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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it's the mr muhammad mercy celebrates victory after being declared as egypt's first democratically elected president but he's poised to take office as a mere figurehead with the military still holding the reins of power. turkey locked horns with syria for shooting down a military jet as international pressure grows on the mask over the affair with nato leaders preparing to meet to discuss the incident. and as the world's most wanted was. to find out whether ecuador will granted political asylum his next show is ready to go on it right here on r.t. .
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are you watching carrie johnston welcome to the program now egypt's president elect mohamed morsi is set to begin forming a new government after being announced on sunday as the country's next leader huge celebrations greeted the delayed results which. lost prime minister ahmed shafik by around four percent. space to bring unity and resigned from the muslim brotherhood to become a nonpartisan leader but the authority of the office he assumes is determined by the ruling military which holds lawmaking the generals dissolved parliament. promised to hand executive control to masood by july it's not clear how much leverage to be given the u.s. has been quick to congratulate the winner but as you point i reports muslim brotherhood ties to extremists america is undermining its own policies.
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egypt's revolution began with tens of thousands into here square and it became a success shortly after rushing to and sided with the anti-government opposition by stepping down president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change america's indorsement of change has paved the way for the muslim brotherhood to become egypt's strongest political force the international organization is considered to be one of the world's largest islamised movements and mohamed morsi has reportedly called for a constitution that is based on the koran and sharia law in the case of egypt we're taking a piece of the board that was one of our pieces this is what it was one of the strongest american assets in the middle east and for many years we've removed that piece and brought in some people who i do not think will be friendly to us stuck. in this video film last month and egyptian cleric rally support for the brotherhood's presidential candidate so that there can no.
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ok that. said. the muslim brotherhood has many different factions many different elements they are a political organization but they also have ties to terrorism they're also directly intertwined with what's going on in syria according to the new york times cia officers secretly stationed in turkey are currently working with syria's muslim brotherhood to smuggle automatic rifles grenades and ammunition into the country it didn't work out enough to understand what it was all mean you know it would be. like you know sort of. the syrian opposition seen here waving al-qaeda flags has received public support from the terrorist
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network and created what some call a defacto alliance between america and its number one enemy. critic saying america's campaign for regime change comes with the consequence of empowering more radical and extreme leaders in the arab world let's not forget that assad and his government is a secular government just as gadhafi is government was a secular government if you get rid of that and you create the power vacuum or another force that is as organized and as strong will take its place continued political instability in cairo has raised questions about the so-called success attributed to the arab spring governments in egypt and libya were toppled with a u.s. stamp of approval but with new regimes leaning towards extreme islam many believe america could eventually find itself in a circumstance that hardly ever want it very important i r.t. new york. where the results of egypt's presidential election have made world
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headlines and they're interested to know what you think just head to our website. to take part in our ongoing poll on what the future holds for the nation take a look now so far just over a third of you think mohammed morsi will become a mere puppet of the west slightly more than a quarter reckon he will be a nominal figure one of the very trees to reign and twenty four percent are convinced that his victory will widen the religious divide in egypt minority view so far today responded believe the new president will succeed in creating a stable and democratic country but if you haven't done so already you can head to our web site and have your say. nato leaders are to hammer out a response to syria's shooting down of a turkish military plane washington has described the act as a brazen and unacceptable britain says the assad regime will be held accountable insists the jet was downed in international airspace without warning while the mascot's maintains it was flying over syrian territory turkey has denied claims the
