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international powers are heading for talks in geneva desperately seeking a plan to launch an s. turkey and reportedly saudi arabia are mobilizing forces towards the syrian border . julian assange will stay put and they were during the embassy in london until a decision on his asylum request declining to comply with a demand for british police to surrender for this week. and german chancellor angela merkel to fans at home the deal to help struggling banks their skepticism of the matter will solve the walks or problems and death crisis.
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what you guys you know if you live in moscow town am and the russian capital i'm marina joshie major world and regional powers will convene in geneva today to try and map out a strategy to and the bloody sixteen month old conflict in syria and the deep divisions between nations russia's foreign minister says there's a good chance to forge common ground so the love rob was speaking after a one on one meeting with u.s. secretary hillary clinton. has been following their talks in st petersburg. hillary clinton and lavrov the foreign minister met for about an hour the russian foreign minister did walk away from the meeting with cautious optimism he said that he hopes that some sort of a diplomatic agreement in geneva during the emergency meeting as possible according to law broke he said that he felt like the u.s. did shift its stance but to some degree has his word specifically word that the secretary of state did not raise any ultimatums now he didn't explain exactly what
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that means is that it's up to us to of course speculate perhaps that means that the americans might move away from their sticking point to their demands that any negotiations begin with assad stepping down of course the russian position has been separate from that the russians have been pushing for a solution for syria that is a originated within syria negotiated by the parties there there was some discussion . in terms of sort of the positive nature of the talks lover of said that he didn't feel that the americans understood very clearly russians position and he felt that the talks were constructive but again it looks like the world will have to wait one more day to really find out whether diplomacy is still feasible when it comes to syria in the meetings in geneva israel's dept and his agency sought to have close links with mossad is reporting that saudi arabia has started to move troops towards neighboring jordan to mass some on syria southeastern border that's a circus forces gathered on the northern syrian frontier following their recent
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downing of a military jet by damascus. is following developments in the syrian capital. where gets an alarming reports on foreign troops being deployed or headed towards the syrian borders from the north west and south some original media believed to have close ties with the into israeli intelligence reports heavy sounded troop movements towards damion and iraqi borders off to can give don't look put the country's military on high alert. joining in the uprising against president bashar assad in syria it's reports of a special units have tanks misawa special forces and batteries and the plan is to enter jordan then move towards syria further and then and to syria and establish a security zone around the towns over. and others known as the epicenter is over the uprising against the syrian regime western gulf sources
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also reporting that jordan is on war alerts to we're hearing the simmons reports that turkey is continuing to build up its syrian border units with tanks and anti aircraft machine guns and missiles in what they say is defensive move full of when they down over turkish chad by syria last friday literally issues between the two neighbors deteriorated dramatically they didn't manage to agree on how and where exactly the fighter jet was hit shortly after the incident turkey has claimed that from now on any military objects coming from syrian side towards the turkish border will be treated as a threat and heat in damascus suburbs some seven to ten kilometers away from the city center where a number of opposition strongholds have been constant sources of troubles you are in this conflict of their the clashes between beyond me and the rebels have been
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escalated into and we've been getting reports of increased number of casualties from both warring sides i'm from both military and civilians. very few national reporting from syrian military maneuvers by the saudis and turks near syria's war are no coincidence and that's the view of. a middle east reporter for the center for research on globalization. you know you're national or reason to separate countries and just by chance this is very much a coordinated effort by turkey and saudi arabia to pressure the. government so do you. countries or. members of. the last fifteen months. come the end of terror or is about subversion. with. the growing people are playing with fire there is no doubt aborted at the minute i
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would say it's. been the pressure on the. government could it could precipitated a war we really want and i stand here everyone else is in reaction to developments in syria log onto our web site r.t. dot com also don't forget to check out our correspondents twitter feeds for all the latest on the ongoing conflict. is. doing the sounds will remain of a door an embassy in london until a decision on his asylum bit is made is that he's staying put after defying
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a british police demand to turn himself in to face extradition procedures trying to skate being handed over to sweden claiming the u.s. will get its hands on him once he has their ears that retired cia officer ray mcgovern says are quite justified. in our country there is no law against publishing secrets it's pretty clear that there's a lot in typing freddy for him to be tried under the very draconian espionage act it was used to identify german spies and that kind of thing one of the penalties is killing so all they have to do is lean really hard on the swedes and make sure that the swedes do what they did in two thousand and one and that was to hand over two applicants for asylum to the tender mercies of the chip shin police to be tortured in our rendition program so the swedes are anything but neutral they can be depended to do whatever the us wants them to do and that's precisely why julian has
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her age that were he to be extradited to sweden it would be very very quick that he would be brought to the united states and face the same kind of treatment that bradley manning treated was treated too and that as you know the u.n. reports are called. conditions equivalent to torture. by watching hockey live from moscow still ahead for you this hour one day away with a full. on iranian crude exports set to go into the fact we look at what these sanctions actually accomplish and who they end up hurting the most. plus facing fines for their sexuality a new law in several russian cities has manny from the homosexual community fearing even war ignorance and discrimination. in living these who ancients do seventeenth century. strict. their communities are isolated.
