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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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oh and some are been in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. this morning to the surprise of lawmakers and media pundits that like the supreme court up tell all of president obama's landmark piece of legislation the affordable care act or as it's more commonly known obamacare with a ruling obama is now assured of helping tens of millions of americans gain easier access to health care and more affordable prices and with such a large impact on this country it's critical to understand all the aspects of obamacare and of the ruling this morning and i will get into the specifics of the ruling its implications on our health care system in the months and years to come
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and it's a fact that november's presidential and general elections. you need to know this despite what these guys in the media initially told you earlier today the supreme court did indeed up old obamacare justice john roberts was the swing vote siding with the four justices on the left to uphold the law when the congress does have the power to tax americans who don't buy health insurance which was how the individual mandate works so just like that the right's arguments that president obama shredded the constitution with his health reform law go up and smoke it was president obama speaking after the ruling. the highest court in the land has now spoken we will continue to implement this law and we'll work together to improve on it where we can. but what we won't do what the country can't afford to do is refight the political battles of two years ago or go back to the way
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things work with today's announcement it's time for us to move forward needless to say the white house is breathing a lot easier right now than it was on wednesday night but before we can move forward as president obama urged we need to know exactly what's in the supreme court's ruling today here to help us dissect it all is simon lazarus senior counsel with a constitutional accountability center welcome welcome thank you very glad to have you with us very pleased to be here the court struck down the mandate under the commerce clause but then supported it under the right article one section eight right to levy taxes what do you make of that distinction. well i think the bottom line is the court upheld the mandate and held congress's ability to. ensure that. all americans have access to affordable health care it's much less significant which constitutional provision technically the court upheld the mandate
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under so that's the bottom line and that's what really matters. the fact that it turned the mandate down under the commerce clause is really a kind of a technical point i think for lawyers i don't think that the grounds on which it limited the commerce power is going to affect many or even any other statutes because having this kind of a mandate or a requirement is very unusual and not not something congress needs to do in order to enact progressive legislation or good legislation most of the done you know because the court is so secretive right and you know no cameras no microphones nobody knows what's going on and they actually kept this one really tight there's this whole kind of mini industry of like you know looking at ships and trails trying to be trying to figure out what's going on eight times in school leah's dissent he referred to ginsburg who was writing for the majority as
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a dissent at which is causing a lot of the people who are examining sheep and trails to think that roberts actually originally had joined with the conservatives on the court and sometime in the last week or two had changed and scalia never went back and changed his writings what do you think about that or does it even relevant i think it's. wrong i think first of all had whatever side roberts was going to be on roberts was going to write the opinion so the idea that the opinion that the four dissenters conservative dissenters. joined in. was originally majority opinion seems completely implausible because roberts would have been writing that opinion one way or the other. secondly it just doesn't really feel. right that roberts would be waffling like that roberts is not other people might well feel but i think i don't know roberts personally but he seems like
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a very decisive person and a very intelligent person and so i think that. this unusual of decision as you say. knocking the mandate down under the commerce clause which is what everybody expected to be the only clause they got serious consideration of holding it under the tax power which no other judge had had gone gone near in the course of all the litigation in the lower courts. and doing a very sort of deft maneuver with respect to the medicaid expansion part of the law to me showed. a chief justice who has a very refined political sense of how to assert his will on a divided court and also has a sense of history i think that a five four decision to adopt what is basically the tea party's completely
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distorted view of the constitution for what it would have looked like completely partisan reasons. was probably apparently not some place you want to go and apparently he has earned the wrath of at least mr scalia you know yes well scalia is like that and the performance that he put on on monday was quite grouchy he was over the top even for him i mean he sounded like. pat buchanan i mean it was really really extraordinary anyway yes i so i really think that it's fun to think about. that kind of intrigue when you don't know anything about it but i think it's not true well we'll see how it all plays out thank you so much for being with us tonight thank you appreciate it. no doubt this was a victory for president obama but it's a slam dunk victory for progressive who want to eventually have a single payer health care system or is it ultimately what happened today was that
