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would be soon which writer if you knew about songs from funds to question these. stunts on t.v. don't come. the way to is over the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi is named egypt's next president these are live pictures of thousands of cheering in cairo is to here's where the country's first post mubarak cold. turkey denies by insisting its military jet shot down by syrian forces on friday was on a training flight as nato is set to investigate. and the world's top whistleblower julian assange just waiting for his fate to be decided by at the door up to the us was find them in the country's london embassy.
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here watching our team the weekly with me tom would say islam as mohamed morsi has become egypt's new president the country's election commission announced the result a short while ago saying of the muslim brotherhood candidate who won a nearly fifty two percent of the vote his rival former mubarak's prime minister ahmed shafik again just over forty eight percent artie's a policy a has the latest from to square. the muslim brotherhood so mohamed morsi isn't the one no of egypt's presidential poll this is the first time that and islam is just taking the reins of power this is the first president to be announced in the post of mubarak period now the crowd here is erupting in applause the crowd here would tell us where is mostly muslim brotherhood and they've been camped out here at some of them from knowing as early back as choose day mostly will be. stakes shall we
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are low he does represent the will of a large number of rejections but they certainly are many people have all been afraid of what this new president will bring with him their concerns are about mixing religion with politics the concerns are also about losing privileges that they had under the mubarak machine it's not yet clear how much of a clue was the running candidates who was the opposing candidates morsi will be asked to no doubt they will be protests from his supporters remains to be seen whether or not those demonstrations and protests become deadly certainly there is a lot of concern about this the security is on high alert the police i mean deploy sitting ladies high numbers these growing fears that they could be clashes and violence the police have been given the order to shoot the next chapter so sexy that we need to is not taking the side of the banks and companies around the square have clothes shopping as indeed have businesses and hotels have also folded up their windows for fear of food taking caches that could be wrapped later today
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there have been a number of ambulances arriving in the square for the last few hours we did hear of one case of a forty two year old man who suffered a heart attack and now the story of a woman going into labor here in tough to square the entire country is holding its breath to see what the coming hours bring policy are seen tough here square cairo. turkey insists its military jet shoved on by syrian forces on friday wasn't spying but was on a training flight they incident as to the pressure piled up on damascus as nato is now going to look into what happened syria maintains it was just protecting its sovan team and chorale which is a member of nato says a pain cross into syria by the state just before it was hit it was in international airspace at the time of the incident the alliance's said to discuss the situation and choose a at turkey's request the wreckage of the plane has been located in the mediterranean sea but the two pilots are still unaccounted for meanwhile syrian state t.v. room. bolts of the countries aboard a gods have stopped
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a group of militants at trying to cross into syria from turkey patrick henningsen from info was dot com says turkey's involvement in the syrian conflict benefits nato's agenda. turkey is playing both sides trying to play both sides of the fence with regarding syria they've also been giving refuge to free syrian army guerrillas that are western backed they have a right to cross for protection over the turkish border and they want to go back into syria to conduct raids but again the western agenda i'm afraid to say this the western agenda on syria is already decided certainly turkey is a nato country so the west has been wanting to drag turkey into the civil war under the nato better and certainly turkey would run point saluted by the russian foreign minister sometime last year that turkey would be running point for nato as far as
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a no fly zone is something they desperately want to do in the west is to establish a no fly zone it will make it like a fish they're shooting fish in a bowl for the west clearly didn't libya. russia has faced a barrage of criticism this week for allegedly shipping arms to syria claims denied by moscow last minutes into the false reports being used to drive the headlines. syria may be on the brink of civil war but it's already the subject of a full blown me diogu ships on a ships that's been the question for the past week as reports twelve arson ship was on its way to say according to the reports the battleships were laden with oh i'm still in troops and headed to syria it later turned out they would know when mysteria that had no home ports of sevastopol empty but in the fog of who'll any reports however it accurate had some kind of influence as long as you have so many
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forces. excited about the your option and that is that in general it was just there and they were. going to get there through this information as usual like they did before the iraq war and before. intervening in afghanistan in the late seventy's also there was a delay of some information there was one ship it was turned back off the coast of scotland after it was found to be carrying helicopter parts bound to syria q assertions that russia was supplying combat helicopters to president assad we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically it's an allegation that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says is part of a propaganda campaign pushing for which is being discussed with these days when
