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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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today on our team in the twenty four hour news cycle there's time for news sports and weather and a few minutes left for media bashing all mainstream media news outlets attempt to blow holes in our team's credibility will turn the tables and tell you who's paying their bills and you made for t.v. drama shines a spotlight on all the behind the scenes chaos of the typical newsroom rather the type of newsroom viewers wish existed i'll tell you why this depiction of american journalism at its finest is a far cry from reality. for most comparing most of the us comparing notes of our sexual experiences with our current partner can be awkward to say the least or some things we'd rather they not know but should withholding certain information be considered a crime or question more. it's
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wednesday june twenty seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm abby martin and you're watching our t.v. here are to our motto is question more and what that means more than anything is to critically think about what we're told by the mainstream r t offers a different perspective than the m.s.n. tends to host more adversarial journalism dare i say tapping into the roots of what real journalism should be people all over the world are tuning in because they want to see real reporting done about america's domestic and foreign policy according to a recent study r.t.e. leads all other channels in the level of people watching daily in canada channels growing popularity hasn't come without controversy. r t is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like al-jazeera but the kremlin already
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controls domestic television now it's going after the international audience to repair a national event tarnished by war corruption and assaults on democracy under vladimir putin freedom of the press was stifled as tremont approved only got sports media outlets one after another and none of these china we see. is about to bite the hand that feeds them now a lot of people say yeah our team does have spin because it's funded by the government of russia let's examine the premise at work here greenwald wrote an article that sums it up pretty nicely shining a light on the people and money behind the scenes he asks is there a rule that says it's perfectly ok for a journalist to work for a media outlet own and controlled by a weapons manufacture like and that's n.b.c. and n.b.c. are owned by the u.s. and british governments like the b.b.c. stars and stripes as well as the voice of america or what owned by rupert murdoch and a saudi prince benefactors of the wall street journal and the so-called fair and balanced
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journalistic stylings of fox news or what about the banking corporation with longstanding ties to right wing governments that fund politico how about for profit corporations whose profits depend on staying in the good graces of the us government or by loyalist to one of the two major political parties in the us. but it's apparently a violation of journalistic integrity to run a media outlet owned by the russian government so where did that will come from remember it's not that our it's not our t. that sat on the bush wiretapping story for a year or disseminated government propaganda eighteen this country into an illegal and immoral war that was the new york times now i work at the station not because i'm trying to advance the interests of the russian government but because i genuinely care about this country and where we're headed i want to help inform people because i believe that without an informed citizenry we can't properly govern ourselves and vote with our best interests i've seen the corporate media made media fail time and time again by catering to the establishment and i'm
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honored to be given a platform that i can speak my mind and explore subjects without a filter and with zero censorship from the top i live by this motto and i hope you do too to always always question more apparently some in the entertainment entertainment industry see what journalism used to be and how drastically it's changed h.b.o.'s new show newsroom cuts through the world of manufactured journalism teacher and character reporters that have the desire to tell it like it really is or tease honest. has the scoop. that evening i'm on that cowboy this is newsnight slap in the face of mainstream american journalism i'm a leader in an industry that terror scares and failed to report on tectonic shifts in our country speaking truth to power when you ask what makes the greatest country in the world i don't know what you're talking about the fourth branch of power is finally back hitting america's screens a new t.v. show called the newsroom not in reality
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a lot of countries do things better than the united states but we can't even have that discussion because you're shouted down and unpatriotic brutal truths on what journalism should really be about in the old days we did as well you know. we just decided the passion to question the status quo and the fear mongering of real broadcasts not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim we were attacked by muslims we were attacked by sociopaths examples of absurdity taken to an extreme on t.v. news but city county is in danger of falling under story along as viewership on real mainstream media plummets the show adds insult to injury by portraying common news show behavior threatening the fabric of society coming out in a major garrett. amid critical reviews a t.v. show about the news more honest than real news show business is doing a better job than the news this and presenting news it's a complete flip around
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a lot of reporters and producers news anchors who look at this show should be blushing and should be thinking they got us here are they if you try and do it in the purest sense what your character does in this show it doesn't right when a fictional anchor fights for substance on the news but to humor the first story of these the breast cancer all of the women that the baby was raised with that he's resisted by the system. in real american mainstream newsrooms this straight forwardness is a myth nobody really likes to bite the hand that. feeds that i feel like i mean us right here on the nominees instead infotainment is king there's a deliberate effort here you know basically the same truth be damned we have to do all we have to do to get audience it seems to take years before a truth catches up with news until then there's no room for real news in us newsrooms you've got way too much crap focused on just as valid stuff like reality
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television what happened on jersey shore one taking away from good news in the mainstream media today focuses on pitch and space and not angering corporate owners or challenging the system uncomfortable issues opinions deemed politically incorrect or the questioning of long held beliefs about america it seems are best left to to do drama and facing a target or new york. well we'll definitely be following up on this story later today so stay tuned and still ahead on our team let your libido get carried away don't forget to go through your priest sex checklist with your partner in full disclosure of your sexual health tops the list coming up we'll tell you how to not disclosing certain information could earn you some time behind bars. it's line of american power continue. things are so bad. might actually be time for revolution.