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plane was on a spying mission saying it was on a training flight syria responded that its actions were defensive and not aggressive wreckage has already been located in the mediterranean sea with the search for two missing pilots john respond to stop the war coalition says the incident was most likely an area that could yet turn into an international conflict . witnessing the drawing in of the major powers into the conflict in syria but we've seen here reprint and speech warning the russians about their admission of attack helicopters we've seen the british send a ship back supposedly carrying a child it got was from around the coast of britain back to back to russia and now we see this incursion into syrian airspace by by the turkish air force it is of course theoretically possible that what the turks were doing was probing syrian air space to see whether or not they would react in this way i think actually this is
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probably an error but when it international relations become less tense when the diplomatic atmosphere has been has been heightened to this degree such errors become part of the process of our wider process which is more than accidental which is deliberate and that's the danger in a situation. where inside syria rebels have reportedly captured a military base with ammunition in northern province of aleppo was sixteen soldiers dead after the attack the conflict is estimated by the united nations to have killed more than ten thousand people since it began early last year among them have been a thousand children as artie's were for national reports from damascus. this was the place for these kids boys and girls is at the playground but someone dressed them in a minute she uniform hung them with real guns told them what to say and put in front of camera this little girl. maybe five years old and she's almost crying
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as people behind the camera pushed her and other kids to chant and slogans out of nineteen kids after me sam and. this footage is just one in a series of clips posted online showing the ugly face of war unfold in the country recent u.n. report says both sides in the syrian conflict the rebels from the free syrian army and the government are using to join in their fight but good to see children among pro-choice on demonstrators. four year old or young was praising his modern moment and this is a microphone the kids caring not a kalashnikov. was very young his father couldn't imagine that his youngest son's participation in apache otic rally would put all his family in danger and lead to the murder of his other two children and
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that if they threatened us many times once the road on the house was walled at that time has come then they sent me a symbolic loop then they put the picture of reality on facebook as promising five hundred thousand syrian pounds to those who bring him to them we couldn't imagine they'll come to our home and not let me in i mean in my years in wanted to prepare for exams and went to sleep in the living room which i'm not and this is where they smashed first out and they were shootings and they cried a lot barked at on my heat under the bed. and it may move to the school told me a week before his death but she feels you're not finished his exams and even if she does she'll get a certificate. am managed to me is eldest son was shot dead on the way to hospital as he was trying to get help to his injured brother little rayyan escaped death only because that night he stayed with his grandparents and then i was crying because they killed years and i miss him a lot so wanted to get
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a good certificate again i would be. the funerals of the two teenagers had been on the guard this is what they do here in syria the family says when someone dies as a martyr a laboratory to cue us this is their freedom am i here or not and then you'll be killed and then the last of me they wanted to kill a song like hula and then see this is the government usually well enough not money started losing you think that's enough we lost a lot not ready to lose anymore how you doing some material better yemen has three more brothers left he has something to lose in this cemetery we found at least eight fresh graves small ones but in the rubble kids are becoming victims of grown up games in this conflict they've been used as human shields they've been forced to take up arms and they've been killed for a purpose they barely understand and no one can say for sure how many more will die until always found to stop the violence. r.t.
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reporting from syria. and forget we have plenty more stories in store for you on our website including a show of power russia raise the latest battle vehicles at the international forum of engineering technologies twenty twelve take a look for yourself but don't come. under the lawsuit self-styled to try to stop american biotech giant on sunday from making genetically modified maize could new breed of brute worms beat the boys to it find out more on the.
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news today once again flared up. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. the anxious wait continues for wiki leaks founder julian the son of ecuador's decision on whether to granted political asylum having lost his u.k. supreme court appeal he's facing extradition to sweden on sex crimes allegations but fears eventual transfer to the u.s.
