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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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think it's treasure. wiki leaks founder julian assange has a nervous wait for the ecuadorian government's decision on whether to grant him political asylum after he sought refuge at its of london embassy. egypt's ruling military brass to clamp down on the scent with an iron fist tens of thousands in cairo protests against the generals delayed presidential poll results expected this sunday. syria and turkey trying to defuse tensions after turkish jet was shot down both countries searching for the missing pilots. this is our weekly news review of kerry johnston welcome to the program. now
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ecuador's the president is considering a whistleblower julian assange has claimed for political asylum but it's not said when a decision will be made that we can expound has been the country's embassy in london since tuesday attempting to avoid extradition to sweden alleged sex crimes doors ambassador to the u.k. has been recalled to a chemical keiter to brief the government during a sundress protected inside the embassy there a petition police arresting breaching bail conditions once he steps outside world's most famous whistleblower sort of asylum from the ecuadorians because they're sympathetic to his struggles but also wants to avoid ending up in the u.s. where he fears the death penalty sarah ferguson will. be held under house arrest and oppressed by the government in an effort to silence a pro-democracy message to the public but we're not talking about famous political dissident. she is now free and being warmly welcomed by the british government
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we're talking about the west in explaining freedom of speech charges of ever being . against julian assange lunch yet he still spent more than five hundred days under house arrest fighting extradition to sweden and possibly the u.s. now he's desperately hoping equitable in the safe haven he seeks the latest dramatic twist in the case of julian assange has once again cool the eyes of the world's media behind the could do it and to see those kill innocent takes rest eat it away from the height and his supporters say that this is a dark a tale of a man who's been abandoned by his own country persecuted by the us and failed by the u.k.'s legal system he's not looking for consular assistance he's looking for political and diplomatic assistance and he's looking for a stroll in government to stand up for and son just fights has been a long one eighteen months of legal wrangling in the case a result in the rejection of his seaplane course appeal against extradition to sweden what this was about was once julian assange gets extradited to sweden he's
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in prison in sweden the next thing that happens is the u.s. assuming there's an indictment lodges an extradition warrant in sweden eventually the u.s. gets his hands on him they stick him in a prison in the united states fears of what might await him across the atlantic may well have prompted his latest i think you'll end up actually the united states facing very serious charge probably life in prison if not the death penalty and it will be a stacked kangaroo court against as a are seeing with the bradley manning case united states now has kangaroo courts rather than real course these on time founded concerns as a long list of u.s. biggest he openly cool's not only for songes incarceration they even for his death this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a and here's why because of his work with wiki leaks this guy has mites and
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powerful enemies. you know the collateral murder video shows american helicopter gunships shooting reporters the iraq war logs the afghan war diaries all of this cable guy has embarrassed the american british government freedom fighting in the twenty first century is a whole new ball game with new rules new players and unexpected moves even first songes legal team this was a complete surprise so we found out about it on twitter and say the man he revolutionized whistleblowing and through wiki leaks released groundbreaking stories has in another twist become the story himself and there are many now aping that the next big release will be julian assange himself so r.t. london. what we can exact of this cross stokely says that political asylum in ecuador is the best chance for assad to continue his work of making revelations
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about the u.s. . we're not so worried about him going to sweden actually. that's just small business what we're most worried about is him getting extradited to the united states and it's being orchestrated by the department of justice and most of the mainstream media doesn't seem to know about it because no one is allowed in and this is been going on simultaneously as bradley manning's trial i would say it's a fifty fifty chance either it does or doesn't i pulling for it sounds like this is a very good option so that julian can continue to do the great work he has been doing for journalism ecuador would be a very good choice i think the likelihood of an extradition from ecuador is a lot less than it would be from sweden or the u.k. . the house arrest in the u.k. germany has produced a series of entity shows with political figures from around the world every right.
