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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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russia would be soo much brighter if you knew about song from funds to depression. don't touchy don't call me. a turkish wall plate is shot down by the syrian military according to local media reports turkey is confirmed to its last contact with its jet in the mediterranean. julian a son just speaks on for the first time since offering africa for political asylum claiming his case is deliberately being slowed down by sweden and the u.k. to give the us time to drop charges against him. moody's as loves the world's biggest banks with a credit rating downgrade adding more uncertainty to the aging global economy.
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you're watching our team live from moscow a turkish jet which reportedly ventured into syrian airspace has been shot down with the two pilots understood to have been captured conflicting accounts about precisely what happened continued to circulate turkish media says that the plane crashed into the mediterranean let's get the details from marty's a marina who is in that damascus right now maria many different reports on the incident what's the latest you can bring us. well so far there are more questions than answers but what we're hearing from local media here in damascus is that turkey's jad allegedly was has been shut down here in syria not far from the
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country's mediterranean port of latakia by syrian military sources here in the country also say that the two pilots of this jet have been captured in the initial media reports have been claiming that two foreign planes have been caught by syrian raiders and one allegedly doll and another escaped so far there hasn't been any immediate reaction any any confirmation or comment from any side on these reports but meanwhile we are hearing that turkey says that it has lost contact with one of its military planes while it was over the mediterranean sea with some turkish media claiming that it has crashed in syria well the turkish military also saying that rescue operation in the region is now to go in and now there are unconfirmed media reports saying that turkish nabl. forces have messed in the syrian territorial waters while at the same time we're hearing that
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prime minister is preparing for an emergency session of the country's security council well the wrong many conflicting and unconfirmed reports media reform reports but if confirmed that will prove turkey turkey is enfoldment a nato member country involvement in its neighbors conflicts but so far again we haven't received any racial reaction from any side back to you now these reports that come after claims that the cia officers us supervising the transfers to syria from turkey tell us more on that. well indeed the news about turkish jet allegedly shot down here in syria has come just say off to another media report citing in. arab and in their countries and you as and citing unnamed arab and american intelligence officers claiming that
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a group of cia all forces are right now stationed based in turkey in the southern part of the country not far from the syrian border to coordinate weapons and ammunition smuggling the reports say the officers themselves are not coarsen into the syria but they decide which groups inside syria will get. paid for by qatar turkey and saudi arabia we have been hearing from turkey's turkish officials that they did not i am the only country the country's involvement in any weapons smuggling through they will do with the syria meanwhile the reports have also been claiming that cia officers are also supposed to help the rebels. with recruitment and providing them with strategic information on the movements of the syrian government to fool says the cia officers themselves say they are in the
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southern part of turkey to ensure no weapons go to al qaida while it's quite clear exactly how they intend to do that well with well with all these reports of possible involvement over nato a member in this conflict in syria and with recent reports about about dramatic is collation of the violence here in the country well it's clear the conflict is is far from over and we can expect even more violence and more blood to come in the nearest future unfortunately back to you paula thank you there marina that was our team correspondent maria in damascus. now let's discuss of this incident further with patrick henningsen reports an added southall the news website in full was dot com he joins us now from london to live thank you very much they are what's your reaction to these reports that a tick is played might have been shot down in syrian air space. a report the first
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sighting was on the reuters news wire this morning was that turkey had lost contact over the seat of a tape with one or two other jets possibly sixteen's this is the sea border in syria in turkey and also c.n.n. turk t.v. which is where most of these ports ever originated said that the one of the sixteen's had crashed in syria but there was no confirmation of government or and c.n.n. turk who later made a statement saying that turkey was in contact with the syrian government to organize and conduct a search for this airplane and he survivors there's also reports around the blogosphere that these weren't turkish jets that they were in fact israeli jets that were shot down so there's a lot of rumor spending around at the moment so we still don't know exactly what's happened until the syrian government homs forward with a confirmation
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a lot of this could be speculation there's been a lot of propaganda surrounding this coverage of the syrian civil war so let's wait and see. now what would a turkish jet be doing of a syrian territory bearing in mind all the violence and the sensitive situation the . well this there has been a history of reports. of countries flying out of their store an air space invading another airspace israel of routinely does fly over it's over the last how many years to this day over lebanon on a lot of cases they do this to test the country's radar system a lot of times before conflict you'll see countries deploying their air assets over countries in order to test their radar to test their anti-aircraft capability and so forth so this could be an indication that there might be something afoot certainly turkey is
