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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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today's headlines and a roundup of the week's top stories you are looking at live pictures right now from cairo egypt celebrates as of the muslim brotherhood mohamed morsi has named it the country's new leader. how's that standing. where he said it made public by democrats you can extend all the details just. turkey calls an emergency nato meeting to discuss how to respond after syria shot down one of its fighter jets on says that the plane could have strayed into syrian airspace while on a training flight. for gilead's editor and the world's top whistleblower julian
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assange waits at with his decision on his bid for political asylum. in broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi has been named egypt's new president the islamist leader gathered up to fifty two percent of the votes after a run off with mubarak era prime minister ahmed shafik party's policy leader is in tahrir square with the latest. the mood here is just simply electrifying when those results were announced that mohamed morsi of the muslim brotherhood is egypt's next president the crowd here would simply mad and since then they've been cheering they've been shouting they've been waving flags i walked past a group of women who had linked arms and were crying they've been men and knelt down and where there's this constant explosion of fire words on the streets leading
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to tell here square are completely jam packed and they choose the cars are hunkering their horns as they drive up and down one of the most effects announced that he is resigning from the muslim brotherhood this is a pledge he gave that he would be a non partisan president now the congratulations have started coming in one of the first to congratulate morsi was the head of the ruling military mohamed tahtawi at the same time the first foreign country to congratulate him was the ambassador from turkey he said and i'm quoting that egypt now has a place at the table of democratic nations indeed at this stage it looks as if most of hands will be tired and this is not the two t.v. poll grabs recently made by the ruling military it was just several days ago that they dissolved the parliament of which one food is muslim brotherhood they also issued an interim constitution saying that they would decide who would be those who would talk to egypt's final constitution effectively making them the country's in
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or make his so one of the first priorities for most it will be to determine exactly what his powers on he will also need to deal with the constitution he will need to deal with the parliament at the same time he will need to deal with a very divided egypt he will need somehow to try and unite the great divisions what kind he witnessing in this country behind him there is also be declining economy as well as the increasing power of the military only of these are going to be urgent issues that morsi needs to address. dr saeed sadik a political sociologist at the american university in cairo says while many egyptians are happy with morsi is when there are also those who are scared by it this election was defeated by few if you if you don't system you would put host if you feel most see your bullshit feat i now do is i think to focus on if you will on
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the source in the quotes in future there will be an ugly skew the questions are skewed a lot of people are very worried about the future sometime i think it can and don't be too easy an egypt a school to give the ok just on those who are of common most people but you have also at the same time people are saying no it's good let us give them a chance i see mostly because i'm going to be any these are changes important policy he sent me an assurance is that they're not good states is leading you to a you know that if this group going to do what you need we should chips the ups is basically finding out you don't look good option i'm hooked we'll see if the stock up on foreign policy. turkey has called an emergency meeting of nato to look into how it will respond after syria downed one of its fighter jets on friday on car insists the plane was not spying but was on a training flight damascus maintains it was protecting its sovereignty turkish
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authorities say the plane crossed into syria by mistake but it was in international airspace when it was hit the wreckage of the plane has been located in the mediterranean but the two pilots are still unaccounted for meanwhile syrian state t.v. reports the country's border guards have stopped a group of militants trying to cross into syria from turkey john reese from the stop the war coalition says turkey's involvement is bringing the major powers into play in the syrian conflict. well i certainly think that we're witnessing the drawing in of the major powers into the conflict in in syria but we've seen here reprint and speech warning the russians about the provision of attack helicopters we've seen the british send a ship back supposedly carrying got was from from around the coast of britain back to back to russia and now we see this incursion into the syrian airspace by by the turkish air force which even contested by the way they admit they were in the
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syrian air space they can test whether or not the plane was shot down while it was still in syrian air space or what this all adds up to is a syrian conflict which is now becoming a conflict between the major powers and that's more dangerous even than the war in afghanistan or iraq where the major powers are more or less alone aligned on the same side but it seems to me that recently wreckage has been found within syrian waters but the trouble with the distances it's not so much who was exactly to blame on one side or another in this instance it's the political capital that we've made out of it we all know that such incidents can either be passed off on apology one goes back to normal or they can be made a course belo it can be made a moment when these conflicts escalate and i imagine that given the stance of the united states and the u.k. here and other western powers towards the syrian conflict and towards the. other powers engaged in this struggle but that's what will stick. russia has faced
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a barrage of criticism this week for allegedly shipping arms to syria claims denied by moscow artie's last method looks into the reports being used to drive the headlines. syria may be on the brink of civil war but it's already the subject of a full blown me diogo all ships on new ships that's been the question for the past week as reports person ship was on its way according to the reports the battleships were laden with arms and troops and headed for syria it later turned out they were nowhere near syria they're in their home port of sevastopol empty but in the fog of war any reports however inaccurate has some kind of influence. as you have so many forces. excited about the euro and that is that. they will.
