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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pick. marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture today the supreme court handed down its highly anticipated ruling on arizona's immigration law striking down most of s.b. ten seventy but the court also said no to montana's attempts to keep money out of politics so the court basically refusing to hear citizens united again what happens next also who loses if obamacare is struck down on thursday in a liberal bias in the media all that and more in tonight's edition of politics and president obama is attacking mitt romney over his history of job outsourcing during
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his bain capital days with the president supporting deals and laws that ship jobs abroad to this is just a case of the pot calling the kettle black. you need to know this big news came out of the supreme court today as the justices handed down a ruling on arizona's controversial papers please into immigration law the high court struck down three out of four provisions of the law arguing that such state laws preempt the authority of the federal government to handle immigration but the court did up old the provision which allowed officers to investigate the immigration status of anyone they've legally detained for committing a crime and allows police to stop at arrest someone they suspect of being in the country illegally that provision could be struck down in the future however if it leads to racial profiling which it almost certainly will it could well be struck
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down some expected the supreme court to also hand down a ruling on obamacare but that won't happen until thursday we get the implications of both these rulings a little bit later but we begin tonight with the supreme. court ruling this morning that's not getting nearly as much attention as it should it's the case of american tradition partnership versus bullock or what should best be better known as citizens united part deux the issue at hand was whether or not the state of montana could ignore the high court's twenty ten citizens united ruling since that state had a law on the books for more than one hundred years that banned corporate spending state elections twenty two states plus the district of columbia and several lawmakers urged the high court to hear oral arguments in the case and read litigate citizens united all together now that the damage of the decision is clearly on display two years later but in another five to four ruling the conservative justices chose not even to hear any oral arguments and essentially struck down the
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montana law ruling that it's twenty ten citizens united decision applies not just to federal elections at the state elections as well so for the second time in two years the supreme court has given corporations and millionaires and billionaires the right to spend unlimited amounts of money by our politicians and this buyout is well underway as the koch brothers shelley eight and some in the u.s. chamber of commerce have pledged to spend more than a billion dollars to defeat president obama and progressives around the nation so what happens now here to answer that is congressman alan grayson of congressman with guts dot com fame former representative from florida's eighth district who's now running for congress to reclaim his seat congressman welcome thank you thanks for joining us this is does this decision surprise you some respects yes because it shows what lengths the goal that's taken over the border right when oh it's going to go this is what they're done is they've shown
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a disregard for the basic principle of federalism. what this case involved was whether the montana constitution and the rule regarding the restraint of money and politics that was separate and apart from what the us constitution says now we have fifty states fifty different constitutions the montana screamer was construing montana law and here the supreme court ignored the five man majority of the order and went along with their decision in citizens united so that part that surprised me because it shows certain unscrupulousness on the part of the majority however i was actually encouraged by one thing which the fact that four members of the supreme court explicitly said that they thought that it was already time to reconsider their ruling and that they were scared to do so so we need one more vote one more vote and we can go ahead and try to sue to regain control or polity regain control of our political system in our campaigning system and we can also i think
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get rid of this idea that somehow money is speech and corporations are the same as human beings so i'm encouraged in that regard yeah you're running for congress right now how is running post citizens united different from when you were running before precesses united. well i'll tell you in two thousand and ten i was opposed to this is united campaign and we got more negative advertising than any other house candidate in the entire country five and a half million dollars of so-called independent expenditures two million by the koch brothers two million by the health insurance companies who are incensed but introduced the bill to open up medicare to everybody and another million dollars by the national public and already half a million by the chamber of commerce so for me this is nothing new but already we've seen the sewer and sewer money ads that are saturating the airwaves in orlando three hundred twenty four thousand dollars for the chamber of commerce first two weeks of may or loan this is the reality that we live with it's all on
