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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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at a crisis meeting in geneva major world powers agree a transitional plan for syria which rejects regime change and allows syrians to decide their own political future. as the german parliament rubber stamps the euro zone's massive bailout cash part of the solution italian voters seek consolation in comedy. and american troops might be heading out of iraq but the money is still flowing in washington plans one hundred million dollars worth of upgrades to its baghdad embassy despite cutting a third of its diplomatic staff. on
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screen international news and comment live from our new center here in moscow with twenty four hours a day the world's major world powers have agreed on a transitional road map for syria which they say will allow syrians to determine their own future without outside interference for their crisis meeting in geneva russia's foreign minister said the document contains no ultimatums and includes representatives from all sides of the political divide and that's exactly what russia was pushing for. has more. they didn't manage to agree on a new plan of the transition plan as it's called the powers which do include the united states and russia wish that in principle we consider it of the utmost importance that this document does not seek to dictate to the syrian side how the transitional process should happen politically how exactly this process will take place is up to the syrian people this document is very precise and. there are no
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more preconditions and no all too many times voiced here and actually as foreign minister sergei lavrov said those were some of the more stumbling points during the in the gulf nations since previously some of the outside wheres outside of syria of course as they're called did call on some preconditions such as the immediate step down for president assad now powers have agreed that it is strictly up to the syrian people to decide whether they do want to see president assad in power or not or all the outside where is the world trying to to apply pressure on them equally in order to get them to the peaceful negotiating table and to build this transitional government which should also include all sides of the conflict both from the authorities and from the rebels and it is planned that this transitional government will have full governing power patrick henningsen associate editor of
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independent news website info wars dot com says if this roadmap fails the repercussions may be severe for syria. if this latest initiative in geneva fails the consequences i'm afraid to say are quite dire not just for syria as a country and not just for the middle east but for the whole global geo political scene there what's what's at stake here is syria is a secular country in the middle east it's one of the last remaining secular countries multi-ethnic multi-religious. as it has a state owned bank note is very one of the last countries like this totally independent they are not under religious rule they don't have religious strife now with this civil war this being fomented in syria that's a different story now we have the potential for massive religious division massive ethnic and tribal division and of course this is what the imperial historically
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what imperial powers love the most which is to divide and rule and if we if we if we remember syria lebanon on was carved up two or three times since one thousand nine hundred seven since the french mandate so look at look at the the strife you've had in the middle east since before world war two there's a direct result of artificial borders in the twenty first century you really have to ask yourself have we learned our lessons from the past. but as diplomats convened in geneva the fighting in syria escalated further with over one hundred fifty people killed in the last two days griffin ocean reports from the syrian capital things on the ground unfortunately remain very tense and very complicated the clashes between the syrian army and the rebels have been escalating all over the country but the fear is fighting has happened in the valley of suburbs and villages on the eastern outskirts of the capital damascus some ten to fourteen kilometers from where i am right now this direction from time to time we even can
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see black smoke coming out from from that place the most fierce clashes have. taken place in the area known as duma it's been one of the opposition strongholds since the beginning of the uprising the source of constant source of troubles in sixteen months over crisis it's been off to the governmental control many times but it's never lasted long because the rebels have always been very quick to take it over again some ten days ago the syrian army launched yet another offensive on these territories in order to regain control and we are hearing that tang's armored vehicles and even helicopters have been taking part in this operation and now we're hearing from activists that the army has finally managed to redeem control over duma syria has a very strong army and many ask the question why it took so long for one of the best armed forces in the world to take control over this relatively small territory
