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from fans to pressure. starts on t.v. don't come. moscow calls for israel and palestinians to resume talks in a bid to bring a lasting peace. president clinton continues his middle east to end of his open conflict in the region with the hot issues of iran and syria also on the agenda all the details in just a few moments. turkey claims syria opened fire on another of its planes this time a rescue jet searching for the wreckage from last week's down fighter. more eurozone pain cyprus set to ask for a rescue citing exposure to struggling greece while spain in turn expects one hundred billion euros worth of bailout cash. as top whistleblower julian assange awaits ecuador's decision on whether it'll grant him asylum the new edition of his
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groundbreaking interview show set to air here on r.t.e. . eleven pm in moscow i might try as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story russian president vladimir putin calls on both sides in the israeli palestinian struggle to resume talks to break the stalemate russia is also ramping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tensions over iran's nuclear program as putin begins his visit to the middle east he's currently on the first leg of his tour in israel where our teams policy leader is following along. the russian president vladimir putin and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been holding a meeting at the prime minister's residence in jerusalem both leaders said that the talks had been frankenfood full and the most significant point made was the point made by the russian president calling on both israelis and palestinians to resume
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peace negotiations the israeli prime minister responded with this quote that it was complicated but simple and that word president putin please pawson that message tomorrow tuesday when he meets with the russian when he needs with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas mahmoud abbas in the palestinian city of ramallah now police have also said that the two leaders had discussed syria and iran and he didn't go into more details in saying that the talks were fruitful and he thanked the israelis for the unveiling this morning monday of a rule morial to the raid all me that was unveiled in the israeli city of the time he also said that there's more than one million citizens of the former soviet union who currently reside in israel and he said it was important for russia that they have peace and security now the israeli prime minister spoke about egypt he said that israel respects the democratic process that has been undergone in egypt and in
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that context was willing to deal with the new egyptian president mohamed morsi in the context of the nineteen seventy nine israeli egyptian peace treaty certainly must go ahead as a huge role to play in dealing with these issues in this region it is regarded by all the players as a positive contributor what we do understand is that president putin will put pressure on the israeli leadership not to attack iran and certainly this is in the context of his really leadership talking about striking to iran because of its nuclear program at the same time moscow is unlikely to ask the israelis to hold back from interfering with what is happening in syria the violence unfolding there perhaps as we see this growing. close relationship which is to me the mood that was put forward by both netanyahu and putin his growing relationship between israel and russia this too might help russia and the united states is mason ship which has been waning in recent months. turkey says syria has opened fire on another of its
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jets the country's deputy prime minister says syrian forces attacked a rescue plane that was searching for the wreckage of the jet shot down by syria last week artie's worry if an ocean is following the developments in demand she joins us live with the latest so it looks like a standoff between turkey and syria could be escalating give us the latest. well friday's incident with turkish fighter jets showdown here in syria rise in violence here in the country and dramatic escalation of the conflict in and tensions in the region seems far from over and a new development deputy prime minister has said that syria had actually been firing on any other took a plane that's been in the area over the mediterranean sea taken part in a search and rescue operation meanwhile it remains unclear exactly when this happened but the turkish deputy prime minister has stressed that syria stopped
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firing. warnings so he has called these events hall style action warning syria would not go unpunished we've been hearing. from tokyo following the incident the country's leadership has called this and over aggression and promised to take measures decisively although without specifying what kind of measures they are ready to take these confirms the turkish side that they could be a possible violation of the syrian border into a possible crossing of the syrian border what while just to find that it is saying that it's routine for of a for a plane flying at such heights speed to cross the border for short distances syria meanwhile remains determined and describing this incident as an act of self-defense and saying that it has acted in accordance with international law and while lined it fly and hold to violate its pace and deeds across its border so they
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had to have any choice but to dominate and this what they did to protect national security well well of course the exchange of such harsh statements between the two neighbors. is not helping to ease tensions here in the region and maria nato was said to her so situation tuesday we've heard some horror statements coming from the u.s. and europe what kind of response are we loafed you expect from that meeting. nato is indeed will be meeting on tuesday to discuss this incident and main fears are of course that the alliance may may decide may agree on using the article number five of the alliance this treaty that says that any attack any armed attack against one of the members should be considered as the attack against the lions and eve it occurs if all the members agree that that has been unarmed deliberate attack on one
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of the members they might strike back and that of course includes using armed forces and many say that turkey will be using this meeting. in one thousand members on tuesday to try to push them to can see the incident with the. as an attack against turkey and as we've been hearing a lot from. earlier cheap rosman has been mentioning that the possible intervention into syria of course many experts now say that this incident may be used by the alliance as a pretext to taught me to treat for an operation in the region of course of course there are all their opinions diplomas some diplomats say that there is no appetite for war in this region but risks still remain very high alright artie's where if emotional life arose in damascus thanks for that update. egypt's new president