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they clearly distinguish between their old. guard their families and things treasure. well with. the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains dirty diesel into green rail dreams double down on profits by building up instead of out in the germans will you please east for the summer knowledge here on r.g.p. . the. german chancellor angela merkel has told her country's lawmakers that help for struggling banks will come with strings attached she's been defending the
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concessions she made at a summit in brussels including the decision to allow the european bailout fund funnel money directly to struggling financial institutions for the first time the largest economy had strongly opposed this option but was forced to give in after insistence from spain and italy the german parliament also approved the so-called fiscal pact which sets even tougher a budget rules for eurozone nations dr jack russell is professor off the little economy at st mary's college in california says the measures which leaders hail as breakthrough won't solve the block's core problems. you can bail out the banks but that's no guarantee you're going to get economic growth which is what you must have in the in the longer run and what i see when brussels and this growth pact is that it's very much tokenism at this quite that just moving money around from the european investment bank and so forth and the amount is a grossly insufficient to stimulate growth so that whole picture has to be
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further developed the euro crisis is really three crisis looms in one three dimensions and one is the sovereign debt crisis another is the banking crisis which is becoming more visible and they sustained but the other is the economic crisis the really cottony and of course we know europe is rapidly is slipping into recession and various other countries and as long as that growth does not occur it's going to feed back and exacerbate both the banking and the sovereign debt crisis well italy has been in the eye of the eurozone storm for weeks now and while prime minister mario monti may have returned from the e.u. summit as a winner he's facing tough times at home italians are becoming increasingly angry about the government's austerity push well turns of political force is gaining popularity and that he's here for three ports some people seemingly would rather trust a comic and their prime minister. tom that italy's economic situation is no laughing
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matter so it might come as some surprise that it's full of a t.v. comedian that paid. the latest character to still italy's political spotlight almost as the euro crisis continued voters have become increasingly disillusioned with mainstream politics and a radical a populist breed and grassroots movements such as youth organization the right have been growing in force and popularity that take willow and his five star movement now thrive online shunning traditional media and gaining huge respect with its younger generation something that technocrat premier nary a monkey say far failed to do they're all whispering about young people but young people are not really represented in this don't think it goes off people in government. trades are a very often. old people which. don't have the right feeling
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of what use is really happening in the county we're trying to make you to europe change that's the point you have tried with some kind of policies which is merely bodies and policy if you want to talk about it and now it's austerity so it's selling everything the state does not have to control anything about the economy but it is not this is not working with elections across europe marked by a decline in turnout it's leads recent local election results were alarming with a third of those eligible to vote staying home and mainstream parties losing to the protest in a major way all parties traditional parties just that are not realizing that. things are changing so quickly and they are all old they are trying to. very innovative themselves but they just are not able angrier. in this situation
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he's he's moving like a green. i mean because he can jump from an argument to another one and he's always winner currently in a state has suspended democracy he's an elected government trying to stay out of the financial storm the question on everybody's lips does better. than the chance when next year's elections come around the parties are now taking very seriously because a couple weeks ago he won some major victories in local elections in italy including that. position in a very significant city in italy and other places and i think he's filled a vacuum and so the parties on the right on the left the democratic party the party the mainstream center left is very worried by the threat he poses now whether he. can become a political party i'm very doubtful of that but it certainly has struck a chord with a certain type of you know young activists who are fed up with italy's preschool
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class and it's not just italy the populations of greece spain and france has formally dispels by the own going quite if that's like the pirate party in germany and five star in italy are gaining solid ground as the eurozone state looks increasingly wobbly i think it's going to survive. if it's going to survive. we need a change should it now be it's least for the funnyman who find a solution to the quite says it leaves no stranger to performance in its parliament but the decisions at the last plum point leader left the country with one in three unemployed my dim debts with its economy sinking for the euro project might now seem to many like a bad joke and it's one that's left us all wondering just what the punch line will be there for our thing for a. while later today here in r.t.
