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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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nato into syria versioning down a turkish jet but stopped short of naming it an attack against its members. russian president vladimir putin urges restraint between israel and palestinians bomb palestinian leader mahmoud abbas says peace talks can't restart all jewish settlements are still being built. a little in the dead domino rolls across the euro zone cyprus becoming to fifth state to admit it needs a bailout well spain awaits its own hundred billion euro lifeline. six pm in moscow i met good to have you with us here on r t our top story nato's
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condemned the downing of a turkish fighter jet by syria but fell short of calling it an attack on the alliance that something member of the bloc had wanted to push for an emergency meeting in brussels saying damascus committed an act of aggression or he's tests are sillier reports. well it was a very short statement at the end of this closed door meeting essentially nato said that to syria's downing of the turkish jets is unacceptable and the need to condemns it in the strongest possible terms and also that it stands by turkey in a show of solidarity when asked to elaborate on what specific actions could follow after this most and simply did not want to give any details and he says that he hopes and things that it just will not happen again emergency meeting was called by turkey under article four of the treaty of nato which states that should any of the members feel threatened it can call a consultation and it has to be said that any action under article four should be
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a consensus and therefore any one of the members could stop any joint action that the government for instance has explicitly said that military and intervention is out of the question for their government and this is very much a different article five each turkey had wanted they wanted nato to actually invoke article five which is harsher and stronger which states that an attack on one member is an attack on the whole block and therefore military action is inevitable in that case and it's only been invoked once and that is after the september eleventh attacks clearly turkey wanting stronger action here but that's not what they have gotten now in terms of what actually happened between syria and turkey both sides maintaining that they are right in their assessment syria saying it acted in self-defense that be a jet had crossed over into a syrian air space and therefore it had every right to shoot down the plane that it saw as a threat to all turkey on the other hand said that it was simply a mistake it was testing its own domestic missile defense as far as the
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international community for now was concerned they've stopped short of saying that there should be any military action but for sure there are some voices calling for stronger actions against assad in the syrian regime but the priority for now they do even said that the priority is to defuse the tension first and foremost. turkey's warn that any syrian military unit approaching its border will be regarded as a threat and targeted are correct claims its jet that was downed by syria was on armed and on a training mission but the head of the independent media syria tribune thinks on her it could have been spying on damascus it happened one day and only after the image of the fictional on syrian pilots could be. sustained and it was locked and this time it was actually. shut it down with a maximum bring it on goes on what was the i'm doing fine if you want there is no way from from our. land our throats or your water i don't think the need to or
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to have any. specific mission for putting any more pressure on syria it's something else that the jet was doing there perhaps the recording or trying to spy on the syrian army's movement in that area because it. will be this close to the syrian border as well as actually a sense of some kind of police and intelligence one. inside syria clashes between government troops in iraq forces are reportedly broken out just outside the capital damascus our news team in the city center says heavy gunfire and explosions could be heard in the distance the seat of assad's regime has seen a rise in air and insurgent strikes in recent weeks violence is escalating across the country with u.n. observer mission failing to make a difference there continuing out a resolution of the syrian government no choice but to buy arms from abroad according to a top syrian diplomat in his interview to our team. of the nation currently under
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attack syria has the right to. use to protect its sovereignty. to the countries that have been supplying the terrorists with weapons this is a proven fact and we have proved time and again the united states. and some of the confirmations have been providing the militants with that which in turn contributes to. syria troops every day to terrorist attacks and we knew civilians were killed by militants for no reason simply because an insurgency. that's a number of people in a specific area or when intimidate should produce into shutting down this store this is presented as. it is really submission by business owners afraid of their property getting downed if they disappear. and you can hear more from syria's deputy foreign minister in
