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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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major world powers throw their diplomatic weight behind. the drawn out crisis in syria all amid reports right now the country is being surrounded by foreign military forces. as the german parliament rubber stamps the euro zone's massive bailout cash disillusioned italians turn to comedians for the show. and the homosexual community in russia finds a new law targeting so-called gay propaganda they say is just one step away from outlawing same sex relations. worldwide news around the clock this is with me rule received life in moscow the
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world powers are making desperate diplomatic attempts to break the impasse in syria which has now seen no letup in sixteen months of violence despite deep divisions at the crisis conference ongoing in geneva moscow has expressed little hope that the talks may get some things moving. is there for us this could very well be one of the last remaining chances for the international community to help fix this problem before the violence in syria schools out into the region and the u.n. special envoy kofi annan has warned that any further deaths in syria will be the responsibility of world powers if they feel here a little progress has been made and there are complications for instance even though some of the key global powers are taking part in this conference i mean the permanent five members of the u.n. security council some countries who could also be helpful in the situation like
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iran for instance which is a very influential state in syria's neighborhood that country is not taking part in this mean. there's also a difference of approaches by several states like for instance to the united states which is pushing more for regime change was moscow is calling for equal pressure which needs to be applied on both sides of this conflict but despite these complications in order to prevent violence in syria from spilling out into the entire region there are positive signals like that at this conference poisons and russia's foreign minister said he did meet u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton before the conference on friday in st petersburg and after that meeting he said that for the first time he didn't hear any ultimatums and it seems now that washington understands that ultimatums at this point what we help improve the situation that's why according to the russian foreign minister there is hope and some good chances that this meeting will lead to
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some progress our correspondent you've got a press conference putting there from geneva well a political analyst dr benjamin says that a clash of international interest in syria could ultimately lead to that of a regional meltdown. there's not even unity among the western allies in the nato allies and certainly there's not unity among the foreign powers overall you see a series of somewhat rivaling conflicting interests it makes it extremely difficult in the real problem is here we've learned in libya that the price of military intervention is very very high end if i can just remind your viewers and listeners about the cost that we have paid in libya through a nato intervention originally entered into perhaps with some goodwill to prevent civilians from be massacred ended up first of all hurting damaging killing more civilians than anything that could off he had done and today leading to
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a situation of virtual tribal war clan war decentralization and the break up of libya now imagine replicate that situation in a post interventionist stage in syria. for the meantime saudi arabia is reportedly gearing up for military action against syria told him it claims the gulf state has already put militants fighting the assad regime on its payroll israel's. close links with israeli intelligence saudi troops are right now moving towards jordan on their way to syria's southeast border. is following developments for us in syria where gets an alarming reports on foreign troops being deployed at all headed towards the syrian borders from the north west and south some original media believed to have close ties with israeli intelligence reports heavy saudi troop movements towards the jordanian and iraqi borders after king abdullah put the
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country's military on high alert for joining the uprising against president bashar assad in syria its report of the special units have tanks missiles special forces and batteries and the plan is to enter jordan then move towards syria further and then and to syria and establish a security zone around the towns over. and other is known as the epicenter is over the uprising against the syrian regime western gulf sources also reporting that jordan is on alerts to we're hearing this it means reports that turkey is continuing to build up its syrian border units with tanks and anti aircraft machine guns and missiles in what they say is defensive move forward when they down over turkish jet by syria last friday literal ations between the two neighbors deteriorated dramatically they didn't manage to agree on how and where
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exactly they fight it that was hit shortly after the incident turkey has claimed that from now on any military objects coming from syrian side towards the turkish border will be treated as a threat and heat. reporting there we'll have more analysis on the reaction to developments in syria just log on to our web site on c dot com there also don't forget to check out our correspondents twitter feeds available twenty four seven and with all the latest on this ongoing conflict.