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mohammed morsi will start forming a government after promising to strengthen the country's unity he managed to beat his rival in the presidential runoff the former prime minister of ousted leader hosni mubarak u.s. president barack obama welcomed the winner and promised further support to egypt's transition to democracy but is already in merida porton i reports is limos and power will likely raise concern across the atlantic. egypt's revolution began with tens of thousands into here square and it became a success shortly after washington sided with the anti-government opposition by stepping down president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change america's indorsement of change has paved the way for the muslim brotherhood to become egypt's strongest political force the international organization is considered to be one of the world's largest islamised movements and mohamed morsi has reportedly called for a constitution that is based on the koran and sharia law in the case of egypt we're
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taking a piece of the board that was one of our pieces this is what the internet was one of the strongest american assets in the middle east and for many years we've removed that piece and brought in some people who i do not think will be friendly to us. in this video film last month and egyptian cleric rally support for the brotherhood's presidential candidate. and we know that he has a lot of. is that. the muslim brotherhood has many different factions many different elements they are a political organization but they also have ties to terrorism they're also directly intertwined with what's going on in syria according to the new york times cia officers secretly stationed in turkey are currently working with syria's muslim
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brotherhood to smuggle automatic rifles grenades and ammunition into the country it didn't work out you know. you know it would be. like you know some of. the syrian opposition seen here waving al-qaeda flanks has received public support from the terrorist network and created what some call a defacto alliance between america and its number one enemy. critics saying america's campaign for regime change comes with the consequence of empowering more radical and extreme leaders in the arab world let's not forget that assad and his government is a secular government just as gadhafi is government was a secular government if you get rid of that and you create the power vacuum or another force that is as organized and as strong will take its place continued
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political instability in cairo has raised questions about the so-called success attributed to the arab spring governments in egypt and libya were toppled with a u.s. stamp of approval but with new regimes leaning towards extreme islam many believe america could eventually find itself in a circumstance it hardly ever wanted were an important i r t new york joining us live now jacob hornberger from the future of freedom foundation to get more insight on this ration so during his election speech. missed a whole international agreements but iran as far as a news agency now claims that he said he wanted to reconsider a peace deal with israel and go closer to iran in terms of in the foreign relations why do you think he would make such a u. turn or do you think he was just posturing to a local news organization. oh i think it's impossible to say this early in the game here as to when you know what he's really i think he what he's planning on doing i think the real critical issue is is his relationship to be the military
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dictatorship where the military has made it very clear that it will not subordinate self to the civilian rule and the question is whether he's going to go along with that and then the ultimate question is does the u.s. government continue to fund this military dictatorship which it has been doing for several decades how do you think in the light of all of this the relationship between cairo and washington may change that's also a possible to say i think washington is in a very difficult precarious position here for decades they've been supporting and partnering with this military dictatorship so it wasn't just a matter of hours barrett from power that wasn't going to bring freedom or democracy to the egyptian people the problem has always been the dictatorship itself that type of government and washed it has been one of the premier if not the premier supporter of this dictatorship and so now you've got
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a man coming into power then just supported by many of the egyptian people that are saying the military is no longer going to be in charge here the civilians are going to be in charge where does that leave washington does it support the democratic movement does it continue to support the military dictatorship which is refusing to subordinate itself to the civilian rule impossible to know when watched is going to go on just how likely do you think it is that egypt will move towards a more radical path with an islamist leader at the helm or do you think that. the presence of the military structure there will mitigate that. well what happened in islamic regime obviously is consistent with the basic principles of freedom is supposed to be with respect to religious liberty but you've got so many dynamics you're in other aspects of liberty of play you've got the principles of democracy where people have a right to elect their public officials and to subordinate military rule in that country to civilian rule and so you've got that then dynamic taking place where the
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military is saying we're not going to relinquish our power we will tell you the president what your powers are we will tell the legislature what its powers are and so it's impossible at this point to predict how these things are going to come out because it seems to me that the military is not about to relinquish power now and yet here you have an entire body of people this the citizens of egypt they say they're saying oh yes he was impossible though how it's going to come out. now another country where the u.s. was implementing a democratic model was iraq where a media regulatory body has now closed several western channels there including voice of america and b.b.c. what do you think that bodes for the country. well it's just the same ole nonsense that we've seen ever since the u.s. invasion i mean the u.s. officials that said that it rocks now a free country uses paradise to freedom and democracy well it's not it's enough for a period of entry that that's exercising dictatorial powers and this is just
