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from funniest impressions. he's for instance on t.v. don't come. and attack on a pro racing news channel in syria killed seven after president assad declares on national t.v. the country is in a state of war. london two thousand and twelve is actually starting to look more like a security event but it is not a sporting event. the games organizers are under fire for flaunting battleships and rockets one it seems in the big park is still easily open to attack. and support for journalists keeps flooding in ecuador and embassies in britain and the us a bombarded with ten thousand messages asking them to be top whistleblower.
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online and screen international news and comment line from the new center here in moscow twenty four hours a day. have attacked one of syria's pro-government news stations killing at least seven people and kidnapping several of the south to president bashar assad addressed his cabinet on national t.v. saying the country was in a state of war. is at the scene. what you can see behind me is what's left from the main building of the syrian state run television syrian news. after what government says was a terror attack according to the syrian news agency sana early in the morning about four a group of terrorists broke through the main gate of the studio's headquarters two security people hostage who explosive devices inside the building and destroyed killing at least seven people talking to those on the ground we've been getting
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a little bit different information about exactly how many people have been killed but it still remains unclear who these people were a son is reporting that three of them were workers of the television while four others were security newly appointed syrian minister of information has also visited the scene and he has said that this what happened is an attempt by terrorists to stop the syrian media to deliver truth to the world. we feel very sorry for our colleagues who died like martyrs our studios are damaged but we continue sending the message we used to send and do our job which is to tell the truth we're not scared this is indeed a very symbolic attack because we are has been known for very poor governmental policy the stories they've been covering in the way they've been doing this all shows this channel as a regime mouthpiece and of course the attack on this channel could be considered as
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the attack on the regime it's also want to mention that this incident has happened just day after president bashar assad has said that syria is now in a real state of war we've indeed been witnessing dramatic escalation of the conflict here on the ground this area where we are now where the studio situated is twenty five kilometers from the city center and although it's been known as anti governmental area it's also been known as quite safe and well protected area where many military people have been and the fact that. these happened here in such a neighborhood just proves how dramatic things really are on the ground. reporting from the scene of an attack on a pro-government t.v. channel in syria well an international conference of countries which have influence on events in syria is for this saturday in geneva it aims to try to find a solution to the crisis in iran hasn't been invited though despite earlier statements from the un syria envoy kofi annan that it should be part of the peace
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process. research from sarah hughes university in beirut says it undermines the credibility of the mediation effort. iran has not been invaded because of the firm u.s. position that iran be excluded from any talks when it comes to syria the secretary of state made it very clear that basically because iran supports assad they should be excluded from any talks with that which is an absolutely absurd position to take because washington actually supports regime change so by that or you know the country is on logic it should actually be excluded from any talks with the situation in syria so really this is washington's heavy hand coming down again on international affairs and particularly in this region and you know as russia has stated this conference coming together really well not much impact if it excludes iran and it is very unfortunate. this this unfortunately kofi annan who also like you said insists that iran should be included has caved in to u.s. will on this and has excluded iran from the are coming around. abbas to proceed to
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the events in syria gets in the with not just politics but also journalism as we report shortly tunnel b.b.c. report cast doubt on the channels accuracy of its coverage of the arab spring revolutions we speculate whether the broadcaster is losing its way. home grown terrorist could be flocking to al qaeda training grounds blooming of things to be arab spring you can use top spy warns of a new threat. to the london olympics or exactly one month away but the city's security operations are already under attack while fighter jets and drones are guarding the skies and big brother is watching every move skeptics believe that won't help those inside the olympic park because basic security the isn't up to par. london two thousand and twelve is almost upon us and with just one month to go it's not just the athletes who are warming up
