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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our team with the week let's get right to your top have. tens of thousands gathered in cairo's tahrir square to celebrate as the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi is named the country's new leader it is the first post mubarak presidential poll forty egypt. turkey calls an emergency nato meeting to discuss how to respond after syria shot down one of its fighter jets. the plane could have strayed into syrian airspace while on a training for. is waiting for his fate to be decided by the door
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through. the country's london embassy at the end of may the u.k. supreme court rejected an appeal against extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning over claims of sexual assault. a candid perspective on the syrian uprising as we talk to. a political and media adviser to the syrian president. thank you. for saying that siobhan political and media advisor to syria's president it's great to have you with us here today with that about i'm happy to be here so it's now official u.n. had a peacekeeping force has confirmed that syria is in a state of a civil war what do you say to that statement well i don't think that this could
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work and then they're put in the three we put this statement saying that it is not really but it is sponsible to say that syria is in a state of civil war especially as we are fighting. terrorism i think the media in syria or some media has a war on syria that has a life of its own well talking about media you know when you read stories on syria in the internet media they often end with a disclaimer saying that the exact number of the victims in this conflict cannot be known because the syrian government doesn't give access to journalists on the other hand syrian government also says that the western media is very biased especially on who they call terrorists. my first question is do you think there can be trust restored between the western media and the syrian government or this media war will only escalate while there are hundreds of journalists who came to syria during this
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crisis is not true that would give access to foreign journalists hundreds of freshened written of the game hundreds of. foreign journalists from all over the world from india china. they were as from all over the world and so it's not true the journalists are not given access to syria. but also the there are. tens a pleased of the channel's home made themselves part of the war on syria and citing sectarian wars fabricating facts about what's happening in our country but the media war itself can it do some real damage or hands on it can do a lot of damage the media war because when you know how. some religious men fighting sectarian hatred among the syrian people there are many people who fall victim
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to do this incitement unfortunately the media war throughout history could be very damaging. but effective so you feel like syria's government could lose this in this conflict because of media war no i don't think so i don't think that extent but it's definitely cause thing. lives of our people costing us the hard morning as a way of life you know we often hear especially lately the syrian government pointing fingers to the others who are supplying arms to the unknown terrorist groups who are these others can you name the countries really the gnome but i would like to say to you that. the syrian government is the issue the issue is syria the issue is the unity and safety and sovereignty and prosperity of syria that is the issue here but you surely have your own version not official but your own version who may these people be who are helping the terrorists to kill peaceful people like
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you say i think even the observers of the you i know that say that in a very. different a group we don't know who these people are we've been not to who they belong to my leadership i mean. they were forces and they would say to you this is the most the problem in syria that you know. and that's the problem you know cooperation with the u.n. is critical for syria safeguarding it against a military invasion but with observers on the ground you know there was still hope for some balanced solution. but now that the universe abruptly ended the mission and they left how big is this threat of foreign intervention in syria while i think that observers have made many statements saying that the syrian government corporate with us they did not stop the mission this or spun the mission we all saw
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fear for their safety because the syrian people are. also afraid that some observers could be targeted by the groups and we would hate that to happen all we hear in the western media is the possibility of foreign invasion foreign intervention how do you assess the chances for indonesia i don't think that is that is possible in a sense because if you take what the sudan and prices and the rule. for the shan china with the double door twice and what would what this is with the stand off that it is the syrian people who should decide the future of syria i don't feel that. a military strike is possible and then if you look at what happened in libya or in yemen or you look would see the consequences of what happened and i think the west is quite aware of where things are in the middle east
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and i hope there are enough reasonable people in the word to weigh actions fully and i feel there's no consideration for such a thing because of course you do have russia and china support as far as day here in security council goes but that didn't help much in the iraqi scenario. you know they want around the u.n. security council resolution and invaded iraq what other means do you guys have except russia while they live from era also do you think that scenario of course of course countries learn from their experiences i have no doubt we'll all learn from our experiences i have no doubt that the west learned from afghanistan. and the from libya also that military strike doesn't always come with the flow or the result doesn't attribute the best result that they hoped for i think the world is
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the film and i think. it's no longer one polar system i think russia and china now have a face and the international adding to the relief of most people and the world because we have suffered from one polar system and we're happy with the urgency of the bipolar system with the emergence of the brics and i think the word is changing but look what just happened in libya for instance i mean the us and their partners they have a perfect hundred percent track record when it comes to removing they had so foreign states that they want removed and i'm keeping in mind the result they have shown for bashar assad to go what makes you think that this could be different scenario and come to see how much russia has lived from by libyan scenario for example russia have to change. the political scene in the word by making an excellent stand in support of people who decide their future and is it
