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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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welcome back to new center here in moscow this is our t. top stories not exactly how the russian capital major world powers agree a transitional plan for syria which would include. his chief international negotiator kofi annan after a crisis meeting in geneva. the german parliament. massive cash disillusioned italians turn to comedians for leadership. and american troops might be out of iraq but the money is flowing in washington plans upgrades one hundred million dollars to a baghdad embassy despite cutting a third of its diplomatic staff. but i'll be back with more on those stories with the news team in half an hour from now in the meantime stay with us for the second
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part of the show direct from our washington d.c. studios. well with the. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. all right guys it's time to give out tonight's tool time award and it's going to michael savage the second right wing shock jock to win the honor this week as you probably know conservatives were beside themselves yesterday after the supreme court decided the affordable care act is in fact constitutional they were particularly miffed that bush appointed chief justice john roberts sided with the liberal justices tipping the scales in favor of the law the right wing wingers heaped vitriol upon roberts calling him a traitor among other names but savage may have just sunk the lowest naturally he
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offered his theory on what cause the chief justice is alleged treachery and he made it really really personal and obvious izing that the medical treatment related to robert's history of seizures led him to abandon conservatives take a listen. neurologists will tell you that medication used for seizure disorders such as epilepsy can introduce medical slowing forgetfulness and other cognitive problems and if you look at robert's writings you can see the cognitive this societe should. now robert has had to seizures in his life one in one thousand nine hundred three and one in two thousand and seven so according to some experts to seizures without an explanation it warrants an epilepsy diagnosis but other are other experts have disputed this and after his last episode the supreme court issued a statement saying roberts had fully recovered and a neurological work up revealed no cause for concern but robert's health isn't the
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issue and by the way sam it offers no proof that roberts is even on medication merits. discussion here is why savage suddenly thinks robert's health is an issue why would it have affected his vote this vote but not any other why is it suddenly an issue well established him to have previously held the supreme court in very high esteem before it made a ruling that he disagreed with for example he criticized the president in april for attacking the supreme court's independence i was when obama had warned justices against shooting down health care reform describing them as an unelected group of people and in response savage had this to say. above of those that when the supreme court shoots the individual mandate castro carries over they'll be dancing in the streets but. as the nerve to say he refers to the supreme court as the on elected group of people the supreme court. now it was an ill advised remark on the president's behalf but it really seems like savage had all
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the reverence in the world for the court until things didn't go his way and then he turned to the zombie drug decision defense to explain it away what's going to say next that bath salts were to blame people in the media well they're the ones who should be holding politicians accountable for their actions not pushing pseudo science to explain them away and this whole mass of right wing media failed well it hasn't helped the american people understand the issues according to a kaiser poll from last year fifty two percent of americans quote do not have enough inner information about health care reform to understand how it will impact them in a debate marred by lies about death panels and ignorant tea partiers demanding government out of medicare this really isn't surprising and it's people like michael savage who are partially responsible for this ignorance with a misinformation campaign that has swept across middle america like a wildfire so for trying to explain away rulings he doesn't like he is tonight's
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top time winner. all right so this is interesting the store fitters. it's not what you may think it is despite what seems to be a store for you no alternative hipsters it's actually owned by a very conservative man richard again who was a pretty big donor for presidential candidate rick santorum so it's not surprising then now at urban outfitters you might see t. shirts with mitt romney's face on them but that's not what's causing problems or making waves other teachers you can find there are extremely racist this is the subject of an article written by lauren kelley associate editor at alter net hey there lauren. i guess i was really surprised to learn that that the owner of this store i mean i go to urban outfitters quite a bit and you don't see a lot of you know so-called republicans in there i know this is probably possibly you know small minded of me or stereotypical but resupplies to learn that that the owner was was a conservative guy. well i was actually not surprised to learn this time around i
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think urban outfitters is getting a lot of attention right now for these mitt romney t. shirts but reality is that they have a lot of problematic products going back for years and years and this sort of new for him to overtly tee shirts that is a new thing for them but the problematic. products that they are nothing there well and we should say back in two thousand and eight they sold the famous shepard fairey t. shirt the obama picture but you know and again the mitt romney shirt is not the problem here i want to put up on the screen some of the t. shirts that people are pretty angry about we're showing right now. yellow t. shirt with the jewish star that was pinned on you know the jews back during the holocaust it's you know the same size it's a little crazy let's look at some more shirts that we have pictures of. yeah these
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are just interesting apparently some of the selling are geared toward people who are anorexic they're. has been racist t. shirts on there we don't really have a copy that this one is the one anorexic when he left. just really really interesting i mean what do you make of all this lauren. but like i said this isn't a problem for many years with them but i think what's really interesting about these new t. shirts is how it's sort of this hipster conservative ism that they're starting to dabble and in the past like you said dave put out a lot of obama t. shirts and sort of left leaning products and they have found this frankly kind of ingenious way to support richard haynes a conservative agenda and you get a lot of young baloney ols who ordinarily would support left wing causes to walk around acting as billboards for mitt romney and the way they did that is they put out this line of t.