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another classic example of this where they're saying well these these media outlets haven't read their license you know another classic example we're government license your is used to censor people in the press and you know they're saying now that it's just a regulatory manner that those that if they pay their license fees everything turn out but that again is impossible to say very well could be that these media outlets will not be permitted to. broadcast but notice the messages being sent we have the power to do this to you we have the power to revoke your license that in every country is a very very sophisticated form of censorship because every news media outlet that is subject to license your knows that that can happen to them all right thanks for your insights make a point better from the future of freedom foundation. well still to come here on our team risky business rolls across the eurozone cyprus becoming the real state to
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ask for a bailout with a currency union looking to find a hundred billion hundreds of billions of rescue cash for spain by the end of the month. but for a while ecuador mole's a decision of giving julian a songe diplomatic asylum the whistleblower remains in scotstoun the country's london embassy he sought refuge there almost a week ago after the u.k. supreme court decided on his extradition to sweden where he's wanted on questioning over sexual assault accusations sorry for. he's a man he's described as being let down by his own country australia and having exhausted most of his legal options in the u.k. and going battle against extradition to sweden where he faces questioning a first sexual assault allegations and of course the fifth has always been that if extradited to sweden it would be very easy to extradite him across to the u.s. a country that still carries the death penalty for some of the crimes that they've accused him of killing innocent and his supporters have always maintained that the
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case against him is politically motivated and i can pay him to silence not just asuncion cells but also wiki leaks the revolutionary whistle blowing web site that has hugely embarrassed many western governments in the past now the spite having spent more than five hundred days detained without charge that hasn't stopped julian assange in that time he's posted an insidious show that's been running on are you know in a previous show we've seen him interviewing the president of ecuador and they seemed to hit it off the president of ecuador telling julian assange well to the club of the persecuted now and what will be his eleventh interview airing tomorrow not the silly innocent meet with the man that he describes as giants of the intellectual left renowned linguist and rebel thing can be and so we believe the street fighting novelist and military historian now during that interview they
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discussed the new ways of revolutionary movements we've seen taking place around the world in the past couple of years i didn't see it coming and i don't think most people saw it coming to your compassion of very. inspired to be all of the you moved to the. spring has been very you fractious and it's still going moment different ways. later there would have to be the popular reaction to the. bitter cliffs were the. crew the past generation with talking about the united states but the phenomena are basically world would it going to feel his eleven interview for his show on a faith i tell you no less controversial and intriguing that we've come to expect from the man he founded wiki leaks he many say have revolution allies and he once
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again has the entire eyes of the wells upon him in his own going through i'll go against extradition and remember you can catch the latest and final episode of assad his interview show on tuesday here on our t.v. we've also been following the case against him since the start you can trace it back on our web site r.t. dot com while you're there you can check out some other stories that are a click away right now a government quarterly wants to sweep under the rug the claims of abuse committed by british soldiers had a secret network of illegal prisons in iraq and. russia sleeze its latest military hardware at the international forum of engineering technology you can find it all on r t dot com. you victim of the euro zone's financial crisis cyprus is set to ask for a ballot citing heavy exposure to greece which has been hardest hit in the region it's the fifth state so far within the currency union to seek a rescue cyprus says it needs the cash to shore up its banks meanwhile madrid has formally asked the block for
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a hundred billion euros to prop up its own crisis hit lenders let's start with the roos who's a researcher on european debt crisis at the european university institute so cyprus is saying it needs the rescue cash because of its exposure to greece's economy but the crisis there has been raging for several years so why is cyprus planning to ask for a bailout now. well you are right matt the crisis been going on for about a year for about three years it's been it's been raging it's been getting worse but really what we see now is that this this crisis reached sort of a tipping point especially in in the case of cyprus and spain where what economists call the duma to sort of the mutual dependence of banks and states and one another has reached the point where the state is no longer capable to prop up its own banks and the banks are no longer capable to prop up their when government so basically what needs to happen is that external forces need to come in to prop up this israel government so that it can continue building out its own banks and the real reason behind this is that basically if if the greek cypriot government were to continue
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bailing out the banks its credit rating would go down so far down the drain that it wouldn't be able to continue borrowing in foreign markets at. all country with ratings agency fitch saying it needs about four billion euros to shore up its banks which in the scale of things isn't all that much money but the contagion is spreading to countries like spain which is a huge player in the european economy do you think there is enough cash in the eurozone to get the majority the hundred billion euros it's requested. well the hundred billion euros for spain won't be that big a problem the current european bailout fund the european financial stability mechanism or european financial stability facility excuse me is good for about four hundred forty billion euros and its successor the european stability mechanism will be able to lend up to five hundred billion so one hundred billion won't be a problem the question is will the hundred billion be enough for spain's banks
