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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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stunts don't. turkey's prime minister says he can't confirm if one of his country's warplanes was taken down over syrian territory following reports it was shot down by the syrian military. juliana sunday appealed against his extradition to sweden and the european court of human rights while waiting for ecuador to decide on his request for political asylum something that could take weeks. tens of thousands rally at egypt's tahrir square against the military with the muslim brotherhood calling for the announcement of the presidential election results while the ruling generals blame the movement for stoking tension.
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eleven pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story turkey's prime minister's failed to confirm whether or not a turkish jet was shot down in syrian air space earlier reports suggested the plane was taken down by the syrian military artie's marie if in a marine if an osha is following developments in damascus. prime minister has sold to the media and they have they need some people that he'll be able to shed light on friday's events but in fact he said that god has only said that remains in the who happens to the to fish plane and the only thing that is clear and that he has confirmed is that the plane is missing and rescue and search operation is right now on to go in mr everett god has also said that the reason new information about the crew earlier we've been hearing from local media from regional media that's a took two steps has been shut down by syrian forces here in syria not far from the country's middle train and pulled over the top here who've been hearing from sources here in syria that two pilots have been captured then you suppose the
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turkish allegedly. comes in they also will be hearing from arab and american officials that a group of cia officers these right now based in the southern parts of turkey not far from the syrian border called to make weapons smuggling through that to pursue or included into syria the whole three says they haven't been crossing into syria the cells that they are right now being to keep to decide which groups inside syria will get weapons and ammunitions paid full tookey and saudi arabia there are tools claim that the cia offices in turkey to ensure no weapons qaida well it remains exactly how they intend to put that knowledge is that he. and for more on the syrian situation joined by james debt jatra so former adviser to the u.s.
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senate republican leadership thank you for joining us here on r.t.c. let's talk about turkey's reaction to the reports that its war plane was shot down over syria hours after those reports surfaced the country's prime minister failed to clarify the situation in a news conference why not and what do you think is going on here it seems like there's some kind of gray area. well of course there's a gray area and the question is how are turkey or nato or the countries that want to intervene military in syria going to take advantage of that gray area it's interesting for example that syria is supposedly apologizing to turkey why isn't turkey apologizing for one of its warplanes over following syrian space i think the real danger that it's pointed to here is that unlike kosovo or libya or other cases where nato wanted to intervene and was relying on a say an atrocity story to justify its action syria borders on a nato country and if the forces in the western countries or saudi arabia and
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turkey who really want to get into a war in syria want to bring that about the simplest way to do that would be for there to be some provocation some incident. on the border with turkey and syria where turkey can then claim a nato country is under attack aggression by the bashar al assad regime and invoke article five of the north atlantic treaty to justify nato taking military action. now turkey as you said is a member of nato how do you think that could affect the situation if these reports are confirmed. it's explosive it basically creates a built in mechanism for a nato war against syria if if that is the course that is decided upon in the relevant countries as we've seen with other incidents whether they're internal like the one massacre and so forth in syria what's important is for the incident to occur to the end and the accusation to be made it's not really necessary that those
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facts be substantiated to war and whether later they proved to have been not as they were depicted initially if an incident occurs on the border and as i say one could easily be staged and the accusation is made that syria is responsible nato could vote on a war with syria in a very short time now let's talk about the situation inside syria reports are claiming the u.s. it could be helping steer arms to syria's rebels suggesting the operation involves syria's muslim brotherhood there what does that tell us if anything. well i think it tells us an awful lot there have been more or less open acknowledgement in washington for a very long time long time i mean several weeks dame we are providing non weapons assistance to the syrian free syrian resistance which basically means the muslim brotherhood we are the largest sponsor of the muslim brotherhood now in the middle east it's pretty clear not only in syria but also in egypt and that it's
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clear that other countries turkey saudi arabia the gulf states are supplying other sorts of aid including military. i think one would have to be extremely naive to think that the u.s. services are not to directly involved in this assistance all right james jatra is a former adviser to the u.s. senate republican leadership thanks for your insight. thank you while violence on the ground continues in syria news of another battle can be seen on our website artie's laura smith reports on the media war and the stories used to drive the headlines you can see that all for yourself at our team dot com. julian assad is taking his fight against extradition to sweden to the european court of human rights is why he's still waiting for ecuador to decide on whether or not it will grant him political asylum something it's now expected to take up to two weeks earlier on friday a sponsor spoke out for the first time since taking refuge in the ecuadorian
