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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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louis. syria in the cycle of violence twin blasts hit a government building in damascus while new footage of alleged rebel brutality surface. to the ruinous affects of. member nations grow weary of german proposals of a political federation. that the american. people says the country's involvement in the u.s. led war claims pakistani lives on an almost daily basis. a lot on screen international news and comment live from the new center here in moscow where within twenty four hours a day two blasts have ripped through the syrian capital of damascus sending huge
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plumes of smoke over the city state t.v. is reporting that the explosions which it describes as terror attacks took place in the car park of the palace of justice. reports from syria. right now to say don't think illusion that happened earlier in the old damascus you can see them it's cars and taken away and the scene is now been cleaned this is a problem. that was still receiving conflicting reports on how many people have been affected sana syrian news agency is reporting that three people have been injured but it's very hard to confirm it's very hard to get any information about what happened here earlier today even on the ground many police and security people but the u.n. refused to talk and refused to provide any information on the incident the fact that these has happened in the very heart very center of the syrian capital rises
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questions and concerns over the security situation here in damascus has been under governmental control. for most of the time since the beginning of the uprising here in syria last march but now it's been attacked more and more often by rebels and groups this has happened to stay up to another type of courage here in damascus the main building of the syrian state run television syria news already assumed here has been attacked by government terrorist groups killing at least seven people how she has managed to obtain video allegedly showing the result of a brutal massacre in the syrian city to home on that happened here in april where families claiming that their relatives were slaughtered by rebels the victims' bodies show evidence of severe trauma bullet wounds and burns at the beginning of the video we can see three children they are in tears and the older girl demands to be allowed to see her mother in hospital meanwhile just recently a u.n.
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panel of investigators had admitted it is a nabl to determine who was behind the houla massacre that happened here in syria in may he claimed to one hundred eight lives of civilian people including many women and children that's after most of western countries have been very quick to blame assad's government for this bloodshed but who is killing who really remains impossible to find out. well turkey has deployed dozens of military vehicles to the syrian border including anti-aircraft systems that's in response to syria downing one of its warplanes last week for violating the country's airspace and turkey insists its fighter jet entered syria's territory by mistake and only briefly refusing to accept it was shot down over syrian territorial waters jeremy salt is a turkey based professor of middle eastern history and politics says another incident may bring already strained relations between april and damascus to breaking point. one has to see what's happened with the shooting down of the plane
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is a very significant. so the notch in the tension between syria and turkey and so it is responded to that by moving. and troops up to the border to see that syria is doing the same on the other side so quite clearly even though it seems that nato doesn't at this stage want to intervene openly in syria because of the dangers what is trying to do is to bring down the syrian government by fighting a war of attrition from within another incident like this could trigger off you know a collision between the top two countries and a conclusion i mean one can't say when it would happen if it would happen but that's where we are right now. for turkey's confrontation with syria may heighten tensions ahead of major international talks on the syrian crisis this weekend in geneva the talks are aiming to unite influential states behind proposals for a syrian led political solution to the crisis there but as artie's reports the
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meeting is going to be bought by serious differences between those attending. those differences really boil down to what involvement iran should have if any countries like the united states in great britain say that iran shouldn't be involved or we heard from said again today who reiterated russia's stance on this which is that iran isn't just a neighbor to syria that tehran exerts a certain amount of influence over damascus and that iran is a major player in that region sound and in that role they should have a say and what's decided about the future of that part of the world such as we get to the ship because we're now talking about stopping bloodshed in syria iran is certainly an influential player in this situation alongside other nations in the region and not inviting taran on board the geneva talks on syria is a mistake. but there are already some experts are saying that the expulsion of iran really can't say i doubt over how successful least talks can be. responded to
