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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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nine thirty pm in moscow these here are t. headlines president putin calls on both sides in the israeli palestinian conflict to resume talks to break the stalemate the russian leaders on a tour of the middle east moscow also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tension over iran league egypt's newly elected islam is leader mohammed morsi set to form a government western states could be getting more than they bargained for as the president elect says he's seeking to improve ties with iran. more pain in the eurozone cyprus set to ask for a rescue citing exposure to struggling greece spain in term formally request one
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hundred billion euros worth of bailout cash to prop up its banks. top whistleblower julian assange awaits ecuador's decision on whether it will grant him asylum as he remains ensconced in the country's london embassy meanwhile the final edition of his groundbreaking interview show set to air tuesday here on our team. up next our special report on the russian orthodox old right church stay with us. we're old believe us we're not supposed to be public people we'd rather not be filmed or shown on television we're supposed to live a quiet life and keep distant from worldly masses that's what we need if we're to keep our traditions we be glad not to be disturbed too much. with. the world when we'll be.
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able to give you. a. yes. this is a small community of orthodox traditionalists returned to russia just over a year ago their ancestors emigrated to let in america in the one nine hundred forty s. coming back to their homeland has been their cherished dream ever since. a . right. up. there have
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been warning class sent down. but this year we've been joined by children from believe yeah here but a hopeless trace the long journey that these students undertook to get to their new homeland when they came to pray more yet moscow. but my next to my children going to that school because some of the school children there. smoke. in fact. they're raised by the school and by their own parents you know if we were to send our children to that school. we wouldn't last long. is the community's head the forty seven year old man has nine children. he was born in latin america like
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many of the communities members he spent most of his life there. leads in the community because he is the oldest of his siblings who came to russia with him there was a falling out with his younger brother over how their children should be educated. we're not against education as much learning makes people. darkness we always teach our children how to read and write. this is the school attended by the children of the old believers classes are still taught the way they were at the time of the schism. church back in the seventeenth century children gather in the home of the teacher to learn to read religious books written in the old language the teacher is one of the younes brothers. and that the children start with the a.b.c.'s. first they learn texts by heart
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and only then do they learn the letters. we learn how to pray we pray in the morning when we wake up and in the evening when we go to bed oh the rules are here . the peoples are not divided into groups their progress depends on the set of religious books they read. nothing but. if the teacher is absent teach their children to read and write instead. the old believers take a simple view of education since they are christians and to live in the countryside they need to learn religious rites and farming skills they have no use for the present day system of schooling and instead of follow their ancestors who strongly rejected of the seventeenth century reform of orthodox canon for the past three
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hundred years they have taken pains to protect their traditions by staying as distant from the outside world as possible to resist the impact of civilization throughout their history they have wandered the globe in search of the most secluded retreats. family lives in a prefabricated apartment house which stands in the midst of a field near car for he has seven children. was the only community member to send his children to a state school and yes. before they left for dead there was a row over that school. to us if you don't send your kids to school you're welcome to go with us. we haven't reached an agreement. they left and didn't tell us. growing up with up with you well there are
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so many people with education who live in russia and a lot of them well they don't even have jobs we have always trying to live and work in rural areas. and we would just as comfortable as those learned people who are going to certainly we never went hungry. come back to a nice. thing that should be around here somewhere. the rocky soil makes a farming difficult income for t.n.t. no longer grows crops his cow helps his family make ends meet she is free to graze together with the cattle belonging to local people the trouble though is that she tends to street towards evening. after coming home. now that the community has left for t.n.t.