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a nato country stoke the west has been wanting to drag turkey into the civil war under the nato better and certainly turkey would run point saluted to by the russian foreign minister sometime last year that turkey would be running point for nato as far as a no fly zone over turkey is something they desperately want to do in the west is to establish a no fly zone it will make it like a fish they're shooting fish in a hole for the west like they didn't libya. now earlier there were reports that cia offices that helping deceive into weapons to the syrian rebels from taking how does that fit in with this latest jet incident. well turkey is playing both sides trying to play both sides of the fence with regarding syria they've also been giving refuge to free syrian army guerrillas that are western backed that have a run across for protection over the turkish border and they want to go back into syria to conduct raids but again the the the western agenda i'm afraid to say this
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the western agenda on syria is already decided this might play out in the media and might play out in political. here's like it's touch and go but like we've seen in the process in iraq every movie of these things were drawn up on the border a long time ago and it's proof that the syrian national council said a representative to the builder group meeting in chantilly virginia only a few weeks ago pasmore combining she was there to deal with story about the destabilisation regime change in syria and the boat there is a share of syria this is something on the globalist player agenda there is it's already very decided to be afraid lest we do something concerned citizens who are interested in stopping this. could lead to further escalation and further conflict in the middle east if the builder birth or the globalist plan for their country is
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to come to fruition paula thank you patrick henningsen reports the an editor for the news a website in full was a dot com. now the latest update from a tech is news agency of the pilots all the qwest heard his military plane have been rescued the pilots who are in good health was said to have been found in the mediterranean sea session rescue teams are reportedly waiting for syrian authorities to issue the necessary permits to locate the plane there's no official confirmation of these reports and we're also hearing the turkish prime minister is to make a statement in one hour. julian a son she has broken his silence for the first time since taking refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london where he still awaits a decision on his request for political asylum in this interview the we can be said to said that even if his p. is unsuccessful history magic moves as john the world's attention to what he describes as a conspiracy against him all his treated by the u.s.
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as are further brings us more from london. escape avoids these the words you're going to hear in the media at the moment relating to his songes decision what he said though is that this is not about avoiding the sexual assault allegations against him in sweden far from that is that he thought really this was never about sweden it was the fear of what would happen to him once he was in sweden and the involvement of the u.s. . got a very serious. bargain discreet that i would be detained without charge of. your next edition. for you to come. to the part where you can run this point for. a procedure. to explain it. to the court. retract. while the united states.
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so sense really that always leads to the u.s. is maintaining that a grand jury deciding at the moment whether there would be charges brought against him in the u.s. remember that in the u.s. has been arjan stealing state secrets carries the death penalty still remember wiki leaks released huge amounts of information and the u.s. diplomatic cables that were released in two thousand and ten worst huge embarrassment to the u.s. government so i mean there is no mistaking the fact that julian assange is a man he certainly from his actions and from what he said is very fearful of what would happen to him in the u.s. official for his license acts. they now have eight forty eight thousand one hundred thirty five. tiles statements made in court. managers are among the subjects on the grand jury feedings which is now i'm going
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to count from. subpoenas everywhere to come out on public record about how if you can trigger injury we have received. the spirit which in my name two people have been detained at u.s. airports created by the f.b.i. well this is julian assange just chance really to set the record straight he's just spent his third night in the ecuadorian embassy of course this is the latest dramatic twist in the ongoing saga it's been an eighteen month legal battles ahead then at the end of last month we saw the u.k. supreme court reject his appeal against the extradition to sweden and the legal team in the science of running out of options really and so he took this that seeking asylum at the ecuadorian embassy says he's hopeful that that's going to be accepted if he were to go to sweden not only is the pretrial detention in sweden extremely harsh he wouldn't have access that he does right now to the media all the
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same freedoms remember he's been under house arrest in the case more than five hundred days no no clear indication of exactly what the outcome will be and the stakes remaining extremely high. well ecuador says before delivering its decision on a sunday they have to discuss the matter with other countries involved the latin american countries president rafael correa however seems to be sympathetic to the cause of with the leaks something he made clear during a recent interview for our son's own show that is here on our team if you've missed that show it has as well and other additions of it are all available on our special section of our website asuncion dot r.t. dot com. egypt's military rulers as say claims of victory in the country's presidential election before the official results are announced are behind the growing political divisions in the country it's seen as an attempt to pin blame for the turmoil on the muslim