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a little more than twenty minutes here on r.t. . and president vladimir putin has called on all factions in the israeli palestinian conflict not to take unilateral action to enter restart peace talks the russian leader is now in the second leg of his middle east mediation tour which also involves helping reach an understanding of stalemates in iran and syria artie's policy here is following the talks. the russian president is in the palestinian city of bethlehem where he has been meeting with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas the focus of those talks will be stalled israeli palestinian negotiations and haven't seen any kind of breakthrough for more than three years now following that meeting put in said that the talks had been frank they'd been productive he said that russia and palestine held very similar positions when it came to regional and international concerns he also said that the talks were supportive of the palestinian position which is mainly that of a two state solution and that russia supported this position which it saw as being
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very responsible woman on any kind of human lateral action by either side saying that it was counterproductive he said that they had discussed various ways of overcoming the crisis in the palestinian authority at the same time he said that both israelis and palestinians need to show restraint and on a prior commitments now last night monday the russian president met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu asked him to pass on a message to president abbas that israel was willing to sit down and talk but a bus has responded in saying that they can be no negotiations for as long as israel continues its expansionist policies in the area it's unlikely we'll see a breakthrough anytime soon but certainly what this visit by the russian president does drum home is the central role that russia can and does play in solving these regional issues russia supported and seen by many as a neutral mediator later today president clinton will travel to jordan where he'll meet with the jordanian king abdullah they too will be discussing regional issues
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it is worth noting that also on the agenda are the issues of iran to this area and the russian president urged the israeli leadership not to conduct any kind of strike he said that sanctions were counterproductive and he said that they needed to be a diplomatic solution the russian president also met with his israeli come. upon last night paris at that meeting he said that is maybe russian relationships are important even minded president who said that musta had supported the establishment of the two state back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight at the same time he said that peace in israel was in russia's interest it was in the region's interest and certainly it was in international community's interest will stay with us here on r t still to come seoul hoping to bolster its forces along its disputed border in the yellow sea few minutes we take a look at why south korea is planning to build a new naval military base on the islands claimed by the north. and for
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a whistleblower to talk show or it's time for the next installment of julius on his interview show on our t.v. watch him question activist intellectuals noam chomsky entire eco leap on the revolution phenomenon that's taken the world by storm. but first the eurozone will have to find more cash for another of its struggling members after cyprus became the fifth state to say it needs a bailout it cited heavy exposure to greece the block's hardest hit member no official figures have yet been given but i will this figure cyprus could ask for five to fifteen or five to ten billion euros it's only a fraction of the hundred billion that spain's already asked for to shore up its own beleaguered banks the promise of rescue cash though didn't save madrid's banking sector for from another international downgrade ratings giant moody's cut the scores of twenty eight of spain's lenders crisis researcher jerome ruse thinks the eurozone is trapped in a vicious circle of debt and bail out. what we see now is that this this crisis
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reached sort of a tipping point especially in in the case of cyprus and spain where what economists call the duma to sort of the mutual dependence of banks and states and one another has reached the point where the state is no longer capable to prop up its own banks and the banks are no longer capable to prop up the one government so basically what needs to happen is that external forces need to come in to profit off this real government so that it can continue getting out its own banks there's an ironic situation one hundred billion is not enough for the spanish banks they'll probably need a lot more and i think within a year will see another european bailout for the spanish banks coming along and at the same time these bank of a lot it's for the for the spanish banking system will be passed through. the spanish government in directly and this means that it will add up to the sovereign debt of spain and as a result will make it more difficult for spain to repay its debts in the long term this one hundred billion euros that's being piled onto into the spanish banking system right now will add up to fifteen percent sovereign debt for spain and this
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is the real thing that we should be looking at because this will this will actually make it more likely that spain needs. a bailout in the near future. find out how much money the euro zone is pumping into its ailing members that are t. dot com and why are there you can check out other stories we're covering a click away reading this pesky insect or a nail a nano surveillance drone one u.s. university developing bug sized wind spies that could revolutionize the world warfare. and the not so bad for russia's chief export and drug abuse holds the beatles responsible for promoting narcotics in the sixty's all the details. north korea planning to build a new front line naval base near its disputed border with the north a site of clashes between the two rivals in the past the base will be located on one of the five islands recognized by the south korean by the u.n.