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comments from western diplomats which suggested that the upcoming talks would focus on kofi annan plan for a unity government in syria that would be a government which we could contain members of the opposition as well as the current company but would exclude any person deemed to undermine the credibility of the the new unity government which would be in place now these comments from the western diplomat suggested that russia was on side with that plan sergei lavrov saying that no decisions have been made yet and russia wouldn't commit to anything before talks on saturday. or there are no agreed projects on syria so far i think the reports of a potential documents that have come up in the media or a negligent approach to diplomacy. also differences between the way the united states and russia view the future the future decisions of who should lead syria washington saying that condemning assad is
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a criminal and saying that he should have no further role to play in the country. where is russia says that's not a decision for any other nation to make only the people of syria should decide the future of their country will sort of come here on r.t. in just a few minutes from now we keep leeks united as the world's most famous whistleblower awaits a decision on his asylum claim in london's ecuador embassy the diplomatic mission is snowed under by e-mails and letters supporting the wiki leaks. that are still to come but first it's been revealed that seventeen pakistani soldiers were beheaded in the recent cross border raid from afghanistan islam about blames nato for allowing this latest loss of life to a current as well as the thousands of pakistani deaths since the beginning of the u.s. led afghan war kind of reports on the extreme prize the country's paying for its alliance with washington. it's not only u.s. bombs that fly in pakistan but also the stream of demands and accusations from
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washington there are several things that where asking the pakistanis to do more and better number one they've got to do more about the safe havens inside their own country even ridicule the u.s. defense secretary has laughed at pakistan for being in the dark on the bin laden raid. one. little in washington's rhetoric now suggest that during the decade of war in afghanistan pakistan had been there myself instrumental ally in the region the united states could not have had secured gunstock in three weeks with minimum cost in terms of. money and in terms of in terms of the lives of its soldiers that would not have been possible without fox and the assistance and help free sentiment towards the alliance with the us has fueled domestic insurgency in pakistan some has lost about somewhere between five thousand to six thousand
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soldiers and paramilitary soldiers but more than that we've lost more than thirty five thousand civilians and these people died because of these bait of bombings in a crude comparison the us has lost two thousand troops in afghanistan they want the pakistanis to do our dirty work for us and the pakistanis have simply said we've supported you forward eleven years we can't do it anymore you're killing our stability they have to stop the civil war in the country they have to stop the war that's going on on their own territory because of their help for the united states so they have a number of problems which i think amount to a mass and they're going to be left high and dry when we leave many washington see a different picture of a country that does not fully do their bidding. changed with the billions they'd sent them were given taxpayer money to this country which is not treating us right
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but we've made a mistake we were we have trusted pakistan way too long the pakistanis see another mistake there is one mistake that we've committed we put all our eggs in the american basket and part of the deterioration in our genes strategic position over the past decade since two thousand and one is because of this fact that we completely relied on the americans and it's not the first time they've dished up beef before as well but but so to speak we made this mistake and we're trying to know correct that mistake pakistan is now working hard on its regional alliances primarily with china but the u.s. still needs pakistan washington has been able to continue drone strikes in pakistan likely because of its military leaders tacit agreement the us also needs the short route through pakistan to supply the troops in afghanistan islam watch shutting down last year in response to the killing of two dozen pakistani soldiers but with elections approaching their end with people furious at the us there is little chance the pakistani policy makers will want to be seen as being more accommodating
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to the united states the mockery and condescending remarks from washington make those chances even slimmer during the last decade of war and have got is that pakistanis have dealt with an unprecedented insurgency in their own country terror which has killed an awful lot of people much more than the loss is carried by the u.s. in afghanistan and that to a large extent was the price of pakistan paid for its alliance with the u.s. but these days in washington it seems hardly anyone keeps that in mind when handing out another portion of factorizations and humiliation to the nation they once convinced to become their ally i'm going to stick our reporting from washington r.t. to do this and other stories always available right now at all two don't call me also a lot at the moment the u.s. department of homeland security has left red faced off to a group of college researches in texas. hack into one of the unmanned aircraft one of those drones taking control of it just using one thousand dollars worth of