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democracy to decide in foreign countries to move ruler i mean this is the way to should work or is it the people who should decide if it is not only talking about syria is it the will curse it to say to the british people you should move camera or is it. british people who should decide why that doesn't apply to other countries is it because of the colin who got money over the other people is it because the west doesn't believe that a people equal to western people in their right to choose their own system at this is a question i pose a democracy means the people of the country should decide their future should decide who rules them and then what did the syrian people achieve throughout the sea it was boycotting roads killing they are not losing
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their army and police people we are the ones who are losing it and when they talked about libya what did they say they said we didn't lose an american soldier but thousands tens of thousands of libyan people lost their lives. so does that not matter here talking about libya what are the implications of so much weaponry going into syria now what happens once the conflict is over and you have all this uncontrolled arms country full of arms what happened libya i think you can say that the conflict is over unless unless we all these arms are withdrawn from the street from the people that is what should happen these are part of the conflict and in fact those who are smuggling arms and money into syria are the ones what igniting the conflict there are these foreign and
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external factors particularly the media war smuggling arms and smuggling money into syria is a huge part of the problem and syria but can you do something about it at this point or it's out of your control of the international community who should also do something about that because those countries who say that they support kofi annan the plan and kofi annan plan say and the first item stopping armaments and stopping violence from all parties in all its forms some skeptics say that the reason a humanitarian corridor for people in syria s. most troubled place homes is not possible is because hearing government is afraid along with the humanitarian aid will come something else is that true that not through or that we be incorporating with the human that that in agencies but until now we haven't seen anything of the humanitarian aid arriving to syria we called it
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the absolutely fully with the humanitarian agencies there's no problem so there's a humanitarian corridor open in homes right now there is no him and it in code or i don't know where the negotiations are but there there is no need for humanitarian corridor but there are assistance that. this coming and being distributed through that of the cross and that of the cousin do you feel like the allegations about people being badly in need of food and medical aid is exaggeration now extremely exaggerated you are also on that black least of sanctioned syrian official state us united states issued what does it feel to be like on a sanctions list sanctioned by the united states you mean personally for me it doesn't change anything to be sanctioned no i refused to go to the united states in two thousand and five and they sent me money in the invitations of brookings and throw money institute the go on the give a lecture there i didn't because i don't like to be treated. at the
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american airport the way they treat people they probably treat all people like this but i don't like to be treated that way and i don't have to go to the united states and by the way they didn't sanction me they prove my assets and they know i don't have a single dollar not only in the united states anywhere and the word so their countries as many assets of the like because they don't have any of them my asset is the love for my country and for my people and all these you know propaganda movements to put their name or so on so on to put my name on sanctions nothing to me books of mine are being sold in the united states i thought a duke university i thought at least richard and university a third book of mine is now accepted that would published in the united states so i thought they should be embarrassed to put my name on the side of print not me who should be embarrassed they should be embarrassed sanish i want thank you very much for this interview thank you when much thank you. you know.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought
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you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big show. tens of thousands gather in cairo's tahrir square to celebrate as the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi is named the country's new leader it is the first post mubarak presidential poll forty to. thirty calls for an emergency nato meeting to discuss how to respond after syria shot down one of its fighter jets says the plane could have strayed into syrian airspace while on a training flight. the world's top whistleblower is waiting for his fate to be decided by a door after he asked for asylum in the country's london embassy at the end of may the u.k. supreme court rejected an appeal against julian assange extradition to sweden where he is wanted for questioning over claims of sexual assault. now with the latest
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from the world of sports. hello there welcome to the sports and these are the headlines spot on italy reached the semifinals of the european championships after beating england in a penalty shoot out. plus stunning victory fund and along through the field to grab a memorable win at the european graeme free. and world number one maria sharapova prepares to take center stage on the first day of wimbledon. that start with the football though in italy will play germany in the semifinals of the european championships after beating england for two in a penalty shootout italy had dominated both normal and extra time getting the post three times but neither team could find the back of the net so
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a penalty shootout was needed to decide to tie it to the winning that forty with alessandra the amount facing the winner after ashley cole missed his spot kick the england three into the last four where they will face germany meanwhile it is the end of the road for france they flew back home on sunday after losing to neil in their quarter final to spain play is heading to the check in desk with their heads . there being reports of divisions in the french camp after their loss to sweden and they went out with a whimper in the last date only a few disappointed fans turned up at the airport to see them off. oh. well that is in stark contrast to the joy spain fans are feeling at the moment delighted with their team's performance which saw those doublethink the french and their ready to face the portuguese of wednesday. morning is moving forward in this tournament on wednesday we will be back here to agree portugal and we are
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hoping to stand on their own older home as well and play in the final on the july. portugal tried on sunday strike and held up a notable absentee injury injury ruling him out of the rest of the tournament hugo and why there is likely to be his replacement for the game with spain and the portuguese promise they won't compromise their attacking style against the world and european champions. put the school in there what can we do to beat speed by keep united as we have been so far to be just like yourselves the we we just because we're going to champion india has been to india do we have to take control of the game we are going to take control of the game and we have to chris we are going to address that we are going to play our game we are going to try and exact with all the respect that we have to show me what's more it's a way from the football ferrari's fernando alonso has won an action packed grand prix in valencia the spanish victory enough to put him on top of the drivers' championship and incredible drive saw him work his way up from eleventh place on
