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divided they stand disagreements between leaders played the bloc summit even before it starts with germany rejecting the idea of debt sharing crushing the hopes of crisis hit countries. is one mistake that we've committed we put all our eggs in the american best allies turning into anime's three out of four of pakistanis now think of the us as their phone with anger growing over civilian deaths from america's drone attacks. and a runs exclusion from the upcoming international meeting on syria in geneva cast doubt over the impact of the gathering which aims to find a way to end the country's bloodshed.
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it is ten am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program deeply divided leaders are gearing up for a summit this thursday this as german chancellor angela merkel insisted there will be no debt sharing europe a stance that won't sit well with troubled states such as spain and italy and there's also no relief for greece where the country's most vulnerable suffering under a sterile as artist jacob greece now reports. dealing with the problems facing disabled greeks on a daily basis and all too familiar with the realities of euro zone back to stare at a new government. as. the second bailout. that means that you have. public. spending. within a month actually the further eleven point five years she points out it's been three
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months since anyone has been paid five to disability benefits it's really difficult to have a house in greece today fighting a long term battle with multiple cirrhosis sophie is now without state support stricken health care system so left out on our own. i want to because i have money from my job but that other people cannot even get their medications. from their parents in this. good medications. for help. so if we don't get. this my you cannot get. us there to be fewer stay cut backs off and prove in the toughest of those who need the money the most cases like the fees are by no means unique in modern day greece but one question is now being asked of the government is it down
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to a simple lack of state funds or are they misspending what little they do have newly formed the current government is largely made up of old factions new democracy and the past party made up the ruling coalition of the previous administration presiding over a period of cuts but the military remains somewhat shielded in two thousand and ten as debt ridden greece penned its first bailout deal signed away one billion euro to france and germany and one. that is contracts but even with no obvious conflicts looming it's an expenditure still defended this is because we're. in the military we don't have so much clout as we have. in the sort of structure of for example in the hospitals we have. that we don't have in the military greece is not the country that can stay without an active army
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but given the current plight of many greeks it appears there's nothing left to axe from health care on the back of public pressure the new government is now seeking a reworking called the bailout conditions but once the sun may have set on greece's latest round of political instability its economic troubles are still very much under the spotlight to hear greece see athens. but while germany continues to call for more discipline among the debt ridden states the nation is unwilling to implement the same measures at home that's according to british i'm a p. they can afford. we have another european summit to everybody seems to be disagreeing before they even get into the room. speaking to german colleagues speaking to for example finnish colleagues they're still enormously uncomfortable with the idea that they effectively guaranteeing the other countries in the euro zone's debts and the two sides to this deal they say are one side you're asking us
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to guarantee your debts to these euro bonds on the other side if we're going to do that we want to have control of how you spend your money we want to have control of your national budgets and so then the the weak tend to be southern european countries as a no we're not going to give up that lack of sovereignty or not going to give you control of our own national spending huge democratic deficit that that would cause so that's the big argument to germany saying there's no guarantee unless you also give us control of the budget and them say we're not going to give you control of our budget and interestingly just last week i'm in a fight where germany has decided they don't want to disclose the size of some of their off balance sheet debts. she is sort of saying one thing to others and they're not they preferred to do the same thing herself. and on the other side of the atlantic the five biggest u.s. banks are drawing up contingency plans in case they fail one of them is j.p. morgan which among other financial institutions was recently downgraded by moody's
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as max geyser and stays in her bid to reveal in the next hour here in our team the american giant would have been rated even lower without government support. there's cufflink you jamie you know the congress. fellow. and the one. that you're not going to downgrade me more than two categories or i'm going to have to cut off all your junk in the guns and i'm going to have to make sure that your guest even get home today because i'm jamie did come up with a couple and you know the same kind of language you're wiretapping when you drop in on the mafia they're like soul chuckie the dead fish go is saying that. that you could always get the bid rigging done in a certain period of time or he's going to come over there to steam that you know it could be living much longer.