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and it turns out that a popular drink at starbucks has a surprising review of. pepper spray just burns your eyes right right i mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper it's a food product essentially. i was much stronger than anything you'd be by obviously . thousands of times were stronger than any kind of debris and they were pushing the. is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. welcome to the capital account i'm mr. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who
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can you trust no one who is imbued with the global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called. when nobody dares to ask we do r t question more. we just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old don't you tell the truth. i am a confession i am going to get a friend that highly fragmented coffee and for. that he was kind of it yesterday. i'm very proud of the world with its place.
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here you are. lucky to be alone and so you know there's a real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and from what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . well today is national hiv testing day in america now it's pretty rare that you find people openly discussing stas or talking freely about their hiv diagnosis and the people that tell others are men need to know basis what if someone doesn't feel like there is a need to know basis if someone has a try should they be forced to tell their partner that they don't should it be
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a crime in many states it is forty five states have laws against hiv positive people not disclosing their status during sex prostitution needle exchanges or when making donations of fluid some a break the law or sentence with twenty five years in prison so it's up to the state to decide or should this issue stay among the morality of the citizenry to discuss more catherine hansen's executive director and founder of the center for hiv law and policy so what do you think catherine thanks for joining me by the way what do you think do you think that this should be criminalized by this by the states. no and i think your initial point that nobody talks about as t.-i used is a critical one. i'm not the first person to say this but lots of people like to have sex but don't seem to like to talk about it and singling out each i did a as the only condition which must be reported to a partner assuming you even know and face criminal penalties if you don't really
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does it make any sense from a public health perspective which is why all of these laws come from politicians they really don't come from public health departments. sure i mean look at something like h.p.v. which causes cervical cancer even things that are on curable that you have for life herpes genital warts things like this i mean when you look at something like age i mean it's not a death sentence anymore so why should that be criminalized when these other elements are not elements but estes aren't well that is that's the key question not be i think one of the reasons these laws are still on the books and it's important for folks to know that they were primarily adopted back in the 1980's when hiv was viewed as a terminal disease something that hasn't been the case since drug therapies evolved more than fifteen years ago but you know most of these laws have
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been on the books since before nine hundred ninety and unfortunately a lot of our attitudes about each they remain back in the one nine hundred eighty six thinking about it as a fatal disease and also. also understanding about how it should be is transmitted and how easily it is transmitted or not transmitted it also unfortunately states back in one thousand nine hundred six well so there are pretty antiquated laws considering the progress of technology and to help people diagnose with age i have you talk a little bit about how this is actually regulated i know that i read a case about prosecutions happening when condoms were used and hiv wasn't transmitted i mean how does that happen yeah absolutely and were involved in in an appeal of a case of a man in iowa who after a one night sexual encounter that was consensual in which he used
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a condom. in same for sex which hopefully i can say this on t.v. or else acts which poses very little risk of transmission at least of a true. ok but use protection was on de facto if there be so the transmitter mission rest was pretty much as close to zero as you can have i mean scientists will never see zero without practically anything and after his partner discovered the ark our client might be a hiv positive he went to the police the iowa man was arrested he was sentenced to twenty five years in prison and although the sentence last reconsidering reconsidered excuse me and he's currently on. on extended court supervision he also is required to register as a sex offender which needless to say has permanent lifelong consequences on your
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social interactions and your employment opportunities and this is a case in which transmission didn't occur but even in cases where there is transmission people are being punished with sentences that in in many instances if not post instances far outstrip the kind of penalty should face if you get in your car and run somebody over and kill them so their reaction from beginning to end is far from rational and it really is not rational or or sensible from a personal health perspective to rely on what somebody tells you or what you think you can tell or know about the reach of the status when making decisions about your sexual health and you pointed out all the excellent reasons why that's not a good idea h.p.v. a other s.t.i. hiv is just one of them and probably not the last serious piracies that can be
