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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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two large bomb blasts have shaken the syrian capital striking close to a government building it all comes just a day after a deadly attack on a pro-government t.v. station. e.u. leaders grow desperate to undo the ruinous effect of austerity on the union member nations where we have german proposals of a political federation of europe. and anti american sentiment in pakistan a reaches new peaks as the country's involvement in the u.s. led afghan war claims pakistani lives on an almost daily basis.
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now or just after five pm here in moscow rule re sushi live on r t welcome to the program two blasts have ripped through the syrian capital of damascus sending huge plumes of smoke over the city state t.v. is reporting that the explosions which it describes as terror attacks took place in the carpark of the palace of justice with details now for national. they have been to have explosions in the old tolland early on earlier today syrian television has been reporting that there has been another third explosive device but it didn't go all the also saying that the explosives were in the garage behind justice policy in the old damascus where usually judges of the syrian called park their cars we didn't get any information about casualties only about several cars been damaged and also we've been hearing earlier today about another attack on a police station here in damascus as well and again no reports of casualties it's
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worse to say course that these happened and we're hearing these just stay off to another attack happened here in damascus the syrian state run television studio has been attacked. the government is saying by terrorist groups obviously what we see right now is an escalation of attacks from the armed rebels this happened just two days after president bashar assad has said that syria's now in the real state a war so what we see now is indeed a war and we see escalation of the conflict dramatic and violence is continuing a lot t. has managed to obtain allegedly showing the result of a brutal massacre in the syrian sea to harm on that happened in april where families claiming that their relatives were slaughtered by the rebels the victims' bodies show evidence of severe trauma bullet wounds and burns at the beginning of
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the idea we can see three children they are in tears and the older girl demands to be allowed to see her mother in hospital meanwhile just recently you and panel of investigators had admitted it is nabl to determine who was behind the houla massacre that happened in syria in may that claimed one hundred eight lives of civilian people including many who were. and children that south. western countries have been very quick to blame assad government for these bloodshed but who is kin who really remains impossible to find out what is more if a national reporting now meantime turkey has deployed dozens of military vehicles to the syrian border including anti aircraft systems sold in response to syria downing one of its warplanes last week for violating the country's airspace he insists its fighter jet to enter into syria's territory by mistake and only briefly refusing to accept it was shot down over syrian territorial waters jeremy salt
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a turkey based professor of middle eastern history and politics says another incident like that may bring already strained relations between ankara and damascus to a break. one has to see what's happening with the plane is a very significant. the not in the tension between syria and turkey and so it is responded to that by moving. troops up to the border into syria is doing the same on the other side so quite clearly even though it seems that nature doesn't at this stage want to intervene ultimately in syria because the danger is what is trying to do is to bring down the syrian government but starting a war of attrition from within another incident like this could trigger off you know a collision between the two countries and of insulation i mean you can say when it would happen if it would happen the deaths will be are right now turkey's
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confrontation with syria may heighten tension ahead of a major international talks on the syrian crisis this weekend in geneva at the talks are aiming to unite influential states behind proposals for a syrian led political solution to the crisis but it's not is pretty or all of the reports the meeting is going to be marked by very serious differences between those in attendance. those differences really boil down to what involvement iran should have if any countries like the united states in great britain say that iran shouldn't be involved or we heard from said again today who reiterated russia's stance on this which is that iran isn't just a neighbor to syria that tehran exerts a certain amount of influence over damascus and that iran is a major player in that region and in that role they should have a say and what's decided about the future of that part of the world look at that inner city school who are now talking about stopping bloodshed in syria iran is certainly an influential player in this situation alongside other nations in the
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region will not inviting to run on board the geneva talks on syria is a mistake but there are already some experts are saying that the expulsion of iran really costs a doubts over how successful lease talks can be. responded to comments from western diplomats which suggested that the upcoming talks would focus on kofi annan plan for a unity government in syria that would be a government which would could contain members of the opposition as well as the current company but would exclude any person deemed to undermine the credibility of the new unity government which would be in place now these comments from the western diplomat suggest that russia was on the side with. sergey lavrov saying that no decisions have been made yet and it russia wouldn't commit to anything before talks on saturday. or there are no agreed projects on syria so far i think the reports of a potential documents that have come up in the media or
