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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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turkey admits that its vital jet to shut down yesterday may have been violating syrian airspace a position contrasting with previous statements implying it was downed while flying over home territory. a tough choice for ecuador which says it wants a lot of political persecution or bend under pressure and its decision over the requests from the world's top whistleblower julian our son was silent. and egypt's muslim brotherhood bring tens of thousands to to hear the square demanding the delayed presidential run of results now while protesting against the ruling military is hold on power.
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live from moscow you're watching r t you with me to say turkey's president has conceded that one of his the country's fighter jet shot down by syrian forces may have been violating the arab states airspace and power has promised however a decisive response after an investigation into what happened let's go to our correspondent in damascus summary of the national for more information on there's a developing story maria bring us up to speed on what's known so far. well the latest we're hearing right now gives an absolutely fresh look to the incident with a turkish fighter jet shot down here in syria the turkish president has said that the plane may have violated the syrian airspace and may have violated the border regulations this is for the first time that turkey has confirmed that they could be a potential mistake from their side in this story just to remind you earlier turkey . has been insistent that they had lost radio in greater quantities with its
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military plane while it was flying over the turkish parts of the mediterranean sea president has even tried to kind of just to fly this mistake by turkish side saying that it's a routine it's a common violation when the plane fly in of it and such a high speed crosses the border at short distances just remind you serious since the beginning the syrian military officials have been stated that the plane deed and to the syrian air space and deed violate didn't break the border regulations and they had no choice but to act according to international law and ico in the turkish president they've also been stressing that they did the plane has been flying high speed but also at the very law also today this is the case they say when the plane tries to board air defense system the turkish side is also not reporting the rescue and search operation is now in to go in in the area in
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cooperation with the syrian side and of course the investigation continues but took each president has been equally in prime minister. here who has said before that turkey's ready to take all necessary measures the size of the while the details emerge so now details emerged and we don't know exactly what kind of measures turkey is ready to now and take back to you. any idea where all this could be heading i mean even at this early stage it's certainly a dangerous situation. it's absolutely dangerous indeed you have to understand that this this news has come at a time of the crees violence here in syria with and of course the incident with need to country member five digit short here in syria could provoke even further escalation and many analysts difference say that it could lead to. catastrophe
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we've been hearing from the alliances chief about possibly military intervention to syria and this is the case. right now the experts say that nato may be use this the man to this this incident as a pretext to stop this intervention and turkish media has also been a very harsh about that and while we're reading some of the headlines really that sounds very scary and dangerous just somewhere that they will pay the price they have played with partner and need to get involved what turkey is indeed a nato member and turkey has been involved in this crisis in syria since the beginning despite the claims the tried to keep away be neutral they've been many reports about the rebels stationed in turkey the rebels training in turkey and a weapons and ammunitions been smuggled through the turkish syrian border in just
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recently we've been hearing about cia offices based in the southern part of the country not far from the syrian border called in a tin of weapons delivery to the rebels inside syria so all that is is very dangerous the question just remains open how far turkey is ready to go to topple the regime ben president bashar al assad someone they've been criticizing they've been condemning for bloody crackdown against these people fall for a long time now. correspondent in damascus thank you. colin gaveled an academic and middle east specialist says that the intrusion into syrian airspace by a turkish warplane was no accident. i don't think it's simply a reconnaissance mission it isn't though certainly prole. syrian security initiative and ability to protect its borders.
