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right if you move. from funds to. startups he don't come. and called for israel and the palestinians to resume talks to resolve their longstanding conflict. president clinton continues his middle east to end of his open conflict in the region with the hot issues of iran and syria also on the agenda all the details in just a few moments. in other news egypt's newly elected islamist leader is set to form a government but western states could be getting more than they bargained for after he vows to improve ties with the wrong. kind of top whistleblower julian as finds a way doors decision on whether it will grant him asylum the final edition of his groundbreaking interview show was set to air right here on our.
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markets and that's right in session in the red as oil prices continue heading south all the details now business update in about twenty minutes from now. live from moscow where it's seven pm good to have you with us so many so now with our top story and president putin has called on both sides in the israeli palestinian conflict to resume talks to break the stalemate russia is also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tension over iran's nuclear program as president putin begins his visit to the middle east he's currently on the first leg of his tour in israel were to his poll it's clear follow talks. russian president vladimir putin and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been holding a meeting at the prime minister's residence in jerusalem both leaders said that the
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talks had been frankenfood full and the most significant point made was the point made by the russian president calling on both israelis and palestinians to resume peace negotiations the israeli prime minister responded with this quote that it was complicated but simple and that word president putin please paulson that message tomorrow tuesday when he meets with the russian when he meets with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas mahmoud abbas in the palestinian city of ramallah now police have also said that the two leaders had discussed syria and iran and he didn't go into more details in saying that the talks were fruitful and he thanked the israelis for the unveiling this morning monday of a morial to the raid all me that was unveiled in the israeli city of the time he also said that there's more than one million citizens of the former soviet union who currently reside in israel and he said it was important for russia that they
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have peace and security now the israeli prime minister spoke about egypt he said that israel respects the democratic process that has been undergone in egypt and in that context was willing to deal with the new egyptian president mohamed morsi in the context of the nine hundred seventy nine israeli egyptian peace treaty certainly must go ahead as a huge role to play in dealing with the issues in this region it is regarded by all the players as a positive contributor what we do understand is that president putin will put pressure on the israeli leadership not to attack iran and certainly this is in the context obvious really leadership talking about striking to iran because of its and the nuclear program at the same time moscow is unlikely to ask the israelis to hold back from interfering with what is happening in syria the violence on folding where perhaps as we see this go. close relationship which is certainly the mood that was put forward by both netanyahu and putin his growing relationship between israel and
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russia this too might help russia and the united states is relationship which has been waning in recent months. but while israel is came to maintain its relations with egypt the country's new president might have a different idea and interview with iranian media and morsi said he wants to review a peace treaty with israel and build stronger ties with iran to create a strategic balance in the middle east as such a statement is certain to alarm israel and its close ally the us with the course the country now taking under its pharmac will explain egypt's revolution began with tens of thousands into here square and it became a success shortly after washington sided with the anti-government opposition by stepping down responding to the egyptian people's hunger for change america's indorsement of change has paved the way for the muslim brotherhood to become
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egypt's strongest political force the international organization is considered to be one of the world's largest islamised movements and mohamed morsi has reportedly called for a constitution that is based on the koran and sharia law in the case of egypt we're taking a piece of the board that was one of our pieces this is what it was one of the strongest american assets in the middle east and for many years we've removed that piece and brought in some people who i do not think will be friendly to us. in this video film last month and egyptian cleric rally support for the brotherhood's presidential candidate. can. and will. be. that. so. the muslim brotherhood has many different factions many different elements they are
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a political organization but they also have ties to terrorism they're also directly intertwined with what's going on in syria according to the new york times cia officers secretly stationed in turkey are currently working with syria's muslim brotherhood to smuggle automatic rifles grenades and ammunition into the country it didn't work out you know. it was all me you know it would be. oh it's not going to work out in syria is like you know some of. the syrian opposition seen here waving al-qaeda flanks has received public support from the terrorist network and created what some call a de facto alliance between america and its number one enemy. critics saying america's campaign for regime change comes with the consequence of empowering more radical and extreme leaders in the arab world let's not forget that assad and his government is a secular government just as gadhafi is government was