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one side big money is doing nothing but helping propping up the republican party because they understand the republican party doesn't appeal to anybody except the billionaires and the multinational corporations what's your take on what's probably going to come down out of the supreme court on thursday congressman grayson. well there's several possibilities there is the possibility that they'll decide in accordance with their own press and going back now eighty years that the government has the authority to do it it's proposing to do and in the health care reform act for instance the government can draft you and take you over and drop you in the not i think many of us are old enough to remember that the government can require that you have jury duty the government can require you as a driver to carry one kind of insurance i think it's reasonable government can require you to carry what amounts to an emergency room you know you get the right to go emergency room here he simply asked for and the governments of the system that you paid for so i hope that they would respect their own precedents going back
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to the early thirties of the last century and find it constitutional but what i expect expect the same thing that most people expect that they'll ignore the precedents in the same way that going one hundred years of precedence in the citizens united case and find some or all of the bill unconstitutional it ought to be no more than some that much is clear i think the scholars agree on that this bill is clearly several that means that even if you struck down the individual mandate there'd be no reason to strengthen any other part of the bill but with the supreme court oh no it's yeah absolutely tell us about your money bomb project here yes as i mentioned earlier we're already being inundated here in orlando with outrageous negative ads a little affects us running against the starting to be end of may we're liar liar pants on fire lies that's a little beck's term not mine and the same thing is true from fact check that or we're doing is we're asking people to come to our website congressman got stuck and
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give us the support that we need to fight back the fight back against the corporate smears that have already started in central florida once again our congressman alan grayson thank you for joining us tonight thank you to. right wing justice anthony kennedy ruled in two thousand and ten that corporate spending in our elections quote does not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption and quote but today with billionaires like shelley age old son of the koch brothers pledging to spend a half a billion dollars to elect mitt romney at the born yesterday to believe that their money comes with no strings attached thanks to the robert court american oligarchy are making campaign contributions they're making investments and day by day getting big returns on those of us. for more on the supreme court and the rest of the day's big stories it's time to turn things over to our politics panel on the panel tonight heather servo conservative strategist associate with blueskin solutions and blogs at the servo
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dot com and richard following democratic strategist knows richard follow a radio show good to have you both with us going to have me tom thanks for joining us first of all let's let's start out right back where we were what i was talking with the congressman about senator bernie sanders had this to say about the montana ruling today with the supreme court basically reaffirmed citizens united bernie sanders said in his favor in his famous speech at gettysburg during the civil war abraham lincoln talked about america as a country of the people by the people and for the people today as a result of the supreme court's refusal to reconsider its decision citizens united we are rapidly moving toward a nation of the super rich by the super rich and for the super rich that is not what america is supposed to be about the supreme court decision must be overturned . so anyone disagree. i disagree with you yeah i don't i know i know i'm going to say it right now i mean the whole idea i mean you have no evidence that the koch brothers investing in investing money in not the campaign
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but investing money and add to support the campaign or you know adelson or whatever you're pointing to that that's corrupting you have no evidence that they're going to that no i mean how is that buying votes i mean only one person you can only vote once thought about going at least that was about buying access i mean ok so but let's go let's give this talk let's give one empirical example where this is true where big money in our politics that have affected congressional decisions the transportation bill which is currently on the house floor that's getting ready to be debated if it doesn't pass by the thirtieth we will lose about one point nine million jobs it would create two point nine million jobs if it passes but republicans of the house represents are holding up the bill for the keystone pipeline which will only generate six thousand jobs why because of the big oil companies that have given to their campaigns they're going to hold up a transfer to the treasury to infrastructure i don't hear you that is three thousand jobs it doesn't but i don't know that there's a number of reasons actually if you look at the numbers the i think it's twenty