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embassy in london r.t. sorry for more fully escape avoid these that you're going to hear in the media at the moment relating to his decision what he said day is that this is not about avoiding the sexual assault allegations against him in three to fall from that is that he felt really this was never about sweden it was the fear of what would happen to him once he was in sweden and the involvement of the u.s. . to. and the announcement was made by discreetly that i would be detained without charge if i meet with your next edition if you are going through prosecutor to come through u.k. the part where you can run this point that absolutely you know you procedure and you refuse to offer to explain it in any manner whatsoever to british court retract . while the united states and i have prepared it critically so
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sensory that always leads to the us is maintaining that there is a grand jury deciding at the moment whether there would be charges brought against him in the us remember that in the u.s. has been arjan stealing state secrets carries the death penalty still remember wiki leaks released a huge amount of information at the u.s. diplomatic cables that were released in two thousand and ten worst huge embarrassment to the u.s. government so i mean there is no mistaking the fact that julian assigned is a man he certainly from his actions and from what he said is very fearful of what would happen to him in the u.s. official for his life in fact. very now every forty eight thousand one hundred thirty five if they are filed their statement right in court if you see the family man. and it is the money the subjects' point the grand jury. which are now going to count them and their superiors everywhere there to to comment on
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public record about how if you are going through a grand jury where you know everything you should. the subpoenas mention my name to people who are preparing to do us a report or get it by the f.b.i. well this is julian assange just chance really to set the record straight he's just spent his third night in the ecuadorian embassy of course this is the latest in math a twist in the ongoing saga it's been an eighteen month legal battle for him and the end of last month we saw the u.k. supreme court reject his appeal against the extradition to sweden and the legal team in asuncion south running out of options really and so he took this step seeking asylum at the ecuadorian embassy he says he's hopeful that that's going to be accepted if he with the gate this way that not only is the free trial the tension in sweden extremely harsh he wouldn't have access that he does right now to
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the media all the same freedoms remember he's been on house arrest in the case for more than five hundred days no clear indication of exactly what the outcome will be and the stakes remaining extremely high. in his interview julian assange again slammed australia's government for a lack of support in its fight against extradition the whistleblower said it's this sense of abandonment by his homeland that made him turn to ecuador for help sydney based journalist mary costar kitty says the australian authorities never had any interest in providing assistance. point is they haven't tried that's the problem the state has an obligation to its citizens to protect their human rights we live in an advanced western democracy we expect our government to act in a way that's principled and courageous and to show leadership in the protection of human rights australia has lost all moral authority to lift or other countries on human rights i think it's a very sad day for our country if the fact is this region has
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a rather different arrangement with the u.s. to the u.k. so it will be easier to get to the us from sweden but let's not ignore the sexts we can has covertly handed over people to the us handed over saddam's it is to the cia those people were tortured and in the end it was a case of mistaken identity so swings track record is not good a sound just place is in a strange yet he needs to be back here. could or says before delivering its decision on a side of after discuss the matter with the other countries involved a lot in american countries president rafael correa though seems to be sympathetic to wiki leaks because here's something he made clear during a recent for a soldier's own show airing here on our team if you've missed it you can watch a rerun on this channel in the next hour also other editions available anytime at our sanji dot our team dot com.
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turning now to other news we're covering on our team egypt's military rulers say claims of victory in the country's presidential election before the official results were announced are behind the growing political divisions in the country it's seen as an attempt to pin blame for the turmoil on the muslim brotherhood which declared its candidate the winner let's get more on this from artie's paulus we are live for us in cairo hello paulo so also ruled out there in the message among many of the demonstrators if they are in tahrir square. the power. the sign
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the five in the green the you you had you as well the things we could be in the you know maybe the sound the you want the season on the rim and then we would sell the in the name the muslim brothers the
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same. the it really is amazing paula how many people there must be behind you their sound is almost as loud as you are in our microphones so there are any signs there that the country will finally find out who its president will be any time soon. let me hear me now the it was the day friday the results will be made the can make the feeder band and we're not hearing from government the same government or the that would somehow make more the people the being in the senate side in
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the face off in the that's not the end not the down in the anyone in the all right thank you very much are these policies alive for us in cairo with that. for more insight on this story i'm joined from the u.k. by dr o'meara sure from the institute of arab and islamic studies at the university of exit or. so the people on tahrir square are clearly protesting against the military here but are they united for any force that's currently vying for power in the country.