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to turkey and of course. the united states and turkey can claim syria. attacked it. would be rude but which they would you know if they wanted to further intervene so what you have here is a complete. intervention into this foreign duty of syria and it's part of the larger issue then you have the germany parliament into the area and then alternately attacking iran libya and syria or opportunistic addition to this plan. special u.n. peace envoy kofi annan has reiterated that iran has a role to play in mediating an end to the violence in syria the comment was made after a slew of declarations from the west indeed is opposing to run being given any such
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role marine apart now has more on the envoys. and exactly one month the u.n. supervision mission in syria will expire and at this point the international community is attempting to exhaust all options one of those options according to joint special envoy kofi annan is to form a contact group meeting one that could take place as soon as june thirtieth in geneva. kofi annan says that in that contact group it would be a meeting of the permanent members of the security council members of the european union and also countries that have had direct influence on our opposition group in syria as well as the syrian government mr. says that he has made it clear that he believes that iran should be part of that contact group part of a solution that the international community would like to see in syria now or the
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u.s. and its western allies were very much against sitting down at a table with iran or having iran play a role in solving the crisis in syria but mr anonymous comments are come as there are fresh reports about the slaughter of twenty five men near the northern city of aleppo in syria from what has been described in by accounts from opposition and syrian state media there rebels in syria were responsible for this ambush of course a thorough independent investigation has not been conducted yet but what is quite clear is that the massacres in cities throughout syria are getting bolder with signs of immense brutality the violence officials have been warning is getting to a very dire point and at this point the u.n.
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mission in syria remains suspended with limited activity four weeks to go before potentially expires so there may be a conference meeting among many nations at the end of this month and that is something that joint special envoy kofi annan believes that iran should be a part of. coming up later this abuse. that speed whether you are twenty twelve is all about health and sport for fans just a good excuse for a big drinking contest also. there are. two hundred girls and that's a lot. big bucks in the big apple and the resident if a larger pay package really does mean more happiness and just sense of success. the us. has recalled its ambassador to the u.k. for consultations over an assailant plea from the weekly said to julian assange the president of the latin american state says it's being closely discussed with other
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governments involved assigned to faces extradition from britain to suit him from where he fears he could eventually be sent to the u.s. as a un amylin cheechoo reports from ecuador capital cueto all on the song has been claiming that his case was politically motivated denying sex crime allegations for which he's wanted for questioning in sweden and it's exactly those claims of political nature of the case tara we looked into here in ecuador where there is still no sign that a decision is on the way now president rafael correa says it will the real authorities are assessing if there is a real threat to a songes life the latin america leader has stressed that ecuador rejected the penalty so if he finds there are strong grounds to songes fears of being ultimately extradited to the united states he might decide the whistleblower needs protection he would have believed all of work reporter would have to see if there's any death threats against julian assange he would have turned allies his reasons for
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requesting asylum if he's had due process here in ecuador is a country that rejects persecution for ideological motives. lost his extradition appeal to the u.k. supreme court at best it could delay his removal from the u.k. but either way he said if there is ultimately handed over to sweden is likely to be detained immediately that's what assad said himself in his first public comments since he took refugee in the ecuadorian embassy on tuesday after having spent eighteen months under house arrest without charge that we can be excited or it's not looming extradition to sweden that worries him the most but his possible removal to the united states where he claims he is the subject of grand jury proceedings he also said that the u.k. and sweden deliberately slowed down his case to law. u.s. time to draw up charges against him for leaking hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. documents while ecuador might hope to be seen as a defender of dissident ideas by accepting the world's number one whistleblower as
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a political refugee it could be made to suffer for its actions for example it's been suggested that ecuador is trade with united states and consequently thousands of jobs by suffer immensely in the latin american country shelters are signs obviously there's a lot more to these the i we have to wait and see how does a seemingly never ending saga plays out. a sonic uses all surely of lack of involvement in his case saying he's had no consular contact except for text messages since december of two thousand and ten sydney based journalism erica seche it is a says the authorities there have never wanted to protect the controversial citizen for do so hasn't tried that's the problem the state has an obligation to its citizens to protect their human rights we live in an advanced western democracy we expect our government to act in a way that's principled and courageous and to show leadership in the protection of human rights was truly has lost all moral authority to lecture other countries on