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where he could face the death penalty for leaking thousands of secrets while the next edition of his political show airs on tuesday right here on r.t. our correspondent sara firth has more. julian assange and his just spent his six nights in the ecuadorian embassy here in london waiting for that all important decision his bid for silence in the country today in a song to his supporters have always maintained that the case against him is politically motivated and that campaign to silence not just the songs himself but also wiki leaks the spite having spent more than five hundred days detained without charge that hasn't stopped julian assange in the time he's posted an insidious show this been running on all of the now what will be his eleventh interview airing tomorrow nazi julian assange to meet with the man that he despised as giants of the intellectual left renowned linguist and rebel thing could be terry could lead the
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street fighting novelist a military historian now during that interview they discussed the new ways of revolutionary movements we've seen taking place around the world in the past couple of years and you have these obscene ages and then they spread to your. car roof inspired activists all of the you murdered state even in russia so the the the arab spring has been very infectious and it's still going on in different ways you know in terms of you know i can't. assume that sooner or later there would have to be a popular reaction to the. bitter class war that. for the past generation very contra's class war which is. always a class conscious business school. really felt they were on
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a roll so in the united states for example. we all know the facts over the past generation and there's. will screw it's gone into very few pockets stream and equality the united states is very. literally percent of the population mostly. managers so you have major corporations on talking about the united states but the phenomena are basically world war two activists he themselves have been very involved in revolutionary movements because of course many people consider julian assange a revolutionary as well one of the big questions when he took this dramatic step seeking asylum in ecuador was why ecuador why had he chosen a country that itself comes under large amounts of criticism for its human rights record put a lot of people have been quick to point out is it the united kingdom that is
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always pitched itself as a strong defender of human rights and certainly in julian assange just case his supporters would say they haven't lived up to that may very much a sense that they let down julian assange in this instance as we await the decision we see me ambassador traveling where she met with president correia of course giving the full briefing over julian assange just case before they make that all important decision. so the come this hour a matter of opinion we report on how some modern art works roughing up more than a few feathers in russia sparking furious protest. more arrests have been made in israel as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the prime minister's residence in jerusalem demanding social reform comes after demonstrations in tel aviv on saturday when it least eighty five activists were taken into custody after clashes with police journalist and writer michael oren
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yanni says the government is ignoring the people's demands. i think that the protests are needed but i think that what they learned from last year's protests is that the government doesn't really care what the people think the government isn't really going to respond to anything to change the situation you know our electricity prices went out this winter. i mean talking lehi are shocked with my bill. so i think i mean there's a need for a new strategy and i think what we might have seen last night was a manifestation of a new strategy i stumbled upon a meeting at the at the end of last year's protests but not even at the protests at the very very end when the city was going to come and dismantle you know the last times there on the road and i stumbled upon a meeting where someone who was sitting on the margins of the group. out it and it was kind of ignored by the people leading the meeting but he said we need violence you know violence will be the only way to change things i'm not sure that that's
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the correct answer i don't think things will change if they didn't change after last summer when you know hundreds of thousands went out if you could get maybe a million or two million marching that could change things but i don't think that's going to happen. some more world news in brief for you know this hour. the news in the authorities have extradited the former libyan prime minister. making him the first high road to get the political figure to be returned to his home country to face trial sixty seven year old is no in custody facing charges of crimes against the libyan people being seen as setting a precedent for other countries holding former members of the topple gadhafi regime . is coming under increasing pressure over the sacking of the country's president last week. it was ousted by the senate for his handling of the most protested. placed by deputy. seem difficult isolation from latin american states. and from
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an upcoming regional summit. several countries have recalled ambassadors of venezuela has cut off oil exports over the affair. has officially asked the eurozone for one hundred billion euro to shore up its crisis hit banks this makes spain the fourth country to seek a bit out to greece ireland and portugal the government has already spent fifteen billion euro to rescue small regional savings banks which recklessly lent to developers a collapse in the property market has plunged the country's financial sector into crisis with massive debts. now modern art is meant to fuel creativity stimulate inspiration and provoke thought and discussion but far from winning admiration and number of exhibitions in russia have ignited the wave of furious protests instead one correspondent there who pushed over explains why there's been such outrage. a small but intensely passionate protest in russia's southern city of