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equipment. plus norway's plans to build a specially designed psychiatric unit for self confessed killer under despite the fact the verdict in his trial is not june until august. with growth in europe having been stomped on by a sturdy the unions leaders are intense discussion right now attempting to kindle a new spark but just how is proving divisive the week a nation's one euro bonds effectively a piggy back ride on germany's cheap interest rates brussels correspondent has the latest now from the summit. to be frank there's not a lot of optimists here in brussels the leaders are coming here today to meet at a very crucial time there are already five euro zone nations that have needed a bailout cyprus being the latest and there is no disagreement really that they
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need growth in the eurozone area where the way to go forward is the big issue here they're essentially two points of view one is germany's and the others share the other point of view germany does not want to share debt of neutralize debt in the form of your bonds until all the others agree to surrender their budgetary controls to the greater oversight for brussels in order to instill more discipline while the rest of france for example saying that they will only give up the sovereignty to a greater power if germany show solidarity and we know what solidarity needs in this sense is sharing their debt so you have two sides the question is who is going to budge first and actually the biggest headache that people see that will have it today is coming from italy's a mario monti he's really insisting that the euro zone funds by the the bonds of troubled but well intentioned countries and we know that good intentions is not going to work for. the month he says he's going to stay here until he gets a satisfactory result for italy now we're calling it
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a political union and some of your cats would say it's sharing sovereignty but in essence if you will it's a euphemism for what essentially is going through taking the power of a federalist state because surrendering powers of budgetary powers is essentially chipping away at what is at the heart of state powers which is the right to control when and how to spend their own money there are other perspectives here saying that this is not the only way for european integration but we know that at the end of the day it's a power players that make the decision and the most powerful of them is of course germany. and. in the german bundesbank peeta village has told me little germany is reluctant to hand out any more but you know it's because even it's a call to me would be under threat. it against my will to do bailouts creek greece and this was not successful we bailed out i know the spanish heading for the bailouts. facility to cyprus.
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so it doesn't work. in show what has been shown in the past two and a half year if we go on this way bailing out one country after the other the actors who work in the financial markets will get the impression oh this might be too big this might be. able to bear we're not heading for a leading role we're still a strong economy of course and in many cases where people say they want they want to be led by germany they want leadership they want german money and this it's facing now. julian assange is set to receive the summons saying he must report to a london police station on friday he's currently ensconced with an ecuadorian embassy watching for the south american nation to accept or decline his plea for political asylum government is currently studying the legal and political implications of granting his right rather than ten thousand e-mails have been sent
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to the country's embassies in both the u.k. and u.s. calling for it to say yes also thousands of signed a petition started by the u.s. based civil liberties group just foreign policy a lot he spoke to he's the policy director for the organization who initiated the campaign. other people i've talked to. ecuador and government officials are sympathetic to their requests they understand the situation the same way we do understand the threat to junior songs from the united states and the threat that. once they got the into song would hand them over to the united states which would then prosecute him under the very controversial espionage act we don't know everything about what the u.s. government has done. or my dear but we know that a grand jury was impaneled in the united states to investigation of wiki leaks and bring charges we know that bradley manning's attorney believes his harsh treatment in u.s.
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custody was an attempt to get him to. testify against julian massage there is a recently that they have the opportunity to try to get him in the u.s. custody they will do so this is a totally rational legitimate documented fear they forget you're in a such as hosting his own interview series him. and if he missed any of the ten episodes that have already had they're still available in a special section of our website that is essential dot dot com. i'm julian assange . it is true of wiki leaks where we expose the world secrets these jackets belong united states government been attacked by the united states strongly condemn. illegally shoot five hundred days now i've been detained without charge. that hasn't stopped. the day we're on the quest for revolutionary ideas that can change the world tomorrow.
