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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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toplevel mediation on tor david bruton calls for israel and the palestinians to resume talks to resolve their longstanding conflict. egypt's newly elected islamist leader is set to form a government but western states could be getting more than they bargained for after he vows to improve ties with iran. and his top whistleblower giuliano songs awaits aqua doors decision on whether it will grant him asylum the final edition of his groundbreaking interview show is set to air right here on our t.v. .
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live from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he's to now way it's six pm here in the russian capital president putin has called on both sides in the israeli palestinian conflict to resume talks to break the stalemate but russia is also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tension over iran's nuclear program as president putin begins his visit to the mideast he is currently on the first leg of his tour in israel our correspondent polis there is there and we are trying to get her on the line and we'll cross live as soon as we can get that. in other news egypt's new president mohamed morsi wants to review a peace treaty with israel and build stronger ties with iran the elected leader outlined his position in an interview with iranian media on monday in which he said
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he wanted to create a strategic balance in the mideast while such a statement is certain to alarm israel and its close ally the us with the course the country is now heading under islamist rule explains egypt's revolution began with tens of thousands into here square and it became a success shortly after washington sided with the anti-government opposition by stepping down responding to the egyptian people's hunger for change america's indorsement of change has paved the way for the muslim brotherhood to become egypt's strongest political force the international organization is considered to be one of the world's largest islamised movements and mohamed morsi has reportedly called for a constitution that is based on the koran and sharia law in the case of egypt we're taking a piece of the board that was one of our pieces this is what it was one of the strongest american assets in the middle east and for many years we've removed that
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piece and brought in some people who i do not think will be friendly to us. in this video film last month and egyptian cleric rally support for the brotherhood's presidential candidate. can. be. ah. that. said. the muslim brotherhood has made different factions many different elements they are a political organization but they also have ties to terrorism they're also directly intertwined with what's going on in syria according to the new york times cia officers secretly stationed in turkey are currently working with syria's muslim brotherhood to smuggle automatic rifles grenades and ammunition into the country i didn't work out enough to understand what it was all mean you know it would be. a
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huge world. is like you know all sort of have you been here. the syrian opposition seen here waving al-qaeda flanks has received a public support from the terrorist network and created what some call a defacto alliance between america and its number one enemy. critics saying america's campaign for regime change comes with the consequence of empowering more radical and extreme leaders in the arab world let's not forget that assad and his government is a secular government just as gadhafi is government was a secular government if you get rid of that and you create the power vacuum or another force that is as organized and as strong will take its place continued political instability in cairo has raised questions about the so-called success attributed to the arab spring governments in egypt and libya were toppled with
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a u.s. stamp of approval but with new regimes leaning towards extreme islam many believe america could eventually find itself in a circumstance it hardly ever wanted marina porn i.r.t. new york. back to our top story president putin in israel in the first leg of his mideast toward just after talks with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu we have artie's poll of clear on the line she now joins us with some with the latest i should say paula what does come out of this meeting between the two leaders in jerusalem. well the russian president vladimir putin and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been holding a meeting at the prime minister's residence in jerusalem and they've just finished a short press conference in which they highlighted the essence of what those talks were bald both leaders said that the talks had been frankenfood full and the most significant point made was the point made by the russian president calling on both the israelis and palestinians to resume peace negotiations the israeli prime
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minister responded with this quote that it was complicated but simple and that word president putin please pawson that message tomorrow tuesday when he meets with the russian when he meets with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas mahmoud abbas in the palestinian city of ramallah now police have also said that the two leaders had discussed syria and iran and he didn't go into more details in saying that the talks were fruitful he also said that bilateral relations between the two countries were we important and he thanked the israelis for the unveiling this morning monday of a morial to the raid all me that was unveiled in the israeli city of the time he also said that there's more than one million citizens of the former soviet union who currently reside in israel and he said it was important for russia that they have peace and security now the israeli prime minister spoke about egypt he said that israel respects the democratic process that has been undergone in egypt and in
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that context was willing to deal with the new egyptian president mohamed morsi in the context of the nine hundred seventy nine israeli egyptian peace treaty who also called the talks fruitful and beneficial. paul russia certainly centrally involved in trying to help solve difficulties in the region how do prospects look for any kind of breakthroughs with moscow's help. well certainly he must go has a huge role to play in dealing with these issues in this region it is regarded by all the players as a positive contributor what we do understand is that president putin will put pressure on the israeli leadership not to attack iran and certainly this is in the context of his way to leadership talking about striking to around because of it's a major nuclear program at the same time moscow is unlikely to ask the israelis to hold back from interfering with what is happening in syria the violence unfolding
