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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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ten thirty pm in moscow the zero t. headline u.n. peacekeeping chief says they'll be no resumption of the observer observer mission in syria this is nato condensed a basket for shooting down a turkish fighter jet but stopping short of maybe and attack against its members. a lot of your booty calls for a diplomatic resolution on a nuclear iran but says tehran should still prove its ambitions are peaceful russia's president was speaking on the last leg of his middle east to. arab spring countries could be turning into militant training grounds the u.k.'s top spy warns of a new terror threat. i'm never part two of the alone a show stay with us. while
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you're on the show on a spends a considerable and well deserved amount of time asking imperative questions about the u.s. drone program we talk about the legal gray area surrounding it about how it's popular here at home and very unpopular abroad and what might happen when other countries start to build their own drones from a lack of regulation and foresight to a lack of intelligence about who the cia is actually killing supporters of u.s. drone warfare still have a lot of explaining to do the oversight is simply been in adequate thus far and has been since the program launched in pakistan under the bush administration back then officials admitted this anonymously saying quote the committees didn't do any oversight on drone strikes to speak up it would be informed when a strike was carried out. fast forward as a day and drone strikes are happening much more frequently and even the lack of oversight has many concerned about the program high ranking politicians and members
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of the obama administration have no problem defending and. i want to make sure that people understand actually drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties that for the most part they have been very precise precision strikes against al qaeda and their affiliates and we are very careful in terms of how it's been applied there were instances where i guess this is the key reason really. the responsibility to defend the united states is the appropriate and lawful use. force united states citizenship. does not mean does not make such individuals. can you do for the use of military for force the a u m f passed by congress after the september eleventh attacks authorized the president to use all necessary and appropriate forces against those nations organizations and individuals responsible for nine eleven targeted strikes
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conform to the principle of proportionality the notion that the anticipated collateral damage of an action cannot be an excessive in relation to the to spaded military event this evil people in the world drones are an evil people are evil we are a force of good and we are using those drones to carry out the policy of righteousness and goodness. all right now despite this cheerleading at least some in congress want to know more about what the cia is doing the l a times reported today that sen dianne feinstein chairman chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee has worked to allow congress to keep closer tabs on our drone war the article details how staffers from the house and senate intelligence committees go to cia headquarters once a month to review the latest strikes usually taking place in pakistan and yemen not only do they get to see the strikes clearly but they're also privy to intelligence used to justify them telephone intercepts and cia assessment forms well because this information is highly classified these congressional aides are given top level
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security clearances access material only president obama his aides and a number of high ranking cia officials get to see so does this seem a little odd to anyone else they live to l.a. times raise questions about the qualifications of these staffers while some have come from defense and intelligence fields others are inexperienced like saxby chambliss is intelligence committee staffer whose background is in agriculture one senior staffer even told the times i can watch a video all day long i'm not an imagery analyst i can only look to see if the description reasonably concurs with what my own trained eyes are seeing and it's comments like those that leave more questions than answers it seems that are dianne feinstein and the rest of the intelligence committees want the public to know that they're looking into these contentious drone strikes the only information we can get comes from anonymous staffers because of course the drone program is classified that congressional officials claim that having more sets of eyes reviewing these
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strikes will make the cia more careful and i'm not so sure nobody has proven that this review process will hold our intelligence officials more accountable and sound as if even pointed out that their hands are usually tied when trying to challenge these cia decisions so what's really going to be accomplished good question and kudos to the l a times for its reporting and raising these important points. what can really change though if our own lawmakers seem too busy to hold the president and the cia accountable and can anything really be done when questions are raised after the attacks have happened after the casualties have been counted and the damage is already done to what extent does this so-called review process actually put a check on president obama's role as judge jury and executioner no it seems to me the entire purpose of this review process is to make it look like congress is doing something about the drone program well actually not doing much this review process might make congress feel like they're willing to take action but until we see some
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truth them truly challenging obama's executive power on drones there is much more to be done. all right guys it's time to give out tonight's tool time award and tonight is going to a frequent winner michele bachmann earlier on the show we told you how the muslim brotherhood's victory in the presidential race in egypt puts u.s. politicians in a tough spot politically much of the discussion consists of fear mongering comparing the party's win to the one nine hundred seventy nine iranian revolution but bachmann took this crazy talk to the next level last week check it out and it appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our united states government by the muslim brotherhood the muslim brotherhood has been found to be an unguided coconspirator on terrorism cases and yet it appears that there are
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individuals first proceeded with the muslim brotherhood who have positions in very sensitive positions in our department of justice our department of homeland security potentially even the national intelligence agency. and that wasn't even the first time this month bachmann pushed her paranoid conspiracy theory on june thirteenth she and other house republican loonies wrote to the inspector general of the intelligence community asked them to investigate the agency's ties to the muslim brotherhood and what was the basis for their request a declaration that the brotherhood isn't a threat made by the intelligence director james clapper in february twentieth eleven really evidence that the brotherhood isn't a threat is evidence that it is a threat in michele bachmann's world the question exists the letter stated to what extent of such a statement reflects the direct influence within the intelligence community of brotherhood operatives alternate alternatively has the approach of u.s.