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the grid and he then took full advantage when red bull sebastian vettel who started on pole stalled on the track midway through the race to the right in a lotus finish second one michael schumacher completed the podium after lewis hamilton and pastor maldonado collided on the penultimate lap this day for the third place afterwards alongside described his victory as one of the best of his career. really really proud to be spun his bottom of the moment and winning in a spin this. probably the best. nothing. else where sebastian has won the rally of new zealand this is third straight victory and fifth of the season and stretches his late at the top of the driver's standings to thirty eight points from six in teammate make a heaven and earth did not win any of the seven special stages on the final day but he was still my thirty seconds faster overall than have been in finland the race
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but a sober compared to the podium in his forward and twenty one year old russian you get enough accomplished for there are six stops left on the world championship alynda. now the woman in tennis championships start on monday and they will see world number one maria sharapova in action on center court against the unseeded and a sierra leon of earth rather than going for back to back grand slam titles after winning the french open either to. also you've seen this williams faced russian. four time grand slam winner kim clijsters is also in action the belgium adamant she will retire at the end of the season and this will be her last time when we didn't question faces a hard test against eighteenth street gang conviction. it'll be tough yankovic's and you know the tough opponent we've had some really tough battles in the past and i think some of my. one of the matches that are played played against you in the city in the finals of sydney is one of the the matches that always remember as one of the fun as matches after most intense ones as well so i look forward to it now
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the first game on center court will see men's number one novak djokovic start the defense of his wimbledon title he's up against a tricky opponent spaniard one college fair though has reached the last eight here twice before djokovic is looking forward to. realize my dreams last year played a perfect tournament. there like the conditions here have been several occasions and semifinals so. you know i'm confident before the start of two thousand elsewhere received roger federer is on number one court and he's up against spain's argentina's david nalbandian plays the eighth seed. i'm russia is up against britain's all of the golding. now russia's women's beach volleyball team have qualified for the summer olympics for the very first time booking their place by beating tournament favorites the netherlands in the confederations cup in moscow
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with the details. this competition was a real chance for russia to make history in the sport after a hard fought three two win over switzerland in the semi's they faced the dutch in the final it was a place at the olympics at stake the best of five contest started wobbly for russia's first time and team and it's the sea of ice in the. failed to break down holland's jewel of madeline mccann and so if you can guess though and team russia went down one nil but that didn't stop russia from making full use of their home advantage russia's second tandem call over and the qatari made light work of the two games beating both dutch teams two zero and two one with advantage now firmly with the home team and the boy in crowd behind their backs team bosnia and bozak over rectified the only slip up to be called as we can do a twenty one to twelve not only was it a fine win over the tournament's favorites it was also sweet revenge for team
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russia having lost out to the netherlands back in the zoning stage of the competition in twenty eleven i still cannot put our joy into words we're so happy i don't know what else to say but most of all i would like to say thanks to all our fans it's a big advantage to be playing at home and i'm so pleased with all the supporters it definitely helped us win. in the battle for bronze switzerland so off italy with three games to one ensuring they will get another crack at elland because occasion i think we have. a game. like here. they. can beach volleyball tournament of three in quick succession now seems justified as russia's women's beach volleyball team proved the country can compete with the world's best even if there's no beach in sight no gold here on the continent cup means that russia had to sell the place on the plane so the sun was a little bit for the first time ever in the netherlands as well as what some
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consider. also on the morning of the first half of the when. all of the lights on about what was to be held in the russes capital would seem really just cannot get enough of beach volleyball at the moment and that's one of my starts on the twenty eighth of june. i just can't get enough my family a new world record in the decathlon has been set at the u.s. olympic trials russian atan beating the previous mark by thirteen points however running out in pink champion brian clough i failed to finish in the top three and that means he won't be on the plane to london so i just i feel very fortunate to be in this position. i don't want to be like. treated super special or anything like that because i think it's just in large part because the guys you compete with next to be working a long time to come out and try and put something together and i think there was
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a lot of a lot of hope and expectation there and when you see that kind of all go out the window it's pretty disappointing and that is all the support from the weather is coming out. today children play war in the old keys maybe. nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier from the nazi troops on their way to moscow. sunders arrest those who are dying one by one under siege. in the last shelter and left a few simple words. very well. i'm dying but i'm not sure rendering.
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culture is that so much of me is going to make in a lot of people a very an applicant what is the future of european union will be a federal union for political change if the hero down the road.
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just give me can i speak with you sir let me didn't explain my son died in a gun don't agree you don't agree we don't want to look for other names my son isn't isn't in the marine i don't know what is craft we are going to try before you'll fair. share of your country. if the country isn't yours. to moon or in hope to help in famine.
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you find in so many old says war and meet some stress. to use a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a dorna found anything tim's mission to teach me creation why it should care about humans and world events this is why you should care watch only on the dot com. if. russia.


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