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is toying with the idea of going to russia's western part he believes the soil there is suited for farming but due to the resettlement program he is forced to stay in the far east for another year. i invited my brother to join us we even set aside a farmstead for him anyway it's up to him to decide. they can flats are all that is left of the community of card for. my we prayed in this flat. so it's almost been empty seats but there are a few things still that's why there's a look on the door. this was my brother's tryouts. his family left before easter. i can tell you exactly how many people lived
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here eleven maybe you know. leon's son is still here in this block he is going to collect some of the belongings left behind i live here alone. i am planning to leave on friday evening because i don't like this place. is a better place it's away from the hustle and bustle few secular people live their. year for them says he will not be missing his uncle to the n.t. too much. he wanted to come here when he was in brazil so i bought tickets for his family but he
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now is me around twenty thousand dollars that's almost six hundred thousand rubles but when he did come here he began to look for excuses not to give the money back. to the n.t. and family appeared to be stuck in this five story building. coming in welcome. this is a flat. this is a bedroom. yes it is for the girls. one of them is older than me other. than i was then this is our bedroom. we sleep there and
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two little girls sleep here. the two boys are in another flat. we've packed up to go to the kaluga region but we still can't bring ourselves to leave this place. the phone. and says our kitchen and my wife she's cooking. our community scolded us for sending them to that school for a whole year. if we kept on living with them and we have gone on suffering long. as you heard by what early on has done. to tourists away from our cozy nest and abandoned. i can't bear it. it would be better to enter has seven or eight children but they'll do fine they'll
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find work and a place to live with but all believers don't lead a normal life outside their community if a family breaks away well learned secular ways after a time but they'll no longer live in a way that befits all believers some. only two options are open to to the n.t. either he comes to terms with the community and pays his debt or waits for permission to go to rushes west. you feel as though you're for him. or if this is my son. we are in it meets his son he a friend who has arrived by ferry boat the river separates the village of desu from the rest of the world. your friend has brought all kinds of
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things in his truck but the boat is too small the settlers will have to shuttle between the banks fifteen times in order to get the cargo back to their village. they would like the authorities to organize a better ferry service but the problem is that there are only two villages on the far bank right it's the price that people have to pay if they want to live far away from civilization. the question is that so much they could easily make it a lot of people in the area but look at what is the future of the union will be if it will you who are taking the euro down the road. well into the future science technology innovation all the least of elements from
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around russia we've got the future covered. to feed them we're on the way to the killian's and the merits of so. it came all the way from europe why and bolivia. now there are more than fifty such people in. their lives. and build houses. alexander bloating was a one time head of the administration of one of the nearby villages now that he is retired he takes fishermen on guided tours of local forests and reverse he maintains good relations with the new russians living in neighboring villages. if i visit them often right now i'm bringing a doctor to them. a
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doctor has arrived in there sue all believers take an ambivalent view of medicine if medics come to them then it's fine but if they go to a doctor themselves it's problematic most diseases are treated with traditional methods like medicinal herbs that he was a source of so we used a medical herb's drink tea with them dry helps a winter as well as roots wasn't because there are a lot of good herb standish so. the old believers do however allow some exceptions medication is allowed for severe pain while women go to hospital to give birth however there has been instances of expectant mothers escaping from hospital just before they were due to deliver but in general all believers have few health concerns. threatening examined your skin is clean how are your
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legs. other horses who sit at let's listen to your heart. there is nothing to worry about. it's not scary. our children are not us health is there is they are healthy from life in such an environmentally purer place. the old believers settled in the village of four after their arrival in russia but it felt too close to modern civilization. managed to find an uninhabited village in the country's far east rolling hills and a river separate the village of soon from the rest of the world. is in the communities a spiritual leader seventy two years old can talk about his family for hours on end . i have three daughters and one son in russia one daughter lives in australia
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another daughter and two sons are in europe way yet another daughter is in argentina i think i have fifty three grandchildren and twenty five great grandchildren i don't know the exact figure. every form of liturgical practices in the seventeenth century triggered a schism within the russian orthodox church the old believers are so called because they never accepted the new rules were shippers were subjected to continuous persecution by church officials and authorities for three centuries throughout those years old believers had to either hide or flee the country today there is no more hostility but they still want to live in accordance with their own rules. are going to believe us don't accept fish from lay people because they've been gussets for their they clean the whole fish themselves their plates and dishes.
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differ from those used by lay people to they need to be clean even their naives need to be clean of. their communities and worst fear is the prospect of mingling with modern day civilization the old believers are not supposed to live eat or pray together with the lay people for example they can't buy meat sausages milk or bread from the shops whatever food is needed they make them selfs. the word it's used is the main ingredient of bread made in accordance with russian traditions in the us whether you add water and salt and mix the stuff with flour. that takes half an hour then you my goodness the bullshits at the then you leave the mixture to sour for about five hours. after that you bake it in a russian stove. which. when we always do it this
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way. garfield is teaching the girls the art of making bread she came to do sue from ottawa in two thousand and eight she is thirty eight years old she already has six grandchildren. i don't know exactly the secret of the russian stove but i do know that the bread baked in it tastes good we had a russian stove spec in europe why having a russian stove in the household was considered a must. go for years younger daughters lived together with her but her sons are still in oregon why they keep a close eye on the life of all the believers in russia to decide whether they want to come here. this. is very beautiful here. we decided to stay and are not planning on moving anywhere.