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they are they are protesting basically the constitutional assembly the constitutional declaration that was announced by the supreme council of the armed forces they are protesting the parliament of the intelligence in the military police to address this if indians on charges as minor as traffic disruption and they're protesting there's aleutian of the parliament was dissolved by a decision of the supreme constitutional court and then backed by the supreme council of the armed forces scaf. quite worried about the election results you know the election results as a correspondent mention was postponed for a day and should be announced tomorrow if everything. however does it appear that they're all because there's a lot of different disparate voices in that crowd does it appear that there is one person who they're all kind of calling for to take control in terms of one of the
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candidates or is it still a diversity of opinion. no for the first time actually in the egyptian revolution you had some kind of leadership not not exactly a leadership that everybody likes everybody supports you had the mohamed morsi who is the freedom and justice party candidate winning the the or many other professors and he thinks that he won the elections with the we don't have official confirmation but based on the on the on the tallies he has in the official reports coming from each of the stations he did the calculation and thinks that he won but today he had a press conference where he gathered many of the political forces from the youth movements like six from. movements like that in the movement from the leftist
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movements like the social evolution reads and others gathering together in one on one stage and basically he promised them that the muslim brothers are not going to take over the presidency that trying to do the government and the vice presidency and the parliament that he would appoint a vice president from outside of the freedom and justice party and that he will appoint a prime minister who is. not not from an background or from feeling justice as well . he promised. to have a vice president possibly a woman a christian politician. so all these commitments publicly and as a result have more or less solid support of the engine pro change coalition right now gathering go all these. tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in the square along along egypt do you have any confidence right now that once
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a clear winner is announced that the military will step aside. it is very difficult because right now they legalize if the constitutional declaration is that what they're peled they legalized intervention in politics meaning that they can veto articles of the constitution if the current constitutional assembly was dismantled they will form a constitutional assembly from appointed politicians and they will choose specific opposite politicians that will not negotiate or bargain hard with them and want to protect their vast economic interests in the country they want politics in anything that has to do with national security issue issues or sensitive foreign policy issues and they want legal and constitutional immunity from any charges that has to do with corruption or depression and all these issues obviously undermine the mandate of the upcoming president and more. or less he has very solid
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support on the ground. capacity to mobilize his supporters in that even elsewhere and then use this capacity to mobilize toolbar to be in a negotiating with the military leadership then he would be a very president otherwise all right thank you for your insight dr omar sharif in the institute of arab and islamic studies university of exit. well stay with us here on r t still ahead in our business bulletin. all the details from they still in the st petersburg economic forum and putting all the multibillion dollar deals that's coming up in the business update shortly. moody's has slashed the ratings of fifteen of the biggest banks in europe and the u.s. in the latest slap to the face of the ailing financial sector those hit include goldman sachs morgan stanley the world bank of scotland adore your bank but actual powerhouses domestically and worldwide the move could make it more expensive for
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the banks to attract funds and the fear is downgraded and it's also fear the downgrades could trigger a fresh market panic and a flight to go but actual expert max kaiser says politicians might try to exploit the downgrade to push through their own plans. they of course will use this opportunity to put forward more global governance more centralized government more commanding control more state run operations and less democracy less market activity less free competition so all of those things are being displaced by state controlled command and control bank and fascist relationship with governments and that's growing to the detriment of people in greece who are now suffering the real consequences people are dying in the street they can't afford health care they can't afford food but i would sometimes we're going to hear this hijacking scenario where some technocrat like mario monti puts a gun to the people's head and say either give us all your money or we're going to take all your assets going to do it anyway so i want to form some kind of