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you can get joy if you say you can do the one with the president's program and i decided to start just sort of application and sort of the website dot com. and as egyptians await today of last weekend's presidential elections huge crowds have been gathering to protest against ever stronger many true supporters of muslim brotherhood candidate mohamed mursi filled cairo's tahrir square but the ruling military council has promised to crush challenges of the regime with an iron fist put a sneer has more now from cairo. as you can hit tensions are soaring here in tough his way away tens of thousands of people have turned out to demonstrate on saturday night they're chanting for the army to step down and indeed as they have been chanting for the posse days they calling for the muslim brotherhood candidate dr mohamed morsi to be named egypt's makes president they're also chanting things like we are strong and that we are preparing
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a full wolf coming to an ominous threat that comes with it as the electoral commission says that it will and mounds the official results of last weekend's presidential polls on sunday three pm local time but there is confusion over this because we're hearing from other electoral commission officials that it has not yet been determined when these results in fact will be announced now as you can hear this growing anger into his square and this is because many of the people here who are muslim brotherhood supporters are cautious of the fact that they think the little commission is delaying and non-singing results because the army is trying to organize that it's candidate much traffic the main to egypt's makes president and there are growing concerns that if indeed shafiq is announced they will be violence here in egypt the military is worried about those they have warned of potential violence they have warned of political leaders on both sides to put a lid on growing on waste but they've also said that despite these protests despite the growing anger they're not going to back down from we said constitutional and
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judicial changes that they made. based journalists and activists abraham best options will continue to strive for freedom and democracy against all odds. with this election and how it was engineered from the first place how it was constructed who was in charge who supporting all the woods is basically the supreme council for the armed forces so in the end that evolution is not over yet i mean no revolution ends in a year and a half and certainly not with skaf in power i believe that with the next you know coming months there will be a lot of mobilization there is a lot of the huge expectation on this coming president whether it would be sheffield or whether it be more see the have a lot to answer to and with limiting powers that they have the basic to be announced and this is the key shows that the job is going to be very very tough yes when people are won't have the demands met like minimum wage and public health and health care you know an education and we still have piles of cash lying around
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people are not going to be happy and that's not what we sacrifice so many of our martyrs and spend a year and a half of instability who are basically people who want an answer and until now we have no answers we have only power play cafe spoiling with you know playing with with the muslim brotherhood but the people are the ones who are out of losing because the they all are in india and they need their security they need their bread and they need to live a dignified life from the way in the program the cutting edge of cyber warfare american officials spilled the beans on last month's computer virus attack on iran the details in a few minutes. serious says the shooting down by its forces of a turkish military jet on friday was defensive and not an aggressive action because both sides see to defuse tensions out of the incident. earlier warned it would retaliate but didn't specify. turkish and syrian search teams are looking for the
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two missing on its international ations expert mark almond from duke university turkey says the incident may well be part of the day to build. retreat invention in syria. if the nato countries were really thinking about some kind of intervention to assist the rebels. were a person who would want to do is to knock out there is a difference so some kind of probing the flight testing of radar syrian responses may be possible one way of getting around the un and bob russia and china on intervention in syria is to make it into an international crisis so long as the price of finally inside story of them classical him or her international ranches and the global crisis situation is probably how side the borders of the country concerned can be made if you however have an international crisis and perhaps you can find a way of pressuring russia and china to agree to action or you may say nato countries
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have to go to our course we don't know yet exactly the circumstances of maybe an incident that could be resolved diplomatically without any problem but of course it comes of such attempts so even if nobody has proposed this incident it's likely to take her life and so in terms of the crisis management of the syrian crisis because there were three racial countries relations with the rebels against. one saturday present us out of form the new government bringing in the twenty new ministers including two opposition figures the country remains torn with unrest but as our teaser for national reports government forces are being accused of using intimidation to push their ranks. every evening karzai has a spends time with his grandchildren but the stories grandpa tells the kids about bad and good people aren't fairy tales they're real one of them or who is this mohamed where is he he's dead or what the killer because he didn't want to
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bring down president bashar assad. cause him he is the leader of a five thousand strong tribe his son and youngest granddaughter or shot dead by terrorists after he refused to join the movement against the syrian regime. when our son here they came to me masked men carrying the al-qaeda flag with kalashnikovs and many other weapons they wanted me to demonstrate and bring my tribesmen with me then they came in the night and started shooting in my house is covered in bullet holes from floor to ceiling. later cars and saw them on t.v. once arrested the militants confessed to many crimes and mentioned cars and two in the. store and his house we were shooting and set fire next day where arranged to meet another victim but when we called him back for final details a stranger picked up when they had what is more dean. you want. yes.