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when we came here an old woman by the name of or yama lived in this house she was an old believer. after she died one and half years ago women have been to her house . and were happy to live here ok now it's time to place the day when the stove the village of received a new lease of life with the arrival of all the believers in the morning they go to church to pray. after that it's time to get down to work children are given an early introduction to adult life. to begin with when the boys are allowed to handle the simplest of jobs. married women here are obliged to cover their head. split from her husband
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because she wears a scarf and on the last there has been no formal divorce so that the people i mean it's not ready yet it has to be baked for another fifteen minutes or so. when was. still going was just sort of my husband is about forty three years old now so that one's life was normal for us until once he went to brazil where he shaved off his beard but he said he had lost it because of stress so most. truly he was going crazy with the approach of old age but he had feeling towards the community he found everything about it and real grind. on his like to bring to you from got a for you getting. old believer couples have difficulty getting divorced as a rule their wedlock is not officially registered all believers don't think that official papers apply to them they can be divorced but only in the country where
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they got married. it takes forty minutes for joe to bake in a russian stove that's the way we did it in brazil and uruguay this tradition is held up by recipe handed down from generation to generation i just i can't even remember how i learned the scale but that's how bread was made all over russia in the old days. the girls are doing in broidery not all of the patterns are traditional given that they spend most of their young lives in latin america some of the patterns that reflect the motifs however most of them are based on russian folklore. but if you just know these black tropical birds call to cancel even brazil. watching them fly is a sheer delight i mean they're very beautiful beaks to the trouble those dead they play dirty tricks much stealing people's fruit. but some traces of their
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previous life in latin america can be found in the households of the old believers this colombian machete is made of very good steel you can see a dove pictured on it others bear pictures of monkeys such for saudis are no good at all. machete is the weapon of south american tribes they have no gums a native picks up a machete. is that here and off he goes. on you know what i call the machete especially came in handy when they were being deprived of their land they used in a very effective way and spaghetti and rolling as they locked them off their machetes intakes of chickens head off and one girl. clothing sends a readily identifiable social signal to community members. they instantly know
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who's who the person is from their midst or an outsider. the length of their dresses trousers and shirt sleeves is strictly regimented they should cover most of the body facial hair is another sensitive point no old believer is supposed to be beardless old believers consider that any deviation from canon is indicative of spiritual weakness they maintain that anyone's appearance should conform to god's instructions. or fresh milk so warm try it. in actual fact however this rule doesn't cover those who are not members of the community alexander has allowed a family of young old believers to live in one of his two small houses in exchange for organic food with you one sundays the old believe a stay at home sell by anything even go fishing in the river because they don't
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want to kill fish or any other living creatures. congratulations to everyone i wish you all good health and the spirit of god. in spite of various restrictions festive occasions and noisy merry making among the community is not affected hall is not frowned upon on such occasions but only if it's home and. you're already drinking it's not very strong it's only been brewing for two weeks. there over her. drink with us it's a holiday. as the villagers move from house to house the celebrations go on until dusk but you know that why. you know
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he's my son in law. and she is my daughter. three children two sons and one daughter all three were born in russia she is a russian woman she's not a woman she's a girl should be a woman one day. happy reunions as well as splits occur in the communities of old believers. some twenty years ago my mother fell in love with an argentinean needless to say no one in the community like that my mother and my father then decided to leave that was a terrible sin they spent a whole year outside the community my mother taught russian to my father and eventually converted him to our faith that shows it was all from her since my father's name was mario said bottle now he's called moses. the old
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movers know that they don't keep up with the times but that's the only way for them to preserve their way of life yet despite their conservative views they are in fact committed to freedom of choice. anyone is allowed to leave the community to join secular society and anyone can rejoin the community these people have voluntarily undertaken to live by their own rules. believe or don't express disapproval of worldly life but they sincerely feel sorry for all those who don't follow their lifestyle. settlers who came from bolivia in latin america we used to live there but decided to come back to russia traditional homeland. kindly asking the russian federation to help us to put down roots here by building homes
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and if at all possible we like to pass on a message to the president of the russian federation himself.
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