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a massive security operation is also getting into gear we've got battleships on the river thames with missiles pilotless drones with laser guided bombs missile batteries dotted around the city personnel with untold numbers of firearms or you've got to question the proper proportionality of this london two thousand and twelve is actually starting to look more like a security event. not a sporting event. a security event with a little bit of incidental sport on the beer lympics this is the u.k.'s biggest peacetime security operation and the numbers of personnel are staggering on the ground during the games they'll be twelve and a half thousand police officers supported the occasion by the speed of the whole thousand soldiers but insiders are saying basic security here at the olympic park is seriously lacking investigative journalist li hazeldean is under cover with g
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four s. the security firm that won the four hundred fifty million dollars contract for the games he's posing as a trainee and says rule recruits vetting and training are substandard i was asked during the training exercises to be a would be terrorist i was given a knife a real gun and a fake i.e.d. the gun was in my bag the x. ray operator didn't see it it is a good several times he still didn't find it he got behind one did the hand and it didn't go off he hadn't turned on least says he's raised his concerns with g four s. but was told to mind his own business no one from the company was available to comment for this report meanwhile the organizing committee remains resolute about safety security is absolutely the top priority for us and we want people to know come to visit london. twenty twelve to be absolutely confident that they're going to be safe and secure and you'll go security x. ray machine
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a look at anything you bring in with you that way we can check that anybody coming into the park isn't bringing anything with them that could do anybody any damage that's not lose experience of the operation and he's pessimistic about the safety of visitors to the olympic park it's a huge knife in there you know there's one round of ammunition gets through by one person and fifty people go through different pierces that's fifty rounds of ammunition in the olympics and that's a massacre right then and there if a terrorist or a terrorist organization is intent on getting into the olympics all they have to do at the moment is queue up with a month to go the head of m i five says his organization can't guarantee the security of the games what's that and people are asking is the point of the heavy artillery if the park itself is left wide open laura smith london. the u.k.'s top spy agency also believes that homegrown terrorists trained abroad could pose a major threat to the games the head of m i five said the arab spring uprisings
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which nato and its allies have supported allowed al qaeda to move in and create new training camps defense expert tony shaffer believes nato foreign campaigns are a cause for radicalization. i think people and anticipated wrongly that somehow democracy would just kind of spring forth when given a chance to do that i think people misunderstood badly the idea that you can simply give people a democracy and let them take it from there on i think unless you have a real desire for a democratic process for all voices are heard the default position is really more totalitarian government and one that fails it is an opportunity when society falls apart like it didn't libya like it's doing in syria and frankly in egypt you have an opportunity for these groups who are probably the best equipped best organized to come in and take advantage of the chaos so i think the people of many people in my government misinterpreted completely the potential outcome of creating chaos where there was no clear path to a safe a stable society look i i'm
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a former member of our military. there's a record of us killing civilians in the process of going after these bad guys and what we're doing and i and others on the on the conservative side of said we have to be very careful of the fact that we're creating the next generation of terrorists so i think in many ways by the fact you kill civilians those civilians that become enraged by what you've done then they they gravitate to these these terrorist organizations were alluding to here and i think that's why we're seeing this we recruit vision of radicalism across the board at this point we've actually essentially kind of cut the head off the hydra we kind of defeated a lot of the leadership but now you create these smaller groups which are much harder to track so i think in many ways we're actually adding to this chaos and frankly we just don't know at this point what will become of these groups when it comes to the olympics. with more bailouts in store for the eurozone and boring calls soaring for struggling italy and spain the e.u. is gearing up for a gathering to try and solve its many mounting woes germany is being looked to as
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a saving grace but it keeps refusing to take responsibility for the debts of others when it's now a top business news that a publisher a doctor i comma join me live there in have over now the chancellor angela merkel she's met with the french president on hand ahead of thursday's summit can we expect much opposition from paris to berlin now that merkel's outline because our cause is no longer in power. yes we. used to hold. all the. pieces one to one inflation and they want inflation because of the europeans and the us mr. join the group of european countries and trying to force mrs merrill to glory. and she would agree to war inflation with more money. but we need to do more.