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sexually transmitted that will encounter in our lifetimes. very interesting case indeed catherine was that this having happened in one of the states that it's actually against the law if you bite or spit on someone if you have your diagnosis they are is this in another state well it's no that was in iowa where the crime is actually to act with the intention to expose somebody to your body fluids in a way that can treat it's transmitted it should be so it doesn't specifically. you know in the reference there is to intimate contact but there are cases even without the specific statutes new york is a sad example for example of such a state where people have been prosecuted under from will salt. statutes for spitting and biting. but there are issues suggest a number of states that do have statutes that explicitly make spending and biting
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well hiv positive a felony which is interesting because it's never been proven that actually transmits the disease like you're saying it's based on this antiquated base of knowledge that doesn't even apply to what is really happening no there is no moderately informed person that believes hiv can be transmitted by spitting or throwing up on someone and yet we have a prosecutor here in a county in new york who is that how we want to pursue a law that will do precisely that because a case that he prosecuted them that put someone behind bars for many years for exactly that was reversed on appeal on the reason according to new york's high court that to base criminal liability on the health status of an individual is is
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dangerous not only because it's not consistent with regular criminal law but dangerous from basic human rights principles catherine how do we move past this this timid nature of people you know you said yourself we love to have sex you know we don't we're very scared to talk about the stark reality that exists in the world today that as soon as our very real and there transmit all the time how do we get we move past this and really open a dialogue well i mean. shows like this are are certainly an important way of communicating to a lot of people the realities of what sexual health involves and how to protect yourself and the kind of really harmful. dangerous. you know uninformed or misinformed child sees that are being pursued on the public's be have by politicians essentially that should know better but joan i
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think there are other things that there are a variety of things that can happen we've been calling for the centers for disease control and prevention which is the federal agency charged with overseeing the public's health to really be more aggressive in campaigns that promote honest and open discussion about sex and sexual hounding catherine and thank you so much for coming on and we really appreciate your time and for explain this as you know they have their hands on executive director and founder of the center for h.i.v. law and policy. earlier in the show we told you about the new h.b.o. series called the newsroom and shared some of the problems with mainstream media coverage today was the corporate consolidated corporate media model fails in its coverage alternative media and citizen journalism are on the rise and as more voices perspectives and biases enter the global reporting spectrum online and becomes harder to find the facts so where does this leave the for the state and
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what's to be for the future of journalism christopher chambers journalism professor at georgetown university joins me from moore thanks so much for coming in thank you what do you think the biggest problem facing journalism is today well you know they boil it down an allegorical form in the newsroom i mean it's corporate control five companies owning about ninety six percent let's say of the mainstream media in this country but there's also. there was a problem before that and that was not being able to really focus on what their role was in society yes expose truth and justice but everybody's got a different definition of what that is us fifty different people who get fifteen different answers so you have that moving as technology starts to move in the twentieth century early twentieth century and the corporate model gets a hold in the eighty's and that blows everything to hell i mean i've just given it to you in a nutshell right there like will mcavoy. is the good that shows how have you seen
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journalism change from when you were younger till now well there is the fragmentation because of the technology and you know they don't really deal with that as much on the show it's really about cable news but it but let me just focus on that you have the rise with ted turner of the twenty four hour news cycle you have to fill it with something and when you mix it with the corporate culture of dumbing things down to get you know a lowest marginal cost the biggest bang for the buck and that big bang usually is through can do. you know the brain candy of some sort anything that's going to make people crazy either through affecting their reptilian brain in their medulla or given them something sweet to crave for and that's what news especially twenty four hour cable news has boiled into but then you have this other universe out there alternative news sources many different platforms but even there you have a problem where things are fragmented you can be in your own tribe you can wall