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shirts that they you know they aren't exactly campaign slogans they have these sort of ironic funny. you know slogans on them they say things like to the git to mitt you know it's this throw back retro cool funny old ironic way of of advertising to mitt romney so they get a bunch of young kids to buy these thinking that they're just funny and ironic and serious and they just end up being tools for mitt romney basically and they don't realize the political agenda behind the guy who owns that story as are the people who bought who are buying and actually think that this is kind of ironic and funny i think another one i think i can say this that mitt is with us on the teacher it's pretty funny. but it is a i think that a lot of people who are buying these perhaps as a joke would be surprised but it's it's not just that it's also some of them really i guess questionable you could say practices i mean at urban outfitters has you know uses sweatshop labor they've been known in the past to be stealing designers
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work not just at urban outfitters but the sister store anthropologie that i. i'm wondering i mean do you think that that you know this is sort of an underground plot by the store's owner to i mean as you say like you know make mitt romney seem cool i mean i can't imagine that it's going to work well you know i think that that's part of it but also this is a big systemic problem urban outfitters i want to make very clear is not the only store that relies on sweatshop labor or on questionable labor practices in general in fact most stores do it's incredibly hard to buy clothing that is really at the coal and there are lots of blogs online that have sort of. looked into how difficult it is to buy everything that you where you're from an ethical source and it's really hard so it's of the existing back problem but i think what's really offensive about the urban outfitters situation is how unapologetic richard again is especially about the sweatshop issue he has been interviewed several times in the
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past and when he said you know yeah you sweatshop labor and what you want to do about it most chains are a little more circumspect about the issue and will sort of try to say oh no we are you know we're trying to make steps in the right direction but he doesn't even do that he doesn't care he will just take your dollars for buying obama t. shirts and get them to rick santorum and just be completely unapologetic about it now i mean i guess on the one hand it's his freedom to to start a business and you know appeal to people of a very different political ideology from him and make money on them but i think it's important that you that you brought this to light i didn't know your article how urban outfitters peddles ironic conservatism hits to racism and other terrible values. very interesting we appreciate you being on the show things that editor for alter net thanks so much and he. does that on the show it's my turn for fireside fridays and happy hour cleena has
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a nap to fail when it comes to having the bacterial product and there's another supreme court ruling from yesterday we got overshadowed by. i care about will discuss the rolling on the stolen valor act on the return. leg mission and free accreditation free in-store charges free arrangements free. free studio time free. download free broadcast clothing video for your media projects and free media. tom . toles started here for going global and now it's pulling wire.
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that's. one of the really. welcome to tonight's fireside fridays with your host jimmy cops.