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there and on the palestinian you see we know that it is in the russian interest as well as in the israeli and palestinian interest for these stalled peace talks to resume it is interesting though that israel is the united states' closest ally in the region and yet for more than three years the american president barack obama has not visited here while this is putin's sickened trip to the region as president and it comes just three months after he took up the reins of power with perhaps as we see this growing closer relationship which is certainly the mood that was put forward by both netanyahu and putin this growing relationship between israel and russia this too might help russia and the united states is relationship which has been waning in recent months. the polls they are reporting live from tel aviv. more than thirty members of the syrian military reportedly including
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a number of top brass have to factor in to turkey turkish state t.v. says the personnel along with their families crossed into the country overnight but this comes as syria faces increasing pressure over the shooting of a turkish fighter jet last week and insists it was a hostile act as the plane was downed in international airspace syria claims it was flying over its territory at an altitude of one hundred meters but given reassurances there is no hostility in damascus towards turkey on nato the. start to hammer out a response on tuesday europe and the us have condemned the action of syria as brazen and disproportionate eve foreign ministers have also agreed to new sanctions on damascus but dr ali amar mohammad from in the can and website syria track tribe ian says damascus could have been provoked it happened one day and only after the game is the fictional on syrian pilots it could be. just saying. we know.
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it was marked and the silence was actually. artillery that shut it down with a maximum range of side with those on what was the i'm doing fine goes away from. our land our territorial water i don't think the needle or any legal. situation for putting any more pressure on syria and they were thinking that something else the vision was doing there for have something calling or trying to. spy on the syrian army's movement in that area because of their you know how to. be this. and this close to the syrian border as it was actually a sense of some kind of gees. well inside syria human rights activists say around one hundred people are killed each day in the fighting between the rebels and pro outside forces and most of the victims are
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civilians the u.n. estimates more than ten thousand people have died since the conflict began early last year and as the rebels desperately try to bring down the ruling regime they seem to be using any means available to them no matter how small they are or it is rare for a notion of has more. because the place for these kids boys and girls is at the playground and someone dressed them in a militia uniform hung them with real guns to them what to say and put in front of camera now and this little girl for maybe five years old and she's almost crying as people behind the camera pushed her and other kids to chant and slogans out of nineteen q it's hard for me sam and. this footage is just one in a series of clips posted online showing the ugly face of war unfolding in the country recent u.n. report says both sides of the syrian conflict the rebels from the free syrian army
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and the government are using to join in their fight. and we can see children among through us on demonstrators. four year old rayyan is praising his motherland and this is a microphone the kids karine not a kalashnikov. carry ons father couldn't imagine that his youngest son's participation in apache after crowley would put all his family in danger and lead to the murder of his other two children and that if he threatened us many times once the rule in the house as well that the time has come that then this is a symbolic loop then they put the picture of on facebook is promising five hundred thousand syrian pounds to those who bring him to them we couldn't imagine they'll come to our home. an hour but let me in i mean in my years in wanted to prepare for exams and went to sleep in the living you know what you know and this is where they smash first out here or shootings and they cried
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a lot darker than my heat under the bed. and in they moved to the school. isn't too many and we have before his death that he feels he will not finish his exams and even if he does not get a certificate it's got to be to do everything and he told me once they going to kill me. i'm unsure me is eldest son was shot dead on the way to hospital as he was trying to get help to his injured brother little rayyan escaped death only because that night he stayed with his grandparents and then i was crying because they killed years and i miss him a lot so wanted to get a good certificate is again i would be. the funerals of the two teenagers had been on the guard this is what they do here in syria the family says when someone dies as a martyr. my boy tried to cure us this is their freedom if you're not with them you'll be killed and then the last of me they wanted to kill us all like
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a whole lot and then see this is the government usually valinor now i'm honest i'm not losing anything that's enough if i lost a lot not ready to lose anymore how you doing some update about yemen has three more brothers left he has something to lose and this cemetery we found at least eight fresh graves small ones but the rubble kids are becoming victims of growing up games in this conflict they've been used as human shields they've been forced to take up arms and they've been killed for a purpose they barely understand and no one can say for sure how many more will die until always found to stop the violence. r.t. reporting from syria. well ecuador molds the decision of giving julian songe diplomatic asylum the whistleblower remains and scant in the countries in the country's embassy in london he sought refuge there almost a week ago after the u.k.
