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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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ten thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines turkey admits its war plane that was taken down by syria may have crossed into syrian airspace in an incident threatening to set the already volatile region on fire. tahrir square i guess filled with angry voices egyptians still don't know who their next president is and fear the delay in results could be used by the ruling generals to bargain for power . and a decision on julian assange has asylum still pending with ecuador saying it has to talk to all parties involved but stresses it won't bow to any pressure. up next part two of the alona show stay with us.
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hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we're giving it to the senate for treading on transparency and public event in all the benefit one of the world's largest and most in tory's corporations now you've all heard the term you are what you eat before and it seems like the senate wants americans to be in a permit state of identity crisis because they see americans have become increasingly concerned about the safety of genetically engineered food a perv a is our system as well understandably so we want to know what we're consuming help much of the rest of the world gets to know forty nine other countries around the world require open g.m.o. labeling and these are european counterparts that i'm talking about here and you know sometimes it's not so bad to use other countries as an example to look to but recently we've seen state governments try to tackle the issue thirty six bills in one thousand states have been introduced at the state level just this past year but
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as in california are going to vote on a ballot initiative in november to label the foods but then there have also been some setbacks vermont recently tried to pass a law mandating labels for food containing transgenic ingredients what some call the world's most evil corporation well they call that their army of lawyers to subvert democracy in the green mountain state i'm let senator bernie sanders explain. monsanto threatened to sue the state if that bill was passed despite passing out of the house a cultural activity by a vote of no one to one the bill didn't make it any further because of the fear of a lawsuit. so now bernie sanders and barbara boxer well they're trying to ensure that such lawsuits don't happen there introduced an amendment to this year's farm bill that would have forbid in such lawsuits one that would fulfill congress's obligation to represent the people by the you know representing the people
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according to an m s n b c poll in february of two thousand and eleven ninety five percent of americans agree that labeling of food with genetically engineered ingredients should be allowed and those polling numbers have been consistent when a mother goes to the school and purchases food for her child she has no right to know what she is feeding her child not i believe a terribly radical deal. they are burning i agree it is not a terribly radical idea to let people know what they're eating whether you're skeptical of genetically modified food or not i think most people would agree that informing consumers is never a bad thing except for i guess most adverse it seems because the sanders boxer's investment was roundly trounced this week by seventy six to twenty three vote and
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you see monsanto there one of the biggest influence platter pedlers in congress since one nine hundred eighty nine the companies donate over six million dollars to political campaigns and it's spent over sixty four million dollars lobbying so a lot surprising the amendments opponents slandered it as a frothing at the mouth conspiracy to undermine technology and terrified at opposing a proposal harmful to monsanto's bottom line well these senators cranked out the scummy talking points just take a look at what two of them had to say. recently i talked with bill gates with the gates foundation for example who is doing incredible work around the globe with drought resistant crops in africa innovative rice in the philippines and bangladesh and so on and this is an issue that needs to be thoroughly studied to make sure we are not hurting those efforts we don't wear a coat and tie in this body this amendment would put us where i. don't more of a home vote no on this sort of. so should the five committees that help oversee
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scientific issues be abolished so we continue to push genetically modified crops on the developing world even though a lot of scientists question their effects that's kind of going with this is really about what's at stake here just in this case is consumer transparency but set of the stabbing roberts and a whole slew of others they want to muddy the waters they don't even want to have an honest and open debate very appropriate considering that they're on the side of secrecy here but instead of keeping focused on the issue passing legislation in line with the american people's beliefs they've actually decided to carry water for carry the water for biotech companies and that water might actually be genetically modified but you know what i guess we'll never know because the senate doesn't want you to know and so for that for kissing major genetically modified asked for senate wins tonight told time award. now everyone's been focused on the supreme court lately because american wants to know how they're going to rule on the affordable
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care act obamacare and when i say focused that's really an understatement because everybody from the mainstream media the blogs out there the news filled twitter feed well they've all had a lot of commentary on a decision that hasn't been announced yet but it's also not just the media that's getting all antsy about sco is some politicians out there obviously are too but tonight's perfect example is indiana's richard murdoch sees the current treasurer for the state and he's running for u.s. senate on the republican ticket or more like the tea party ticket and so being the good republican that he is murdoch wants to prove to his potential constituents they he will represent them well and what's the best way to do that by denouncing obamacare of course and the supreme court justices decision is a great way to do that. supreme court with the with really something. that you. know the latest record to be. richard.