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three and four pakistanis now consider the u.s. an anime according to a new survey published in america ties between the two countries have recently hit new lows over the civilian casualties caused by ongoing u.s. drone attacks more than twenty people have been killed in militant attacks in pakistan over the past few days alone adding to the thousands of lives lost since the washington led war in afghanistan began eleven years ago or he's got it should count takes a closer look at a complicated alliance. it's not only u.s. bombs that fly in pakistan but also the stream of demands and accusations from washington there are several things that where asking the pakistanis to do more and better number one they've got to do more about the safe havens inside their own country even ridicule the u.s. defense secretary has laughed at pakistan for being in the dark on the bin laden raid the.
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literal in washington's rhetoric now suggest that during the decade of war in afghanistan pakistan had been there myself instrumental ally in the region the united states could not have had secured afghanistan in three weeks with minimum cost in terms of. money and in terms of in terms of the lives of its soldiers that would not have been possible without fox and the assistance and help free sentiment towards the alliance with the us has fueled domestic insurgency in pakistan poxon has lost about somewhere between five thousand to six thousand soldiers and paramilitary soldiers but more than that we've lost more than thirty five thousand civilians and these people died because of the a spate of bombings in a crude comparison the us has lost two thousand troops in afghanistan they want the
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pakistanis to do our dirty work for us and the pakistanis have simply said we've supported you forward eleven years we can't do it anymore you're killing our stability they have to stop the civil war in the country they have to stop the war that's going on on their own territory because of their help for the united states so they have a number of problems which i think amount to a mass and they're going to be left high and dry when we leave many washington see a different picture of a country that does not fully do their bidding. changed with the billions they'd sent them were given taxpayer money to this country which is not treating us right but we're going to stay we were we have trusted pakistan way too long the pakistanis see another mistake there's one mistake that we've committed we've put all our eggs in the american basket and part of the deterioration in our genes strategic position over the past decade since two thousand and one is because of this fact that we completely relied on the americans and it's not the first time
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they've dished it be before as well but but so to speak we made this mistake and we're trying to know correct that mistake pakistan is now working hard on its regional alliances primarily with china but the u.s. still needs pakistan washington has been able to continue drone strikes in pakistan likely because of its military leaders tacit agreement the u.s. also needs the short route through pakistan to supply the troops in afghanistan islam watch shouted down last year in response to the killing of two dozen pakistani soldiers but with elections approaching their end with people furious at the u.s. there is little chance pakistani policy makers will want to be seen as being more accommodating to the united states the mockery and condescending remarks from washington make those chances even slimmer during the last decade of war and have got is that pakistanis have dealt with an unprecedented insurgency in their own country terror which has killed an awful lot of people much more than the losses tarried by the u.s. in afghanistan and that to
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a large extent was the price pakistan paid for its alliance with the u.s. but these days in washington it seems hardly anyone keeps that in mind when handing out another portion affect his ations and humiliation to the nation they once convinced to become their ally i'm going to check our reporting from washington are to. you as war has also come at a high price for the american public r t a special report focuses on the families whose loved ones died on foreign soil. excuse me can i speak with you sir let me this is plain my son died under one hundred three you don't agree we don't have to look for other names my son isn't this is a marine i don't know what his craft we are going to friday for you'll see there's . been some concern the country. is the country your ears. are in hope to help your family. you find in so many own says war. and meet some success.