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people scary for their defense systems and it was carrying the three helicopters which have been repaired in russia under the control of the size of the souls of the little soviet helicopters seventy five in syria from seoul give them a little souls and say there was a conflict a repeat of the past two previous. well delivered the gift of the symbol the process will fit with less than three months so to speak about something which we just sold to syria and which is being used. actually is not true it wasn't only ships apparently war games were planned to it made me a news agency fawaz reported that iran russia china and syria are planning to conduct joint military exercises in syria next month analysts think the story was planted by syria or iran as a show of strength but the us outlets took it up because it suited them for the us
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and use the agency love the story because it matches their narrative you know the. regime and its supporters in iran or russia or china or. they are the ones who are. the conflict instead of seeking. a story you know. and use agents use then there's the war of words british prime minister david cameron came out of the meeting with president putin at the recent g twenty summit saying crusade no longer wanted president back in power in syria russia's foreign ministry may to deny that was peace his position but was it a case of lost in translation wishful thinking on the prime minister's parts or another attempt to exert pressure on russia in the last fifteen months is being in
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media attack on syria that the crisis to syrian crisis is seventy percent a media so two percent on the ground so there is a quite a lot of stories every day. like for some model of stations by just using you tube and there is no confirmed reports anymore it said the first cat. if war is the truth and all this international rumor mongering of jockeying for position comes at the expense of the syrian people their situation doesn't change regardless of which country won the latest battle of words laura smith r.t. . the syrian stalemate was in focus when presidents and then obama met in coming up on our more on how the leaders agree that syrians are should be able to choose their own future and must avoid a civil war. and the world leaders agree boosting growth is key as they hope to
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escape the fallout from greece. there could dorian ambassador to the u.k. is to hold talks with president rafael correa on the fate of julian assange who's also for political asylum in the latin american country the whistleblower took refuge in the country's embassy in london on tuesday after the u.k. supreme court rejected an appeal against his extradition to sweden as knowledge of fears he will be immediately extradited to the u.s. where he could face the death penalty there for it has the story. held under house arrest and oppressed by the government in an effort to silence a pro-democracy message to the public but we're not talking about famous political dissident song suchi she's now free and being warmly welcomed by the british government we're talking about a western exponents of freedom of speech the charges of ever being bought against julian assange yet he still spent more than five hundred days under house arrest
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fighting extradition to sweden and possibly the u.s. now he's desperately hoping ecuador in the safe haven he seeks the latest from i think twist in the case of julian assange is once again called the eyes of the world's media behind the ecuadorian embassy in a cell and takes recchi it away from the height and his supporters say that this is a dark a tale of a man who has been abandoned by his own country persecuted by the u.s. and failed by the u.k.'s legal system but he's not looking for consular assistance he's looking for political and diplomatic assistance and he's looking for a stroll in government to stand up for and just fight has been a long one eighteen months of legal wrangling in the case resulted in the rejection of his supreme court appeal against extradition to sweden what this was about was once julian assange gets extradited to sweden he's in prison in sweden the next thing that happens is the u.s. assuming there's an indictment largest an extradition warrant in sweden eventually
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the u.s. gets his hands on him they stick him in a prison in the united states fears of what might await him across the atlantic may well have prompted his latest i think you'll end up actually going through some very serious charge probably life in prison if not the death penalty and it will be a stacked against as are seeing with the bradley manning case united states now has carried the records rather than we'll of course these on time founded concerns as a long list of u.s. biggest. not only for songes incarceration even for his death this guy is a traitor treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty show aftermath of the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot and here's why because of his work. this guy has made some powerful enemies. the collateral murder video shows american helicopter gunships.
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the iraq war logs the afghan war diaries all of this. has embarrassed the american british government freedom fighting in the twenty first century is a whole new ball game with new rules new players and unexpected moves even first songes legal team this was a complete surprise so we found out about it on twitter and say the man he revolutionized whistleblowing and three wiki leaks released groundbreaking stories has in another twist become the story himself and there are many now aping that the next big release will be julian assange himself served r.t. london well julian assange just seeking asylum in ecuador in his native australia has been staying away from involvement in this case sydney based a journalist mary cost ickiness says it's a disgrace that authorities there have never wanted to protect the rights of one of their own citizens. point is they haven't tried that's the problem the state has an
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obligation to its citizens to protect their human rights we live in an advanced western democracy we expect our government to act pretty in a way that's principled and courageous and to show leadership in the protection of human rights astray has lost all moral authority to lecture other countries on human rights i think it's a very sad day for our country if the sec does this region has a rather different arrangement with the u.s. to the u.k. so it will be easier to get to the us from sweden but let's not ignore the sext sweden has covertly handed over people to the us handed over asylum seekers to the cia those people were tortured and in the end it was a case of mistaken identity so swings track record is not good a sound has a place in astray or he needs to be back here. while under house arrest in the u.k.