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intelligence towards organizations associated with the muslim brotherhood been shaped by the policy communities willingness to engage that sentiment it appears may have been influenced by determined efforts by the muslim brotherhood to penetrate and subvert the american government as part of its quote civilian jihad as is all pretty wacky even by bachmann standards but she didn't come up with a theory on her own bachmann references research done by frank gaffney as organization now you think and frank gaffney that name kind of sounds familiar it should you want to show is often highlighted his conspiracy theories like the one where he said the muslim brotherhood infiltrated c. pac through one person alone or so regular through hell com. i want you to be really honest as being here are you a member of the muslim brotherhood and are you in fact infiltrating c back to try to bring saudi style shari'a law upon all of us no and no and if i am a member of the brotherhood i haven't got the membership or the mail yet because i'm a great discount. all right to see how he sort of last off the accusation and that's
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because gaffney's muslim brotherhood rantings have made him into a joke and everyone knows it everyone except michele bachmann apparently but let's talk about some real facts about the muslim muslim brotherhood in egypt the group disavowed violence in the seventy's it has condemned the nine eleven attacks and terrorism in general and just like arabs and muslims aren't monolithic the brotherhood doesn't have a uniform ideology across the arab world brown says they spent billions on p.r. like saudis do people like bachmann might not be able to spout wise about them instead the saudis are an ally in the muslim brotherhood are painted as the inevitable downfall the downfall of western civilization but i guess we shouldn't be too surprised that bachmann went down the muslim brotherhood rabbit hole instead he's turning nasa into an outreach to the muslim community and the president still has an answer like you know about that and i think that leaves
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a lot of americans wondering we're into this president's interest like they're listening to al jazeera and they're being encouraged and prompted to go ahead and start these riots all over france you want to know why we have an arab spring brock obama has. arab spring demonstrating this is why not all cultures are equal michele bachmann she doesn't like muslims she hates most. she she wants to go get a. yeah these wild delusions fit comfortably into bachmann's islam hating conspiracy laden agenda one where al jazeera incites riots islam doesn't mesh with democracy and outreach to muslims as a plot to subvert america sadly this kind of islamophobia isn't confined to a few politicians last friday a gallup poll showed nearly one in five republicans still believe the president is
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a muslim not that it should matter because you have voters who believe islam is evil and it leaders who profit from such beliefs so for penetrating are perpetrating the cycle of hatred and fear michele bachmann is tonight's top time winner. all right we've got one more break coming up on half the hour a woman is doing a little late pitcher because she got hit with the ball and there's nothing about the compensation but. just give me can i speak with you sir let me let me explain my son died on the run don't agree you don't agree we don't want to look for him my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap we are going to find it for you shared. your country. with a country your age. the moon or in hope to help your family.