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all this extent a report is coming your way at nine am g.m.t. . iran will be briefed on the results of an international meeting on the syrian crisis despite not being invited according to the office of u.n. peace envoy kofi annan earlier the u.s. objected to iran's participation in the talks on saturday aimed at uniting influential states behind proposals for a syrian led political transition russia and the us are divided on the issue of iran's involvement with the two nations along with a number of western and arab countries do it and the gathering by tehran isn't the only issue the two nations disagree on washington once the handover of power in syria would seem president to go to war as moscow opposes the idea that other countries should dictate a political transition insisting it's a decision for the syrian people but of all analysts there mars taking sides in the conflict undermines the credibility of the mediation effort. has not been invited
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because of the firm u.s. position that iran be excluded from any talks when it comes to syria the secretary of state made it very clear that basically because iran supports us they should be excluded from any talks with that which is not absolutely absurd position to take because washington actually supports regime change so by that you know the big countries on logic it should actually be excluded from any talks the situation in syria so really this is washington's heavy hand coming down again on international affairs and particularly in this region and you know as russia has stated this conference coming together really well not much impact if it excludes iran and it is very unfortunate. this unfortunate kofi annan who also insists that iran should be included has caved in to us will on this and has excluded iran from the upcoming event. a u.n. panel of investigators has admitted it is unable to determine who was behind the
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whole massacre in may that left one hundred eight civilians including many women and children dead that's after most western states at that time laid the blame squarely on the assad government martensite from the globalist online magazine says he's not surprised the panel failed to reach a definitive conclusion. i think the report is so uncertain because the evidence it had to sift through was uncertain this was not a cotton dried case despite misleading reports in the western press that it was i think this is a classic case were both public pundits and even the spokesmen of major governments needs to learn to watch their language until they know for sure what the facts of a situation are and this was not done in this case people shot from the hip objectivity requires caution it requires a restraint from pointing figures rushing to assign blame that is not responsible
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diplomacy it leads to very dangerous faceoffs between major powers it's a very responsible behavior also on how to program here in our teeth thousands throw their support behind wiki leaks out of there julian assange onj ecuadorian embassy u.k. and u.s. receiving a flood of e-mails urging the nation to except the world's most famous whistleblower . must serve time in the military or serve time behind bars find out why this ng is so difficult for a community in israel all that and much more coming your way in just a few minutes. well
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i thought you were take this time to decide to join us and just play for political asylum there are a growing number of calls for the latin american country to say yes or than ten thousand e-mails of support for the whistleblower have been sansa to the ecuadorian embassy as in the u.k. and u.s. and a separate show of support thousands have signed a petition a move initiated by u.s. based civil liberty group just foreign policy are to talk to robert naiman policy director for the organization who initiated the campaign. my sense sense of the people i've talked to is that ecuadorian government officials are sympathetic to their request they understand the situation the same way we do understand the threat to join the songs from the united states and the threat that's we once they got to be in assad would hand them over to the united states which would then
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prosecute him under the very controversial espionage act we don't know everything about what the u.s. government has done a night or might do but we know that a grand jury was impaneled in the united states to investigation of wiki leaks and bring charges we know that bradley manning's attorney believes they can use harsh treatment in u.s. custody was an attempt to get him to. testify against julian assange if there is a recently that they have the opportunity to try to get him in the u.s. custody they will do so this is totally rational the documented fear well don't forget join us and is hosting his own interview series here on our t.v. and if you've missed any of the ten episodes that al already aired they're still available in a special section of our website at www dot r.t. dot com. i mean julian assange. it is true what
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you read where they expose the world secrets these jackets belong united states government being attacked by the united states strongly condemned but after the war it legally shoot five hundred days now i've been detained without charge. that hasn't stopped us. today we're on a quest for relief ideas that can change the world tomorrow. this is r.t. and let's now take a look at some other stories from around the world and out of control wildfire has destroyed dozens of homes and forced tens of thousands to evacuate a region in the u.s. state of colorado the flames reached pard's of an air force academy destroying over a third of its property president barack obama is expected to tour the area on friday were having smoke and still be seen harboring over a neighborhood's a lightning strike sparked wildfires several weeks ago. queen elizabeth the second
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and former irish republican army commander a large in the guinness shook hands on wednesday in a much anticipated encounter the gesture symbolized nor the island's progress of peace after decades of violence the media wasn't allowed to witness their initial handshake inside a belfast theatre how to show that hands a second time shortly after it's believed mcguinness was the i race chief of staff on the group assassinated the queen's nine hundred seventy. one. more than one hundred people are dead after landslides and floods wiped out parts of southern bangladesh the rains pound of the region for days with forecasters projecting more bad weather increasing the possibility of further destruction but officials claimed two hundred fifty thousand people are still stranded in the disaster zone with public transportation entirely cut off at the beach she's. a group of arabs so once proud way mand israel's military are now refusing to join the ranks of the man or
