going to stop them if they really want to you know get a crime commit a crime but on top of that it's like clearly we don't have a rehabilitative system if after people get out of jail you know after they are punished and serve their time for doing whatever they do wrong they get out and they have to you know go and put their names on lists and you know it's just it's a messy situation it's the end of it sort of i understand how some people would think though the least if there's a flag there that maybe the kid would know better maybe if the parents are checking in on who their kids are talking to online then you have to think i mean if you know but then you're not just completely taking away all the rights or you know i definitely don't think that anyone should be banned from being on a social media site no that's true but i think that rania has something with the whole public shaming thing because i forget what state it was but there was at one point a state that was considering making sex offenders have a different color license plate. and i'm only one of them or i do however that is that and everybody i remember thinking wow i mean that's really messed up. i just
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driving down the street i mean that's. asking you because you think about it you don't make you know convicted murderers. have a different color license plate you know and that's just kind of asking for people you know someone's going on the street and sees that license plate and follows that person is like oh you like little kids and. just creates more violence. in a certain way let's move on to this story was so messed up i can't believe it because the parents of these two parents are even lawyers but so it's a couple in california and they wanted to go after this elementary school volunteer because they weren't happy with how she was supervising their son and so take a look at what they actually did. very unusual charges against an urban couple to my police they had they had a beef with the head of the p.t.a. there's some school so they plan to drugs daughter and called the cops in orange county reporter stacy booker reports both of the parents are attorneys. because
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there's no better way to show that you're a good parent that to go after the head of the p.t.a. by planting pain killers we had a pipe in their car. you know so they're both lawyers i'm just wondering if maybe they took a page from you know some of the law enforcement officials that they've worked closely with i don't know that people what they've done that in oakland to get my piece on that where they plant drugs on suspects got to learn more and they were even good at it i mean if you know my. son kluwer is going to write do you think you know that like there's security cameras radar that like that you that investigation i don't you think they do it right or that the woman was like at the school doing a class or something at the time they made the call and said they just saw her put the drugs in her car i don't think it's really going to get really too far don't these people watch forensic files like i always think that when someone murders someone and it's so stupid i'm like i mean never watched
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a crime show on television i just want to say and parents did so overly zealous that like some parents are. really crazy and i just want to know what it was these are so i know that early on the way i lined out like soccer games like freaking out i want to just lay out all the coaches have the same role harrison and the other kids are always damaged because the group is overly controlling really did you see you the woman claims that the p.c. a woman was stalking her and i can't help but think she's one of those women his like women hate me because i'm beautiful this woman stalking me like no she's not if anything these really the kind of parents who have children who end up being bullied it's because there's like a big i mean that's both speaking of a little ease we segue into our next story which is really sad ok when you first told me about this story this morning i had seen the video of this female bus driver being bullied i was like oh she can see the little kids making fun of her that's a little kids do their little rats and whatnot but it's actually pretty bad so take a look at this. outpouring of sympathy is for
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a bus monitor who was viciously bullied by middle school students are you sure. you guys. think. it goes on for ten minutes and this is you know was uploaded to somebody had cell phone camera video of it and now it's people have raised more than one hundred thousand dollars in a campaign to actually you know try to get her vacation or something it's called indie go go dot com that's the rule i tried to watch the video and i honestly couldn't stomach it like when i when i heard about it i was like oh it can't be that bad but i literally it's bad it's so relentless it's not that the things that they're saying are so shocking because little kids that age say mean things it's that it goes on and on something about like if we cut you open hamburgers would come out like these it really but you know i rated well you know i mean how is she like you know my reaction in
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a situation like that would probably not to be like that they're like i had not yelled back at these kids for ten minutes you're getting taunted in such a way i do not know any way. and i don't in any way condone beating children i really don't i think beating your child is terrible for it no i'm just saying i if that was my child i would have a really hard time being like i want to you know i want to beat the crap out of you right now if anything though i think it really shows that they're i mean pulling seriously when an adult is sitting on going to don't want an adult cannot hold interiors like we have a bullying problem and if adults like that imagine how they treat other children it's like a person in authority has a bus monitor so she was essentially supposed to do you think i'm going to action are bullying problem the worst that in other countries are some things that i'm not sure if i buy that i don't know i don't think that i think that we have. no way of bullying is a problem and i think there's a lot more national attention being put on it now because there have been some really try. cases right where kids have taken their own lives because of it i've
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seen commercials against cyber bullying and maybe the cyber aspect has made it i think that's easier for kids to bully but not only has been around of course it has and i think the video aspect to really brings awareness you know a kid on the bus took a video with a cell phone this happened on monday and it's thursday and the whole nation is talking about it so i think that really i think with the whole bullying thing though as you're right like maybe it's not maybe it's not worse than in other countries however it's been around just always been around however there's this idea of mentality that bullying is ok and that's just what happens when you grow up like you're going to get bullied you should expect that it's ok it's a part of growing up when in fact if an adult can't take the kind of bullying that kids are going through then you know we shouldn't be expecting children to suck it up and like you know don't be such a baby everyone give you you know i mean i guess it has a you know i had an older brother growing up so bullying was the name of the game and i think bowling to a certain degree is natural i think it happens but you know when people are committing suicide or grown women are being brought to tears we have to ask you
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know why is this so vicious no it's horrible it's horrible all right let's move on to our last story to something fun. she is. going to down or this happy hour but it's about ann curry take a look. there's been rumors swirling for a long time that it's not really working out between ann curry and matt lauer on the today show the chemistry is just not right and a couple months ago a really cataclysmic they have the today show after sixteen years of being number one in the morning got beaten by good morning america. so i never actually watched any of these morning shows i don't really have strong opinion on it but yes your brother she is going to be leaving and then everyone just couldn't help but notice the hole right underneath here today gone tomorrow and that's been the biggest like ouch moment of the i mean that's not even if it's not about going to hurt her it's not about her it was fortunate i have to i have to say i think someone completely
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knew what they were doing when they made that lower third quite a coincidence. do you watch that you don't i don't watch any of the morning show honestly like i don't really i on occasion watched the today show and i have to say and perri though a fabulous reporter is insufferable on that show and extremely and she doesn't really seem like somebody that i would want to listen to in the morning when i'm like hanging out drinking my coffee. you know it's kind of like and having to watch me in the morning no one was like you just woke up. out there all right stopping by yourself. but i'm going to things for joining me tonight. show thanks for tuning it and make sure to come back tomorrow lauren lyster is giving back on the show for our weekly financial checkup and in meantime don't forget to like a lot of show on facebook to follow us on twitter to subscribe to our you tube channel and don't forget that you can also check us out on hulu now coming up next is the.
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wealthy british style but. sometimes. markets finance capital. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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