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get there through this information as usual like they did before the war and before . intervening in afghanistan in the late seventy's also. this information there was one ship it was turned back off the coast of scotland. to be carrying helicopter parts bound to syria q assertions that russia was supplying combat helicopters to president assad we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically it's an allegation that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says is part of a propaganda campaign the sheaf which is being discussed but these days indeed it was scary systems and it was carrying three of those which have been
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repaired in russia. for signs of a. good. deal in syria from so if. there was a conflict very few of the bastille to be assembled. delivered a fifth of the entire process will face with less than three months so to speak about something which we just sold to syria and which is being used. in action is not true then as the war of words british prime minister david cameron came out of the meeting with president putin at the recent g twenty summit saying puts it no longer wanted president back in power in syria russia's foreign ministry later didn't know that was pete's his position but was it a case of lost in translation wishful thinking on the minister prime. it's all another attempt to exert pressure on russia the last fifteen months is being
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immediate in syria the crisis to syrian crisis is seventy percent of media so two percent on the ground so there's a quite a lot of stories every day. like for some model of stations like zero some of those using you tube. there is no confirmed reports and. it said the first casualty of war is the truth and all the international rumor mongering and jockeying for position comes at the expense of the syrian people the situation doesn't change regardless of which country won the latest battle of words. and you are with r t still have this hour u.s. and russian presidents meet in mexico for the first time since vladimir putin's reelection we look at what the two had to say about the syria deadlock and america's plans for missile defense in europe. and world leaders agree boosting
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growth is key as they hope to escape the fallout from greece. i could always ambassador to the u.k. has flown home to hold talks on the fate of joint aside on tuesday the wiki leaks editor asked for political asylum in the country's london embassy after his final appeal against extradition to sweden was denied claims that should he be deported to sweden he wouldn't subsequently be extradited to the u.s. and charged for his whistleblowing work artie said for us as the story. held under house arrest and oppressed by the government in an effort to silence a pro-democracy message to the public but we're not talking about famous political dissident suchi she's now free and being warmly welcomed by the british government we're talking about a western explain and a freedom of speech the charges of ever being bought it gets julian assange yet he's still spent more than five hundred days under house arrest fighting extradition to sweden and possibly the u.s.
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now he's desperately hoping ecuador in the safe haven see the latest dramatic twist in the case of julian assange has once again caught the eye of the world's media behind the ecuadorian embassy those julian assange takes recchi that away from the height and his supporters say that this is a dark a tale of a man who has been abandoned by his own country persecuted by the u.s. and failed by the u.k.'s legal system but he's not looking for consular assistance he's looking for political and diplomatic assistance and he's looking for the government to stand up for the son just fight has been a long one eighteen months of legal wrangling in the resulted in the rejection of his supreme court appeal against extradition to sweden what this was about was one gets extradited to sweden he's in prison in sweden the next thing that happens is the u.s. assuming there's an indictment large is an extradition warrant in sweden eventually
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the u.s. gets his hands on him they stick him in a prison in the united states fears of what might await him across the atlantic may well have prompted his latest i think you'll end up actually the united states facing very serious charge probably life in prison if not the death penalty and it will be a stacked against those who are seeing with the bradley manning case united states now has current records rather than records these on time founded concerns as a long list of u.s. biggest a.p. . he calls not only for songes incarceration but even for his death this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it illegally shoot the son of a and here's why because of his work with wiki leaks this guy has made some powerful enemies you know the collateral murder video shows american helicopter gunships shooting reporters the iraq war logs the afghan war diaries all of this
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cable guy has embarrassed the american british government freedom fighting in the twenty first century is a whole new ball game new rules you play is an unexpected me even first on his legal team this was a complete surprise so we found out about it on twitter and say the man he revolutionized with and three wiki leaks released groundbreaking stories has in another twist become the story himself and there are many now heaping that the next big release will be julian assange himself served. london with leaks activist col arc stokely believes ecuador is a song his best option because extradition to the u.s. would be inevitable should he be made to go to sweden. we're not so worried about him going to sweden actually that's that's just small business what we're most worried about is him getting extradited to the united states and it's being