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brotherhood which declared as a candidate the win them meanwhile here's a live pictures of from a cairo is to heal square where tens of thousands are rallying against a delay in the official announcement of the election results artie's a policy is there for. the only on the ruling military to step down and at the same time they declaring the december the third candidate mohamed morsi the winner. the military issued a statement in which it's always aside from the phrase intentions by declaring the candidate the winner of last weekend's presidential election at the same time it says. thousands of people to the streets to celebrate his victory is only going to potentially lead to violence the army is to remain calm and it justifies its recent grab onto power are saying that this is necessary in egypt last week the
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army issued an interim constitution which effectively ended mine speech how was the would be president now most of the people here in town here today are muslim brotherhood supporters saved. well for a million people at this stage it looks like we have several tens of thousands but the crowd continues to arrive keeping away our supporters of a half which i think was the content out of muslim brotherhood but essentially we are expecting these people to remain here in task here until sunday when those official election results are issued the protesters here have found that if indeed the candidate mohamed morsi is not elected then they will be violent so that is why the army as well as many of the international community many people here in egypt are afraid that we could be looking at a showdown with the shafiq camp is insisting exactly the same what the morsy camp is insisting and that is that their candidate has won and they are also concerned
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that the muslim brotherhood which are nonstop violence indicates that code will take up arms should the candidates not come forward this is a pro shop pick newspaper today that's running an editorial and i'm quoting to you that they say the muslim brotherhood plans to arm young men and position with snipers and gunmen on top of the buildings at the same time there are many people who have stayed away from tap his way there accusing the muslim brotherhood of hijacking these demonstrations and they say that the muslim brotherhood is intent on making sure that its own aims are achieved and that the revolution essentially has been undone. you know with our team as still ahead for you this hour on. my must sees doesn't did with a muslim minority trying to escape the violence in vain with that expert opinion on what's driving the investor plus. all the details from they still the saviors for academic form including all the multibillion dollar deals that's coming up in the
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business update for the. moody's has less the ratings all fifteen of the biggest banks in europe and the u.s. in the latest lep in the face of the aging financial sector those hit include goldman sachs and morgan stanley. royal bank of scotland and deutsche bank financial powerhouses domestically and internationally the move could make it more expensive for the banks to attract funds it's also fears that the dunk waits couldn't make a fresh market panic and the new exit is to gold financial experts max that says that the politicians the might try to exploit the downgrades to push through their agenda. they of course will use this opportunity to put forward more global governance more centralized government more commanding control more state run operations a less democracy lest market activity less free competition so all of those things are being displaced by state controlled command and control bank and fascist
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relationship with governments and that's growing to the detriment of people in greece who are now suffering the real consequences people are dying in the street they can't afford health care they can't afford food but i would sometimes we're going to hear this hijacking scenario where some technocrat like mario monti put a gun to the people said it's either give us all your money or we're going to take all your assets you do it anyway so i want to form some kind of resistance against this global occupation by bankers you know the people have to stand up and realize that no one's going to help them but themselves they need to push out the kleptocrats of the banking terrorists as i call them and stand up for themselves until they do something for themselves no money to do anything for them. saving the euro was a priority for leaders of the euro zone's full biggest economies who held a meeting in rome whether there's enough time to rescue the single currency is also the topic for debate with people of the oil and his gas in costs coming your way to today. is that i was up with as the costs of the course that attached to each way
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out so i think what you have is the one at this moment as they try to calculate these costs because this is a chance and they will choose the lower course so i personally think that in greece . any country is going to be hurting the zone of the currency the mess the war that's right the president has been so if he rejected it well if it was their leader you cut it out you're never going to be able to avoid the who's next question number one because people will say the markets will say at least he reaches out why is he why is portugal why is such a so these weaklings will always be questions. taking a look at the news from around the world. twenty people including twelve civilian side did a taliban attack on the lakeside hotel north. dozens of hostages were freed by afghan security forces several hotel guests it jumped into the leg to escape the