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thank you for joining us here on our t.v. today the german parliament has approved the use massive five hundred billion bailout fund and ratified the new fiscal compact last night which limits spending deficits and told us chancellor angela merkel finds herself on the back foot strongly rejecting notions that the she somehow capitulated to the financial demands of southern european nations that criticism is especially loud in germany where many see the new bank balance program as simply too much like the mechanism would allow brussels to bail out banks using taxpayer money without even consulting governments but merkel says she surrendered nothing and that any bank rescue would come with harsh strings attached dr jacques ross most a professor of political economy at some mary's college in california says that he's skeptical of these so-called so. you can bail out the banks but that's no
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guarantee you're going to get economic growth which is what you must have. in the longer run and what i see with the brussels in this growth is that it's very much tokenism at this quite it's just moving money around from the european investment bank and so forth the near mount is grossly insufficient to stimulate growth so that whole picture has to be true the developed the euro crisis is really extreme crises in one three dimensions and one is the sovereign debt crisis another. there is the banking crisis which is becoming more visible and they sustain but the other is the economic crisis the really kanani and of course we know how europe is rapidly is slipping into recession in various countries and as long as that growth does not occur it's going to feed back and exacerbate both the banking and the sovereign debt crisis. and one of the men credited with twisting merkel's arm
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into accepting the bank bailout program is a tally in prime minister mario monti but at home trouble there's a seismic political shift going on with the old elite feeling the public backlash against austerity now even comedians are proving successful alternatives to the current leadership as artists have reports that italy's economic situation is no laughing matter it might come as some surprise that it's full the t.v. comedian. he's the latest character to still italy's political spotlight almost as the euro crisis is continually voters have become increasingly disillusioned with mainstream politics in a radical a populist breed and grassroots movements such as youth organization. i think growing in force and popularity that take willow and his five star movement now thrive online shunning traditional media and gaining huge respect with its younger
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generation something that technocrat premier nary a monti to say far failed to do they're all whispering about young people but young people are not really represented in the stone thing goes off people in government . trades very often. old people. don't have the right feeling off what you see really happening in the county we're trying to make you do you look change that's the point you have tried with some kind of policies which is the only bodies and policy if you want talk about it and now it's austerity so it's selling everything. does not have to control anything about the economy but it is not just is not working with elections across europe marked by a decline in turnout it's leads recent local election results were alarming with a third of those eligible to vote staying home and mainstream parties losing to the
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. protest in a major way all parties traditional parties just are not realizing that. things are changing so quickly and they are all old they are trying to. very innovative themselves but they just are not able and very low in this situation that is moving like a green. i mean because you can jump from an argument to another one and it's always winner currently in a status suspended to vote for say an elected government trying to flee out of the financial storm the question on everybody's lips does better meet that standard when next year's elections come around the parties are now taking very seriously because a couple weeks ago he won some major victories in local elections in italy including that. position in a significant city in italy and other places and i think he's filled
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a vacuum and so the party's on the right on the left the democratic party the party of a mainstream center left is very worried by the threat he poses now whether he. can become a political party i'm very doubtful of that but it certainly has struck a chord with a certain type of you know young activists who are fed up with italy's preschool class and it's not just the populations of greece spain and france the same formally dispels by the own going quite safe i mean that's like the pirate party in germany and five star in italy gaining solid ground as the year is in state it's increasingly wobbly i think it's going to survive even if. he's going to survive. we need a big change i think that it now ask me if i'm a funny man he'll find a solution to the crisis it leaves me a stranger to performance in its parliament but the decisions of the. let the
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country with one in three unemployed my debts with this economy thinking of the year i put mike now seem to many like a bad shape and it's one that's left is only one during just look the punchline will be there. and it was just earlier this week that a leading a british bank that of barclays found itself find almost three hundred million pounds for a rampant rate fixing in essence the bank manipulated figures relied on by the world's banking system in a bid to boost its own profits and that's something that i caused a report with max and stacey took careful note of the full program coming your way at seventeen thirty six we nineteen thirty g.m.t. but for now here's a preview. oh yeah bob diamond over apparently committing criminal fraud on his own bounty committing criminal fraud in the library market when there's plunder at the
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top and you systematically legitimize plunder as the main source of your economic activity as david cameron has done in the u.k. he's told european regulators look in the u.k. criminal plunder is the basis of our economy you can't put our bankers in jail because all we'd be left with are a bunch of marmite pots and some a limp dick has bands and so and it filters down to the rest of society but why i put other people in jail i mean i don't understand why put anyone in jail and in the u.k. there's no standard of law there's absolutely no standard of what you can do any criminal actually what the u.k. and he will be put in jail if you're connected if you're part of conspiracy you're part of mafia. or you can see the cars report throughout the day here in our city but for now the u.s. is cutting its presence in iraq removing about a third of its diplomatic staff and it plans to spend around one hundred million dollars upgrading the fortified embassy compound in baghdad terrorist attack. since