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in the one nine hundred fifty s. though pyongyang has always refused to accept the decision james corbet editor of the news and information site corporate report thinks the base is a sign of an escalating conflict in the region. well the important thing to remember about this is that it's in fact the second provocation in less than one week from from south korea against north korea in fact just on monday pyongyang was protesting the use of the north korean flag as a target during some joint military exercises that were being conducted very close to the north korean border and so this has to be seen as something of an escalation that may indicate an increase in border tensions and perhaps even military tensions between the two entities and the question is why now and it has to be understood that there is something of a quiet revolution happening in north korea in terms of its relations with china china has invested over two billion dollars worth of infrastructure in the last year alone to build roads and and other things that may be part of an infrastructure whereby china will be able to start investing more and more in north korea and south korea may see that as
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a type of threat against their their one leverage over north korea which is their food aid and their monetary aid to the north and if china is investing more and more north korea that kind of gives it gives them more of an advantage in that respect so we might see some mounting military tension too to try to regain south korea's predominance over north korea. egypt's newly elected president mohamed morsi has moved into his new office and is beginning to form a government the islamist leader has promised it will represent all of gyptian including muslims and christians he also met with the military rulers who have been running the country since mubarak was ousted last february the army promised to officially transfer power on saturday when morsi is sworn in as head of state but the question remains whether they'll stick to the deadline and how much power the president was actually have experts think gaining funchal for control of the country won't be an easy task for morsi. i think the real critical issue is is his relationship these would be the military dictatorship there the military has made
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it very clear that it will not subordinate self to the civilian rule and the question is whether he's going to go along with that and then the ultimate question is does the u.s. government continue to fund this military dictatorship which it has been doing for several decades and washington is in a very difficult precarious position here for decades they've been supporting and partnering with this military dictatorship so it wasn't just a matter of barrett from power and that wasn't going to bring freedom or democracy to the egyptian people the problem has always been the dictatorship itself that type of government and washed it has been one of the premier if not the premier supporter of this dictatorship where does that leave washington does it support the democratic movement does it continue to support the military dictatorship which is refusing to subordinate itself to the civilian rule impossible to know where washed is going to go and that's what. still to come here on our religious intolerance in
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the radical islam has prompted german authorities to take action but is it too little too late we take a look. first let's take you to some headlines that are forming around the globe gunmen masked gunmen have attacked the headquarters of a private arab television station in beirut starting fires around the property one of the assailants was detained yet arrest comes after the t.v. channel aired a fiery interview with a sunni muslim islam is criticized the hezbollah movement the group itself condemned me as that in saying it's not behind the violence. the libyan police clashed with government supporters in the city of la paz officers on strike over low pay were met by supporters of president abel morales after marching to the city's main square police to use tear gas to drive back the pro-government groups the country's leaders accused officers of setting the stage for a coup claiming their motives are political. uprisings in the middle east have
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created new terror training camps and auspices conditions for potential attacks according to the head of the u.k.'s m i five security service he says al qaeda militants are using the countries that toppled their leaders in the arab spring as bases to train radical western youths up to two hundred u.k. extremists thought to have joined forces with heavily armed terrorist groups in yemen somalia libya syria and afghanistan. such a rise of radical islam is and is leaving many western governments worried in germany authorities have launched nationwide raids on conservative religious groups the salafist there suspected of having links to extremists and posing a threat to democracy but for years the movement enjoyed conditions that have made it thrive as artie's oksana boyko reports. to the casual passers by these are just ordinary young muslims who want to be understood by their neighbors but if you can distribute the bible why should you be able to distribute the qur'an these
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young men are countrymen and they want to share what they believe in what's wrong with that but when you look closer desperately not just what they believe in but what they insist is their one and only truth worth believing this son read the meaning of the qur'an in german and the man is a laugh ace adherents of an ultra conservative branch of islam infamous for their righteousness and intolerance of infidels to mention how should a bunch of people control other people in the west it's called democracy for me there's only one master. in judgment but how do you know what the must of once that's in the book that we're distributing today according to a german domestic intelligence report salafism is the fastest growing islamic movement in the world this preaching ever literally interpretation of the qur'an to the point of gauging someone supplied by the shape of his beard or but their length of her burka since it's a mainstream islam has the same problem was the son the first like none muslims
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because of a radical in the us and in some. situations they did accept muslims for years the german government guided by political correctness watched as the domestic salafi community grew in size given the fact that some of the nine eleven perpetrators used to belong to humber mosque didn't prompt much action. but this month after a series of police raids the german government moved to ban a number of salafi groups whose ideology was recognized as incompatible with democratic values hard core fundamentalist mainstream muslims i justice and dallas christians she was a force. in this berlin mosque a relief to hear about the last until the cops. it was time to spread out of this whole jewels a hole because it's neat sponsor saudi arabia. generally point policy pals
