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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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friday ready to rumble joining me for tonight's big picture rumble are as the robertson robinson excuse me deputy director of the paul revere project and contributor to human events and the blades and the national review nicole williams democratic strategist and attorney and judson phillips associate director of the tea party dot net and founder of tea party nation thank you all for being with me tonight let's start with us we know that it's crippling europe but it looks like it's also crippling the united states new study has found that in those states that have adopted republican austerity measures on employment is four point one points higher than before the recession six percent fewer private sector jobs state economy is growing two point seven percent slower than before the recession on the other hand in the largely blue democratic states that have increased spending that explicitly increase spending the economy's growing two point six percent faster than during the than before the recession here in the charts and you can see from
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them hopefully there we go and you can see from them the you know the red that unemployment is up in the red states and. their growth rate is down in the red states and pretty straightforward so this is a three year experiment so why would the republicans as he continue pushing austerity when it's pretty obvious that it hurts the economy is it that they water hurt the economy to make obama look bad well i think blaming austerity measures for downturns in the economy is kind of like blaming chemotherapy for causing cancer you know this is there any austerity cuts are measures that are going to address the severe economic problems we have that frankly come from the president's lack of leadership on economic matters people are used to you're saying are you sorry sir are you are you saying that in those states that are doing us are you denying these statistics forms like it wisconsin that it has always cause it was what number two was a worst in the nation in terms of job creation. actually the austerity measures over
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the long run is not beneficial for the state i mean with these austerity measures you're cutting back public sector jobs which means you're cutting back employing firefighters and police officers and teachers and by doing that that's a detriment to the society as a whole i mean cutting benefits that teachers are getting back if you're going to mean they're cutting back the opportunity to increase our at the education of our future workforce i mean that's those are the long term effects that these states are going to have by the cuts that they are making and the power in the public sector jobs and so it's just it's not beneficial over in the long run for the pain ability of our society which is what you're the delisting of a bigger picture here the states that have been doing austerity programs as you like to call budget cuts they got into a bad position to start with by overspending there is only so much you could spend the truism of margaret thatcher sooner probably socialism sooner or later you want out of other people's money where you get states like it's going to the lack of the
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matter is that all of the states in the country were hit with this those states that chose to do the same thing that dwight eisenhower did when when he after world war two had one hundred twenty seven percent of g.d.p. debt worse than we have right now and he spent out of it by stimulating the economy building highways building roads building schools building hospitals and blew this country out of that out of the great depression and out of that debt we went through world war two didn't have anything to do with this was this was five years after world war two this is the economy after world war two was one of the fud government programs that i actually approve of the g.i. bill to get all those guys into college get them out of college during the eisenhower administration and. i'm all in favor i'm in favor for a college to see what that will probably never happen but there is that if you invest in the public sector you will increase the number of jobs in there with more investment in public sector jobs the economy the unemployment rate will be cut by at least. one point but private sector jobs add more to the economy create value
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public sector jobs reach valuable inside job of not be chris out in the county project a job i mean you have more people who are able to purchase more and become more active consumers in the marketplace econ one hundred one people spending money is what drives an economy doesn't matter where they get the money from people who are spending money that you drive you know that's came to me well when i drive it is still you know but it's not going to help with your i just hope the money being spent is being well be having the ability to speak and speaking of money i wouldn't want romney i think the third of a billion dollar man he'd be actually worth more than that if he had given one hundred million dollars to his sons and i'm still trying to figure out how do you get around that ten thousand dollars maximum gift to your kids anyway the washington he's been blasting china for a while and the washington post front page story today romney and was not only investing in companies that move jobs overseas to china but he was micromanaging the process company after company after company this was his big thing
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a brain in fact this quote from the from the washington post today mitt romney's financial company bain capital invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by american workers to new facilities in low wage countries like china and india romney's former partner is quoted as saying i never thought that what i do for a living of what i do for a living is job creation the proper primary goal of pirating private equity is to create wealth through your investors so is a guy who made his living out outsourcing jobs really the best guy to hire to bring jobs back and call. absolutely not i don't see how you can argue that you are have a proven record of creating jobs when your job was to cut jobs and to slash stop into thin jobs overseas right now we're in a situation here in the united states where we need to create more jobs here in the united states now more jobs in china now more jobs in india but more jobs for the americans that is then and says that they are in ryan saying that you're a job creator when you. where the c.e.o.