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julian assange was filming his talk show that as we cue on our team president rafael correa was in fact among his guests the next program on tuesday at eleven thirty g.m.t. and you can also watch the entire series online at www dot com and while you're there check out other stories we've got lined up for you today in the roof of a busy mall in kind of those on top of your collapse is that leaving at these four people injured and prompting one local state of emergency. in plus saves a glenda versus the it's in the in a you're a twenty inch well and while both teams will be trying to make it to the next round of getting the rounds in at the pub that's worrying public health bosses in england who's won a third is only an excuse. to elite.
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down the official allocation. from the. video. and. now in the palm of your. now both moscow and washington have stressed that syrians a should be able to choose their own future and a democratic process at the summit of the g twenty in mexico president putin and obama agree that a civil war must be prevented this is the first time the two have met as heads of
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state they also called on iran to follow a un resolutions and cooperate with the international atomic watch stock to prove its nuclear program is entirely peaceful however the seems to be little progress on america's controversial planned missile shield in your life the leaders said diana will continue but russia has yet to receive guarantees of the rocket one b. aimed its way from a member of the reagan administration paul craig roberts a says american policy makers may not allow obama as much license as he wants. i'm convinced that putin does not war conflicts with washington he wants to resolve the issue of the missile bases that are surrounding russia he doesn't want conflict and obama. he doesn't want any conflict either but he is just one member of a government that more and regime change in syria and obama is not
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exactly in a position to be able to stop that. he will do really care to get along with curtain but he still has to represent the agenda of. world agent or me and regime change and so the situation i think is unresolved. the state of the eurozone finances was the main worry for world leaders in mexico this week boosting growth has been named the main goal with fears the fallout from greece could lead to global contagion the leaders of germany france italy and spain have agreed for one hundred thirty billion euro package to save that the struggling u.s. meanwhile greece is newly formed coalition is asking for an additional two years just slash the deficit happens is hoping to avoid having a drastic salaries and pensions which have caused countless posts that financial strategist at thomas i think it's known as that greece that may have to leave the
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euro if the bailout deal is not that it was with new democracy and pasok they only have the majority in parliament due to the peculiar greek election rules in fact more than fifty percent of voters went to the e.u. critical parties none of the two clocks in the greek parliamentary election had a credible plan for turning the greek economy around from its current meltdown with a risk of a greek exit from the euro remains high there will be a renegotiation of the treaty or greece will eventually have to leave the euro and the problem here is that if economic circumstances are allowed to deteriorate any further now everybody can see already today that austerity is killing priest it's also killing spain portugal ireland and other european economies if you leave that to fester for too long it won't create a liberated political decision when greece leaves it will be forced by economic circumstances so i think germany will have to back off from this one of face a responsibility of some kind of euro break up before too many months have passed.