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hisor and stays there are. a rather dig deeper into financial woes in the e.u. and further afield globally and expose those who are making things even worse. now russia's stop human rights watchdog is planning to revise recently introduced laws banning what lawmakers describe as gay propaganda in some of the country's cities a similar bill may also be introduced on a nationwide scale and while lawmakers say they are not fighting against homosexuality gay rights activists say the measures will make their community more isolated than ever in our reports. these two girls known as tattoo once made a fortune by pretending to be lesbian just a decade ago their kisses were broadcast worldwide taking them to the top charts across the globe today it would have likely been punished by
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a new law adopted in several russian cities it bans propaganda of lesbian homosexual bisexual relations transgenderism to the minors the fines go up to seventeen thousand dollars. we are talking about the propaganda of same sex relations and the whole. society as lesbians homosexuals by search was in transgenders are often referred to their activities have developed a certain artistic anesthetics style promoted heavily on stage t.v. and are performances as fashionable popular and up to date. if anybody but you have to understand we're not fighting against sexual minorities the legislation is aimed at protecting children and the under-aged we're not meddling with anybody's private life or what the. gay rights activists say the law lacks clarity and allows too
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much room for interpretation by police which could see crackdowns any time a gay community wants to highlight the prejudice they face the law also puts his propaganda of homosexuality on a par with paedophilia which gay groups here will spread both ignorance and aggressive homophobia there are more about it with. enough it aims to exclude members of l.g.b. two groups from any public activities and deprive us of the chance to let the society know our needs and problems and equating us to the peril files is just meant to defame us and we on in might in the me have been together for over two years but believe they had a family many would enemy their biggest frustration used to be that they couldn't get married but if the new law reaches moscow they see life getting much worse. socially or it's an atrocious law that would be telling us we are worse than other people. i think our society death or it is good
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society is more tolerant and that's happened thanks to the fact that we used to come out and show that we exist that we are the same as others can be tolerance to the same sex relations in russia is far from high was homosexuality was illegal until nine hundred ninety three punishable by prison and anti-gay prejudice runs deep with much of the community remaining largely underground. most gay parades in russia if not for didn't end up in brawls and beatings with more police present than activists. the lawmakers say they only reflect the mood of the majority in the most recent polls show more than eighty percent of russian population is opposed to the idea of same sex marriage while almost half of russians think that gays and lesbians don't deserve the same rights as the rest of society. but you were
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a dog you wouldn't i don't understand why there is so much anger in my country based on a principle i don't know them there is lesbians never seen one but i'm strongly against them and i'm so tired of those years a living and pretending i don't exist or that i do but not the way that you would like me to be. r.t. moscow well there's always more stories available for you at r.t. dot com including twitter taking a stand against so-called internet trolls and imus profiles with no picture or personal information could be blocked from tweeting to stamp out hate messages. by the russian state duma considers plans to label n.g.o.s that receive funding from abroad as foreign agents disclosing their forty's to the public.