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responsible for creating all these wonderful jobs in time to india now india has is booming middle class while the middle class here in the united states shrinking and he is just not the right person for the job and are going to do with what we got two choices for president obama and romney ok obama is so bad duke my colleague would do a better job ok not bad but here you want to hear so here's the real issue that we're missing here for the last twenty plus years both democrats and republicans have been absolutely horrendous on the issue of exporting our jobs you start with horrible agreements like nafta caffe to we just did the koreans are. going to go back to there was really a free trade agreement they just wanted to effect march fifteenth within a month we instantly tripled our trade deficit with korea what is wrong with this picture insanity is defined as trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result will get no disagreement from me you know i'm not as they are not prepared to defend mitt romney outsourcing jobs to china obviously there's a there's
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a problem with hundreds of millions of dollars but that was that was what his job was at being capital he was doing his job in the reason why he was able to do that is because united states is a punitive tax system that makes it profitable to send business is ok so you've got the privately right when you're saying that as the bank you're qualified to be president because of your experience as a woman ever done before he was president and leader mitt romney had a real job is not a bomb attached ak it's that he's proposed to congress to try to create more jobs in the united states they have been thought was the mind that. he and i think from where i'm from a how do you know they're stimulus like the one businessman running this country another stimulus like workouts alone like the one we just had that was what ninety million dollars per job created i mean if obama had all of beans failed failed companies on his resume it would be more impressive in my opinion ok but romney's record speaks for itself in romney's record has not proven to create jobs not when he was governor of massachusetts when he was done to go nuts with all sorts of what about his leadership on. i don't mind if the staples by cutting jobs wanted
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a lot of money but it all on american product. and i mean mitt romney made you know his is big bragging point i was saying was he was one of nine early investors and the smallest one in staples and all our help bill staples walk into staples and find one one american jobs other than the the guy working at minimum wage behind the counter but there's a lot of americans working at dunkin donuts and other pain company and for the record beans given just as much money to democrats or the more money the democrats actually than they do in the republicans so. they should have private equity is is not good for america and it's clearly something that romney is doing something that was illegal before the break in the mystery i mean these guys did private equity does a lot of great things for the united states i mean allowing businesses to restructure become more efficient you know and you know who are you know anything to do that who else is going to do it because obviously there's a demand for doing that obviously they're going forward romney had a job well you know what mitt romney was doing was exploiting tax loopholes that
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pirate equity is entirely based on exploiting tax loopholes you know it's like creating a very clean my senate you call it carried interest of justice rehnquist said of voiding taxes not evading but avoiding taxes is the duty of every american this is written by the chief justice of the supreme court mitt romney was there for it's god's work by big oil is by in the united states house of representatives on thursday the house voted on the domestic energy production act passed two hundred forty eight two hundred sixty three big well spent thirty eight point six million dollars as the center for responsive politics to get that bill passed get with it well that's that's the that's going to go on to bring up already the oil industry spent more in the house of representatives eighty eight percent their campaign contributions going to republicans. and in fact of the two hundred forty eight members who voted yes on this deal that would reduce the protections.
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communities of oil spills and things and that would open up national parks to drilling one hundred fifty thousand dollars was the average campaign contribution was two hundred forty people who voted yes from big oil on a good thirty six thousand to the average person who said no the average number the house of representatives this is no way to run a democracy is it se well i mean we can pretend like the oil companies are giving money to democrats and republicans on both sides of the aisle and i mean you're allowed to use your money as a form of the political speech i mean i don't think you should be alright i think i don't think it is bribery you know because bribery all that is why you are allowed why you have all the members that were going to teddy roosevelt pushed through in one thousand and seven the tillman act which made this kind of thing a felony because you had for one hundred years right it's too for our politicians to actually work for the american public and not for special interest groups i mean the ratio of the money given to republicans versus democrats is like seven to one and this is the highest ratio it's been since ever i mean even in back in one thousand nine hundred four at think the way she was like to read