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you find in so many own. hands. they've been living this way since the seventeenth century. strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their. and the alien. and guard their families and things as a treasure. well see british study done some time to explain the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism on the we. we want to present. something else. all right it is time for happy hour and joining me tonight is lauren lyster host of
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the capital account and brewer chief strategy officer at vision strategy thanks for coming on this monday happy hour guys thank you want to talk about you know we're. also hung over from the weekend right no not the hangover was earlier in the show and i know that i missed that's for us at. let's start with you know everyone thinks that every single thing i mean there's got to be an article about everything in the world at some point gives you cancer everything gives you cancer but let's go back and remember how alarmed everyone was when we learned about the dangers posed by cell phones. world health organization says that the radiation from mobile devices like cell phones is a possible carcinogen to humans if put in the company of things like lead is also a possible carcinogen according to the w.h.o. as well as engine exhaust and chloroform. all right well it turns out there's a growing movement in this country for people who think why fi gives you cancer and in particular a father of a portland public school girl she says he is suing the school district it's already
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i mean as you can imagine most public school districts in this country already cast rats in this school district has had to spend more than one hundred seventy two thousand dollars fighting this case meanwhile i mean there's not really evidence from any credible sources well and the bottom line is if that's as parents hang up one hundred seventy thousand dollars pay for a tutor to homeschool that kid with that money i am sorry but we don't i do not feel disconnected and i know that is what i mean that this school district that i handed over a fraction of that you know a fifth of that to pay for a tutor at home for this child because that would have been far more cost effective and it solves both problems the this is the problem is kind of not having a more holistic approach to problem solving and said you rack up all of these these and you still have the kid out school getting cancer from why five years ago their parents. cancer ridden i think of this because i actually think this is a story that is an example of the best totally the worst parts of america right now
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one the one hand you actually have the ability of a system for one father to totally take on the tire city and it works like he's actually taking them on except them down but now in this case for totally ridiculous reasons right so we've created the system that allows for you know a small entity a small organization one family to take take a whole system to court that can be good can be a good thing except now we've gone so ridiculous over the top with this stuff and you don't have the ability to get out of it like just send the kids somewhere else can't we can't make a rational pragmatic decision i think i think you're absolutely. right and i think it's just it's just really sad to me the other students who are losing out the school districts losing out to have to spend so much money because you know there's a small group of people who think of these conspiracy theories anyways. i mean i never thought of it. in five years we'll probably find out that he was right and we're wrong. the next starbucks families starbucks going to for the last. three why. don't you know anything of the money guys. ever heard of the mo money
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more problems. turns out in some cases it's actually really really true a man in detroit thought he got really lucky because he kept going to into his account he had a bank of america bank account and he kept being able to pull out money this was an error made by the bank check this out. meet ronald page a retired general motors worker who could not believe his luck he had only a few hundred dollars of his bank account but when he went to the a.t.m. machine at a local casino it allowed him a limited withdraw after one point five million dollars was withdrawn and gambled away. i mean i like to gamble now and again but one point five million dollars and i know this guy was just taking a cue from everything's heard about wall street over the last few years gambling with other people's money getting away with a ticket for a while because of some loophole he's just taking a cue from wall street speculation the difference between him and wall street
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banker is he ends up behind bars or in trouble and they run free and you know either make or lose billions of dollars thirty thousand dollars i can do that. now if you're actually quite literal it's actually not wrong i've actually most impressed i'm blown away in fact by the sheer diligence of this guy must be present if you think about an a.t.m. only really allowing you to take out a couple hundred dollars at a time over fifteen days this guy took out one point five million dollars that breaks down to. what forty five forty five thousand on the day care well that's what i said ridiculous amount basically amounts to every ten minutes he had to go to an a.t.m. for the foreseeable you know thousands at a time and so yeah i mean i think all this is what i learned which i didn't know until and for us i guess. the nose that let you take out a lot more than regular as you mentioned i don't know that i can only take out a couple hundred dollars that is i'm sure you were going to say that you know but
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what i was know shuns about a casino is you can pull out you know like fifty thousand dollars and this is good in this in an area like this casino a.t.m.'s are the fed unlimited money for free to the guys who want to go gamble with it this is why she has work lunch. this is why she has she is the host of the capital account i know it's a really good point. you know you feel the guy for. fifteen months which is more than a year behind bars for doing this the bank made a mistake but you know and of course they got off scot free the bank gets off scot free this guy probably just thought you know maybe he thought you know he was winning and gambling but he got lucky in another way he was getting another chance it's sad but. he lost it all and for all of you if you accidently have several thousand or million dollars on your i counted don't don't take it out it was a bad idea at least when something. now to a story i mean this is crazy i grew up in a family my sister and brother are really great little league players but there's