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experiencer saying that the riot police two reasons behind that the first is that the army has been trying to avoid casualties among civilians people another reason is that the rebels have been gaining massive support from foreign nations we've been hearing recently a lot about increased for weapons smuggled through the borders of the syrian borders especially in the north of the country through the turkish. syrian border just two days ago we've been hearing from saudi a rabbit that it is preparing to pay salaries to the free syrian army members to encourage more defections from the syrian army and to support the uprising against president bashar al assad we are hearing all this just days after president bashar al assad has said that the country is now in a real state of war and has warned any foreign nation from interfering into syria's internal affairs even allies and has promised to fight the terrorism to the very very end. and of course we'll be closely monitoring further developments in syria
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for more analysis and comment always log on to our website on dot com also don't forget to check out the twitter feeds from all our correspondents for all the latest on the ongoing conflict and of course of the news too. the german parliament has approved the e.u.'s massive five hundred billion bailout fund and ratified the new fiscal compact last night which sets even tougher budget rules that is chance and i'm going to knuckle finds itself on the back foot
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strongly rejecting notions that she somehow capitulated to the financial demands of southern european nations the backlash is especially loud in germany where many see the use new bank bailout program as a step too far just after the vote some lawmakers filed lawsuits saying that the fiscal pact intrudes on the piles of german deputies who says she surrendered nothing and that any bank rescue would come with harsh strings attached but the german president promises she would hold a pass or he would withhold passage of the legislation pending the outcome of the legal action jack rasmus a professor of political economy at some mary's college of california says he is skeptical of the so-called e.u. breakthrough and. they've decided to do some emergency measures here and then kick the can down the road probably for another three to six months before they can actually bring your institutionalized some mechanism for providing e.s.m. well known so directly to the banks it's a temporary move here all designed in
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a very short run to stop the rising rates. yields here for a spanish and italian debt the euro crisis is really three crises in one three dimensions one is the sovereign debt crisis another is the banking crisis which is becoming more visible in the. sustained but the other is the economic crisis be it can bear out the banks but that's no guarantee you're going to get economic growth which is what you must have in the in the longer run and as long as that growth does not occur it's going to feed back and exacerbate both the banking and the sovereign debt crisis we have governments that have already build out a lot of the banks and their debt is very high in resistance to that and now we have another financial crisis. and italian prime minister mario monti joined forces with the spanish and french counterparts during the latest e.u. summit in brussels to get significant concessions from the local but at home for him there's a seismic political shift going on with the old elite feeling the public backlash
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against austerity and even comedians are proving successful alternatives to the current leadership now if the set of. on that italy's economic situation it's no laughing matter so it might come as some surprise that it's full of a t.v. comedian that. is the latest character to still its least political spotlight almost as a year in crisis continue voters have become increasingly disillusioned with mainstream politics and a radical a populist breed and grassroots movement such as youth organization the right has been growing in force and popularity that take willow and his five star movement now thrive on line shunning traditional media and gaining huge respect with its younger generation something that technocrat premier nary a monkey see far failed to do they're all whispering about young people but young people are not really represented in the stone thing goes off people in government
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and trades are a very often. old people which. don't add to the right feeling of what use is really happening in the county we're trying to make you to change that's the point you have tried with some kind of policies which is merely bodies and policy if you want to talk about it and now it's austerity so it's selling everything the state does not have to control anything about the economy but it is not it's not working with elections across europe marked by a decline in turnout it's leads recent local election results were alarming with a third of those eligible to vote staying home and mainstream parties losing to the protests in a major way all parties traditional parties just that are not realizing that. things are changing so quickly and they are all old they're trying to.