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the supreme court reinforced our current health care system which relies on private for profit health insurance companies today is this chart shows united states on the far left there spends far more than any other developed nation on health care it doesn't get any better health care results from all that spending and that's because unlike the rest of the developed world we rely on for profit corporations to administer health care in the united states and since c.e.o.'s need huge bonuses to buy new summer mansions the price of health insurance has to get jacked up so what does obama care do to resolve this problem how were will our health care system look like now what will it look like now after the supreme court has upheld the law here to answer that is wendell potter former vice president of corporate communications at cigna turned health care industry whistleblower and author of the book deadly spin wendell welcome to you tom good to have you back with us to begin with what's your take on supreme on the supreme court ruling today. was
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a big victory for americans i think there's no doubt about that and i know that song. some single payer advocates and i think a majority of those are not too happy about it they are certain that they were hoping it would be declared unconstitutional i think that would have been a very bad mistake so i think we've had a great victory here and this will bring a lot of people into coverage who haven't been able to get coverage before people already are are benefiting from it and if we had even been declared unconstitutional we'd be back to where we want if not worse and if we lived in a you know an ideal situation or ideal. political world maybe we could just have single payer and acted but that's just not the way the real world operates yeah especially when the republicans control the house of representatives and have the ability to filibuster in the senate you're absolutely right could it single payer and you and i both agree the single payer is the best way to go whether it's
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administered federally or at the state level and one of the things that does you know is a distinction between obamacare and romney care or between obamacare and the original proposal that the heritage foundation put out back in the in the eighty's or ninety's i guess it would have been the ninety's they put out in opposition to bill and hillary clinton's health care program is that obamacare has with in it a program that started in two thousand and sixteen allows states to actually have their own single health care single payer health care systems vermont has already passed legislation through its house and senate signed by its governor to do just that do you are you optimistic that now that obamacare is the law of the land that it will lead eventually to probably a canadian kind of experience where scatch one got it and then everybody else wanted it vermont gets everybody else wants it i think we're on the way i would fact was in vermont yesterday and today and i was with the governor and health care
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reform advocates just soon after we learned about the supreme court decision and they were very enthusiastic about what they are big it been able to company so far it takes a while for them to implement a single payer plan but they they think great strives for mark can pull this off i do think that other and largest states will take notice and follow suit just like happened as you noted in canada and started their incest catch want to other provinces so notice that it eventually became the law of canada that can and probably will happen here it will take a while you'll even think it while for a for a vermont to do this they go they'll need waivers from the government to enact this before two thousand and seventeen. but they are on the way and that's very exciting news you know mitt romney is out today saying he's going to repeal and replace this thing the repeal part is apparently going to happen in the house of representatives on july ninth what what would america look like what would our health care landscape look like if obama romney was elected if republicans held control of the
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house and kept a veto in the senator even took control of the senate and followed through on that . you know if we we know that we have a health care crisis in this country if that were to happen we can we can see that yes we we know at least i know what i think most americans should know that many of the problems that we have are their health care system is being caused by the takeover of our healthcare system that big for profit corporations and i think that would accelerate certainly under a romney administration and despite the fact that he. implemented romney care was governor when massachusetts jeev a pretty decent health care reform law in massachusetts but from what he's saying on the campaign trail there's no doubt in my mind that he and the republicans if the industry is successful in electing more republicans to the senate and to
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defeat barack obama they would run a health care system far more than they do which is a very scary thought you know absolutely wendell potter thank you so much for being with us tonight if you can you know if we're going to truly fix our nation's health care system we have to get rid of the profit motive president obama took the first step making sure that we're all in this together that everyone is contributing to everyone's health care now it's time to go further time to push for medicare part d. medicare for everybody or get it started in the states. after the break republicans were quick to attack obamacare after the supreme court's ruling calling the individual mandate part tax that will hurt americans or america. with house republicans already scheduling a meaningless vote to repeal the law while the political fallout of this historic decision be going forward.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. but.