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four i don't remember the numbers the votes but the all the people who voted to block the transportation bill unless keystone is included received over one hundred thousand dollars from big oil all the people who voted to pass the thing without keystone had received thirty six thousand or less from big oil it's just an at there's this big gap right there and you can see the numbers the correlation does not equal cars ation i mean so these are these are these are opinions that you have that's fine but the reality is that there's no you telling me that if you were a decision maker and and i gave you a million dollars that you would not feel any kind of obligation. then you have money coming from all over the place. i mean how do you explain like your market how do you explain all the pork barrel spending for small pet projects when these corporations get these small corporate these corporate subsidies from congress if you're saying there's no causation is always happy to accident accident we actually gave a tax cut to exxon mobil and chevron in the bill we actually did it we just
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a do about it we didn't think about it before we did it we just accidently that just happened you know all i'm saying is that you can't just lay the blame you know all of our problems on politics you know have to do with the billionaires who are giving money to these campaigns the reality is that anybody can give money to can some of the problems are a lot of them. and you know there are we know when we when you said we don't know yet we don't have the evidence when we do know. i mean you have to have a solid case just saying you know that you know adelson gave this money and you know this obviously benefited the casinos or something yeah i mean just obviously there are problems with our elections you know with there is a lot of money going into elections i've told this i've said this before in this program that i think that they there shouldn't be any reflections at all on giving to campaigns or that we have void a lot of problems that we just said you know what other if you want to write this amount of money to this campaign you may however there is transparency it comes along with that that will continue that conversation more with tonight's politics
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panel after the break. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the
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world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today .
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time to get back to the politics panel on tonight's panel heather ceremony conservative strategist associate blueskin solutions and blogger heather sermon dot com and richard democratic strategist and host the richard foller show the supreme court ruled on arizona's immigration law striking down three out of the four provisions but i want to talk about what scalia said in his dissent he just he just went off on the president he said to say as the court does and he actually kind of acted out that present that arizona contradicts federal law by enforcing applications of the immigration act that the president declines to enforce boggles the mind if securing his territory in this fashion is not within the power of arizona we should cease referring to it as a sovereign state tone you are right now tone is mine up but actually my associate producer was my radio show was in the room with him when he said it the day and i did that he said you almost got it that he really you know he's very very. italian
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yeah the audio will be out there is that but he's basically saying that arizona sovereign. i thought you know arguably what he's saying is that they can keep all californians didn't we litigate states' rights in in in the end was called the civil war totally i think we did litigated right when the civil war beyond that the thing that boggles the mind bush when it comes to school if the for the fact he's such a strict constitutionalist it's all about well with the letter of the law what's in the constitution constitutional see just says. however you want to because of self and original spec you can read the mind of the founders oh yeah let's go back to those good old days when women couldn't vote and treat people who don't i'll give you that one town but i mean i think what the cons of one of the powers that are guaranteed to the congress is the power of naturalization that's in the constitution therefore they're responsible for determining what you do to naturalize if you are not naturalized what happened what's the consequence of that all that falls into the power of the congress that is the federal numerated power and therefore the. law should have been struck struck down simply because it's
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unconstitutional for you to enforce something that power that long to the congress and heather in article one section eight paragraph four where it says congress shall. create or whatever that i wish not to stash it forms of naturalization consistent doesn't have the word consistent i'm quite sure i wear uniform i believe absolutely one of your of uniform in other words they have to be the same across all the states yes this is a problem with the federal government under president obama's watch and it's not enforcing the border not not know this is how the border let's let's live has only calls coming in we're not talking about us and i'm willing to blame somebody on this let's blame the right person if congress responds for naturalization and there was one for immigration there needs to be an act of congress john boehner has done absolutely nothing when he was speaker of the house to do anything for immigration when nancy pelosi with speaker they passed the dream act three times and they all failed in the senate because of the filibuster proof because the bill because republicans filibustered it the democrats have tried to make immigration reform so i really boggles the mind when people make this argument it's it's obama's fault