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coming your way in growing evidence that the u.s. and israel are behind a massive hacking attack against it believe it to jointly develop the malware which collected intelligence and was created to sabotage tehran's nuclear program details in just a few moments. world news in briefer for you now eighty five people have been detained in tel aviv overnight after clashes between demonstrators and security forces the riot followed the arrest of twelve social activists protesters blocked main roads shattered the windows of banks and scuffled with police last summer thousands took to the streets of israel for economic and social reforms but not all of the demands have been implemented. paraguayans facing political isolation with some of its less than american neighbors calling them bastards from the country the move comes after president fernando lugo was ousted from power in what he calls a parliamentary coom
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a thirty nine to four vote in the senate saw him dismissed over his handling of violence between farmers and police last week in which a seventeen died newly sworn in leader of frederico franco has promised to prevent the country from becoming every gentle outcast. and in neighboring believe the army has been deployed to patrol the streets as police continue the strike against low pay their arrests began on thursday when dozens of officers seize any need to unit headquarters close to the presidential palace talks between the government and striking police told with no agreement reached in two thousand and three a revolt over wages led to a gunfight with soldiers which killed nineteen people. sectarian fighting in my mind has left over eighty people dead over the past month the clashes between but as the muslim set off a refugee crisis and cause a many muslims to flee across the bangladesh boredom most have been turned back as
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illegal immigrants eric draitser analyser with a stop imperialism dot com believes there's a wider geo political agenda behind the conflict. many of the conflicts that we see in myanmar and elsewhere in the world but in particular in that country are the product of a proxy war an economic proxy war that the united states and the western powers are waging to prevent chinese economic development in myanmar we see the presence of a u.s. funded n.g.o.s that is not to say that everything that they do is negative that everything that they do foment chaos but rather that the presence that they have in the country indicates the presence of u.s. the u.s. government and the u.s. intelligence community in an attempt to block the chinese. a name to u.s. officials us say that america was responsible for last month's massive cyber attack on iran the state of the optimal way adept flaying and said to have been created by america and is well to spy on and several times they slam and states nuclear
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progress is a guy and she can't pass a story. that american officials may sound defensive when they talk about cyber attacks as being a major threat to the country's security a weapon of mass disruption you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in terms of loss of life fashions week to prepare yourself here with more for the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our our power system certainly our grid acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer but it turns out the u.s. government itself carries out cyber attacks against other nations the washington post cites officials speaking on condition of anonymity who say entrap aeration for cyber sabotage against iran the u.s. and israel developed the flame virus flame is the most complex computer spying program ever discovered it has the capacity to steal or enter elec trani documents
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by now nobody doubts the program was development by a government entity something like this appears to be. well they would call state sponsored it sounds like the n.s.a. it isn't but i mean that now security agency has it does this kind of thing we know they've done this kind of thing you're getting intelligence without having to put someone actually there it's cyber espionage while the flame war was collecting intelligence the stuxnet virus borrowed into iran's nuclear program and created havoc in its uranium enrichment centrifuges the obama administration did not deny the leaks in the new york times that it had teamed up with israel to create stuxnet some fear that the move almost invites to a tally ation where you attack for instance iraq's nuclear program you provide the iranians with their weapons your word which they can read reverse engineer take apart figure out how it works turn it around send your way
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a leading moscow based security firm which uncovered the flame virus as part of its code is nearly identical to the code finding stuxnet and suggested that the viruses were developed by two teams working in collaboration leaks in the press support that assessment one official also on condition of anonymity said is just the beginning and the u.s. is preparing the battlefield for another type of covered action or setting precedent for other nations and that's where the real problem lies because we've been criticizing china for allegedly attacking united states companies and u.s. governments while the same time engaging in this in the same conduct with other countries feel bomb administration has openly confirmed hacking websites but only if alleged al qaeda sympathizers in yemen the u.s. secretary of state described this cyber effort as part of a larger attack on terrorism but many fear the u.s. cyber efforts go well beyond that as u.s. defense authorities go offensive in cyber warfare the pentagon's cyber command has
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fast tracked the development of the weapons that ministration just announced a one hundred ten million dollar program to soon. proposals from the universities and video game manufacturers see so much hype about cyber war is that some people that seem to be in the authority about war start talking about technology as if they understand that they're always talking about war because that's their business and so they're trying to rope technology into that and so when we have no control of our technology we have these people that wish to use it for for their ends for war specifically that's a recipe for some pretty scary stuff cyberspace as a whole is now seen by the u.s. military as a vast area of opportunity you can't really tell the government don't do to others what you don't want them to tell you but in light of the recent revelations about you was being engaged in the cyber attacks one might ask what kind of a message that the center for wall when the government even the dems cyber attacks have heard them all but it fell like one hell of
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a hacker i'm going to check our reporting from washington hard to. show it to you we report on the struggle among women to win more freedom and reform in afghanistan but first i'll bring you the headlines stay with us. we have of both before. given the notes we have
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a lot of. groups of the causes of the sluices also i've used in the right enough against my. it was like many out that marriage wasn't forced marriage it's the smadi when i was fifteen years old you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe i'm going to stun them not to across parts. of the patient it's chemical position and that it comes to actually stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan.
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the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images from world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you.


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