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very innovative themselves but they just are not able angrier. in this situation is moving like a green. i mean because you can jump from an argument to another one and it's always winner currently in a status suspended to vote for say an elected government trying to stay out of the financial storm the question on everybody's lips does better meet that standard when next year's elections come around the parties are now taking very seriously because a couple weeks ago he won some major victories in local elections in italy including the. position in a very significant city in italy and other places and i think he's filled a vacuum and so the parties on the right on the left the democratic party the party of the mainstream center left is very worried by the threat he poses now whether his five star movement can become a political party i'm very doubtful of but it certainly has struck a chord with
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a certain type of you know young activists who are fed up with italy's preschool class and it's not just the populations of greece spain and france formally dispels by the ongoing crisis and weakness like the pirate party in germany and five star in italy gaining solid ground as the eurozone state looks increasingly wobbly i think it's going to survive. if it's going to survive. we need a big change i think should it now be a funny man who find a solution to the crisis it leaves a stranger to performance in its parliament but the decisions of the last flamboyant leader left the country with one in three unemployed my dim debts with its economy sinking the euro project might now seem to many like a bad joke and it's one that's left us all wondering just what the punch line will
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be served our thing right. well earlier this week a leading british bank barclays for. itself find almost three hundred million pounds for rampant rate fixing and essence the bank manipulated figures were not owned by the world's banking system in a bid to boost its own profits and that's something that stacy and the kaiser report an angry about their food program coming your way later this hour here's a preview. so now you have bob diamond over apparently committing criminal fraud on his own bounty committing criminal fraud in the library market when there's plunder at the top and you systematically legitimize plunder as the main source of your economic activity as david cameron has done in the u.k. he's told european regulators look in the u.k. criminal plunder is the basis of our economy you can't put our bankers in jail because all we'd be left with are a bunch of marmite pots and some a limp dick has bands and so and it filters down to the rest of society but why i
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put other people in jail i mean i don't understand why put anyone in jail and in the u.k. there's no standard of law there's absolutely no standard of law you can do any criminal action you want the u.k. and he will be put in jail if you're connected if you're part of conspiracy or part of mafia. that's because a report coming your way very soon here on our team the u.s. is cutting its presence in iraq removing about a third of its diplomatic staff but it plans to spend around one hundred million dollars upgrading the fortified embassy compound in baghdad former u.s. diplomat george kennedy says this kind of spending damages america's national image while feeding taxpayer money to greedy contractors. it's approaching a billion or maybe over a billion dollars now that was spent on this compound in baghdad for no evident purpose other than perhaps to enrich the contractors. and the politicians who are being paid off but. if someone asked me what is the purpose of this facility i'd
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have to say well that there really isn't one it's a symbol more of american decline than it is of american power but it's not just about iraq it's about projecting power in the region and you have to ask in the old days american embassies were relatively modest affairs they were open they tried to project a sense of american idealism of democracy and so forth now we're building these enormous fortresses that ultimately of course will be abandoned and look look back upon as a bad joke. well you can find more nat and other stores online dot com also available for you the u.s. military base hit by a sex abuse scandal investigation finds thirty one female cadets were sexually assaulted by their superiors raising concerns over the safety of women in america's armed forces. also online plans to launch a new telescope to keep an eye on asteroids which might pose a danger to worth all the details and much much more doughty dot com.
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industry claims the process is perfectly. sees its costs that brings nothing but. the environment. and the industry isn't telling the whole story. they're goddamn why. they're here to. make as much money as they can and get the whole. world for the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from
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around russia we've got the future covered. minutes past the hour here in the russian capital and news continues now on r.t. despite america's sanctions and a looming iran is boasting that it easily selling its oil a news report broadcast in the country suggests that's mainly thanks to sanction waivers handed out by washington the us has granted china and singapore last minute exemptions from financial penalties for buying iranian oil as follows earlier waivers to more than a dozen other countries almost all of iran's known european clients are an activist a bit of a stir he says but these measures never achieve what they're meant to and instead just hurt the most vulnerable. the sort of stated objective of both the united states and the european union as carrying out the sanctions is that they are meant to persuade iran to come to the table and negotiations on their nuclear