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orchestrated by the department of justice and most of the mainstream media doesn't seem to know about it because no one is allowed in and this is been going on simultaneously as bradley manning struggle i would say it's a fifty fifty chance either it does or doesn't i pulling for it sounds like this is a very good option so that julian can continue to do the great work he has been doing for journalism ecuador would be a very good choice and i think the likelihood of an extradition from ecuador is a lot less than it would be from sweden or the u k. the man who will decide julian assange his fate ecuadorian president rafael correa is in fact the most recent guest on the whistleblowers talk show which airs weekly right here on r.t. catch the next program on tuesday at eleven thirty g.m.t. and you can also watch all the previous episodes online at r.t. dot com and while you're there check out the other stories we've lined up for you
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as well. as sky high and a big deep marks to technological milestones one on the earth's orbit and another at the bottom of the marianna trench. and a guinness world record has been set in russia's republic of fifteen thousand people joined for the largest circle dance ever held. both moscow and washington have stressed that the syrian people should be able to choose their own future by democratic process the statement came at the g twenty summit in mexico where presidents putin and obama agreed that a civil war must be prevented this was the first time the two have met as heads of state they also called on the iran to follow u.n. resolutions and cooperate with the international atomic watchdog to prove its nuclear program is entirely peaceful however there seems to be a little progress on america's controversial plans for a missile shield in europe the leaders said dialogue will continue but russia says it still needs guarantees this is them will not be aimed its way former member of
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the regen administration paul craig roberts says american policy makers may not allow obama as much license as he wants. convinced that putin does not will conflict with washington he wants to resolve the issue of the missile bases that are surrounding russia he doesn't want conflict and obama. he doesn't want any conflict either but he is just one member government that wants regime change in syria and obama is not exactly in a position to be able to stop that. he will do what he can to get along with putin but he still has to represent the agenda. for the world in general and regime change and so the situation i think is on
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resolves the state of the eurozone finance as was the main worry for world leaders in mexico this week boosting growth has been named the main goal with fears that the fallout from greece could lead to a global contagion the leaders of germany france italy and spain have agreed on a one hundred thirty billion euro package to safeguard the struggling euro meanwhile greece's newly formed a coalition is asking for an additional two years to slash its deficit athens is hoping to avoid having further drastic cuts to salaries and pensions which have caused countless protests political risk consultant john who says whatever greece does the calm before the next storm won't last long. it was with you both though this buys us or respite the reality is that this mad hatter's tea party doesn't change anything in the long run greece is going to have to live up to these terms they may get a little bit more time to do so but the terms themselves as the foreign minister of germany made very clear aren't going to change so i think the greek people are in
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for a tremendous disappointment the danger on one side and it's a game of chicken the greeks think if we go out it could lead to contagion with much bigger economies and ruin the entire euro zone so they're not going to be mean to us and the germans say the greeks need us more than we need them because without a constant infusion of money we simply can't meet salaries and greece goes back into the middle ages sadly i think both have a point but the point is managing this difference along the way becomes very very difficult but really the drama begins now because once tomorrow's doesn't get the terms he wants to remember this new government is going to have only about forty eight forty nine percent of greek support behind it what's going to happen then with surprise a leading demonstrations in the streets growing ever more popular and then they can say you see we were right nothing has changed more arrests have been taking place in israel as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the prime minister's residence in jerusalem it comes after demonstrations in tel aviv on saturday when at least eighty five activists were arrested during clashes with police journalist and writer my own guarneri says the government is ignoring the demands of the people
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angered by the escalating cost of living. i think that the protests are needed but i think that what they learned from last year's protests is that the government doesn't really care what the people think the government isn't really going to respond or do anything to change the situation you know our electricity prices went out this winter. i mean shockingly high are shocked with my bill. so i think that i mean there's a need for a new strategy and i think what we might have seen last night was a manifestation of a new strategy i stumbled upon a meeting at the at the end of last year's protests but not even at the protests at the very very end when the city was going to come and dismantle you know the last times there on the show and i stumbled upon a meeting where someone who was sitting on the margin of the group. side it and it was kind of ignored by the people leading the meeting but he said we need violence you know violence will be the only way to change things i'm not sure that that's