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a negligent approach to diplomacy which is. also differences between the way the united states and russia view the future the future decisions of who should lead syria washington saying that condemning assad is a criminal and saying that he should have no further role to play in the country where israel. says knots not a decision for any other nation to make only the people of syria should decide the future of their country. reporting right there well it's good to have you with us on the program today still to come for you here on r.t. just a few minutes away that over wiki leaks united as the world's most famous whistleblower julian a songe awaits a decision on his asylum claim in london's ecuadorian embassy the diplomatic mission is snowed under by e-mails and letters supporting the wiki leaks. now it's been revealed that the seventeen that pakistani soldiers were beheaded in a recent across the border raid this was a raid from
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a from afghanistan islamabad blames nato for allowing this latest loss of life to occur as well as the thousands of pakistani deaths since the beginning of the u.s. led war but he's going to check on the reports on the extreme price the country is paying for its alliance with washington. it's not only u.s. bombs that fly in pakistan but also the stream of demands and accusations from washington there are several things that where asking the pakistanis to do more and better number one they've got to do more about the safe havens inside their own country even ridicule the u.s. defense secretary has laughed at pakistan for being in the dark on the bin laden raid. literally in washington's rhetoric now suggest that during the decade of war in afghanistan pakistan had been their most instrumental ally in the region the united
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states could not have had security afghanistan in three weeks with minimum cost in terms of. money and in terms of in terms of the lives of its soldiers that would not have been possible without fox and the assistance and help re sentiment towards the alliance with the us has fueled domestic insurgency in pakistan poxon has lost about somewhere between five thousand to six thousand soldiers and paramilitary soldiers but more than that we've lost more than thirty five thousand civilians and these people died because of these bombings in a crude comparison the us has lost two thousand troops in afghanistan they want the pakistanis to do our dirty work for us and the pakistanis have simply said we've supported you forward eleven years we can't do it anymore you're killing our stability they have to stop the civil war in the country they have to stop the war
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that's going on on their own territory because of their help for the united states so they have a number of problems which i think amount to a mass and they're going to be left high and dry when we leave many washington see a different picture of a country that does not fully do their bidding. changed with the billions they'd sent them were given taxpayer money to this country which is not treating us we're eight but we made a mistake we were we have trusted pakistan way too long the pakistanis see another mistake there's one mistake that we've committed we put all our eggs in the american basket and part of the deterioration in arjen strategic position over the past decade since two thousand and one is because of this fact that we completely relied on the americans and it's not the first time before as well but but so to speak we made this mistake and we're trying to know correct that mistake pakistan is now working hard on its regional alliances primarily with china but the u.s.
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still needs pakistan washington has been able to continue drone strikes in pakistan likely because of its military leaders tacit agreement the us also needs the short route through pakistan to supply the troops in afghanistan islam watch shot it down last year in response to the killing of two dozen pakistani soldiers but with elections approaching their end with people furious at the us there is little chance pakistani policy makers will want to be seen as being more accommodating to the united states the mockery and condescending remarks from washington make those chances even slimmer during the last decade of war enough got is that pakistanis have dealt with an unprecedented insurgency in their own country terror which has killed an awful lot of people much more than the loss is carried by the u.s. in afghanistan and that to a large extent was the price pakistan paid for its alliance with the way but these days in washington it seems hardly anyone keeps that in mind when handing out another portion of accusations and humiliation to the nation they once come face to
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become their ally i'm going to stick our reporting from washington r.t. and all issues coming to you live from moscow with growth in europe having been stomped on by a sturdy other unions leaders are gathering today in an attempt to control a new spot but just how it's proving rather. divisive the weaker nations want eurobonds effectively a piggy back ride on germany's cheap interest rates but berlin is having none of it has not crossed over to our brussels correspondent tester arsole of more on this summit and a touch of good to see you today what are we expecting today of any any breakthroughs perhaps from a being rather optimistic. well to be frank there's not a lot of optimists here in brussels the leaders are coming here today to meet at a very crucial time there are already five euro zone nations that have needed a bailout cyprus being the latest and there is no disagreement really that they need growth in the eurozone area where the way to go forward is the big issue here