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program but all we really seen both historically when we look at iraq as well as now is that the iranian government itself bears little to no branch or burden of what the sanctions are actually doing it's really the people that feel the biggest burden iran now is faced with it extruding lehi some say twenty some go up to sixty percent of an inflation rate in the country so what we're really seeing and terms of the effect of these sanctions is not so much these state players and how they're affected but how ordinary people inside iran are actually getting affected by these policies oh and islam is so key point is northern does that region have destroyed holy sites in the city of timbuktu becomes a day off to militants with ties to al qaeda declared they had gained control of the region after at least twenty civilians were killed in clashes middle east expert of amy as a coup he says that the violence in mali follows directly from u.s. and nato action against gadhafi government last year which destabilize the whole
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region. all of this of course is related to the war that was waged against libya last year doing twenty eleven which brought about the displacement of many of the to our forces who have been settled in libya for many many years they were well armed and of course with them entering the situation inside of northern mali it's part of the stabilizing polarized situation inside the north of the country and of course affected the capital of. as well the nato forces led by the united states destroy the social fabric and national infrastructure and the national economy of libya libya was the most prosperous of the most stable state on the african continent as a result of the destabilization activities on the part of nato the twenty six thousand air missions that were flown over the country over seven month period ten thousand airstrikes against libya naval blockade the freezing of foreign assets
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this is of course dislodged a busy place hundreds of thousands of people inside the country and hundreds of thousands of more in the regional context if the u.s. it not intervene in libya last year we were not happy current situation that we have right now in mali so u.s. . and nato intervention is not the solution the solution has to be found in mali itself in west africa itself among the people. well now some other news from around the world including rising violence in destabilize libya where at least fifty seven people killed more than one hundred wounded in tribal clashes in the last three days in the country south according to local sources the fighting words between two wide tribesmen the latter reportedly supported by the so-called libya shield brigade deployed by the interim government to act as a peace keeping force clashes between rival groups are common as the country is still awash with weapons seized by rebels journey uprising against wonder gadhafi.
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mohamed morsi has been sworn in as the new egyptian president after taking the official oath of office he's the country's first ever elected leader and the first civilian head of state since the toppling of hosni mubarak which was followed by more than a year of nationwide unrest the country remains partly controlled by the army which is also declared itself the main legislative power massive protests in recent days supported the new president and demanded a complete power handover by the military. the u.s. is facing a growing problem with almost a third of its population classed as overweight it's got the highest rate of obesity in the world despite more awareness than ever of the harmful effects of unhealthy eating but often this is a new york asking what needs to be done to help people to slim down and shape up. well. as the world's knowledge of science and medicine continues to grow so do our waistlines why this
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week let's talk about that most of the people is too lazy i think we're just lazy but i think that most of it is better to see your coach sleeping. on the bus even the cost of an early death yeah but nobody thinks because we don't do enough exercise and we large portions to cut down the portions everyone knows this it seems to be common knowledge no one's doing anything about it that's right because they don't have intestinal fortitude to follow through that's what is meant but the big one. i think even though our knowledge of science being a lot bigger it's very concentrated i feel like a lot of it is in things like colleges and the higher educated but we're not transferring that knowledge to other people it's all caught in one place and we're not spreading it around the population enough to that's why we still enjoy things like fast food is because a lot of people are still ignorant of how bad it really is or the calories oh that's because it's like a drug it is like
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a drug we're all addicts tell that delicious that's our problem what's your addiction we like to sit chocolate chip cookies i just think that poor middle class communities just don't have access to enough information and education about healthy living so is it government's responsibility to spread that or is that a personal responsibility thing for people to take care of themselves both i think it's both i think sinden might think. there's a levy on each product so people are forced to buy less products i think but if you think that's fair shouldn't a person be able to buy whatever crap they want. yes but some governments need money. you can't tell people you can't use peanut oil or whatever to cook your you know cook your food and so is it a try. this is a natural selection and if people are going to make bad choices they're going to die earlier and that's the way it should be so whether or not you think it's a problem the modern world is getting fatter and fatter and that can't be
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a good thing for society's waste or bottom line. well the term brings up to date this a recap of your headlines is just a couple of minutes away you know and after that the latest edition of the kaiser report this is all to stay with us.
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