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human rights i think it's a very sad day for our country if the sec does this region has a rather different arrangement with the u.s. to the u.k. so it will be easier to get to the us from sweden but let's not ignore the facts we've been has covertly handed over people to the us handed over saddam's it is to the cia those people were tortured and in the end. it was a case of mistaken identity so swigs track record is not good we have a lot more faith in the u.k. legal system and in due process things followed in the u.k. but a sounders place in a strange way he needs to be back here. we've been following the case against julian assange just since the very beginning so you can trace it back on our website r t dot com here's some other stories you might also take a look at while you're there in a noble way of hacking the dutch party says hackers should warn websites before
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bringing them down suggesting that internet duels could be legalized. and to want to lend the would someone just to get home if they're stranded well one woman in the u.s. called the cops to claim she murdered her neighbor find out more on the story online at r.t. dot com. in a second consecutive day of protests in egypt tens of thousands have been filling to hear the square once again railing against the ruling military council and demanding the results of the presidential election right now you're watching live pictures from cairo demonstrators accuse the generals of a blatant power grab by delaying the announcement of the one the presidential ballot and for introducing new laws to die due to the leader's power in the presidential contest is between mohamed morsi from the muslim brotherhood which backs of the protests and a former prime minister in there are certain mubarak regime omar sure of accepting
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universities as the ruling military has a firm hold on power and whoever is president of war have to bargain with them. they legalized intervention in politics meaning that they can veto articles of the constitution if the current constitutional assembly was dismantled they will form a constitutional assembly from appointed politicians and they will choose a specific op of politicians that will not negotiate or bargain hard with them and want to protect the vast economic interests in the country they want a veto in high politics in anything that has to do with national security issue issues or sensitive foreign policy issues and they want legal and constitutional immunity from any charges that has to do with corruption or depression and all these issues obviously undermine the mandate of the upcoming president and more. or less he has very solid support on the ground and capacity to mobilize his
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supporters in that even elsewhere and then use this capacity to mobilize to bargain and negotiate with the military leadership then he will be a very weak president. going keeping a close eye on developments in egypt for you get up to date or by logging on to our facebook page and twitter feed where we've got all the latest for you. if. well football fans are revel in the thrills on the pitch in europe twenty twelve
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others have been excited because the tournament heralds a weeks of heavy drinking. find out whether bridges supporters know when enough's enough. and they use the tickets they'll be in a better place to catch the game than down the local pub watching football in the pub can be absolutely fantastic it's a great big communal shared experience and with many great games in big hundreds of people there's not been an ounce of trouble just a fantastic atmosphere and if you can't be there a lot of people feel it's the kind of the next best thing certain things like knights. could turn ugly but when it's right is a wonderful way to watch football having a pint worth watching the game is part of the english drinking culture and thousands of books.
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we're always responsible drinking. but the stats say something very different. is a big problem for us and over all we've lost. and when we move around. every year the london ambulance service operates. very drunk on the regular service alcohol recovery centers. friday and saturday night extra services are now being provided in britain big football games complete especially. for the euro. and foul behavior from drunken english football fans can be more than
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a little. of . every. before we go out. richard because what happens is. most people in the trunk you're going to solve. that by providing the service that more cost to the taxpayer is the british government scoring a goal by catering for the problem rather than tackling it head on and england's better than expected performance has meant all people out drinking and being a weekend time to get drunk because of the later kick off when you take sport and alcohol and you put them together generally speaking you'll find it doesn't matter whether your team's winning or losing in general people will use that as an excuse to drink and so our advice is to keep an eye on how much you're drinking. tournament not just but actually let's remember that between and it lasts for three
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weeks if you're drinking a lot each game actually over that three week period your live in might have taken a bit of a battering with p.z. fans letting the side down by being such a burden to the health service many feel it's high time english football supporters sobered up served r.t. and. now a look at some other stories making headlines around the world paraguayans president fernando lugar has been al said from office after five hour trial and the country's vice president sworn in to take his place in the senate voted to impeach him over his handling of a false lead evasion last week in which a seventeen police officers and farmers died his dismissal has sparked protests in the country's capital with clashes between supporters and the authorities. the leaders of germany france italy and spain have agreed to push for a growth package with one hundred thirty billion euro as