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well there is just a day go before a full bar go on iranian crude exports over to ron's nuclear program takes effect that's as america's latest set of sanctions kicked in on friday the u.s. however has granted china and singapore last minute exemptions from financial penalties for buying your raining oil as follows earlier waiver to more than a dozen other countries which include japan india and turkey but unlike most of them has always been opposed to us in the lateral sanctions on iran lawyer an activist bit on the stuff he says that such measures never achieve what they supposedly tend to instead just hurt the most vulnerable. the sort of stated objective of both the united states and the european union in carrying out these sanctions is that they are meant to persuade iran to come to the table and negotiations on their nuclear program but all we really feenan both historically
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when we look at iraq as well as now is that the iranian government itself bears little to no branch or burden of what the sanctions are actually doing it's really the people that feel the biggest burden iran now is faced with it extremely high some say twenty some go up to sixty percent of an inflation rate in the country so we're really seeing and terms of the effect of these sanctions is not so much the state players and how they're affected but how ordinary people inside iran are actually getting affected by these policies now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world egyptian president mohamed morsi officially be sworn in on saturday a day after he rallied a massive crowd in cairo where you are square he promised to fight the military council which recently changed the constitution to presidential powers transferring them to the generals instead huge protests have been demanding a complete power handover by the military which has been in control since last
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year's revolution toppled the mubarak regime morsy is first islamised and civilian alike leader. at least eight people are a dad and scores have been wounded after three separate bombs exploded in central iraq the explosives were planted on motorcycles and went off within minutes of each other the areas predominantly shiite prime target of al qaida terrorists in the country june has been one of the deadliest months in iraq since u.s. troops left in december with attacks killing more than two hundred people. and in west africa as long as five years with ties to al qaeda are claiming control over the northern desert region of mali and. after clashes killed more than twenty people militants patrolled the streets on friday detaining civilians and forcing the former to iraq ally allies out of the town of doubt mali's army is struggling to reorganize in march which started the country's current unrest toerag rebels and islamist militants seize control of the north fast moving offensive shortly after
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the military takeover. now the us has the highest rate of obesity in the world with almost a third of the population classified as dangerously overweight yet despite more knowledge of the harmful effects of unhealthy eating america's waistline keeps growing and the president is new york joining the fat's with people on the battle of the bulge. as the world's knowledge of science and medicine continues to grow so do our waistlines why this week let's talk about that most of the people who are too lazy i think you were just lazy but i think that most of it is better to see your coach sleeping doing well to stick even than the cost of an early death yeah but nobody thinks because we don't do enough exercise and we large portions are cut
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down the portions everyone knows this it seems to be common knowledge no one's doing anything about it it's right because they don't have intestinal fortitude to follow through that's what is meant but the big one where pathetic i think even though our knowledge of science getting a lot bigger it's very concentrated i feel like a lot of it is in things like colleges and the higher educated but we're not transferring that knowledge to other people it's all caught in one place and we're not spreading it around the population enough so that's why we still enjoy things like fast food is because a lot of people are still ignorant of how bad it really is over the calories oh that's because it's like a drug it is like a drug we're all addicts tell that delicious that's our problem what's your addiction we like to sit chocolate chip cookies i just think that poor middle class communities just don't have access to enough information and education about healthy living so is it government's responsibility to spread that or is it a personal responsibility thing for people to take care of themselves both i think as well i think sinden might think. there's
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a levy on each product so people are forced to buy less products i think but if you think that's fair shouldn't a person be able to buy whatever crap they want. yes but some governments need money. you can't tell people you can't use peanut oil or whatever to cook your you know cook your food and so is it a try. as of natural selection that if people are going to make bad choices they're going to die earlier and that's the way it should be you think so whether or not you think it's a problem the modern world is getting fatter and fatter and that can't be a good thing for society's waist or bottom line. just a few minutes we'll look at how russia manages to keep the world's second largest rail network on track before that i'll be back with a quick look at the headlines stay tuned.
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for the. windows the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains dirty diesels into green rail dreams double down on profits by building up instead of out in the german small unit place east for the some knowledge of here on r.g.p.
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. the central. they've been living this way since the seventeenth century. their rituals are strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guard their family and things as a treasure. is
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a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music.


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