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one consequence of today's supreme court ruling is that the individual mandate the linchpin of obamacare was redefined by chief justice john roberts as a tax as in if somebody doesn't buy health insurance congress has the power to tax that person so despite suffering a huge defeat conservatives have latched on this definition of the individual mandate as a tax in order to criticize president obama take a look. sin or believe a few moments ago when you're speaking to him saying the court the highest court in the land is now saying this is a tax increase and that is going to be a big political weapon for republicans moving forward you can probably hear the protesters here and everybody several of them have come to say if this is a tax cut i don't expect me to pay at the supreme court just told us what's in it it's a massive regress tax on all americans on top of that mitt
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romney piled on the president once again promising to repeal obamacare if he's elected president. what the court did not do on its last day in session i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states and that is i will act to repeal obamacare obamacare was bad policy yesterday it's bad policy today. obamacare was bad law yesterday it's bad law today let me tell you why i say that obamacare raises taxes on the american people by approximately five hundred billion dollars obamacare cuts medicare cuts medicare by approximately five hundred billion dollars and even with those cuts and tax increases obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and to our national debt. these are all lies number one it doesn't add anything to the national debt number two it doesn't cut medicare
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cuts medicare advantage the for profit base and moves that into medicare we all save money i mean it just goes on and on and on all these lies have been debunked by the nonpartisan congressional budget office over and over and over again the republicans in congress and people like mitt romney keeps restating these lies and appear to believe them i frankly doubt it and already speaker of the house john boehner has scheduled another vote to repeal obamacare in two weeks it was democratic senate majority leader harry reid reacting to the news of another obamacare repeal vote in the house of representatives republicans in congress have made it clear that instead of focusing jobs they want to keep having this old old political fight. republican in the house of announced even a day early next month they're going to have a vote on what repealing as they say a bomb a care in other words it's
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a clown vote bro so what are the political implications moving forward might happen tony and joins me now as an attorney and host of ring of fire radio mike welcome. how are you there burning down our it's amazing you're a lawyer were you surprised by today's decision well you know i don't mean to i actually called this decision correct a while back and i called it not based on the fact that i thought roberts was going to do the right thing for the right reason but i knew that roberts was so closely aligned with corporate america that really there's a corporate aspect to this i mean because of this roberts understood that you're going to have more pop more insurance companies are going to sell more policies you don't have the pharmaceutical industry is going to sell more pills you're going to have government show shouldering part of that for corporations so when i called that it was probably going to pass it wasn't because i believe that roberts was going to do the right thing for the right reason it was because he's such a corporate since he almost had to line up here what do you make about this new
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spin coming out of the right that this is i guess it's not new but that this is all a tax increase is a murderous tyrant encouraged there is jury yeah well it's pandering to the tea party it's part of the crazy talk i mean listen just today sarah palin said this is obama has now threatened our freedom and you have the right wing politicians saying that this is the same as nine eleven you've got bill o'reilly for god's sake saying that he's going to go on national air and admit that he's an idiot because he called this wrong and i'm anxious to see that but the point is we're going to see a lot of theater come out of this but one thing they focused for sure tom is the tax the tax the tax those are phrases that work with the with the tea party which is basically now they own the republican party so so they understand after their focus they'll step they'll stick with that theme it's a theme that works form so there's no surprise here there was an interesting
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analysis the new york times today this suggested that by roberts redefining the mandate as a tax and supporting obamacare. it would cause a lot of progress is and democratic voters to say hey everything's cool you know obama's got the sun or control i can just go watch baseball and it is making the tea party crazy and it will be the perfect thing for the koch brothers to spend two three hundred million dollars you know getting people out in buses and whatnot to the polls and this could actually be really really bad news for the president what do you think about that i disagree with that i do know they're going to pump money behind it look today we hear they've already designated eight million dollars for a media blitz that's going to take place in the next couple of weeks that's no surprise too is that we all expected that the be coming our way but but the truth is this is a victory that can be can be spun many ways as a victory by the democrats i think they're already out front on it and i think