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every year in the u.s. state department releases a report laying out the worst human rights offenders around the globe repeat offenders include countries like iran north korea and china it shouldn't be surprising coming from a country which views itself as one of the foremost leaders on human rights and this dates back to one nine hundred forty eight when the united states adopted the universal declaration of human rights as the quote foundation of freedom justice and peace in the world that was a time when peace in this world seemed about as likely as well it seems now but then i have been crafted this commitment to justice with provisions like article one which states that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood article three states that everybody has the right to life liberty and the security of person. well this week the thirty ninth president of the united states pointed out that that document has all but been forgotten without naming names president jimmy carter put the bull's eye squarely on president
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obama's forehead citing several examples of why the current president has made it more difficult than ever to have this country purport to be the world's moral authority in an op ed in the new york times this week carter referred to what has come to be known as obama's kill list revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad and that includes american citizens and how that is disturbing proof of how far our nation's violation of human rights has extended violent attacks on those in other countries is one of the few things these days both parties agree on with bipartisan executive and legislative decisions made here in washington very little dissent from the public since it is after all really even covered by the press. president carter referred also to the national defense authorization act or n.d.a. in his comments our recent legislation has made it legal the president's right to detain a person indefinitely on suspicion of affiliation with terrorist organizations or quote associated forces and we've discussed this time and time and time again here
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on the ilona show how the n.d.a. blatantly removes the presumption of innocent till proven guilty a phrase solidified by the u.s. supreme court back in the late one thousand nine hundred and also in that universal declaration of human rights luckily a federal judge in new york has blocked out legislation after journalist chris hedges along with a few others sued the obama administration and won at least for now so here we have two presidents who also both happen to be recipients of the nobel peace prize and are of course also members of the same party and i realize our thirty ninth president may not have solidified his place in the presidential legacy hall of fame carter got the badly in his run for a second term by ronald reagan a republican and movie star from california but let's not forget while he was president in one thousand seventy nine egypt in israel signed a peace treaty that ended thirty years of conflict camp david accords at least in my book a pretty significant accomplish for president carter. also when he left office he didn't go back to picking peanuts on the farm in georgia he founded the carter
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center which works to promote democracy around the world real actual democracy and one thousand nine hundred four president carter went to north korea as part of a peace mission or a outlined a treaty with president kim il sung in which north agree north korea agreed to dismantle its nuclear program jimmy carter and his wife were also pretty much solely responsible for making habitat for humanity that program in which poor families get a fordable homes built for them they made it prominent in this country so the point of this is not just to remind people what jimmy carter has done for this country and the world it's also to say hey he's still doing good even when it means pointing out faults of the current president and his own party carter reminds us that no longer can we slowly point the finger at dick cheney and donald rumsfeld drone attacks ordered by president obama in countries where we're not even officially at war are making our own country less safe not more president carter calls on people to take action to persuade washington to reverse course and return
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to those commitments made back when peace was the goal of everyone instead president obama has served also as judge jury and executioner killing hundreds of people many of them innocent even our own intelligence officials say this behavior this targeted drone strikes are one of the biggest recruiting tools for terrorist organizations as anger towards the u.s. results in previously uninvolved people deciding to take action president carter is calling a spade a spade and reminding us why the u.s. can no longer call itself a moral authority of the world. all right it's time now for happy hour i've got to my favorite producers here in the house argue producer audrey and it was said oh alone as your producer jenny to. it's a lady's friday happy hour just the way i like it i want to start guys that let's
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talk about i we talked yesterday a lot about the ruling on the affordable care act we didn't talk too much about the supreme court striking down the stolen valor act so let's take a look at what that was all about. the high court yesterday also struck down the so-called stolen valor law that made it a crime to lie about receiving military awards. all right so basically the supreme court struck this down. person that running for office in california because they've you're all over as he was a aleck to official he falsely said he was a decorated war veteran and he actually wasn't a veteran at all so what the supreme court says this is not a crime when you guys think you're well i thought this case really interesting because what they did say was that if the person is making money off of pretending to be a decorated war hero then they can be held accountable but someone running for office you make money for being a politician it's been proven that when people are politicians they're
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a net worth aside from their salary on their own pension goes up so true i think i mean it's yes it's terrible but i understand the other side of it which is infringing on free speech there are a lot of things that you don't like that people say you know are not a crime not against the law it's a lot of the law it's not against the law to live it should it be i mean it's a terrible thing to lie about you know how being served yes of course but i much rather there they be ridiculed in the court of public opinion then in an actual court but that's just me though i agree i just know that when we've had jimbo on the show before he's been a really really passionate about you know he's actually met some people before who claimed they were veterans and had all of these medals on nothing and then come to find out later they didn't even serve and we say by the way jim i was supposed to be on the show tonight and couldn't make it at the last minute. thank goodness we have jenny churchill here is about to those are. not official one but still doesn't