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a secular government if you get rid of that and you create the power vacuum or another force that is as organized and as strong will take its place continued political instability in cairo has raised questions about the so-called success attributed to the arab spring governments in egypt and libya were toppled with a u.s. stamp of approval but with new regimes leaning towards extreme islam many believe america could eventually find itself in a circumstance it hardly ever wanted were an important i r t a new york. well joining us live now is. he's a professor national marched on university in washington d.c. thanks for being with us during his election speech morsi promised to uphold international agreements but he now says he wants to reconsider the peace deal with israel and bond with iran why the u. turn. well there are so many challenges facing the
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egyptian elect elected president. the international issue the issue of international treaties which he said that he would be. honoring or respecting would definitely assure the u.s. and ensure him the support of the us and the financial support of the u.s. and particular. internally there is a great deal of trouble in the arab world and in egypt itself and this sectarian division between sunni and shia and iran and so on so on is has a very divisive. effect so when he says i would normalize relations with iran he is saying that i would probably play a positive role in because the unity of society is very very important and he
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said he the unity of egypt is high on his list then he has to give assurances to so many minorities especially the christian minorities in egypt and he has a constitution that will be rewritten in a sense and in that constitution there would be a lot of contradictions that would have to be dealt with on the one hand he has to adhere to the islamic sharia or the basic of oddities that the muslim brothers. have as constitution in a sense is that i think that guardian talk about reconsidering the peace deal with israel to please. her. well this this remains to be seen what what he said and what he will do will be able to do in fact
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we will have to wait a little bit and see whether he would change the existing relation between egypt and. what he said he said i would respect international. treaties. egypt commitment to those treaties to what extent is what this involves that the gas agreement also with israel where israel gets a. price that is very very favorable and not at all to the interests of the egyptians to what extent would he be able to maneuver in that area this remains to be seen would have to wait a little bit and see what he can do how worried do you think washington should be in light of that recent announcement. i think washington is very much on the side of a great road have to admit that and washington has a lot of clout the financial assistance that it provides yearly to egypt and then
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the support that it has and the way that it can. really. exert a great deal of pressure on egypt here the new president would have to take all that into consideration at the same time he would have to rule in a country that is sufficiently united and have the government reflect in a sense the aspiration of the people who are not very happy with our insurance where there's a. write down came around a law professor of international law and georgetown university thank you very much for your analysis you're welcome. more than thirty members of the syrian military reportedly including a number of top brass have to factor to turkey turkish state t.v. says the personnel along with their families crossed into the country overnight but this comes as syria faces increasing pressure over the shooting of a turkish fighter jet last week banker insists it was
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a hostile act as it says the plane was down in international airspace syria claims it was flying over its territory now to two to one hundred meters but is given reassurances there is no hostility in damascus towards turkey well nato leaders are to hammer out a response on tuesday and europe and the u.s. have condemned the action of syria as brazen and disproportionate u.s. foreign ministers have also agreed to new sanctions on to mask yes some antiwar activists say the incident was most likely an error could yet turn into an international conflict. witnessing the drawing in of the major powers into the conflict in syria we've seen here a clinton speech warning the russians about the provision of attack helicopters we've seen the british send the ship back supposedly carrying a tellico. from around the coast of britain back to back to russia and now we see
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this incursion into syrian airspace by by the turkish air force it is of course theoretically possible that was the turks were doing was probing syrian air space to see whether or not they would react in this way i think actually this is probably an error but when international relations become this tense when the diplomatic efforts there's been been heightened to this degree such errors become part of a process of our wider process which is more than x. that which is deliberate and that's the danger of the situation. winter it has formally asked the eurozone for one hundred billion euros to shore up its crisis head banks but the aid is expected to be signed over by july ninth the request came just hours before ratings dian moody's is expected to cut the scores on the country's banks let's now talk to mark up at the point with a financial adviser and wealth manager joining us live from london via broadband thanks for being with us us spain finally put in