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i will give you them all. i was awestruck ellie's into mundine would bring you all the heads dogs whereas my danes bring me bashar like saddam will tell you where. it is you have peace of god awful thing people. should. god you will get kidnapped two we found a man who didn't hours later in hospital fortunately alive he told us he'd been attacked gunmen stopped his car took his money and mobile and shot him in the leg. they came asking to jones i'm sorry months ago this threat and me and they took my family and loves is it hard as i was told they were following me but what should i do here's a king i don't even know why me was a little while my head dean is wondering why him mahmoud the last of the two mad
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knows exactly why people with guns visited his home and threatened. in his restaurants he used to feed syrian army officers and was also delivering center which is to the checkpoints. with terrorists cannot feed the army and i now have to see them for free free syrian army also wanted me to lead an armed group just like many other is a national mood has fled his native the city known as one of the syrian opposition strongholds which has seen several deadly terror attacks and now hiding in neighboring aleppo change in location every ten days and just like others he says he's already lost a lot but his ready to sacrifice the rest if it helps turn this dark page in this country's history while the west continues to pile more pressure on the syrian regime in the hope of the posen president assad it's remains unclear what kind of
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people would take his place with open support for the syrian rebels and a rise in the use of terror tactics the question many are asking is that what kind of direction would these force take the country. or if the national team from syria. and moscow and washington seem to come closer in their positions on syria this week at the g twenty summit in mexico. both sides pointed out syrian should choose their own next government in a statement by president putin and obama on tuesday it was the first face to face meeting since the russian leader returned to the kremlin may the talks however expose more rough edges unresolved issues u.s. and russia still difference sharply on washington's plans for a missile defense shield in europe what was once again reiterated its call for shared control of the system that is a solution to the impasse based on cooperation a former member of the reagan administration paul craig roberts believes obama doesn't have as much room to maneuver on the issue i think much like. i'm convinced
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that putin does not war conflicts with washington he wants to resolve the issue of the missile bases that are surrounding russia he doesn't want conflict and obama. he doesn't want any conflict either but he is just one member government that more wants regime change in syria and obama is not exactly in a position to be able to stop that. she will do ready to get along with bruton but he still has to represent the gender. world in general and regime change and. the situation. is unresolved. what at the g twenty itself heads of states have voiced a fresh anxiety over the continuing eurozone crisis describing it as
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a single biggest threat to the world economy many leaders have said progress in dealing with the situation has been far too slow. greece's new coalition government is seeking a deadline extension but least to me is to cut its budget deficit with each one of the terms of i left the bailout deal but i think that wants to avoid having to further cut salaries and pensions because it was agreed within a coalition formed this week to two elections in greece produced no outcry when the economics. euro says it's too heavy to celebrate. everybody says oh yes solve the situation and then five minutes later it was like oh are back in the doldrums we're going to get as high as sugar i'm sure rush call for the next couple of days all right no experience and you know come thursday friday the reason i started thinking well you know i didn't solve anything and we're still in the same hole it really is for because you're trying to do two things simultaneously on the one hand bro and on the other hand back on their. civil list and on their governments in order to
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comply with the call for austerity measures now you can't do you can't do the same thing you can't do lots of things at the same time it's either one of you i mean if you squeeze the people the people are going to scream and when the screen governments fall and that's what we're going to be seeing in the near term future if this government pursues easy austerity measures which have been ineffective over the last two years and so there's no reason to think that they're going to be effective over the next six months. will have a lot more fewer coma hesitate. of what's online right now bahrain crackdown opposition leaders are injured as police used tear gas rubber bullets this anti government protesters. there's no place like home to what lengths are you willing to go to get there and decided to lie claiming she was a murderer to get a free ride from police story at r.t. dot com.