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it's not only germany that's concerned about the spread of cultural radical islam a few years ago france outlawed the full face veil norway has also banned saudi funded mosques but as western countries are increasingly taking a stance against radical islam their foreign policy goal but seems to promoted salafi and related to how the movement's a seeing a major resurgence across the middle east especially in countries affected by the arab spring in the wake of the arab spring we've seen a group radical islamist power increasing in its influence there is an overall agenda that is taking hold in the middle east and a lot of this is due to the involvement of washington and london in particular the intelligence agencies in the west have been seeding backing radical islamist groups there are ties and links historically to al qaida and also the saudi arabian ruling
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regime and washington have worked together. for a long time while germany's far less vocal in the need for regime change in syria than it was in libya as an aging member that is still in favor of and forcing so-called democratic changes even they've those changes are likely to empower groups that are now banned in germany itself acts on a boycott artsy berlin. it's been a week since julia songe asked aqua door for diplomatic asylum and took refuge in the country's london embassy no decision has yet been made meanwhile prominent americans including filmmakers michael moore and oliver stone along with renowned academic known chomsky have signed a letter in support of assad his bed and chomsky is one of the guests on the whistleblowers show airing today here on r.t. . moving over the middle east the deep concern in the united states and
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the other traditional imperial powers britain france particularly concern is that now they may the middle east may get out of control and that syria's a much more serious than south america and i agree that's why they invaded libya and i have no doubt about it was to reduce crude but i agree but i think it's all over so for example if you take a look at what's happened in the arab spring the countries that are crucial to western imperial power the oil producers they have been under a very tough and in saudi arabia kuwait the emirates the major oil producing regions it never got off the ground the intimidation of the security forces backed by the west was so enormous that people were literally afraid to go into the streets and the west mainly france and united states and britain and egypt are following a very traditional pattern there's
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a playbook that you pursue that you gives you a kind of a game plan when some favored dictators the lose the capacity to rule. the show was airing in just over an hour here on our team well it's time to check in on the latest business news so what's happening in the markets this hour while wall street is that fading at last of course we sell it to the u.s. futures and that we're right because american figures are going to higher if we take a look at the latest numbers you see that by. the dow and the nasdaq are adding if we can see those figures there they are there we go as you can see the dow is shedding just a little bit now it's a mixed picture in the first few minutes all of the traders session with us nasa got a point of three percent there now investors are waiting for two things we have two reports that are meant to come out one has to do with the home price index for the month of april and then the other one has to live with consumer confidence for the month of june and if those numbers that we can pretty much say that. the techs are
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now let's move on and it's take a look at what's happening with the european markets of course it's been difficult there because investors have had a couple of below is in the past couple of weeks we had the french downgrades by moody's investor services we had spanish borrowing costs go in the high of course the country asking for a bailout has joined did become in the country in the euro zone to ask for a bailout all of that's not helping boost investor confidence would it have some positive news today and that's that consumer confidence is now going on higher in germany and as you can see both the footsie and that that was the territory now staying with the euro zone we know that is now considering allowing its banks to sell bonds to the government bloomberg news agency says the measure could be approved later on choose day in fact it's a. few years e.u. leaders will not come up with any viable solutions to the euro zone that crisis and
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that's when they meet on the thursday. all right a quick look at the currencies now if we start with the euro and see where it's headed when it comes to the dollar it's still losing against the dollar could say it's still pretty much flat when it comes to the ruble it's gained against both major currencies this tuesday now moving to the russian the markets and this summer in stark contrast to what we saw on monday we can see gains as good gains when it comes to the arts yes we see that it's getting over two and a half percent that's out there my sex life in a bit behind there again and over one percent crude prices are going higher we'll get to that in a second which of course always helps the russian economy now in other news we know about the company's sukhoi that profits for russia is a major aircraft holding and now rocketed to five dollars and that's for last year the company says the result was primarily supported by stronger maintenance services and support of course is mostly famous for its fighters but it also makes the civil super jet one hundred talking about that of course that crash that they
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had in the last month spurred a lot of concerns about the future of the company in we know about forty five people died during the demonstration flights and basically of almost market watchers were waiting for the results of the crash investigation city gate says that the demand was stay on the fact that. i would think that there are plain are turned out to be pretty good it's the most more than we can know in the world and the world does need a lot of we can all get out says that it's about nineteen hundred general planes so that the world will need with less than a hundred doesn't get to pass a good jets it's a pretty big business about seventy billion dollars business in russia yes the whole market is about one follows an airplane about them billion dollars and fifteen percent of all whole airplanes needed in russia yes we can oh yeah so it's
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about them billion dollar market i think from a marketing point of view made it absolutely the right decision and drain the civil aviation market in this nation that we need to double the world. but on a quick look at oil prices which have been hovering at a two month lows we are seeing a little bit of a comeback today as you can see still light sweet is fretting under eighty dollars per barrel. but significantly wish that psychopaths in the couple of days before wimbledon see over the prices and this of course has a major effect on russian oil companies are not too happy about that part that brings us to the end of this edition of business for us all right thank you very much for that update marina and coming up shortly we ask syria's deputy foreign minister what he thinks needs to be done to bring peace to the country stay with us .
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