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there are essentially two points of view one is germany's and the others share the other point of view germany does not want to share debt of neutralize debt in the form of your bonds until all the others agree to surrender their budgetary controls to the greater oversight from brussels in order to instill more discipline while the rest of france for example saying that they will only give up sovereignty to a greater power if germany show solidarity and you know what solidarity needs in this sense is sharing their debt so you have two sides the question is who is going to budge first and actually the biggest headache that people see that will have it today is coming from italy's a mario monti he's really insisting that the euro zone funds by the the bonds of troubled but well intentioned countries and we know that good intentions is not going to work for. the month he says he's going to stay here until he gets a satisfactory result for italy now also a troubled nation but we think that merkel is going to want to stick to the
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timeline because she has to go back to berlin when that where the bundestag is actually going to ratify the european stability mechanism this is a permanent fund that is supposed to be in place by july two thousand and twelve but we're still waiting waiting for ninety percent of them to ratify it she needs two thirds of our parliament to agree do we expect anything to come out of this talk in a conflict complicated talks are going to have in the limited time that they're going to have well the leaders say they're hopeful but so are all the markets and the people who've been living through the crisis for the last two years aren't as i must bring up at one point here before i let you go. raising eyebrows and ruffling feathers what do you make of a growing calls for a political union in europe what exactly does that mean. well they're calling it a political union and some bureaucrat's would say it sharing sovereignty but in essence if you will it's a euphemism for what essentially is going through taking the path of a federalist state because surrendering powers of budgetary powers is essentially chipping away at what is at the heart of state powers which is the right to control
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when and how to spend their own money there are other perspectives here saying that this is not the only way for european integration but we know that at the end of the day it's a power players that make the decision and the most powerful of them is of course germany. joining us live on the program thank you. meantime you're one of the editor in chief of trends magazine says germany's reluctance to hand over its cash is partly due to a fear that the problematic states once given money may lose their zeal for reform . mrs merkel said a few weeks ago even the german economy in itself is not strong enough to support all these burdens coming out of countries like greece portugal ireland small countries but now we're talking much bigger game we're talking about spain and italy my feeling is that mrs merkel will keep to a point and she won't. give the german credit card if you allow me to put it that way to the other countries without having sufficient degree of control over what
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these other countries are doing in terms of expenditure and economic policy in general but it's quite clear that one of the basic elements that is present in the german attitude is that they fear that if. the pressure on these trying to change their economic structure to rein in their government expenditures in all the other structural things they need to do if that pressure is lowered they won't do anything. and greece is now our state's bailout paymasters to soften its loan conditions saying the e.u. should respond to the sacrifices its people have made the very idea of renegotiating bailout terms been somewhat of a taboo in europe but for greece where the most vulnerable are suffering from austerity there's little choice greece reports. dealing with the problems facing disabled greeks on a daily basis and is all too familiar with the realities of eurozone banks was
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there to be a new government will be as if stepping down the second bailout. that means that it has. public. spending. within a month actually up to further eleven point five years she points out it's been three months since anyone has been paid by to disability benefits it's really difficult to have a house in. grace today fighting a long term battle with multiple cirrhosis syfy is now without state support stricken health care system left out on a road. i want to because i have money from my job but that other people cannot even get their medications. from the firm and since. i get medications. for help i may go.
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so you don't get. this money you cannot be came to austerity few stay cutbacks often prove in the toughest of those who need the money the most cases like the fees are by no means unique in modern day greece but one question is now being asked of the government is it down to a simple lack of state funds or are they misspending what little they do have nearly full on the current government is largely made up of old factions new democracy and the past party made up the ruling coalition of the previous administration presiding over a period of cuts where the military remains somewhat shielded in two thousand and ten as debt ridden greece penned its first bailout deal signed away one billion euro to france and germany and weapons contracts but even with no obvious conflicts looming it's an expenditure still defended this is because we're going. in the
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military we don't have so much as work of it. in the source like for for example in the hospitals we have make sure. that we don't have in the military greece is not the country that can stay without. unlike the army given the current plight of many greeks it appears there's nothing left to axe from health care on the back of public pressure the new government is now see here reworking the bailout conditions the sun may have set on greece's latest round of political instability is economic troubles are still very much under the spotlight here greece earthy athens. just now are turning out twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow it's good of you to join us on the program today drones are causing problems for the u.s. back on home soil we've got those details for you at our t.