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that the ten seven do all happen because it's not it's about the congress with an active no no that the reality is congress did give more power to the states just recently congress gave more power to states and forced to live. to get with the new laws called i don't know it's right here but they did they they said that states can in for it with with cooperating with the federal government can enforce the laws are in place if you have illegals coming in you'll be able to are you going to start down with the supreme court that some states are of the law and that's why you know jan brewer cannot say there isn't a government governor that can claim a victory because the heart of the law is still there you can't pull somebody over just because you suspect that he or she is an illegal but if you do pull somebody over under another you know what is in the navy and you don't have to investigate me george herbert walker bush george w. bush and ronald reagan all x. issued executive orders actually one even farther than president obama has to selectively enforce immigration all three of them why is that when obama does it
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the supreme court justice on the supreme court goes off his rocker well i think it's because. obama has put himself up against arizona i mean he's he's pointed finger at arizona and it's gotten arizona you know obviously they have a very good have a very public a governor and they have a very outspoken sheriff is you know isn't that we have one of the most partisan supreme courts in history how do we have one of the most partisan executive branches in history an executive branch is always you know i mean but i don't i don't i don't i actually don't agree with your contention that it's the most partisan supreme court i think that there have been some really weighty issues they've had taken their you know back to solutions or i mean i. what do you they have struck down three out of four of the provisions of the law because you know in concert i mean what i'm going to do so i'll go with that what i'm thinking i'll give you the argument they struck down the provisions in the constitution the provisions of the law that were in concert with the part the most important part of this law was they sort of give credence as to why the dream act should happen they talked about and veterans should not be on us on this early harassed by state
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governments for trying to live out their american dream that's the most important part and that's a good justification of the president's record a border which allows him to stay here under worker bees which is not amnesty it is the worker bees to stay here and continue their education or continue the military service and one final note about the supreme court that's why this president election is so key if you have justice ginsburg who is on the verge of retirement yes it is not a partisan court however it is a you know that is justices are appointed is a consequence there is a partisan process yeah absolutely i mean the ninth circuit of california you know it is horrendous you know who is it who appointed that speech. so the supreme court their eggs expected on thursday that this health care ruling is going to come down in fact i think it is yeah and you know our royal family the supreme court one says it's amazing how the queen can dissolve parliament the supreme court can dissolve our laws i don't think the founders planned it in the case if the
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court strikes down the laws than thirty million americans who would have access to . thanks to obamacare won't insurers will again be able to discriminate against the more than one hundred million americans who have preexisting conditions and the two million children who are being covered right now with preexisting conditions small businesses will no longer receive tax credits for their employees insurance millions of low income americans are going to lose access to medicaid more than three million young adults under twenty six who are on their parents' insurance plans are going to get caught tossed off and seniors the donut holes go back up in they're going to pay for more for their drugs how you know who really loses if obamacare is struck it's seems to me how the republicans are going to. be in a tough position reality is there is there are a host of possibilities the supreme court could render you know on thursday we could have the law intact completely intact which some legal scholars i know say that that is likely to happen but the next scenario is that the individual mandate
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will be ruled unconstitutional but then there are other parts of the bill or the law that are attached to the individual mandate which who knows how those will be implemented because for one thing you have the people the preexisting conditions that are going to be obliterated with the law you know being an actor and without the insurance that without the individual mandate then you could get a sickness and say insurance company you got to cover me for it without going up and they're going to be done with the heritage foundation romney mandate which it should be called the heritage foundation first proposed that romney was the first guy to put it into law without that mandate a lot of the rest of the bill doesn't work richard about it that is exactly right i think what we're dealing with the supreme court is doing this into a situation that if they act the wrong way they could really harm tons and tons and tons of millions of americans americans think that obamacare is unpopular the name but when it comes to the actual parts of the bill does the recent poll that came out that said this they actually like those parts they like the back door to hold us closer like the back their kids can go back on their insurer they like all these