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combined the war. and all the country is putting a lot of pressure on the angela merkel isn't it she said there was no quick fix for the euro zone once again rejecting the idea of joint boring how low income in the pose the the so-called euro bonds everyone else is considering being the only way out of the crisis she can as long as she was the only problem is whether she wants it because she said good news for. the country would be staged and this will be one of the measurements of the euro commission will take the power. with only. and it is the. stability. they will be able to eliminate the democracies in europe and take over or i think she will be the fear
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of the hague or in germany will ultimately be your overall view and so she wants to be as long as the high is the greed to the. you think of economic solution would be fine but of course it's always scuppered along the way by the politics and the portuguese prime minister he said we should expect too much to come out of the summit on thursday as there are quite a few divisive issues mainly talking about politics of course but really do they have time to be divisive any more surely a plan of action needs to be sought immediately even the italian prime minister has claimed that europe has one week to save the euro i mean is an exaggeration or all or not. well. we need to solve the problems for. countries in the us so they try to set up the pressure on the problem free
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to the markets with money to help. even more money but we. have. and it only works with bankruptcy swiss banks and so on so they already need to. really convince each of the. committees a measure that's well we'll wait and see what happens yet another meeting in the meantime doctor i can i thank you very much and if your thoughts gemma business newsletter publisher joining me live and have a thanks a lot. the ecuadorian embassy in britain and the u.s. have received ten thousand messages of support for joining the songes bid for asylum in the latin american country what he anxiously awaits the decision a number of prominent american figures of also join the plea urging president korea to allow the whistleblower the right to live there well earlier i spoke to robert
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nyman now he's the man who started the science petition and even personally delivered to the embassy. my sense sense of other people i've talked to that ecuadorian government officials are sympathetic to their request they understand situation the same way we do understand the threat to join the songs from the united states and it's a threat that sweden once they got custody of assad would hand them over to the united states which would then prosecute him under the very controversial espionage act so i think they understand the situation the same same thing the same way we do which is protecting not only the rights of. an individual but everybody has an interest in this who wants to reform u.s. foreign policy who wants the public to have access to information about u.s. foreign policy that's what's at stake here a much broader issues are at stake in the future of national security journalism so that's why we wanted to raise your voice as particular as americans we don't know
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everything about what the u.s. government has done a night or might but we know that a grand jury was impaneled in the united states to investigate and bring charges we know that bradley manning's attorney believes his harsh treatment in u.s. custody was an attempt to get him to. testify against julian assange for prosecution under the espionage act every reason to believe that given the u.s. campaign against. and their stated intention in the past to go after. that there is a recently they have the opportunity to try to get him and u.s. custody they were totally rational looked at it and documented fear. when you can watch all the episodes of june and sons program on this channel at our website at sanjay dot dot com and check out some of the other stories we lined up
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for you at our dot com today including when president obama sent thirty thousand extra u.s. forces to afghanistan in two thousand and nine it was despite a warning from his vice president on a more about that leaked memo in a new book on the conflict. for so a lot of them only read for freedom brazilian inmates can cut made jail time by becoming more bookworms but the choices are limited find out more online. the b.b.c. has acknowledged its coverage of the uprisings in the middle east could have been broader and special internal inquiry concluded that though generally impartial it lacked context it accused the b.b.c. of being slow to highlight human rights abuses by rebel factions in the libyan war and underestimating the violent nature of the syrian uprising as it began their view also stated that the channel failed to provide international reaction to the events or focus on other countries like saudi arabia and bahrain t.j. walker from a media training organization says the b.b.c. is losing its status as a leading broadcaster. there is
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a bias always baber of the bigger story a true revolution is always going to be more exciting it's going to be a bigger story and that's what reporters want to be a part of doesn't mean it was good journalistic decision but that is that is reality when it comes to major networks the bigger problem for the b.b.c. is there are just so much competition it's easy to be the gold standard when you really have no competition and that was the case for so many decades around the world these days you have more and more networks you have more and more bloggers citizen journalist web sites and there's a lot of good stuff out there and every level of professional level at the citizen journalism level so it's harder for one organization to be the dominant voice. on sunday extradited the last prime minister to serve under gadhafi back to libya
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and now human rights groups say daddy faces a very real risk of being tortured well let's discuss this with press t.v. correspondent lizzie feelin she's actually joining us live now from nicaragua is the amnesty international condemned the decision of the tunisian authorities saying the faces torture and unfair trial and possibly extra judicial execution and some reports suggest he's already suffered a beating in the libyan jail but in spite of all of this it is still right that he should face justice isn't it. well i mean if there are legitimate targets the. movie since you asked of course happened in an environment where i face a fair trial where there is nothing resembling that can happen in libya at any time of the near future because there is no such thing as institutions in libya anymore there is in the no such thing as government and it is very worrying you have been seen by the right wing faction that. that they way works assists something that