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so murdoch want to set it seat so bad that he has made sure to touch on all of the key points here president obama the democrats what's right and what's wrong and most importantly the obamacare label i think richard pulled the trigger too early you know what i mean the supreme court hasn't actually decided yet or that least they haven't told us their decision yet so how does murdoch know the results well maybe this next clip will give you the answer. those that are coming here keep the decision to speak or certain but not all feel secure. you can bet the democrats are going to fight to try to get this is this is conservative the right thing for the constitution even for the private sector. so basically murdoch is very absolved for every possible outcomes we've got his response in the case where it's constitutionals response in a case where it's a split decision and then of course just to round it out here's his response if the justices ruled it unconstitutional. and we will celebrate the supreme court
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if you're using. it with a view of this are you going. to go sit back and think to sleep so you can. run obama through done already with the cure we do together they're going to try to once again. yeah wow i don't know who the idiot was actually uploaded all three versions of murdoch's response before this decision has even been announced but i got a feeling somebody out there is getting fired now personally i have to admit kind of excited that they made this mistake because this video gives us one of those rare glimpses into the mind of a politician and we know forever we've known forever that this is how it works right no matter what happens in the world of politicians they will spin and shape everything in a way that benefits themselves and their party in the next election and this video shows that as long as you were good to take the necessary blame game in this case blame obama blame the democrats etc well you could be talking about anything under
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the sun we know seeing that kind of got us thinking we need to let the people of indiana know who they're really trying to elect so here is my attempt at reaching out to the hoosiers to tell them the truth about richard murdoch. their weeks of campaigning and attempt after attempt at keeping him from having a successful round of election hearing the heavy heart that was tell you that richard murdoch has been elected to represent the fine state of indiana here in washington d.c. . yes sorry that must have been an error hopefully kevin the director will play on the right clip next time. gentleman of the pine state indiana today i have tried announcing to keep richard murdoch out of the u.s. senate has been a success his relentless attacks on the middle class to show where you know you really want enough of the one percent. not that video for all the right
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one please to the people of the fine state of indiana i'd like to take some time to tell you why richard murdoch should not be representing you in washington d.c. for starters he hates bipartisanship his definition of working together is when democrats see the republican point of view is this who you want representing you. whoops guess i was in a little bit of a murdoch moment but look we can all see what this flub by the senate candidate really says about him he's just like every other politician out there all about the spin not so much of the honesty and that's the sad reality that we voters now live with at least murdoch's heard himself over hopefully now that who's will recognize that his lack of interest in working with lawmakers would probably make him one of the least worthy senate candidates come november. i sort of come tonight we have fireside friday and happy hour believe or not some people out there still think that iraq had weapons of mass destruction alice plane why asteroid movies like
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stick city. they've been living these who ancients the seventeenth century. strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly missed english between there. and the aliens. and their families and things treasure was. just give me can i speak with you sir let me let me explain my son died in iran don't agree you don't agree we don't have to look for other names my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap we are going to try before you share. it's an honor to share a new country. with
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a country during which. the moon or in hope to help you find me. you find in so many old says war. and meet some slaves.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. to tonight's fireside. cops. all this week advocates of transparency got some more bad news you see just a few weeks ago we told you that the center for constitutional rights has by the petition requesting if the army court of criminal appeals or the judge and the
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court martial of bradley manning to the public and the press more access now more access means access to the government's motion papers the court's own orders the transcripts of the proceedings and the petition also challenge the fact that substantive legal matters in this court martial court martial like a pretrial publicity order are all argued and decided in secret now it wasn't just the center for constitutional rights that took part the petitioners included amy goodman glenn greenwald joined us on having got stolen and jeremy scahill those people that i would argue fight for more transparency and more honesty in our political culture and our criminal justice proceedings on a daily basis but this week however the petitioners got an answer from the court of appeals and the answer was a simple no no explanation as to why just a one line answer considering the way the government the military been handling manning's case thus far can't really say it's
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a surprise but that does not mean that it isn't a huge blow and i've said this many times but after looking at so many of the arguments out there in the media just reading comments from people on you tube and on twitter it's pretty clear that i need to explain it again this petition has nothing to do with how you feel about bradley manning or wiki leaks or the leaking of documents in general i have seen so many responses from those that are in a blind fit of rage and want to call me a traitor and therefore have no problem turning a blind eye and telling the state to do what they will with him but again it's not about that it's about precedent it's about having a justice system that actually works for the people a justice system that is accountable and so the more that we allow secrecy to take root the less of that accountability there will be the more deliberations will have . been behind closed doors the more government secrets can be shielded the father way we got from fundamental values instilled in the constitution and the farther we get from having an informed public that can actually check the powers that be now we should expect this and every trial and in every single court proceeding that
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kind of transparency but i would argue that this case is one where we need it more than ever in a case where until recently the government was withholding even giving the defense the proper assessments as to whether or not the information leaked actually did any damage to national security and thus far we haven't seen an ounce of proof for that well there's been an effect on credibility right there's been an effect on perception there's been information gleaned that might be embarrassing for the government but to say the national security is at risk or that al qaeda has been aided we all know that's a ludicrous argument to make especially in the wake of the leak scandal at the white house's world and we see how double standards are applied now if you think of a court martial proceedings against manning are going to be fair i'd say you're dreaming and this decision to not allow more transparency is just a testament to that they didn't even feel the need to offer an explanation and that's what i would call keeping us in the dark.