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gunfire present company has warned that attacks we are seeing in the run up to the twenty four team made the comments after twenty one people were killed in an assault on an afghan checkpoint earlier this week the. events are lawyers all fall under the bridge they have tried to paint him as any reason they driven by political ideas rather than an insane killer responsible for the deaths of seventy seven national in no way i will say in the final day of his trial his lawyer said he is saying that despite all the big names by prosecutors yesterday you should be placed in a psychiatric dictate instead of prison judges a will consider his sanity before they issue a final verdict in august families of victims walked out of the court in protest and braving the time to justify the massacre. sectarian fighting in the
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western mind has left over eighty people dead this month alone but it's have been clashing with the muslim minority who have been attempting to flee the end rest to neighboring bangladesh but their country turned to the refugees back as they deemed illegal immigrants eric draitser am an analyst for stop imperialism dot com believes there's a wider geo political agenda behind the conflict. many of the conflicts that we see in myanmar and elsewhere in the world but in particular in that country are the product of a proxy war an economic proxy war that the united states and the western powers are waging to prevent chinese economic development in myanmar we see the presence of a u.s. funded n.g.o.s that is not to say that everything that they do is negative that everything that they do formants chaos but rather that the presence that they have in the country indicates the presence of us the u.s. government and the u.s. intelligence community in an attempt to block the chinese. returning to our top
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story now reports that a turkish warplane has been detected over syrian territory in some local media reports suggest it was shot down by syrian forces while others claim it crash landed turkey said on friday it had lost contact with the one of its military aircraft while it was over the sea off its soldering coast in the mediterranean that happened out of the plane took off from an eastern province which borders or syria according to a turkish news agency two pilots who were on board the missing jet have now been rescued in the mediterranean search and rescue teams are reportedly waiting for syrian authorities to issue the necessary permits to locate the plane there's no official confirmation of these reports time now for the business news and the annual meeting of economic heavy hitters the st petersburg forum is in full swing in russia's most when capital.
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business danielle the shell is there for us with exclusive in-depth coverage of the high profile gathering danielle good to see you again one of the highlights today from this economic forum yet. there's been a series of big announcements russia will top its reserve fund to prop up the economy if the eurozone situation plunges russia into crisis this year the comments by a new economy minister all enjoyed by those of a frightened businessman because it comes to just after the downgrade of fifteen top global joins planking joins the boy moody's the credit ratings agency just now we spoke to the vice chairman of one of those banks city college kids here is called the move a step back he said it doesn't reflect the bank's positive future going forward but the head of russia's top lenders burbank says that it's too strong itself to be affected by those problems. as the downgrade decisions were not unexpected and the
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markets didn't react to them and i don't think these actions will have any additional impact meanwhile our ratings don't have a single reason to be downgraded we are currently in a very stable situation which could be the envy of many western partners. not everyone is happy with the situation here the italian energy john and l's bosses called for help from russia's government after all sorts is broke their promise to charge people market prices for electricity here and l o n's one of the biggest power plants in the country odjick a five. first of all i would like them to continue to leave policy of negotiation possible increasing the price for the. markets continue to subsidize consumer is a policies that will not. be here even though we think the right decision of the government to protect the family will be the right one. the.
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price increases. most anticipated deal here was an agreement to develop one of the world's biggest. already in the project but the head of total told us that the contract isn't ready yet. for one of the. latest numbers across. the u.s. which is only the only one trading right now because the markets are closed and the rest of the world let's start and take a look at what the figures are saying. they are positive territory the only optimism remaining right now. and basically focusing on the fact that the european
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central bank said that it would do whatever it can to resolve the situation in the euro zone and also that it will increase collateral loans for banks by moving on a slightly different picture there because investors are focusing on the. banks that we've been talking about as you can see pessimism. are shedding around of one percent each move in on the euro as again and against the dollar but it's right now it's flat as it's been going on for the past couple of hours and when it comes to the closing figures the loss to the u.s. dollar and the euro moving on to the russian markets has some as a miss continuing and. also in reaction to what has happened in the euro zone and also now that we had capital outflow amounts. two sixty two million dollars for the past week and the week before that it was thirty three so that's
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a significant increase and that well prices are gating which is always a boost for the russian economy the prices are still about eight month lows slowly recovering though and the basically this brings you up to date with what we have embezzler so st petersburg moscow it's happy. well thanks for that i've dated marina coming up a pizza lavelle's crosstalk debates are the future of the euro and whether the single currency can be saved though a recap of our top stories with me in just a few minutes.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.


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