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well now let's have a quick look at some other stories making headlines around the world in our world update this stage of the day the u.s. supreme court has given the go ahead to president barack obama's health care legislation under the law most americans are obliged to get health insurance by twenty fourteen or pay a fine it was agreed that the penalty will be in the form of a tax that congress can impose using its taxing power the public and state officials challenge the act claiming it was against the law to force people to buy a private product of course but it seems upon this major victory for us internal affairs as he's facing election later this year. former bosnian serb leader radovan could object has been acquitted of one of the two genocide charges brought against him at the international hague tribunal but he had also the case to be dropped based on the lack of evidence but still faces ten charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity he was accused of ordering atrocities during the ninety nine hundred eleven war including the massacre where eight thousand muslims were
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killed. after years of fighting for their country members of a religious minority in israel are now refusing to join the ranks of the military they feel torn between arab roots and adopted home so are choosing to serve time in prison rather than serve the jewish state. a family united in grief but divided in loyalties the tears mixed with feelings of regret and loss and the perpetual question did their loved ones die serving the enemy. i used to see them as march. and see them as victims my brothers were victims of a zionist movement and they died fighting the wrong people yemen's family belongs to israel's drew sect an offshoot of islam of about one hundred fifty thousand people there our being culture and language but are loyal to the jewish state for
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years this son served proudly in elite israeli units first as volunteers and for the last fifty years as conscripts and although it was the druze who asked to be drafted today a growing number of the youngsters choose prison over army service. years are many were used as a tool to oppress so people the palestinians who want to take part in it anymore. spearheading the changing mood is this man whose two brothers and one uncle died serving in the i.d.f. outraged by many israeli government policies he works as a lawyer defending palestinian prisoners in israeli jails so. we've a druze are palestinians and israel can't change that we have always been and will always be palestinians means uncle silo was killed while working in the israeli border police in one thousand nine hundred ninety his brother for large fell on christmas eve thirteen years later then tragedy struck again when his older brother named after his fallen uncle was killed on mother's day by his ability to
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a side bombing in lebanon as you know ever since he died i do not celebrate mother's day i do not accept gifts from my remaining children i can't bear it so i was spoiled and beautiful after he was killed i said no one will go to the army ever again it had been silenced. to serve on the front line is the commander of a combat unit he wanted to play his part fighting for his country but it's that same country that now his brother is making sure no one from the family puts on a uniform to defend ever again. if he were here no i'm sure they would have reached the same conclusion i have i'm sure that they are proud of me but pride is a feeling lost in the anguish that stalks these walls the shadow of death i remind you of the all too high price this family's paid many israeli jews complain they treated as second class citizens because while it's true they do enjoy some
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benefits because of the army service unlike palestinians in israel they suffer inequalities in municipal budgets education and employment policy r t tell of of. the ills of the business desk and daniel hopes are fading for a solution to the euro crisis yes there were reports germany was coming round to the idea of a common euro zone in europe to bring down boring costs for greece and spain but officials in brussels have just talked there will be any deal at today's e.u. summit berlin foreigner's minister was going to raise the expectations this afternoon by raising the possibility of joint euro bonds of the spain's boring course to the top seven percent now that rate is considered unsustainable and has triggered bailout for greece ireland and portugal in the past but the problem was from the atlantic monthly bill was california's stockton is to file for bankruptcy within twenty four hours that will make it the biggest u.s. city yet to go bust decades of overspending and the slump of its housing market are
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being blamed on j.p. morgan the other side of town the trader called along the way the last four times more than both jamie dimon admitted so new reports problems the bank's chief investment office in england first came to light last month the troubled lender will disclose more information it says on july thirteenth when a rip. second quarter earnings and j.p. morgan shares of slipped two percent also u.s. corporate profits fell for the first time in four years reversing wall street today gains. terrible day for crude it's down two dollars for the day and has lost a quarter of its value in a matter of weeks brant has just gone under ninety two dollars a barrel the single currency is now retreating to the dollar that's on fears today's e.u. summit will again fail to tackle the euro crisis please has lost a staggering fifteen percent its shares are down fifteen percent today that surrounds three billion pounds its losses of just today alone with calls for his
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balls to quit over numerous interest rate manipulations it's just been convicted of the r.t.s. closed under thirteen hundred points on all the news losing all of yesterday's gains a.g.m. season for russian blue chips and there are beads but investors are cagey over the e.u. meeting mosco is joining you'll see only the city was more than one rolls royce dealership so you can see it opens wednesday off the sales here doubled last year the rich seem unaffected by the crisis forcing cutbacks in the rest of the world economy luxury firms however reporting record profits seem happy to pay over the olds their new roles cost seventy percent more remote than in the west and europe today more stories and news on the interview on the website altie dot com seventy percent more than the usual price talk about being taken for a ride that's ridiculous isn't it daniel thanks a lot for that see later well we got more financial news from across the atlantic coming up in a few minutes that's after our main news stories a summary of those coming away with me stay with us live this is r.t. .
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