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a formal request for wait for its banks but throughout the whole process we haven't heard much details over how the funds are going to be distributed is this money going to be enough or is madrid heading towards asking for a bailout for the whole country. well they recently did a study about how much the banks would need and came up with a figure about sixty two billion whether. that was calculated on a realistic scenario in the works remains to be seen whether more money will be needed probable because the situation is deteriorating in spain so that the amount debts will continue to rise at least in the in the near term. so yes it's probably a starting point in the end point ratings giant moody's is also not feeling very confident over spain's financial sector despite the pending bailout is this really
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the time to kick the banks while they're down. oh the banks are already done and i think the right to get agencies in many ways are thinking indicate to the markets already. be in place again the situation with the banks then think it's a he's kicking well suited to moody's he simply. reacting to to to market conditions do you think that the banks have become too reliant on our rescue and risk bringing about a new wave of crisis perhaps i mean they get into trouble and they get money and we keep saying it over and over again ok very much so very much so. not only are the banks reliant on bailouts but they're also reliant on the e.c.b. for funding i mean many waste into bank funding has dried up some time ago in europe and the e.c.b. has become the only source of liquidity for a lot of these
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a lot of these banks greece is still hoping that it can renegotiate its crippling austerity with the new but the region's most powerful finance minister has strongly dismissed that are we going to see another political stalemate in greece if at least some of the tough cuts on the people aren't east. i think that. well one would assume that. greece needs to go back to its people with something. we saw me using. two measures and i think they'll probably do something but of course germany's position is that this. visit here if you. look at the times. does that leave the bank. and the likes and that is the fundamental problem but you can't keep going back and revisit. these agreements if if the greek politicians go back. to get cheap
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something. that will strengthen the opposition parties. i think that. could get more difficult for the greek people right marco purported financial advisor and while adviser with his input there on what's happening in spain and across europe. now at core door most of the session of giving julian a diplomatic asylum the whistleblower remains and scar in the country's embassy in london he sought refuge there almost a week ago after the u.k. supreme court decided on his extradition to sweden where he's watching a requestion over sex assault accusations that are furthest following developments in the british capital killing a scientist just spent his six nights in the ecuadorian embassy here in london waiting for that all important decision his first silence in the country now he's
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a man he's described as being let down by his own country all stadia and having exhausted most of his legal options in the u.k. and not only going battle against extradition to sweden where he faces questioning a first sexual assault allegations and of course the fifth has always been that if extradited to sweden it would be very easy to extradite him across to the u.s. a country that still carries. the death penalty for some of the crimes that they've accused him of now julian assange and his supporters have always maintained that the case against him is politically motivated and i campaign to silence not just a staunch unself but also wiki leaks the revolutionary whistle blowing web site that has hugely embarrassed many of the western governments in the past now the spike having spent more than five hundred days detained without charge that hasn't stopped julian assange engine in the time he's posted an insidious show that's been
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running on r t you know in a previous show we'd seen him interviewing the president of ecuador and they seemed to hit it off the president of ecuador telling julian assange welcome to the club of the persecuted now in what will be his eleventh and final interview airing tomorrow not silliness on to meet with the man that he describes as giants of the intellectual left renowned linguist and rebel thing can be and every believe the street fighting novelist and military historian now during that interview they discussed the new ways of revolutionary movements we've seen taking place around the world in the past couple of years i didn't see it coming i don't think most people saw it coming to your capacious of the car that inspired activists all of the you moved to the states so the the. spring has been very infectious and it's still going on in different ways. sooner or later there would have to be
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popular reaction to the. better class war that. for the past generation talking about the united states the phenomena are basically worldwide tomorrow you're going to see his eleventh and final interview for his show on our. i tell you no less called. still an intriguing that we've come to expect from the man he founded wiki leaks he many say have revolution allies whistleblower and he once again has the entire eyes of the world upon him in his own going struggle against extradition now as our mentioned you can catch the latest and final episode of julian assange interview show here on our t at eleven thirty g.m.t. on tuesday and we've also been following the case against the song since the very beginning so you can trace it back on our web site at our two dot com here's what else might catch your eye on mind today. the u.k.