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itself and how will it affect the credibility of the spanish government as such because this debt this this bailout will ultimately add up to the debt of the spanish government and that's the real crux here and that's the real problem that investors seem to fear so do you think that one hundred billion will be enough for spain or do they really get a more substantial bailout for the country's entire economy next i think. that's exactly what's going to happen because there's an ironic situation one hundred billion is not enough for the spanish banks they'll probably need a lot more and i think within a year will see another european bailout for the spanish banks coming along and at the same time these bank bailouts for the for the spanish banking system will be passed through the spanish government in directly and this means that it will add up to the sovereign debt of spain and as a result will make it more difficult for spain to repay its debts in the long term this one hundred billion euros that's being piled on to into the spanish banking system right now will add up to fifteen percent. in debt for spain and this is the
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real thing that we should be looking at because this will this will actually make it more likely that spain needs a. bailout and in the near future a group representing the world's central bank says risky deals by big banks has again become a hazard for global finance if you think the banks have become too or a lion to rescue and risk bringing about a new wave of crisis of course absolutely i think this is something that economists call moral hazard it's very simple if you have a house and it's insured and you know that if it burns down eventually the insurance company will will will pay you back will reimburse you the money the value of your home you're going to take a lot more risk you're not going to be as careful in safeguarding and protecting your house against the fire so this is exactly what the banks have been doing they know that in case they feel they're too big to fail for the entire system they're so important to the financial system to the economy as a whole that they need to survive so basically what happens is that the banks have
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been taking enormous risks knowing that if they take losses if something goes wrong if the fire spreads they'll be bailed out eventually and this is exactly what's been happening it's a moral hazard issue all right thanks for a time jerome mercer a researcher on european debt crisis at the european university institute thank you very much. well it's time to get the latest news from our business desk sticking with the economy. hello marina so. i think right now do you think your investors are pessimistic as the ones in europe russia and asia have been throughout the day well as you've just been the talk of the gas though of course investors are feeling the pressure especially when it comes from the euro zone i'll get to that in the second like a look at how wall street is performing the only one trading right now but let's start with oil prices which are considering to head south although the prime blend this hour is making a little bit of a comeback as you can see there again then just in the last month when it comes some lights who is still trading below eighty dollars a barrel as you can see there and in five crude prices have shot about i want to
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end the last three months and early i was called so far come on supply from the commodities information provided class and you explain what is happening with good prices right now i know how this kind of fact there was an economist. from there the mom point of view europe does some of the very healthy as we all know i'm from a supply point of view the market is split using enough to account for the iranian sanction effect so the market is really getting affected by the two prongs of that man too weak on supply to march those two situations would continue to point them towards the eighty and maybe even this seventy dollars level by most measurements russia may be the largest producer in the world and its budget is set at roughly one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel we are nowhere near that so for russia i think he's going to have to make some very painful decisions in this few
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months and those the say shows will have to do with rewriting budgets and seeing what kind of projects he really wants to get involved there. look at some stock markets starting with wall street which as i said is the only one trading right now there we have reports that a new home sales climbed to the month of may but as you can see the numbers do not reflect this post of news that came out in fact everyone there is focusing on the problems in the euro zone let's take a look at how europe performed earlier on the trade in session this is a close up picture as you can see a sea of red there as well the footsie loss of a one percent the german dax slipped two percent in the red and investors that were not only focusing on spain but also will be an e.u. summit later this week in the e.u. leaders are expected to discuss a former fiscal integrity as well as the creation of a banking union and of course we had the news about spain dominated today but investors didn't have time to react to news about signs for science to the bailout
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i will see what the numbers will be like tomorrow when europe opens again or let's move on to russia where it was a similar picture here as well the voices added in negative territory both the r.t.s. and the my section had over one percent there and of course the main factor for russians is the fact that crude prices are so low right now we're moving on currencies the euro is the loser against the dollar and that's of course as i hope so made in that leaders will find a way to stem this crisis from spiraling out of control and then when it comes to the ruble the closing figures as you can see it gains against the euro a loss to the u.s. dollar and this one is the uk today with the day's financial and business headlines . it's all right thank you very much marina for that update stay with us here on our cheek for the headlines.
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