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always a learning curve when you're you know learning how to get better. we think of it course fun family activity one woman though has decided to sue a little league pitcher when she was hit in the face during warmups take a look. elizabeth lloyd is seeking a one hundred fifty thousand dollars for injuries she suffered two years ago she claims matthew. who was eleven years old at the time intentionally through her lawyer says she was hospitalized for a broken bone in her face. so basically an eleven year old kid does what a lot of eleven year old kids do through a wild pitch that hit this woman who probably wasn't watching i don't know just a idea and she is three m. who cares if this kid hit her straight on with a ball and hit her in the face one hundred fifty thousand dollars what kind of damage can an eleven year old do they cost one hundred fifty thousand dollars i
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could do one hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of damage i just don't understand that there are these kind of i'm a little i actually think i could throw harder than eleven year old and i know i could do one hundred fifty thousand dollars a lot here in lee i think i read that her husband is also getting involved suing for service is the man is not alone in times or even a long marriage i can only imagine what that's what i mean he doesn't like looking at her anymore allowed to receive like she doesn't cook dinner every night be more are you know i don't think that that's what would have basic faith based on bruno is another example the best and worst i mean you know look organized sports one of the best in this country has offer well or well funded organized sports for kids is great leadership develops all kinds of things and then you have the most litigious society america hitting head to head it's just tragic it makes me sad you kind of were stunned is that are you introduce this segment oh i did because literally as i said happy part of my childhood growing up i mean i played t. ball i think i went the other direction of them and my brother and sister played you know until they were fifteen sixteen years old and it was such a great thing for everyone involved for all the families who came it was so fun and
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just i don't know what would possess a woman to come i mean i don't know if this woman has kids who are also on the team but they're not the popular kids and they are. a kind of like to throw a ball at her face is that wrong i say on air supply ship. at this point i'd kind of be our you're allowed to say whatever you want as long as there's no profanity i'm feeling right now just want to get dressed nicely when drinking yeah let's go on to a story i have a feeling more i'm going to have a few things to say about it it's about silvio berlusconi the former italian leader we know his name is synonymous with a lot of things that politicians names are sometimes affiliated with but should not be and of course the economic problems in italy at the time forced him to resign after seventeen years. let's take a look. at some sort of tell you celebrated on the streets of rome by after italy's premier silvio berlusconi resigned saturday it also marks the end of the battle
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still and he's ready to tell your politics which lasted seventeen years. all right so you might be shocked to learn that he like any might be trying to make a comeback and one of the reasons is he is taking on the position that he wants to withdraw italy from the eurozone and he thinks that that is going to propel him to a victory will it my have to give him credit for being a good politician the whole trend that we've seen in europe if not the winner of these euro skeptic parties which we haven't really seen yet i mean certainly not in greece and what we have seen is them see marginally more success and that would be where the largest growth area is coming from and we've seen that in french elections with with some of these euro skeptic parties we've seen in local elections too in the u.k. so i give him credit for riding the wave of where kind of the growth in popular sentiment is going and where that's registering in the polls that's a sign of
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a pretty good politician i mean somebody has to embody that strategically also it's a sign of like you know that's what hitler did. plus the right message at the right time that people want to hear will absolutely propel you know all you know the one percent who said it was over and yeah i'm going to be on percent he wants half of women in his party did he say does he want to go see he's not going to do i don't really know anyone who goes around i want to go to parties in the parliament is that what they're about now i mean it's just ridiculous but hey that's what you get i mean he's like the blog of europe that's what i think of it yeah. yeah that is a good one speaking of sexy ladies we remember the story from a few months ago of the society writer from the houston chronicle who was outed by an alternative publication she was not only the society writer for the houston chronicle she was also at times working as a stripper now she lost her job when her job found out what she was doing and now she's out with a new book she had an interview recently on
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a local news station. reporter for the houston chronicle newspaper named sarah tressler was fired by but the paper found out she was also a stripper on the side in addition to a reporting job when she's filed a federal gender discrimination complaint that's yet to be resolved doesn't think she should have been fired but she's also written a book about her experiences called diary of an angry stripper. and she says she didn't want to have to write the book she wanted to keep her job at the chronicle now she's got a book out so what on earth about being a stripper would keep you from being a good journalist i guess i don't understand that like what it was what you would call they not allow you to do that she was writing about high society i guess that's because i know if you're if you are an ardent christian or an artist muslim person and you're writing about strip clubs. does that prevent you from being able to write meaningfully about any other topic that may not here to some kind of moral standard i don't know i just don't think that actually lines up and the idea that we have to journalists have to live this kind of an interesting object of life is
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really ridiculous. rosen in new york new york university writes about having a view from somewhere and i just think that's the new standard for journalism we need to start moving towards because this this idea that they have you can't really do anything or think anything is just stupid i think that if you have a view from the strip that might allied with your view or their view of you with high society men and women at the. gallows that you're covering in needing to be just mean the bottom line it was the decision of her employer that he's doing it all they decided it and hopefully this launches her journalism career in a different direction. take her long list or appreciate having you on today thank you and your time as always and that's going to do it for tonight so thanks so much for tuning and make sure to come back tomorrow in the meantime don't forget to like me alone a show on facebook follow us on twitter and scribe to our you tube channel and guess what you cannot check it out on hulu as well coming up next is the news.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are old today.
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mind. would be so much brighter if you knew all about some.


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