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government reportedly wants to sweep under the carpet claims of abuse committed by british soldiers at a secret now work of illegal presence in iraq. and russia parades its latest battle hardware at the international forum of engineering technologies twenty twelve take a look for yourself at our t.v. talk calm. down the official.
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video. twenty two minutes past the hour you're with archie some world news in brief for you dozens of anti-government protests are being detained in nepal after clashes riot police department airport demonstrators demanded the prime minister resign and tried to block his motorcade as he returned home from a conference in brazil police try to quell the crowd by beating them with bamboo baton and shields at least one protester was badly injured in the clutch. in india key suspects allegedly involved in the planning of the deadly mumbai attacks of two thousand and eight has been arrested. be described as the handler of
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the ten gunmen who carried out the assault in which one hundred sixty six people were killed the carnage was targeted at luxury hotels the main railway station and a jewish cultural center of r.t. say they learned of the suspect voluntary getting the loan pakistani gunman who survived the attack. for us minesweepers have arrived in the persian gulf a vital shipping route for the global economy it comes after an iranian military chief said the islamic state might try to block the strait of hormuz to defend its interests it's not the first time iran threatened to close the route if it's prevented from exporting its own oil by western sanctions that are tightening again on july first iran wants the right to enrich uranium a measure seen by the west as an attempt to build nuclear weapons. all right well let's now take a look at how the markets are performing marina on the trading floors now closed here in moscow and it hasn't been
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a very good day in terms of numbers from what i understand and not just here in russia yes that's correct they sent five the trading session here is tracking all overseas losses and the main problem here is of course the climb in oil prices so we'll start with those and take a look at what's happening there prices are now trading near eighteen month lows in five who flies have lost about a quarter and the last few months we can see that light sweet is now trading under eighty dollars per barrel and in fact earlier we spoke to him months of pie came from commodities information provide a platform and he explained what is happening with oil prices right now and the how they're affecting of russia's economy. from the mom point of view europe does some of the very healthy as we all know from from a supply point of view the market is producing enough to account for the iranian sanction effect so the market is really getting affected by the two prongs of the two week on supply tomorrow those two situations would continue at that point
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down towards the eighty and maybe even the seven people dollar level by most measurements russia may be the largest producer in the world on its budget is set at roughly one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel we are nowhere near that so for russia i think is going to have to make some very painful decisions in the masks few months on those the say shows will have to do with rewriting budgets and seeing what kind of projects he really wants to get involved in by let's take a look at some international markets started with a u.s. wage opened a couple of hours ago says russia the trading session and its x. then the losses in fact the strength in losses overseas the dow and the nasdaq are sort of over one percent and that's despite the five home sales data. shows that it's not a high that's for the month of may now moving on to europe investors there are focusing on what will happen during the even summit later this week where you
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leaders are expected to talk about more for more fiscal integration as well as creating a banking union and also of course after the news came out about spain officially asking for more money it's not encouraging the investors while moving on to russia it's also i see right here the markets are now closed so this is a closing picture both the r.t.s. and the my sites that lost over one percent in the fourth wises are in the help and therefore take a look at some individual share moves on the my stocks most of the blue chips and that the session lower financials were suffering as well as energy is for example gas from and also what we know is that a subsidiary of russia is a gas from has reportedly made an offer to buy the piece once a five billion dollars stake in this venture companies here in the country and that's according to sunday times of the company in question is gas form and left and it's acquiring c. and k b p that's side and source is related in the process they're also have which
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was bucking the trend all along and we know that the huntress has the government has decided to retain its golden share through the providers ation the program now moving on to currencies the euro is still losing against the dollar that's up with all of its strength and then as his ministers are avoiding risky assets right now when it comes to the ruble a bit of a change in picture here we know that the ruble was again an all along to the euro but it's in the last half hour of the trade in session it has miners through adverse earlier gains and losses through the greenback but again that's as the dollar is strengthening that's i was mentioning basically this brings up today with the latest business news here on the all right thanks for that marina stay with us for our headlines coming up shortly and then it's crosstalk.
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they've been living is who ways since the seventeenth century. their rituals are strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their own. and the alien. and guard their families and think pressure.
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