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american troops left the country six months ago have escalated dramatically to discuss the situation let's join former u.s. diplomat george kenney now joining us live here on the program my thanks for coming on today good to see you over there as i'm sure you've been listening here the u.s. compound in baghdad it's already the most expensive american embassy in the world why spend another one hundred million dollars if asked washington has said iraq is now enjoying peace and prosperity since the civilian presence transition in iraq well i think you may have noticed the report in the washington post by walter pincus and it's interesting to give you a little bit of insider baseball in washington it's interesting that walter pincus wrote this he's he's sort of one of the grand old men of the washington post who specialized in. in reporting scandals he's an investigative reporter former counterintelligence in the government and he's uncovered a great many scandals so just the fact that he's reporting on this and not some
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other regular foreign correspondent for the post gives a hint at least that there may be. something worth looking into about where all this money go it's approaching a billion or maybe over a billion dollars now that was spent on this compound in baghdad for no evident purpose other than perhaps to enrich the contractors. and the politicians who are being paid off but. if someone asked me what is the purpose of this facility i'd have to say well that there really isn't one it's a symbol more of american decline that it is of american power so ultimately a you are you suggesting the idea that a lot of this money is just falling between the cracks and lining the pockets of various people who are supporting supporting the work and the contract jobs in iraq it doesn't take much to look back a few years ago to dick cheney's halliburton where hundreds of millions of dollars finally audited by the pentagon basically disappeared into thin air. i think that's
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right and we don't know the details but hopefully some pincus or somebody like him will will nail a few of the people who are diverting large sums of money from this but to have that kind of money spent the thousand million dollars for for what. really we need more spending here in america just last night we had a storm move through the washington d.c. area there are people without power i've been without power of i'm in northwest d.c. for the past eleven hours if we can't have a proper working infrastructure here in america what are we doing vigilant around in iraq i think there are many people that would what indeed is capitol hill doing fiddling around with many countries around the world not just out of all of iraq now i'm going to ask you i must ask you it's approximately six months now since the official u.s. military presence in iraq came back to america but there seems to be seem to be a lot of rumors going around there are still many contractors there perhaps. groups
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like what used to be blackwater now company x. as it may be called now what is the u.s. presence in iraq now is that still a military presence or a black ops presence or a massive construction presence that. well there's there's still a massive american footprint and whether it's official or unofficial it's it's got a predominantly military component to it in my view but but it's not just about iraq it's about projecting power in the region and you have to ask in the old days american embassies were relatively modest affairs they were open they tried to project a sense of american idealism of democracy and so forth now we're building these enormous fortresses that ultimately of course will be abandoned and looked looked back upon as a bad job but it's a it's a character changes to see change for america not only in the way that we deal with
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foreign countries but also in the way that we approach politics because these these establishment stays fortresses are symbols of an american decline an america that's politically dysfunctional where we don't have democracy really we don't practice democracy put it but rejecting the only thing and look or see is democracy real there are many that just say that putting the fly that reads democracy at the end of a gun barrel and toting it around the world is spreading democracy and freedom i mean there are a lot of people that say that that's just a big smokescreen. well of course of course. that should be self-evident to really every thinking person but the point that i'm trying to make is that. the fact that we're doing this demonstrates that we have lost sight of democracy here in america so we're not trying to project the old ideals that we had
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in the one nine hundred fifty s. or the one nine hundred sixty s. we're projecting a very different kind of character and whatever happens broad really. it. will happen in some in some very bad way here america is declining relative to the rest of the world it's an open secret i think outside of america most americans don't yet realize it but. eventually people will start discussing it frankly it but it's like having the crazy relative that nobody wants to talk about or confront and yet at some point their behavior becomes so destructive that you have to do something about it like us diplomat george kennedy joining us live from washington d.c. a great pleasure thanks very much. this is on the line from moscow russia's top human rights watch told plans to revise their recent lore against what's officially called gay propaganda in several cities a similar bill may soon be introduced nationwide lawmakers say the lower is not
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targeting homosexuality itself but gay rights activists feel that community is being oppressed i thought he's dying a push reports. these two girls known as tattoo once made a fortune by pretending to be lesbian just a decade ago their kisses were broadcast worldwide taking them to the top charts across the globe today it would have likely been punished by a new law adopted in several russian cities it bans propaganda of lesbian homosexual bisexual relations transgenderism to the minors the fines go up to seventeen thousand dollars a year of those. we are talking about the propaganda of same sex relations and the whole. society as lesbians homosexuals by search was and transgenders are often referred to their activities have developed a certain artistic anesthetics style promoted heavily on stage t.v.