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a one or something along those lines we do this to try to prevent special interest from having an unfair say in our democracy that we do it to try and curtail first amendment speech which is you know the citizens united so you're so you may you say you have a judge and we've had this you know i don't have a problem with it i'm not shocked that big oil is giving a lot of money to republicans because i can speak for me personally but i don't give money to people who hate me if i don't give my money to anyone or write me that democrats hate oil the democrats hate coal fired this was a bush in a speech a couple years ago said one dollar should equal one vote and is centrally is that what you all are agreeing with i always thought it was one man or one woman one vote i've never i've never heard that before tonight but george herbert walker bush is not one of my favorite people so quoting here is not going to influence me a whole lot you know what i mean i think if you want to talk about comparisons between dollars and votes then you have to ask the democrats about that because they seem to be the ones who are pretty good at getting the vote out of there so there's a there's a big move within the democratic party to call for. public financing of elections
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yeah what's you know most countries do this most countries don't allow big corporations to bribe politicians i don't understand why republicans would like to use in a lot of problems with public finance systems on the state level they're open to fraud they're very wasteful in their lot this is wrong and do you really want to give the same people who control the i.r.s. in the d.m.v. control of our elections in the fall i know there needs to be more if you believe in that. yes i did ok so you want to give the same people around the i.r.s. the d.m.v. the right to kill you no no no no i think i don't i don't really have a little you know if you say well by the state it may have to do with it's are out of belgrade government's good when it went to do it now but it's not a good look at more rubble coming up after the.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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back to the big picture rumble joining me tonight as the robinson every director of the paul revere project contributor to human events the blaze the national review and paul williams democratic strategist and attorney and judson phillips associate director of the tea party net and founder of tea party nation and the there's there
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seems to be this conspiracy theory that has been promulgated on fox news and right wing talk radio that that eric holder and barack obama wanted to blow up the second amendment take away everybody's guns and send all the people particularly all the white people the poor white people working white people off the fema camps and the way they did this was they shipped a bunch of guns down to down to mexico where it was the expectation that the brown people mexico would bring those guns up here and shoot up the white people who would get so frightened by this if they'd say please let's have gun control blow up the second amendment and therefore obama and holder would then be able to put it in the family camps i don't get it maybe one day you guys can explain it to me will i am gregory publishing is a great book by katie and she explains the entire thing and you know it you know you can say i just described yeah you can say it's a conspiracy but tell that to the family of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry who was murdered by mexican illegal mexican drug
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cartel members today we're talking about whether students were young there were two guns discovered at the scene of his at the scene of his murder and the serial numbers related to the guys that i walked across the ok nicole have yeah. i mean they were the guns were walked across the border all familiar with the kind of stings where you get the police give marked money to a local corner drug dealer and then a week later they bust the kingpin and they find that money is safe and now they've got the chain of evidence that's what fast and furious was and that's what wide receiver was under the bush administration a.t.f. doesn't that has nothing to do with blowing up the second amendment i might be seeing it was a lot. enforcement but. well it's really bad and you never run into an undercover operation that way but that right wing organization c.b.s. news sharyl attkisson got the e-mail where the department of justice officials talked about the idea of using fast and furious as leverage for anti second amendment legislation i mean so i mean c.b.s. news i mean the evidence points to
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a reason to deny the evidence yet you have so i mean i'm not going to say you begin to say related to the second amendment but you know well that's holding our license so that is the holder is today holder is argument holder's argument that it was a botched thing it was botched but you know i think that they were they wanted to increase incidences of gun violence to promote their agenda i think and it was it wasn't it had nothing to do with the selling second amendment it was this is has to do with the un wants to change our national bodies it is now this is because the u.n. wants to take oh absolutely absolutely i mean nazi germany they were all about gun control actually no way the gun control laws nazi germany one hundred twenty eight one hundred thirty eight hitler actually reduced the gun control laws he would get away with all the it was a ban on gun control no not unless because it took germany was in the washington guns and we moved you know it was all about being masculine you know there was a big big gun culture read your history i mean seriously it's just so far fetched it's out the water i mean this first of all this is a program that was started under the bush administration and continued on but they
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never overtly let them really order point about there was a significant i don't know bomb of them saying this is not a hold up program they continued what was going on when they got in to stop and i was there and so now you know that privilege wise obama i mean because there's ongoing criminal investigations right now and if you lay out oh yeah we got this drug been under surveillance and against publishing the congressional record i don't think that drug kingpin is going to get a bust of executive privilege applies to the president's office not to his cabinet officials actually does lies to anybody in the executive branch and that goes back to george washington anyhow we're out of time so has robin he robin. nicole williams judson phillips thanks for joining us on the facts thank you.