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our guidance time for happy hour and reading you this evening party producer adriano zero and comedian. hey guys good having their family not sure where you go for high heels they make the fun they do and it's all kind of it was a long week so i decided to treat myself just flat right it's a friday i see deserve it thank you take it it's only wear these high heels when our day break ok let's move on to our first story shall we something with a depressing memory i would say which is gigantic why there are former president sold to the american people. the iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons. iraqi regime is building the facilities necessary to make more biological
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and chemical weapons. and according to the british government. the iraqi regime could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as forty five minutes. now. yes since then we have obviously found out that there weren't fact no weapons of mass destruction in iraq unfortunately it led to an eight year long war there were thousands of people who died of the thousands of iraqis that have died have been displaced and so this is a huge lie you would think that we would have a moment in america where we'd get it yeah and say well i like the turnout again yeah yeah yeah yeah poll and this i mean you know there are polls obviously there's always a sampling size of take into account it's a new poll constructed by a professor at dartmouth and it found that of the respondents sixty three percent of republican respondents still believe that iraq had weapons of mass destruction
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when the u.s. invaded in two thousand and three that's great that's great that gives me faith in my country right there will not know my country in republican twenty as i look at twenty one percent of independents and fifteen percent of democrats still share that view so it's not like it's just that really people i mean well considering they're willing to go kind of all benedict arnold on fell replay him over this it's not really something you kind of relent on after like eight years you know i mean just really you know what that was our bed you know there was some mistake so you know where it's like if you're in it you're in it to win it yes if you want it over you go away there immediately you kind of hold on till it really to until people forget and you're just like all right maybe we're kind of wrong about that i don't know yet and we have forgotten that's the thing i mean that's just i feel like that's kind of just become common knowledge or you. know somehow you know you and you picks up another horse like say over. and you move on. oh it's not as it was some more fun things right like my personal favorite thing.
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i love that little bit of my favorite. everyone on my team knows that i'm a little obsessed with space but i also just have this unhealthy obsession and maybe i watch too many movies and i was a kid with like the idea that we just might get hit by an asteroid and that's it you know goodbye earth or at least goodbye to human life and i guess recently we had a near run or an asteroid had a near run in with us take a look. that is the path it's going to take it is not expect to make contact with planet earth but i'll tell you if it were to strike say the ocean. he could make an impact that would cause a seven point zero earthquake. so this is like i just found out larry is that is that there was there was an article out there that said that you know we might soon see the end of these armageddon style movies because you know
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scientists are getting so advanced in their abilities to monitor the source of what's going on out there that they can now predict these things like the chances of an asteroid actually coming and getting going it would end up being tough armageddon anything is better than that oh my god yes aerosmith yeah come on guys well the thing is it's like. impact yeah. not so much now look at it with you there but now in people being able to create like some kind of apocalyptic scenario the replace the asteroids because it's kind of like a fantasy isn't it kind of like think the apocalypse is like adults don't really have snow to just you know is. that what aerosmith is going to the soundtrack of my life yes it is but do i want to still believe that i watch on screen yes i do well i assume that we would like to go out like mass devastation and go in for an asteroid to hit first you obviously have a little chunks that come down and. speak for a. few areas here you may remove your obligations and if like an asteroid were
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actually like headed to earth you have like you know kind of like the sweet couple hours really mean you know what it doesn't really matter that a credit card anymore if you had a nice although it's not a matter of fact my last couple hours on earth sweet yeah exactly what i want to be out of all things you can think about if you have a couple hours left to live yeah. it's a weight off your shoulders i don't have to pay off my student loans anymore it's kind of nice i would eat a lot of french fries i'm just saying for some reason that caution to the wind that's what would happen. i don't think alone will have i'm not going to say what i would do you have i have some idea. you. want moving are things that would no longer be considered taboo. that fitness camp. yes often we see these commercials mean right if you're somebody who wants to go to like jenny craig or to bally's total fitness of gym and whatnot they offer you