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supreme court decided on his extradition to sweden where he's wanted on questioning over sexual assault accusations parties are furthest following developments in the british capital julian a scientist just spent his six nights in the ecuadorian embassy here in london waiting for the all important decision his bid for silence in the country now he's a man he's described as being let down by his own country australia and having exhausted most of his legal options in the u.k. and going battle against extradition to sweden where he faces questioning if a sexual assault allegations and of course the fifth has always been that if extradited to sweden it would be very easy to extradite him across to the u.s. a country that still carries the death penalty for some of the crimes that they think he's tim of julian asuncion his supporters have always maintained that the case against him is politically motivated and i campaigned to silence not just
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asuncion self but also wiki leaks the revolutionary whistle blowing web site that has hugely embarrassed many western governments in the past now the spike having spent more than five hundred days detained without charge that hasn't stopped a songe and in that time he's tasted an insidious show this been running on all the no in a previous show we'd seen him interviewing the president of ecuador and they seemed to hit it off the president of ecuador telling julian assange welcome to the club of the persecuted now in what will be his eleventh and final interview airing tomorrow on our feet julian a son to meet with the man that he despised as giants of the intellectual left renowned linguist and read. thing could be and harry could lead the street fighting over this and military historian now during that interview they discussed the new ways of revolutionary movements we've seen taking place around the world in the
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past couple of years i didn't see it coming i don't think most people saw it coming because it's to your compassion of the car room that inspired activists all of the united states so the the power of spring has been very infectious and it's still going on in different ways from ski sooner or later there would have to be a popular reaction to the. bitter class war that. for the past generation talking about the united states the phenomena are basically worldwide some are you going to see his eleventh and final interview for his show on our. i call you know less controversial and intriguing that we've come to expect from the man he founded wiki leaks he many say have revolution allies whistleblower and he once again has the entire eyes of the world upon him in his own going
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struggle against extradition. like sarah mentioned you can get the latest and final episode of julian assange interview show on tuesday we've also been following the case against assad since the very beginning so you can trace it back on our web site at our dot com here's some other stories you might also take a look at while there the u.k. government reportedly wants to sweep under the carpet claims of abuse committed by british soldiers at a secret network of the legal prisons in iraq. and russia parades its latest battle hardware out the international forum of engineering technologies twenty twelve take a look for yourself at r t dot com. some world news in brief for you this hour dozens of anti-government protesters have been detained in the park after clashes with riot police that is near cotman jews airport demonstrators demanded the prime minister resign and tried to block his motorcade as he returned home from
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a conference in brazil police tried to quell the crowd by beating them with bamboo baton and shields at least one protester was badly injured in the concert. in india a key suspect allegedly involved in the planning of the deadly mumbai attacks of two thousand and eight has been arrested abu hamza is being described as the handler of the ten gunmen who carried out the assault in which one hundred sixty six people were killed the carnage was targeted at luxury hotels the main railway station and a jewish cultural center authorities say they learned of the suspect while interrogating a lone pakistani gunman who survived the attack. for us minesweepers have arrived in the persian gulf a vital shipping route for the global economy becomes i'm sure an iranian military chief said the islamic state might try to block the strait of hormuz to defend its interests it's not the first time iran's threatened to close the route if it's
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prevented from exporting its own oil by western sanctions that are to tighten again on the first of july iran wants the right to enrich uranium a measure seen by the west as an attempt to build nuclear weapons. madrid has formally asked the eurozone for one hundred billion euros to shore up its crisis hit banks this make spain the fourth e.u. country to seek a bell out after greece ireland and portugal the government has already spent fifteen billion euro to rescue small regional savings banks which recklessly lent to developers a collapse in the property market has plunged the country's financial sector into crisis with huge debt. no modern art can mean new ways of seeing the traditions of the past thrown aside but instead of provoking foreign admiration some exhibitions in russia have ignited a wave of angry protest our correspondent daria prescriber reports. a small but intensely passionate protest in russia's southern city of krasnodar. the crowd
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blocks the entrance to stop the opening of a modern art exhibition it's called icons and on display all works by contemporary artists made of plastic the last supper is depicted as a tense business meeting while a metal exhibit called trinity has also brought a hostile reaction it's a clash between old and new. items the display is an attempt to make sense of how traditional i can play doing has transformed in the modern world that invokes natural resentment among people who think conservatively. the exhibit in curator who was welcomed at the opening by being spat in the face claims the problem is people's ignorance has accepted me i'm not a contemporary artists language is often obscure but what differentiates an unsophisticated person from a peasant if the former doesn't understand what he wants to try and learn while an