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even jersey prison over national service artist policy or explains. a family united in grief but divided in loyalties the tears mixed with feelings of regret and loss and the perpetual question did their loved ones die serving the enemy the service i used to see them as marchers and see them as victims my brothers were victims of the zionist movement and they died fighting the room people yemen's family belongs to israel's drew sect an offshoot of islam of about one hundred fifty thousand people there our being culture and language but our loyal to the jewish state for years this son served proudly in elite israeli units first as volunteers and for the last fifty years as conscripts and although it was the jews who asked to be drafted today a growing number of the youngsters choose prison over army service. we're used as
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a tool to oppress so people the palestinians who want to take part in it anymore. spearheading the changing mood is this man whose two brothers and one uncle died serving in the i.d.f. outraged by many israeli government policies he works as a lawyer defending palestinian prisoners in israeli jails so the question of the ins and we've druze are palestinians and israel can't change that we have always been and will always be palestinians youngins uncle silo was killed while working in the israeli border police in one thousand nine hundred ninety his brother for large fell on christmas eve thirteen years later then tragedy struck again when his older brother named after his fallen uncle was killed on mother's day by his bullets to a side bomber in lebanon. as you know ever since he died i do not celebrate mother's day i do not accept. from my remaining children i can bear it so it was spoiled and beautiful after he was killed i said no one will go to the army ever
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again it had been solid choice to serve on the front line is the commander of a combat unit he wanted to play his part fighting for his country but it's that same country that now his brother is making sure no one from the family puts on a uniform to defend it again. could if he were here and i'm sure they would have reached the same conclusion i have i'm sure that they are proud of me but pride is a feeling lost in the anguish that stalks these walls the shadow of death a reminder of the all too high price this family's paid many israeli jews complain they treated as second class citizens because while it's true they do enjoy some benefits because of the army service like palestinians in israel they suffer inequalities in municipal budgets education and employment policy r t tell of of. right now to check out the latest business news with marina so the trading is
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started in russia do we have a good numbers we have mixed numbers so. nothing new here but basically this is pretty much how analysts are saying it's going to be until that emu summit kicks off in brussels and they will have a clearer picture of what they're saying what measures they'll announce if they're lower than say the that is and that's what investors really want to hear they want to hear as particular action and measures that don't want to hear about more leaders the scots saying the potential creation of a bank in the in the potential and so gratian of a for a first go into greater than the euro zone they actually want to see things are happening but for now let's take a look at the international markets here of course are trading in about an hour's time so for us let's start with russia which kicked up the trade as i said in this hour and as you can see the i.d.s. is out in just north of my success losing just a lot and this is a reflection of what's happening with crude prices it will take a look at. what's happening there the figures say lights again in this hour was the broad blood is loose and that is you can see but at least it is that eighty dollars
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a barrel mark because it lost a fifth of its value since the beginning of this year and of course russian investors are particularly monitoring crude prices because they have a major impact on the russian economy all right let's move on and see what's happening with the internet still trading right now and it's all in positive territory of all the hindsight is out in only just a notch there when it comes to the nikkei has added over one and a half percent we have financial and interest particularly well but investors are mainly tracking gains that we saw over night on the wall street if we take a look at the close up picture there from wednesday's trade in session we see that both the dow and the nasdaq at a point seven four percent there and that was mainly due to pause the housing data as well as a better than expected data coming from durable goods orders that always has a major influence on what we see happening with the markets they're moving on to current seized with the ruble it's now a mixed picture it is losing when it comes to the euro by the gaining so the
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greenback and when it comes to the euro it's supposed to in strong gains against the u.s. dollar now stay with the europe as if the debt problems weren't enough now there is trouble with its banking sector and as we know several banks are currently under investigation right now for trying to manipulate interest rates which banks lend to each other this comes after barclays was fined four hundred fifty million dollars after its traders lined to make the bank look more secure during the financial crisis and the problem isn't restricted to europe alone banks in asia and the u.s. are being monitored now as well. all right and of course europe will be open for trading next hour and we'll have a better idea of what's happening around the world with the markets absolutely we're well as you said it's a mixed picture there but we're waiting for that e.u. summit to. the picture will be different thanks very much indeed for this through with the business. and of course there's plenty more coming your way including the
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headlines stay with us. well for the coolness the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains dirty diesels into green rail dreams double down on profits by building up instead of outside and in german smaller places east for the self knowledge up here on r.g.p.
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