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dot com now the u.s. department of homeland security has left red faced after a group of college research was in texas back into one of the unmanned aircraft taking control of it using the one thousand dollars worth of equipment. plus noways plans to build a specially designed it psychiatric unit for self confessed killer anders breivik despite the fact the verdict in his trial is not in told us. this is r.t. now julian assange has reportedly received a summons saying he must report to a london police station on friday he's currently ensconced within ecuador's embassy waiting for the south american nation to accept or decline his plea for political asylum they could always government is currently studying the legal and political
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implications of granting his request meanwhile more than ten thousand e-mails have been sent to the country's embassies in both the u.k. and u.s. calling for it to say yes also thousands of signed a petition started by the u.s. based civil liberty group just foreign policy but as he spoke to robert naiman. the policy director for the organization who initiated the campaign. my sense sense of other people i've talked to that ecuadorian government officials are sympathetic to their request they understand situation the same way we do understand the threat to join the songs from the united states and the threat that sweden once they got the innocent would hand them over to the united states which would then prosecute him under the very controversial espionage act we don't know everything about what the u.s. government has done a night or might but we know that a grand jury was impaneled in the united states to investigation of wiki leaks and
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bring charges we know that bradley manning's attorney believes his harsh treatment in u.s. custody was an attempt to get him to. testify against julian songe there is a recently that they have the opportunity to try to get him and us custody they will do so this is totally rational the documented fear and don't forget that of course is hosting is very serious here on sci if you've missed any of the ten episodes that have already ed that's still available twenty four hours a day at a special section of our website. taught co. drew an aside. it is true he will be exposed the world secrets these jackets belong united states government been attacked by the united states. illegally.
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five hundred days now being detained without charge. hasn't stopped. the day we're on a quest for revealing your ideas can change the world tomorrow. before we join it daniel with the business let's go straight to the r.t. was update for you some of the global headlines in brief i will start with the former bosnian serb leader radovan has been acquitted of one of the two genocide charges brought against him of the international hague tribunal he had asked for the case to be dropped based on a lack of evidence but still faces ten charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. is accused of ordering atrocities during the one nine hundred ninety s. a bosnian war including the strip and it's a massacre where eight thousand muslims were killed. thousands have arrived in the capital at the end of a two month walk in protest at plans for a highway through indigenous land and the country's president evo morales wants to
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build the road through an amazon nature preserve here this year a group of lowland indians quit moralez socialism movement over the proposals also spoken out against plans for natural gas projects on their traditional territories . from associated daniel the r.t. business desk good to see you again i do understand of vladimir putin wants to start tapping russia's reserves and yes he wants to fix the country's roads and kick start the economy the same time russia has one of the world's biggest reserve funds but they haven't used it on infrastructure projects during the term of the economic crisis the president did the state budget will be based on the average of oprah's role. really based on the old coralie falling on the ninety four dollars a barrel prize is a growing a record low rates here in russia where inflation has been under three percent this year that's whole of last year's first six months total so if the president putin postponed electricity price hikes later this summer do expect price growth to come
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this year the central banks as low inflation is its key target now the all two years has slipped under thirteen hundred points losing all of yesterday's gains it's a.g.m. time for russian blue chips and they're sounding upbeat but investors are cagey over today's e.u. summit negative phenomena in the world economy and normal weather will cut gazprom earnings ten percent this year the firm said today after the launch of production of the new law the grantor at its plant and dixie's boring half a billion dollars to build more supermarkets spanish bond yields went over seven percent today the level which triggered bailouts in greece and ireland that's frightening the eurozone biggest economy germany which will enter a week phase according to its influential institute the single currency is now retreating to the dollar that's on fears that today's e.u. summit will again fail to tackle the euro crisis head on but over in new york j.p. morgan traders love the way almost four times more than estimated according to
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a new report the credit derivatives losses were executed by the bank's chief investment officer in the u.k. and first came to light last month the trouble will disclose more information on july thirteenth when the report second quarter earnings is joining you your only cities with more than one rolls royce dealership. is wednesday off the sales here doubled last year the rich seem to buy the crisis forcing cutbacks in the wider economy luxury firms all reporting record profits seem happy to pay over the all the new roles here cost seventy percent more than in the west and europe today news and interviews are on the website i don't always a pleasure will see you again say. the very controversial the european missile defense shield that will be in the spotlight in just a second. it
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is easy. to. see. russia would be soon which brighter if you knew more about someone from funniest impressions.


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