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a program in the way they try to get you to come to their program is they show you a bunch of people with really hot bodies that you want to look like. they only took my dad because i make time to the valley that you can't turn work not to rain we don't put down. all right not so much there's a thing called body exchange and they build themselves as kev this only fit camp and adventure company and they cater exclusively to plus size women and so they actually have a thing where if they think that you are too skinny to slight then they tell you to go find other alternatives because they want to be like a safe haven for everyone to feel comfortable but everyone has problems with their body so what is too skinny so like i it's kind of like how the are you guys going to decide exactly so i don't like that like slippery slope i'm not saying i'm like the thinnest person in the world but i wouldn't be like i would be angry if i am going to go to the gym ellison's like no move to la actually no i would be angry i do feel really good oh wait you know what i'm rethinking this or i have
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a right it's like oh you know i don't know if you really know what you know but this is not a problem guys if you're constantly surrounded by other kind of chunky people and how do you know you're making progress like relative to somebody else you know i mean like you kind of like just kind of all look the same and it's just like i miss it when trainers don't like to say write me that's how they get them into like biggest loser is exactly and michael's and what's her face running exactly can be skinny and me and i would know that you know there are people with bodies they're there to teach you how to look like them ok versus if you have people i guess that are you know too skinny that are showing up saying like i need help too that it's that it's something so therefore that elitist it sounds like then i don't really have a problem that rolls with you yeah it really is about being. young i don't know i want to be you know. i mean it's not it's not the people that are going to the body change can't it's the people that run it that are trying to make
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a business and i question is are the people that run the camp themselves. i i have no idea if i say i guess that maybe about it more revenue if you feel like you don't have people that are turning away because they feel too ashamed because they don't know what they're looking for in other people but again you're turning away skinny customers i'm going to. all right let's talk about this story we're trying to do for a couple of days unfortunately don't have a video of it but this is a journalist who works for the reno because that journal he's sixty years old seems to me and so he went to go try to report on the wildfires the wriggling on on public land and he was then tackled and then cited by the police because he was wearing protective clothing because he's out there trying to photograph and see what's going on and apparently they say that the protective clothing that he was wearing was an attempt to impersonate firefighters and so that you know he said
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like i said that that's hilarious that's that's great that's great yeah i mean i guess this is a problem like people i mean he really apparently there is an epidemic out there of people wanting to fight fires and they're just trying to you know i get it when you're like out of the bar trying to meet chicks and you obviously have this problem when people that like try to pretend that they're veterans right ok you know or try to be firefighters but like right there in the middle of the fire and exactly someone that just you know a good samaritan or someone that's a little bit overzealous and says hey it's saturday what am i going to do there's a fire i'm going to help put it out i love the logic of the police were it's like in order to protect you from physical harm you will physically harm you in order to protect you from yourself yeah it's great reasoning and it makes a lot of perspective here it could be really heavy maybe they felt like they had no other option but to tackle him you know i really don't know what. our guys are going to wrap it up but thank you for joining me this evening and that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back on monday i will
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not be here next week but don't worry because the lovely christine for example will be filling in and so the show will go ott. and meantime don't forget to like the alone a show on facebook and follow us on twitter and ascribe to our you tube subscribe to our you tube channel they also forget the you can check us out on hulu now and coming up next is the news. we have a while before the horse was given notes we have a lot of. groups of the colors of the sluices all our views in the right enough to find out it was like many at that mileage but it wasn't just the smadi when i was a teen yes you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social change you can be the afghans themselves
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afghan men and women we believe going to spawn cannot truly cross paths without a sufficient it's chemical pollution and that a construction stuff people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. she good lumber tour to mccurry was easy to believe needs most sophisticated which included lead doesn't give a darn about anything to change mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in green dish is why you should care what your only dog.
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it's. the. machine would be soo much brighter if you knew more about someone from funds to impression so.


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