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they're going to if they'll do it if they work with the material they have to work with they can make this very positive how do you go to the american public and say that this is anything but positive when you tell them that now you can have that insurance company doesn't have the right to drop you some marilee the insurance company doesn't have a right to say we can't insure you because you had a preexisting skin cancer twenty five years ago when the insurance company can't just raise rates according to what they want to do according to what the stock market is showing that there's so many positive this already we heard it in obama's speech today he synthesize those of those positives he deliver them in a way that the american public has to say this is good for me democrats need to do that but they have to have the right message delivered by the right people to make this sell the way that it should well in hand here's the problem like heaven tonio the democrats have had this material for cho years i mean for two years they've been sitting on this thing and i viewed you do radio to i i had a string
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a right wing callers into my show today most of sirius x.m. truckers and whatnot who are saying things. like did you know that if i sell my house someone out to pay a tax and i'm like oh you made over two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the stock market and did you know i mean they've got the right has these talking point lies but their talking points they've got these things down i am not hearing this kind of message coming out of the left it hasn't happened in two years most people don't even know what's in obamacare you said if they've got the right material if they use it how do we get them to use it or what what's it going to take this afternoon on the show i was doing i tried to tell the story in the story is that if you look at most of mainstream media's talking heads they are inside the beltway talking heads there are people who simply are so disconnected with the american public that they can't deliver the message tune in some time to mainstream media in listen to
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the inside bill where your voice that's out there and unfortunately they're not equipped to fight back the way that you have to the way that i have to that we understand what the message is out there we're on the radio all the time we're listening to the crazy dog and we have the responses to the crazy talk that that's not in the d.n.a. of the inside built way talking heads that the democrats put out there and that's very unfortunate as well and let's just take it right to the to the candidates themselves romney came out and gave and spoke first and laid out three lives i mean genuine lies you both and we both of these are lies are easily refuted in fact the president a half hour later do it twenty thirty minutes later and i'm all through that time i'm thinking ok he's got his speechwriters together he's got his people together he's going to point out these lies right he's going to nail this guy and he comes out and he doesn't make any reference to them what's going on at all no i had tom i
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had exactly the same reaction that he knows where the attack is a romney laid the attack out for him you would have thought that he would said you know. romney should be very pleased that we passed that what passed in america was exactly the plan that he wrote for massachusetts romney was proud of it in massachusetts today he says he's not proud of it he was able to say in massachusetts that what he did for the for the citizens of matter massachusetts was made their lives better but rather than that kind of attack what he's doing and unfortunately i was very pleased with most of what he said but when you go to that teleprompter and you start reading simply reading the words of some beltway speech writer in you don't connect with the emotion of this issue then you get exactly what you just described and that is a failed attack a failed opportunity for attack you've got to attack i've said it before tom i
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don't i don't overstate this too many times when you're dealing with kind of that sociopathic mentality you have to attack it you have to do it in a courtroom i do it every day for a living i understand that the best way the best the best defense is a very strong office and i would have liked to have seen obama do that today and that's the only was missing in his delivery getting as possible i mean you know his his attacks on bain now he's not actually doing those from from the oval office or anything like that is you know his campaign is doing them do you think that he was simply being presidential after all this is the president talking about the supreme court maybe it was entirely appropriate for him to do it the way did and then tomorrow the ads get rolled out pointing out romney's lies thoughts tom that has always been the notion of the democrats and that is at presidential let somebody else do the attack but if you think back to when obama was the most effective in the last cycle he was most effective when he was articulating the attack he's very
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good at it he understands how to simplify it he understands the attack points and when he gets away from that and becomes too presidential. he leaves himself open for the romney attack the kind of attacks we're hearing from the right already which as you pointed out are completely and utterly based on lies and you have to fight back we will see how this all plays out might have been tony thanks so much for being with us tonight. later on tonight show we'll have more analysis on the supreme court's decision today mainly why it should never have happened in the first place i'll explain in tonight's daily take. crazy alert ladies he's single or izzy ever wonder if your other half goes to the bars slips off their wedding band and flirts with other bar crawlers well wonder no more are the website the cheeky dot com has come out with the perfect solution to
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