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to me in my quest sectarian fighting has left more than eighty people dead over the past month according to officials buddhists have been clashing with the muslim minority when trying to flee and rest to neighboring bangladesh and turn back illegal immigrants eric draitser to stop imperialism dot com these there's a wider geo political agenda behind the conflict many of the conflicts that we see in myanmar and elsewhere in the world but in particular in that country are the product of a proxy war an economic proxy war that the united states and the western powers are waging to prevent chinese economic development in myanmar we see the presence of u.s. funded n.g.o.s that is not to say that everything that they do is negative that everything that they do foment chaos but rather that the presence that they have in the
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country indicates the presence of u.s. the u.s. government and the u.s. intelligence community in an attempt to block the chinese. or international news stories in brief for you know. paraguayan is facing a political isolation with many of its last american neighbors with jordan their ambassadors from the country the move comes after president fernando lugo was ousted from power and tried on saturday thirty nine to four vote in the senate so he moved over his handling of violence between farmers and police last week in which the seventeen people died in the swing. for the record frank has promised to prevent the country from becoming a regional outcast. in bolivia the army is patrolling the streets as police across the country continue their strike against pain the rest began on thursday when around thirty police and their wives seized in the unit's headquarters close to the presidential palace talks between the government instructing officers stalled early on saturday improvement in sight two thousand
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and three a revolt over wages at a gunfight with soldiers which killed nineteen people. in sudan growing until steady protests have turned violent as demonstrators clashed with security forces in the country's capital he seems to be arson battens dispersed the writers and threw stones at offices and burned tires in the streets activists report a large number of arrests the country's economy has been struggling since south sudan's ceded a year ago taking with it three quarters of sudan's oil production. china's shenzhou nine spacecraft with three astronauts successfully docked with quaritch remodulin orbit what beijing sees as a major advance in the country's space program events including the country's first space woman was shown live on national television the mission being trumped a step towards the chinese space station within a decade crewmembers are conducting
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a medical test experiments while in orbit just under four. spaceflight is planned for later this year. are named u.s. officials have admitted american responsibility for last month's computer virus attack on iran the state of the art cyber weapon named flame is said to have been created by american israel to spy on and sabotage the islamic states nuclear interests what is going to chicken. guides that american officials may sound defensive when they talk about cyber attacks as being a major threat to the country's security a weapon of mass disruption you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in terms of loss of the right fashion things we typically associate with more fry the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our our power systems or in our grid acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists and suicide vests but from
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a few keystrokes on the computer but it turns out the u.s. government itself carries out cyber attacks against other nations the washington post cites officials speaking on condition of anonymity who say entrap aeration full cyber sabotage against iran the u.s. and israel developed the flame virus flame is the most complex computer spying program ever discovered it has the capacity to steal or alger elec trani documents by now nobody doubts the program was development by a government entity that something like this appears to be what they would call state sponsored it sounds like the n.s.a. it is even but i mean they're necessary to see has it does this kind of thing we know they've done this kind of think you're getting intelligence without having to put someone actually there it's cyber espionage while the flame war was collecting intelligence the stuxnet virus borrowed into iran's nuclear program and created havoc in its uranium enrichment centrifuges the obama administration did not deny
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the leaks in the new york times that had teamed up with israel to create stocks net some fear that the move almost invites retaliation where you attack for instance iraq's nuclear program you provide the iranians where their weapons your worm which they can read reverse engineer take apart figure out how it works turn it around send to your way. leading moscow based security firm which uncovered the flame virus says part of its code is nearly identical to the code finding stuxnet and suggested that the viruses were developed by two teams working in collaboration leaks in the press support that assessment one official also on condition of anonymity said is just the beginning and the u.s. is preparing the battlefield for another type of coverage action we're setting precedent for other nations and that's where the real problem lies because we've been criticizing china for allegedly attacking united states companies and u.s.
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governments while the same time engaging in this in the same conduct with other countries feel bomb administration has openly confirmed hacking websites but only if alleged al qaeda sympathizers in yemen the u.s. secretary of state described this cyber effort as part of a larger attack on terrorism but many fear the u.s. cyber efforts go well beyond that. as u.s. defense authorities go offensive in cyber warfare the pentagon's cyber command has fast tracked the development of the weapons that ministration just announced a one hundred ten million dollar program to solicit proposals from the universities and video game manufacturers so much hype about cyber war is that some people that seem to be in the authority about war start talking about technology as if they understand that they're always talking about war because that's their business and so they're trying to rope technology into that and so when we have no control of our technology we have these people that wish to use it for further and for war specifically that's a recipe for some pretty scary stuff cyber space as
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a whole is now seen by the u.s. military as that vast area of opportunity you can really tell the government don't do to others what you don't want them to hear but in light of the recent revelations about the u.s. page that cyber attack one might ask what that message that the center of all the government even the dems library back had heard them all but it felt like one hell of a proper company check out reporting from washington are today. why that the back of the headlines in just a couple of minutes stay with us. we
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have a lot of war horse was given oats we have a lot of illegal groups of the causes and loses all our views in the home all right enough to just my marriage was like many other marriage that wasn't forced marriage it's just my view when i was fourteen yes so you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe are going to stand not to across power without the
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but the fish and its chemical pollution and better construction and stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. the landless least so. to sleep. sleep sleep. to pick if.
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well the funniest technology innovation all the least a mellow minutes from around rush hour we've got the few jerks covered. six.


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