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the correct answer i don't think things will change if they didn't change after last summer when you know hundreds of thousands went out if you've got maybe a million or two million marching that could change things but i don't think that's going to happen. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour. why is facing a further political isolation with more latin american countries recalling their ambassadors from the country venezuela went as far as declaring it is ending oil exports to power which has also been suspended from a regional economic organization the measures come after president lugo was ousted from power by a senate vote on friday which he called a parliamentary coupe. and in neighboring bolivia a deal to strike reached by the government and the police unions has been rejected by rank and file officers the army has been deployed to patrol the streets amid fears that the mutiny could lead to a coup the unrest began on thursday when dozens of officers in the unit's
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headquarters close to the presidential palace demanding a pay rise. and named to u.s. officials say that america was responsible for last month's massive cyber attack on iran the state of the art malware dubbed flame is said to have been created by america and israel to spy on and sabotage islamic states nuclear progress parties going to touch you can have commentary. guides that american officials may sound defensive when they talk about cyber attacks as being a major threat to the country's security a weapon of mass disruption you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in terms of cover loss ryan fashions we typically associate with war for the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists and suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer but it turns out the u.s. government itself carries out cyber attacks against other nations the washington
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post cites officials speaking on condition of anonymity who say entrap aeration full cyber sabotage against iran the u.s. and israel developed the flame virus flame is the most complex computer spying program ever discovered it has the capacity to steal or alger elec twenty documents by now nobody doubts the program was development by a government entity something like this appears to be what they would call state sponsored it sounds like the n.s.a. . but i mean that now security agency has it does this kind of thing we know they've done this kind of things you're getting intelligence without having to put someone actually there it's cyber espionage while the flame war was collecting intelligence the stuxnet virus borrowed into iran's nuclear program and created havoc in its uranium enrichment centrifuges the obama administration did not deny the leaks in the new york times that it had teamed up with israel to create stuxnet
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some fear that the move almost invites retaliation a leading moscow based security firm which uncovered the flame virus as part of its code is nearly identical to the code finding stuxnet and suggested that the viruses were developed by two teams working in collaboration leaks in the press support that assessment one official also on condition of anonymity said is just the beginning and the u.s. is preparing the battlefield for another time. covered action we're setting precedent for other nations and that's where the real problem lies because we've been criticizing china for allegedly attacking united states companies and u.s. governments while the same time engaging in this in the same conduct with other countries feel by ministration has openly confirmed hacking websites but only if alleged al qaeda sympathizers in yemen the u.s. secretary of state described this cyber effort as part of a larger attack on terrorism but many fear the u.s. cyber efforts go well beyond that as u.s. defense authorities go offensive in cyber warfare the pentagon's cyber command has
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fast tracked the development of the weapons that ministration just announced a one hundred ten million dollar program to solicit proposals from the universities and video game manufacturers see so much hype about cyber war is that some people that seem to be in the authority about war start talking about technology as if they understand that they're always talking about war because that's their business and so they're trying to row technology into that and so when we have no control of our technology we have these people that wish to use it for for their ends for war specifically that's a recipe for some pretty scary stuff cyber space as a whole is now seen by the u.s. military is that vast area of opportunity you can't really tell the government don't do it whether it's what you don't want them to you but a lot of the recent revelations about the u.s. being based in fiber one might ask what the message that they sank to the wall like the government being with the dems cyber attacks hackers and all but it felt
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like one hell of a hacker i'm going to check out reporting from washington market. and shortly r t takes a look at the media coverage of syria and what's next for a country torn by conflict but first i'll be back to update you the headlines in just a bit much more to stay with us. there
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