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this those. morris morris was a campaign strategist for bill clinton back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four resigning after news broke that he was sucking the toes of prostitutes after leaving the democratic party in disgrace dick like most of the freaks and perverts found a new home in the republican party to eventually and fox are called news often appearing with obsessed bill o'reilly by two thousand and eight dick was a rock star of the right and one of the go to republican strategist for fox news and right after president obama won the election that year dick morris wrote a very interesting column for the hill titled an election that the republicans needed to lose good luck obama if you want to know why the economy is where it is today why republican republicans are acting the way they're acting and why president obama's reelection chances aren't all that great and it's worth reading toe sucker dick morris as two thousand and eight column rewind back to two thousand and eight member those days when president bush and treasury secretary paulson were
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routinely addressing the nation about the dire financial crisis bush looks geared to death paulson's and literally trembled as he held that three page no two point six million americans lost their jobs in just that one year the foreclosure crisis was speeding up banks were failing businesses were closing their doors it was an economic doomsday and it was the election year and dick morris and the rest of the top republican strategists knew it. that's why morris wrote in his column after the election the day after the election he wrote this if ever there was an election that was not worth winning it was the contest of two thousand and eight was hard fought on both sides had mccain won it might have spelled the end of the republican party as it is the party is well situated to come back in two thousand and ten and in two thousand and twelve if it learns the lessons of this year this year being
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two thousand and eight i wondered why the republican party has so many really really wealthy donors in its ranks of the koch brothers that fifty billion dollars why would they sit back and let the democratic party fundraise though which they which happened in two thousand it didn't make any sense it's because or it could be because the republicans really didn't want to win in two thousand as dick morris wrote in his two thousand a column simply put all hell is about to break loose in the markets and the economy had mccain won he would be the latter day hoover blamed for the disaster that unfolded on his watch now it's obama's problem with the republican suffering a wipe out in congressional elections the ball is now squarely in the democratic court good luck you see the republicans knew things would get worse. and they knew the democrats would be blamed for it and they knew because the fundamentals of our economy were so bad the sort of stuff that kept us safe from
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a financial crash that grew an enormous middle class that had kept wealth inequality low that all that stuff had been hollowed out over the last thirty years starting with ronald reagan that things were probably not going to get well fast wall street was a deregulated mess and had blown a seven trillion dollar hole in the side of our economy american workers without the protection of unions were no longer a making enough money to buy stuff and stimulate the economy and thanks to the reagan and bush tax cuts working people were falling farther and farther behind a new quiesce of super rich americans like mitt romney and because of an addiction to so-called free trade even when americans bought stuff much of the money went overseas stimulating foreign economies republicans knew all of this going into president obama's first term so they sat back and waited for him to melt down
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a group of them including house majority leader eric cantor newt gingrich and fox news polls are frank luntz even met together the night of president obama's inauguration at a fancy d.c. space steak house and the caucus room and laid out their strategy for the next two years which was simply to let the economy take blame it on the democrats so they could win congress back in two thousand and ten i also figured because of all those problems with the economy and because they believed in supply side economics that the president's keynesian stimulus wouldn't work soak up a couple senate republicans let it pass after whittling it down and devoting a full third of its tax cuts that didn't stimulate the economy but did make their campaign tony donors richer but anyhow they didn't think the stimulus would work and in that they misjudged. like a turnip it president obama's injection of federal money into the economy through the stimulus slowed the hemorrhaging of jobs the private sector started to find its
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footing again this is this is where the stimulus kicked in right here and within months it looked like president obama had the economy back on track to begin creating jobs for the first time in years so republicans knew they had to kick it up a notch they couldn't just sit back and let democrats try to fix the economy they actually had to go on the offsets to sabotage the democrats to actually hold president obama's head economically under water what followed was obstruction after obstruction filibuster after filibuster and lie after lie sucking dick morris as fox so-called news gave republicans cover for the sabotage by broadcasting those lies over and over and over and never mentioning the sabotage republicans knew if they were successful then they could blame all the failures of reaganomics and bush and omics on obama and fulfill senator mitch mcconnell's number one
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goal but our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama's second term after after the stimulus passed republicans dug in and set a new record for filibusters in the senate blocking every single one of president obama's tries to stimulate the economy democrats the house passed legislation to for example cut off tax breaks to corporate job outsourcers like mitt romney ultimately republicans in the senate filibuster it it paid off for the republicans the economy didn't grow fast enough in those first two years so republicans won big in the two thousand and ten midterms. and when republicans took control of the house in january two thousand and eleven they kicked their economy crashing agenda into high gear they pledged to repeal obamacare and the repeal of obamacare would kill four hundred thousand jobs every year for the next ten years they passed the
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austerity soaked paul ryan budget this year which according to the economic policy institute would fill four point one million jobs over just the next two years senate republicans filibustered president obama's american jobs american jobs act which would have created two million new jobs and with each new showdown over the budget or the debt limit republicans have succeeded in getting even more spending cuts that suck even more money out of the economy making things worse and on the state level republican governors pushing their own austerity agendas they've killed more than six hundred thousand public sector as government employee jobs further dragging the economy down in fact if those people were all still at work the economy the unemployment rate right now would be around seven point four percent so here we are now months away from the two thousand and twelve election months away from knowing if dick morris was correct back in two thousand and eight the barack
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obama would become today's herbert hoover and the republican party would finish its comeback if they succeed then it will be a sad day for the united states a day when we all learn that america a major political party could commit treason could sabotage our economy could throw millions of americans out of their homes and out of work just for political gain and actually succeed let's hope they don't get away with it. that's it for the big picture tonight and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your cities with. wealthy british style. that's not on the title.
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