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yourself off and the craziness starts to echo you know t.v. news down here and. a verse that's about fifty percent. i think that's where people get really and they shut themselves off from news entirely they either have this old dinosaur media model that totally is detached from what they were about or they have they're inundated with information just everywhere and i don't know where to find the facts i mean where do you suggest that people get their news or really search for things online and well i mean it would have to be various sources and you have to be it starts really starts young it starts before i get kids at georgetown i mean empathy critical thinking things like that starts start when you're a kid and you have to carry that through because by the time you're an adult with the fragmentation the corporate ownership the agendas either government or corporate it's going to pull you in about a dozen different different directions and that's what they have on the show they
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don't really go into multimedia stuff too much but i mean it's hard for the media itself to look at itself even even in a fictionalized account t.v. cable news looks at itself way too seriously given its importance in society in that you have these other platforms online multimedia where you see a lot of self-importance and snark you know like well these are dinosaurs well you know but that doesn't necessarily mean you are more of evolved in your views and how you approach things than they are you just have better technology as a relation as the citizen doesn't i mean it's this growing because i mean we have the new alternative media the rise of citizen journalism live streaming right on the ground reporting when you have you know what some people call the dinosaur meetings all the corporate top down enemies but do you think that they're going to integrate at all or you think that we're going to see a growing divide you think that this corporate media model will start adapting the technologies of citizen journalism into their will they already are i mean that you know curation crowdsourcing are now taglines of these big media companies are
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trying to really push everything into a single commercial model you're always going to have the cable giants out there which you know and that's the magnifying glass to that the newsroom. yes but you know maybe we need you know aaron sorkin wrote the newsroom he also wrote the social network about facebook maybe we need a t.v. show about this multimedia new alternative platforms because there when you see these magazines online magazines like politico or the daily caller they're really not quote digging for truth either they're really curating rehashing maybe making people comfortable with the prejudices and passions that they might already have so that's we have to address that before we address the business model but the business model is starting to mesh but again it's for commercials for it to make money to make books not to enlighten people very true at the bottom line and as
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a nation and you know not to necessarily where you know that they can make a living and why but when you're teaching your class to students are you worried that the model i mean a chance changing so rapidly and things are advancing very quickly are you worried that it's kind of an outdated model or that or that things are going to change so well known i mean. people are going to need reporters people who who find a story develop story sources dig for the truth people are always going to need that people want that really that's what they want in cable giant news they really do want that most people at least maybe not fox but most people at least they want it here they also want it on other platforms like you know multimedia journalism it's just that the outlets are going to change how we're going to get the news how we're going to get our information is going to is changing you know for from the from a gutenberg bible or a stone tablet or a wall painting to an i phone now i mean that's what's that's what doesn't change
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is change technological change people always want the information the problem is is that the other thing people want is to hear stuff that makes them feel good or to feed their passions and fears. to go cuckoo that doesn't change either so it's going to be an eternal battle between delivery systems and technology and our passions and stupidity so you know what are we going to what master are we going to serve now unfortunately we have a situation where the worst of both worlds is put together it doesn't matter whether it's online or on you know will mcavoy fictional network or on fox or the daily caller a politico and this and b c we've got the worst of both worlds now what we try to do is get people to pull that apart and pick you know really report things with authority and dignity and ethics and empathy among all things it does seem like it's driven on a lot of fare and it's important to get your perspective from a lot of different sources and pick out your cash and sex or markable motives thank
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you so much to us christopher chambers journalism professor at georgetown university sam back here and a half hour thanks for joining us. i earned.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. shankar for a shelter on the day. six .


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