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say that guys i made them announce that i was this was to be here it's very good ok so let's talk about sand hand sanitizer i don't use that because i have a theory that i have this is my dinner at home and you know you say my theory is that if everybody uses hand sanitizer we're going to become immune to germs so that means like survival of the fittest like only the strong germs are going to survive yeah that's up to let you know we're talking about it was going to say i was with you until you said it and then we kill the germs. and yeah i was certain that i mean there are more stronger guys anyways however kimberly clark is going to be recalling hundreds of bottles of kleenex brand foam hand sanitizer because apparently and we've got this article here they were recalled because they may pose a serious health risk to people with weakened immune systems basically there could be a lethal bacteria in them my favorite part of this i'm pretty sure this is like hospital grade hand sanitizer thing for everybody i don't know this for
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a fact but from the labeling and other things i decided this is hand sanitizer that is found in hospitals and they're like no one needs to worry this is only an issue if you're immune systems bad like this and hospitals people with values i mean i saw how you connect the dots matter it was great one story just amazing to me of ironies i guess you got things back pretty much. all right so this is really interesting. let's take a look at something going on with the shanghai subway system. it all started with this photo posted by the shanghai true authority on its official way you boruc out the chinese version of twitter it's not surprising that women get harassed if they dress like this the accompanying cap should reach being told to avoid goals please cherish your so not. it's. i'm surprised that people on the subway get sexually
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harassed according to this report i think that was bad wording however that you read and that was that wording that you're ok what about was i mean that your house is so far beyond inappropriate and that we're to assume you're actually right even though. i think she's wearing underwear and a see through dress so does i as she's on the cover of vogue all i'm saying is maybe they should have said don't be surprised when someone stares at you don't be surprised if you that i know if they are not going to mess with them any differently than touching the so i said it was bad you know wording i think on their part i don't think that we're going to i'm going to just like that means we should be more often however wearing a dress like that is really ridiculous don't we can sit here and act like other dress is a you know what it's that how it outside that i would not be opposed to it it is that hot it is terrible i'm just saying anyone sane like to be surprised if people stare at you for wearing a see through dress of course people are going to teri but that's not what it
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sounds the reason that she probably work or she wants people you know who want to be noticed who doesn't seem to be sexually harassed i mean i don't care if she's naked which i mean that's against the laws of the story but you know i'm going to totally ruin my argument on this do we have that full screen. diagram oh there you go. ok so like this ok so this is these are diagrams of like showing you the i look at the i had the riaa wired like watch out of someone slouching down they can see up your skirt see the straight right there you know like if they're looking into your eyes and your legs are spread they can see down your skirt i think that's i mean i don't be surprised if they will that's essential if you think that would be surprised if you're worried that their legs those diagrams are crazy it's pretty very nice a great thing of the year but i have to say it is kind of true you should be aware of when you're wearing a short skirt over you know friend what they're able to see very much and you're always aware there's tons of people i've said if you are not. just made me personally say to my surroundings. let's go to texas now where do you
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ever like flash your lights to let people know that you're passing that you know there's a police car you know a speed trap up ahead i always think it's a nice thing to do i think it's probably not legal but it's always a nice courteous thing to warn other drivers on a ranch i know now that i want to texas was trying to warn a drivers about a speed trap here's what happened. she was on her bike headed home from the grocery store when she saw this houston police pulling over alleged speeders she would up the street a few blocks meet the sign and stood she says on the sidewalk after a few minutes plummer claims one of the officers drove up jumped from his car and started pulling out her backpack she says he searched it without consent then arrested her. oh this one spent twelve hours in jail first standing on the sidewalk holding a thought i don't know nothing about the believe claim that it wasn't twelve hours in jail for standing on the sidewalk holding a sign that she was arrested because she was standing in the street rather than
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sidewalks there i'll rub their oh there's always a very. first standing in the street i mean either way either way they were mad that they were going to cause catching people and then they wouldn't they didn't fill their quotas and you know i put it as random on that directly so they're in their plans ok real quick ladies we gotta get to the story there's a there's a town and there's only two police officers we always hear about they cut back but this time only has two police officers and neither of them can carry a firearm because guess what they both have criminal records take a look. chief of police chris or me who was arrested by state police last summer on a warrant issued two hundred miles away in texas in january he pled guilty to a felony charge after falling forty thousand dollars behind in child support payments other cop is also not carrying a gun because of questions over whether a dismissed domestic violence charge could prevent him from owning a firearm all right so five hundred people live here in the von new mexico what do
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you think are they i think they would be town of yes i mean there's no reason to worry they have tasers which we all know can be deadly and you know they have probably have some pepper spray just seen oh yeah we all know how that works out so it's really i mean and like everyone has guns it's really kind of everyone except except the clearly one of the exactly a lot of ironies on the show and i appreciate it it's fun jenny thanks thanks for filling in at the last minute to cheers tears later. thanks for fun and chrissy oh it's been fun that's going to do it for tonight show thanks for tuning in make sure to come back next week in the meantime don't forget to like me a lot of show on facebook follow us on twitter and subscribe to our you tube channel and guess what i even check out on hulu as well coming up next is the news .
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