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a means to kick start the euro zone's recovery they met in rome ahead of next week's crucially e.u. summit the four leaders hope to create a united front or that could. there's a consensus in the union italy's prime minister mario monti warned that if the summit fails so boring cars in europe will continue to rise and weakening economies will face increasing pressure. protests by i believe the police demanding better pay have spread throughout the country with four thousand officers taking over barracks the under arrest began on thursday when around thirty police and their wives seized an elite units headquarters close to the presidential palace in two thousand and three a revolt over wages in the same place where the current protests started led to a gunfight with soldiers killed in one thousand people. it seems that no matter what country you live in of the amount is always a top priority in his resident hours people in new york how much it would take to
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make them feel happy and if it's ever possible to completely be satisfied with just salary. how much of an annual salary would make you feel successful this week let's talk about that thirty five. euro per year that would be enough for you i think it would be good seventy five thousand here on a grand hundred grand is forty thousand dollars something proves or the fun of a service five with forty thousand dollars around a better hundred fifty thousand per couple that would make you feel like that's what i would say probably around two hundred thousand dollars that's a lot but yeah it is why do people want so much money and in the united states always think about is consumption but everyone knows that the things that you own own you and that the simple life can make you happy why does no one subscribe to
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that it's just philosophical it's what we grew up with it's what we were trained with it's what we believe if you think the answer varies from country to country in terms of success or i'm sure does so what do you think on the scale americans fit and. do we need more money or less money more. yet because we have all the stuff especially in america the money is everything the money we like to live you know because we. live well you know schoolteachers are definitely are in more banks why do you think that schoolteachers earn so much last then people who don't necessarily add as much value as you do. i think it's because we're just good natured and we are caring and we don't we're not in it for the money so yeah so those kinds of jobs are going to get paid less because you're not greedy as much
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money as i need. to live healthy and with my family in good shape and. and to be lucky i think that's that's all i don't need that much money no more than that no more than that do you think if you made more than that you'd be happier that's just though i think you spend what you make so no matter what you're going to spend what you make yeah so if you make eighty thousand dollars you're going to spend more i'm going to spend more and i'm getting a bigger house and a bigger boat and everything else to go with it we don't need that stuff. yes a view of. the bottom line is your annual salary might increase but that doesn't mean your happiness will necessarily increase with it it's. the annual meeting of economic heavy hitters of the st petersburg forum is coming to an end dimitri medvedev wraps up the highlights all that.
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this is the most important economic event at least in russia of every year and now this is the only place where you can find so many celebrities from the business and the political scene all under the same roof and given that the venue is so splendid it's a spectacular city safe petersburg specially this time of the year when we have a very nice weather and white nights so basically the only turn of the only kind of mood spoiler is the backdrop of the economic crisis of the debt crisis in europe so this has been creating of course a lot of more a lot of anxiety from from all the participants it's been widely discussed and russia has come out basically the government with a set of reforms which will prepare russia for the worst even though we're not necessarily heading towards
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a financial pocalypse let's listen to the minister of economic development which prepared to stress budgets an article based on an oil price of sixty dollars per barrel doesn't mean we're exporting a drop to that level is the exercise has been don't understand what to do in such a situation and just to remind you at one point back in two thousand and eight we had capital outflows of one billion dollars or twenty so in such cases time is vital. so really apart from liberalization the privatization of state companies and no capital flow limits indeed russia is focused very much on this forum going away from oil and gas about budgeting not based on the oil price and this is a very nice time to do that to to make these comments because we have seen oil prices dropped around ninety eight ninety one dollars per barrel over these days and therefore the ruble has been weakening very much and this is been creating a lot of a lot of worries. among participants especially in the banking sector but i strongly
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believe first far as i know them some of them are russians who feel. the innocent i don't is but. i don't think this is the. living you know it's like we were one of the very poetic comparison there from mr carson well of form is not a forum without major deals being signed and we have seen around free a half billion dollars worth of deals signed during this this year's forum notably in the energy sector we've had a ross never signed a deal with norway stats or literally steady creating joint ventures a form of tech exploration then again we've had infrastructure construction deals and deals in the pharmaceutical sector and air transport so of these are the highlights of the forum it has been indeed a success despite the the negative backdrop of the crisis.
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in a few moments i'll be back with the headlines are followed by the latest installment of my interview spotlight.
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world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. russia is going to be soon which brightened if you will about someone from funniest impressions.


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