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ignoramus simply deny everything however it isn't so much the show itself as the personality of its curator that ignites protests across russia at most exhibitions he's involved in matter of gilman's name has been synonymous with scandal for you is it that you would this is the man who tries to sell as graffiti in public toilets as art. gilman's previous exhibit that included kissing a policeman a crucified jesus christ with the head replaced by the order of lenin and a photo of an orthodox reich and being smashed with an axe have caused widespread outrage in russia that i have a degree in art and what he calls art is nothing of the sort it's an abomination and evil game plan to bring a cultural revolution to the central russian city of perm by carrying out a total make over shocked most locals more used to. additional forms of volatile little headless red men dotted around the city and other innovations didn't go down
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well nor did the annual price tag of ninety million rubles or around three million dollars of public money given their wants to spread what he sees as contemporary art into other promises but faces furious resistance forthwith mirrors and we are not against the center for contemporary art in our region but we don't need government here for that and if you put a prostitute as a headmaster of a boarding school for young girls be sure within two years they would all become he worse. no matter the amount of protests and controversy in the end all of them are gilman's exhibit do open and attract curious people what's interesting though is that gilman is not alone in promoting contemporary art in russia but no other exhibit heather provoked such an emotive public response in all the six years nina worked at the moscow museum of modern art there wasn't a single scandal within its walls despite many product of exhibits about the artist
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breaking boundaries can certainly provoke and biggest reactions it can be to the benefit of modern art but also to its detriment. however a change is in the even the most conservative members of the church have learned by now what performance art is father aleksey was the one who spent at night at gilman at the opening of the show in cross and. the always the builder order i came forward as a contemporary artist maybe amateurish but still an artist going to experts in the field so my act of spitting fully falls under the definition of performance art jerry pushed artie. who has now got the latest from the business that's moreno joins us and she is following the markets were not not a good day for investors from what i understand what's happening out there are all the markets going down higher so yes that's exactly why they're heading south and. mainly it has to do with confidence investors aren't very confident that
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a year later as will be taken any major action decisions that's ahead of in the e.u. summit coming up later this week if we take a look at oil prices for the russian economy this is where the focus is on them and as we can see that they're trading in the eighteen month lows that lights we've had is now trading below eighty dollars per barrel and in fact they have lost that war and the last three months crude prices that is and we've been talking to him on to take a from come all these information provider plans and he explained what is happening with food prices right now and how they can affect the russian economy. from the point of view europe does some of the very healthy as we all know i'm from a supply point of view the market is spread using enough to account for the iranian sanction effect so the market is really getting affected by two prongs of the man too weak on supply to march those two situations would continue at the point
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doors the eighty and maybe even the seven people dollar level by most measurements russia may be the largest producer in the world on its budget is set at roughly one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel we are nowhere near that so for russia i think is going to have to make some very painful decisions in this sphere months on those the say shows will have to do with rewriting budgets and seeing what kind of projects it really wants to get involved in. while former finance minister alexei couldn't says that of recovery will be slow if things do get out of had but that russia does have some anti crisis measures in store just in case. it is if the crisis takes place it could last for up to two years even after that we could expect further stagnation rather than recovery russia could be in a better position you could return to growth for whoever the government will have to prepare for a potential crisis and it has already reserved billions of dollars for the worst
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case scenario. but let's take a look at some international markets starting with a u.s. war the trader session is now in this first hour in fact then there as we can see the markets are tracking overseas the losses that we've seen across the board and this is also has to do with a weak home sales data we can see that the dow is news in over one percent the nasdaq is now over one and a half percent in the red there will have more details on the trade session there next hour as things become clear of course now moving on to europe as a sudden investors aren't very happy with of course about spain now officially asking for more money also investors are focusing on the new summit which will take place later in the week and even leaders are expected to make decisions about making the former fiscal integration as well as a possible thanking the union that creative moment instead of the forty's losing one percent soon though with the german dax now if we move on so russia which is also in there and of course that also has to do with oil prices which are heading
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south it was like a look at currencies the euro is amusing against the dollar and when it comes to the russian currency it's a game against both major currencies there that's after news and so on the half a percent last week now this is how business looks the south so we have time for more details like southwest but for now back to you and they said all right thanks marina for bad looking forward to next hours a day we're going to take a short break and then the head. the.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something on. the. line in russia is going to be soon which will brighten.


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