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resistance against this global occupation by bankers you know the people have to stand up and realize that no one's going to help them but themselves they need to push out the kleptocrats of the banking terrorists as i call them and stand up for themselves until they do something for themselves no money to do anything for them saving the euro was the priority for leaders of the euro zone's for biggest economies who have met in rome whether there is enough time to rescue the. single currency also a topic for debate with peter lavelle and his guess in cross talk coming up later today here's a. yes they're not always up but there's the costs of the course not attached to each way out so i think what you have is the one at this moment as they try to calculate these costs this is a chance and they will choose the lower cost so i personally think. or any country is going to be hurt the zone and the code as well if i the president has been sent if they're exactly as if you know you get is that you know you kind of know you're no good to be able to avoid the who's next question that's number one because
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people will say the markets will see at least pieces out wise why is portugal that wise as it is all these weak links will always be questions. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe bolivian police have held a protest demanding higher wages officers torched furniture and documents at a station in la paz after taking over a police barracks near the presidential palace president evo morales has been protected by military officers and has yet to comment on the mutiny in two thousand and three a similar of all happened leading to a deadly gun battle with soldiers. several foreign ministers from the union of south africa a south american nations are in paraguay to discuss the possible impeachment of the country's president ferdinand lugo paraguay's said it is planning a trial against lugo for his role in deadly clashes with landless farmers he says he won't resign and his pair prepared to face
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a trial lugo was elected in two thousand and eight and has frequently been at odds with the congress. sends lawyers granger's brave they have tried to paint him as an extremist driven by political ideas rather than an insane killer responsible for the deaths of seventy seven people in norway last week and the last day of his trial his lawyers said he is sane despite opposite claims by prosecutors yesterday who said he should be placed in psychiatric care instead of prison. judges will consider his saturday before they issue a final verdict in august families of the victims walked out of the court in protest at braving the country to justify the massacre. to take a look at all the latest business news maria joining us and it's all about the economic forum in st petersburg tell us some of the highlights. basically we had minister as well as experts analysts economists all talking about the eurozone debt crisis naturally that's what's on everyone's minds right now also about ways to overcome it and of course there are multibillion dollar deals made and art seized
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a bushel has been there a talk and soo many of these people and he has all the highlights for us. also he's been covering this keynote for all week but today was overshadowed by the news fifteen joint global banks have been downgraded by moody's credit rating agency throwing for a stance for the recovery of the global economy one of those with citi group it's once chairman told me europe was to blame for world financial problems but rejected the credit rating agencies conclusion we don't think they've taken into account the tremendous improvements made by the industry. we believe it is unwarranted. uncalled for and most like a review mirror view of the banking industry in the us there's growing fear those
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euro debt problems will infect countries further east russia's biggest lender told us he's confident its rating won't be downgraded. because the downgrade decisions were not unexpected and the markets didn't react to them so i don't think these actions will have any additional impact meanwhile our ratings don't have a single reason to be downgraded we are currently in a very stable situation which could be the envy of many western partners. the country's new economy minister says he's ready to tap russia's massive reserve fund if there is contagion to boost its war chest the joints of russia's crown jewels was confirmed here at the forum within a year seventy percent of a call to v t v bank and russian ways and whole of shipping tides and solve conflicts will be sold by the government to private bidders the economists even said they may sell the locking so-called golden share in flagship airline aeroflot investors here tell us is a powerful symbol of russia's commitment to streamline its economy and keep it
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growing at the rapid pace we've seen in the past decade. and let's take a look at some international markets will start with a u.s. which is the only one trading right now and they're surprisingly all the figures are in positive territory that's because investors are reacting to the european central bank saying that it will take further steps to ease loans collateral for banks given on to europe where it was a completely different picture and that's because investors there were naturally reacting to the downgrades all fifteen banks and this is the end in pictures you see for fry this straight in session if we take a look at the russian markets they reflect that the pessimism across the board in the day the r.t.s. almost two percent in the red and also that was due to oil prices which are still hovering around eight month lows and this brings us to the final edition of the business for this week tomorrow of course we'll consider with the live coverage
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from saviour's work that's it for now add lines on next. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism on the we.
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