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portion of that when this bill. you decide to be a political supreme court and overturn this bill is going to harm a lot of americans i think romney has two questions romney's number one question is what am i going to do when this happens how am i going to solve this problem how am i going to solve two point five million people not be able not being able to not having health insurance in this country are going to solve little kids who have asthma not getting help not being able to get their theories i'm not i'm not going to buy ok obamacare is not i'm not to say that it's totally evil but i'm not going to buy that's going to solve all of our problems either i don't know when you're deciding to settle the case trouble in fact i hear it was one out there isn't a boehner thing by any stretch you want both of you would say to those progressives who are standing out in front of the supreme court today saying please strike down all of obamacare because it will create such a crisis that then will be forced to go ok we're going to drop the medicare eligibility age down to zero we'll have a national single higher payer health care program everything will be wonderful when there's actually. a substantial i don't know if it's
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a substantial number but they're quite loud who are saying. that we disagree with them i think that is the worst thing that we can do in this country understandable . health care reform in the american affordable care act is not the best piece of law we have but it's what we could get done and i think the consequences are worse if it repealed and we have this congress to make this decision or even the next congress we're going to be really up the creek without a paddle and i think it's the worst thing that we could do and i think one thing that should also not be overlooked and tom i'd be interested to hear you to say about this because i think it's a violation the first amendment is the whole religious freedom aspect of the health care law you know that there is a mandate that catholic hospitals that that places they're not just places of worship have to cover hospitals not places of worship there's i'm saying that places that are not places of worship hospitals and i don't believe that if you want to if somebody if a church wants to run a business on the side and and and you know use the revenue from that business support the church they should have to conform to the laws of business. i think
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that that is a complete violation not at all. it's a moment listen it's going to be i mean americans feel that no it's anything out of let's let's break this down for some time because most americans think that they were talking about churches. that if you are going but will you allow that exemption you loud that to happen the first amendment i think that's what really started to lose you know i think i can't be a minus and i think i have a president like i don't like that not what the argument is you know i could develop the argument you're going to maybe argument the president's made of the argument that the affordable care act makes it that if you are employed by a charitable organization the church would be one of those and you have the right to for you have the right to get health care you're going to get birth control because you might work at the church and opera scribed the churches and that's your first of the right to have the freedom to do what your freedom of the church also has the right and and this gets lost in the argument the church has the right to say no we're not going to provide birth control you know because it's a church and they just don't they leave lose that right when they step into the realm of conifers c. but i think that is losing the whole. but they're not going to be nurturing when
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they're doing commerce and so that means that i as a baptist let's say as long as i'm in the church i can have all kinds of views and live out my i don't know where you're going to go and so it's that if it's your choice or your employer can discriminate i think the repercussions of that the extrapolation of that are going to be one of the struggles already happened what's extrapolations is like there's something happening with churches that were missing ok well i'm going to i'm going to wrap it up here this goes through then you're going to have to design the mandate were it's a. great argument. you're playing on my argument it's one of the reasons that people are against obamacare to there are so many read i get it i mean there's there's a big debate here other ceremony which you follow thank you thanks to mr. crazy alert stripped down at the supermarket over two hundred in the buff shoppers flooded the grand opening of a new supermarket in germany last week
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a supermarket offer to give the first hundred shoppers over two hundred dollars in free grow. trees if they showed up at the store and make it store manager nils stern doff told a local newspaper had no idea so many shoppers would show up at their birthday suits saying i never thought one hundred people would come i thought maybe more like. the grocery store goers waited patiently in line for the store to open but to ensure safety in order they were brought into the store groups of twenty supermarkets gimmick was so popular that some citizens of denmark came across the border to strut their stuff and try to save some money on groceries too or has it an all out orgy broke out in a wine and cheese department and there was an attempt at a massive human pyramid. after the break the obama campaign released a new ad recently attacking mitt romney's record of outsourcing jobs during his time with bain capital but president obama has supported trade deals and signed laws that leadership means jobs overseas as well is there any way to stop this bipartisan fire say a little nursing jobs. admission
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