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cross and. the crowd blocks the entrance to stop the opening of a modern art exhibition it's called icons and on display all works by contemporary artists made of plastic the last supper is depicted as a tense business meeting while a metal exhibit called trinity has also brought a hostile reaction it's a clash between old and new. items the display is an attempt to make sense of how traditional i can play doing has transformed in the modern world that invokes natural resentment among people who think conservatively. the exhibit in curator who was welcomed at the opening by being spat in the face claims the problem is people's ignorance is exhibited we're not contemporary artists language is often obscure but what differentiates an unsophisticated person from a peasant if the former doesn't understand what he wants to try and learn while an
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ignoramus simply deny everything however it isn't so much the show itself as the personality of its curator that ignites protests across russia at most exhibitions he's involved in matter of gilman's name has been synonymous with scandal for you is it the chilliwack this is the man who tries to sell as graffiti in public toilets as art. gilman's previous exhibit that included kissing policeman a crucified jesus christ with the head replaced by the order of lenin and a photo of an orthodox i can being smashed with an axe have caused widespread outrage in russia that i have a degree in art and what he calls art is nothing of the sort it's an abomination and evil game plan to bring a cultural revolution to the central russian city of perm by carrying out a total make over shocked most locals more you. used to traditional forms of art little headless red men dotted around the city and other innovations didn't go down
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well nor did the annual price tag of ninety million roubles or around three million dollars of public money given now wants to spread what he sees as contemporary art into other promises but faces furious resistance or with mirrors and we are not against the center for contemporary art in our region but we don't need government here for that if you put a prostitute as a headmaster of a boarding school for young girls be sure within two years they would all become he wars. no matter the amount of protests and controversy in the end all of my gilman's exhibit do open and attract curious people what's interesting though is that gilman is not alone in promoting contemporary art in russia but no other exhibit heather provoked such an emotive public response in all the six years nina worked at the moscow museum of modern art there wasn't a single scandal within its walls despite many product of exhibits about the artist
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breaking boundaries can certainly provoke and biggest reactions it can be to the benefit of modern art but also to its detriment. however change is in the air even the most conservative members of the church have learned by now what performance art is father aleksey was the one who spent at night at gilman at the opening of the show in cross and are always the builder order i came forward as a contemporary artist maybe amateurish but still an artist to go with the experts in the field so my act of spitting fully falls under the definition of performance art derry bush gave up r.t. . well now let's cross over to the business desk and the task is there for us and one emerging market currencies of sending drop to levels not seen in years really what's going on absolutely while that's the result of investors running away from the assets they perceive as. risky all the details in just
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a couple of minutes but first crude prices have resumed their losing streak aflat after briefly rebounding earlier on monday that is now trading below eighty dollars a barrel overall crude lost around a quarter of its value over the past three months jorge mont to pay k. from a commodities information provider of watts explain what's going on and how it all affects russia. from the point of view europe does some of the very healthy as we all know from a supply point of view the market is spread using enough to account for the iranian sanction effect so the market is really getting affected by the two prongs of that man two week supply to march those two situations would continue to point them towards the maybe even the seven p. dollar level by most measurements russia may be that largest producer in the world
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on its budget is set at roughly one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel we are nowhere near that so for russia i think is going to have to make some very painful decisions in this sphere months on those the say shows will have to do with rewriting budgets and seeing what kind of projects he really wants to get involved in. and now let's check out the equity markets and we'll start with europe as you can see both the footsie and the dax are now in the red banking stocks and pharmaceuticals are to blame for the footsies loss and the dax is now shedding more than one and a quarter percent here in russia let's see those numbers there and as you can see both the r.t.s. and the my six are also quite a bit of value more than one percent each and i'm basically the r.t.s. is standing on its losses of more than chute. santa on friday when the
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index became the worst performing among its emerging market peers and now on to some of the biggest movers on the my six and they include in the financial sector the t.v. russia's second largest bank is losing almost the percent the energy stocks are also shedding value gazprom is losing around three quarters of a percent and air floor is down even after the state said it will keep the golden share during the company's privatisation and now on to the currency markets the euro is now losing value against the dollar and the russian ruble is strains and uganda's both major currencies the dollar and the euro and staying with the exchange rates the currencies of for a largest emerging economy economies known as brics are posting their biggest declines in fourteen years that's as investors are fleeing from risky assets and concerns over the eurozone crisis and the fears of
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a deeper global recession and less than two months the russian ruble lost a route around eleven percent of its value while the brazilian plunged twelve percent analysts say the bric countries could lose at least in the fifteen percent by the end of the here and that's all we have time for in the situation of business i'll be back in about fifteen minutes but you can always find a lot more stories on our site r t dot com slash business. ok thank you threshold speech again see. and stay with us for there to a special report about the group who russian religious dissent is just a couple of minutes after the headlines.
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if the country during which. you cross the border in hope to help you find it. you find in so many old says war. and meet some stress. is he.


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