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soon is the only ones that you mean and i mean higher as well that was the environment council now in power and egypt in our psyche also with the n.c.c. with some of that lies and then it's easy to extradite many of that's many thousands of libyans who they were most vicious because to do so would be to. go to libya as almost. like it that's has happened so the form of my many ministers and as well as happens so that that was the end of the form of a number of presidents of the united nations and many other thousands of views and as i miss the us and also perhaps. but we must also ask what has an interest in corroborating with the n.c.c. which is clearly practicing systematic abuses and this is an interesting question because in cooperating with then eggs you see which is. the greater destabilization and fragmentation of libya as we have same unfolding every day is essentially to
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say the west's interests very keen to see perpetual instability in libya and in the wider region so that like in iraq what. corporate elites can win contracts supposedly pick up the pieces which of course they will never do because they are in a position so that he says it's only in libya where you suffer and if he is respected that can do that and it's like in that contest so pick. that is another way they won't make any money out pretending that it's also in the west interest that important members of the general area government like the former prime min. spacing . remain subjugating that is amongst those members and those kinds of thousands of maybe and if you have a mouth like that can't see many may bring egypt and. other people who know how to build a stable libya with
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a strong and well functioning institutions is necessary to the society function but the west stuff is. well actually it's a side street in libya. and chaos like that which is there is there not hope that we could see that i mean after all that the jews will hold their first direct elections with congress that will be talks with the government over the elections drafting a constitution is that a sign that democratic change would be underway in libya briefly. perhaps on the face of it but if you if you look at actually what is happening on the ground there continues to be a systematic persecution imprisonment and anybody who doesn't agree. with the militias by many different parts of the country and the. persecution of people who supports the former government so it's ridiculous to hold elections in such an environment of persecution of life six of the population and some estimates
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the refugee population of mckinsey that's next to me and we're talking about one third of the population the. movie was six million so how are those that be inspiring for participating in the future they don't think of that consciously know the only way that we don't proceed i'm. you know doing elections take place is and. then menzies and of course the nato powers like and something to intervene and the bull side again yeah but once that starts and the persecution of sex and sex isn't going to be inside so that all in libya it's all maybe it's can participate in the future of actually. a lot from experience because you spent a lot of time there liberty just briefly and finally the revolution then from what you're saying. hasn't been a success but there are many saying it was a necessary move to get rid of gadhafi and the future is bright
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a book what's your view what was the revolution worth it after all. well i mean i was quoting an insurgency that overthrew. the gypsum and sovereign government under international law and you see a revolution in progress and let's look at what the concrete results of the insurgency in libya have been the concrete results have been hundreds of thousands that that continuing fighting every day those reports. i mean this is the funny part. the persecution of the nut migrant population from sub-saharan africa and it is the complete destruction of all institutions necessary for society function. complete destruction destruction of normal functioning baby live people can go to small people normally you know many people tens of thousands of people are in prison so if this is the result and i know many many boards and i'll be
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honest including in the mainstream media even some disappointed it's sad to see against the former head being men when i was a man in the last almost. under which they live in a country where we tend to achieve the highest standards of living in africa i haven't done that and we're really doing very well all social indicators now there isn't even a. press t.v. correspondent this is real and thanks very much indeed for that live. and well this is r.t. live here in moscow it's twenty five minutes past the hour now to beach is next and dimitri the only business news there is russia's credit ratings are looking better these days well even though they remain actually say but triple b. the fact that in these hard times we're having the euro crisis russia's rating is stable and remains the same makes it look much better the. low the motorcycle from a bank of america merrill lynch. of course seven tragedy to other countries russia is much more protected against
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a potential adept try to the idea that if i do it on the markets and of course it is stable outlook is also a good development and basically just reiterate the best one great great thing for russia is always a good thing to have from a great environment let's take a look at let's take a look at what's going on in the global markets start with america we've got housing market data coming in on a positive note basically two days in a row we're seeing some positive signs from the housing market contract sort of the two year high therefore dow jones nasdaq now gaining point eight and three quarters of a percent respectively now on the previous day we saw housing prices finally increase now in the on the commodities market oil is supported by by the states where we're seeing light sweet gaining of almost the dollar the brant half a dollar per barrel in europe the session is of course close with a puts the end of that seen some hefty gains that's on the back of all this this housing data also looking ahead with optimism into the upcoming e.u.
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summit on thursday so that will be we will be monitoring of course for you and on first dates morrow and on the currency market the euro continues its decline as the dollar gets a boost from this housing data and the russian rubles we can eat against both counts things on the russian market a second strong session in a row that got us and my six getting another one and a half percent so what's moving the my six lots of stories of buybacks there norsk nickel has been a basic common thing that it will be it has been buying back shares in order to just support their price with that with shares gaining two percent lukoil is basically just started as buyback program so we might see some more gains in that stock during a better than the market will be leading blue chips in today's session and after bounces up one percent we can then the market that's as it. has announced it will be shipping larger cars to prove ecuador in there so that's the way
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the markets look they join my colleagues tomorrow at eight twenty am for a first day morning update dimitri thanks very much indeed. now or shortly here on r.t. crosstalk asked whether nato is backing a turkey after its jet was shot down by syria is bringing the alliance another step closer to forcing regime change.
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