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and performances as fashionable popular and up to date. if anybody but you have to understand we're not fighting against sexual minorities the legislation is aimed at protecting children and the under-aged we're not meddling with anybody's private life you know this. but again rights activists say the nor lacks clarity and allows too much of their interpretation by police which the secret down anytime in the community wants to highlight the prejudices they see i also puts his propaganda of sexuality on a par with people feel your education and see if you spread those ignorance and aggressive yet there are more problems with your is good enough it aims to exclude members of l.g.b. t. groups from any public activities and deprive us of the chance to let the society know our needs and problems and equating us to the pedophiles is just meant to
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defame us and we on in money in the me have been together for over two years but believe me they had a family many with the enemy their biggest frustration used to be that they can get married but if the new law reaches moscow they see life getting much worse. socially it's an atrocious law that would be telling us we are worse than other people. i think in our society not death or it is but society is more tolerant and that's happened thanks to the fact that we used to come out and show that we exist that we are the same as others here to be tolerance to the same sex relations in russia for a high was a charge it was illegal until one thousand nine hundred three punishable by prison and anti-gay prejudice runs deep with much of the community remaining largely underground. most people raids in russia if not for didn't end up involved in the
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beatings with more police present then tell us. the lawmakers say they only reflect the mood of the majority in the most recent polls show more than eighty percent of russian population is opposed to the idea of same sex marriage while almost half of russians think that gays and lesbians don't deserve the same rights as the rest of society yeah i don't understand why there is so much anger in my country based on a principle i don't know them those lesbians never seen one but i'm strongly against them and i'm so tired of those years of living and pretending i don't exist or that i do but not the way that you would like me to be. r.t. moscow. and there always are many more stories available for you on our website dot com including the u.s. military base hit by a rather large sex abuse scandal. one female cadets were sexually assaulted by their superiors are raising concerns over the safety of women and u.s.
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. find out about plans to launch a new telescope but to keep an eye on. all those details and so much more on our website. it's good to have you with us here and not to you today there is just a day to go before a full e.u. embargo on iranian crude exports over to iran's nuclear program takes effect america's latest set of sanctions kicked in on friday the u.s. however has granted china and singapore last minute exemptions from financial penalties for buying iranian oil as follows earlier waivers to more than a dozen other countries almost all of iraq is not on european clients lawyer doctor
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is to become says that these measures never actually achieve what they meant to instead they just hit the most part of. the sort of stated objective of both the united states and the european union as in carrying out the sanctions is that they are meant to persuade iran to come to the table and negotiations on their nuclear program but all we really seen both historically when we look at iraq as well as now is that the iranian government itself bears little to no branch roberta and of what the sanctions are actually doing it's really the people that feel the biggest burden iran now is faced with it extremely high some say twenty some go up to sixty percent of an inflation rate in the country so what we're really seeing and terms of the effect of these sanctions is not so much these state
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players and how they're affected but how ordinary people inside iran are actually getting affected by these policies. straight to west africa to start the r.t. what update for you now is the occupying armies of northern desert region have destroyed it you know holy sites in the city of tim buck it comes amid conflict between competing rebel groups in the west african nation is the most fighters with ties to al qaeda say they're in control of the northern half of the country after driving out ethnic to a record separatists just on thursday twenty one people were killed in gunfights. mohamed morsi has been sworn in as the new president of egypt after taking the official oath of office he's egypt's first elected leader since the fall of hosni mubarak on friday he rallied massive crowds in cairo's tahrir square and promised to stand up against the ruling military council huge protests have been demanding a complete power hand over by the military since the toppling of the mubarak regime
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. ok back in just a moment i will do a recap of the headlines that will be followed up by the latest edition of technology update. to the coolness the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains. into green
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real dreams double down on profits by building up instead of the german slow east for the summer known. here on r.g.p. we've got this new church. more news today violence is once again flared up if you think these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations or the day . in his secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me.


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