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lol. the u.n. calls for a halt on all arms supplies to syria that's to pave the path for peace and a transitional government. middle of the spirit no signs of ceasefire clashes between the army and the rebels only escalates into more details just ahead. in other news the chief executive of barclays the u.k.'s third largest bank steps down in a scandal over interest rates with the british government ordering an inquiry into the entire banking sector. and it looks like the u.s. has no intention of giving up hope of getting a hands on julian assange she will bring you the final episode of the whistleblowers interview show in just over an hour.
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live from our studios in central moscow you're watching are with me and he said now it's good to have you with us two pm here in the russian capital one pm in damascus and despite the latest international peace plan for syria the fighting there is intensifying and that's across the country as well as near the capital the u.n. has urged the halt to weapons supplies from abroad to warring sides which it says is fueling the violence are to me if an ocean is in damascus. situation is very dramatic in syria as president bashar assad has recently sat series now in the rules take to the way this is exactly what we see right now on the ground the clashes between the rebels and the syrian army have only been displayed recently in the last several hotspots of the fight in the central paula told syria not far from
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the two homes the northern part the fall from the turkish border on the syrian iraq people who did but the fear is last is happening. some time two full ten kilometers from where i am right now around damascus in a belt of villages and suburbs that they have been known as opposition strongholds and have been a permanent source of trouble since the beginning of the uprising here last march this time you have has made it clear both sides of the conflict are equally responsible for raids and weapons supplied to both sides again all these conflicts have been escalating needs and all suppose that further militarization should be avoided and is very dangerous today is the second day over the opposition mission in congo and the main idea of this meeting was to unify you know the to gain some trust of the syrian people indeed the opposition since the beginning of the uprising has been harshly criticized for being too fragmented and too fragmented
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even to be trusted and they themselves been confirmed that that they hunted they have to unify they have to unite to hammer out a common vision on this syrian conflict but some of these opposition boycotted this meeting in cairo and the free syrian army members and some independent activists say seen syria have criticised this meeting paul and it is a conspiracy and accuse a need for ignoring the question of buffer zones protected by the international community humanitarian corridors and air in boggo and the amin of the rebel fighters it's surprising to hear that while u.n. is saying that the weapons being supplied to both saw it is fueling the conflict so it sounds like some of the opposition is now rady to reduce the cost the idea of interim government this latest peace initiative forged at the meetin engineer engine eva but the reason all position that is this still is not ready to give up
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and doesn't want to talk and only wants to continue flights. well more insight coming up on what elements of a healthy transition are needed to avoid more bloodshed in syria author and correspondent march marts unsafe wenders wonders whether such concerns bother the minds of hawks across the atlantic. successful democracies evolve they cannot be created instantaneously overnight americans have for a hundred years drunk instant coffee you take a little you can. look to envelope of coffee of powder you poured into a cop you have hot water instant coffee none of they believe democracy can be spread the same way you simply take american instant democracy the american blueprint for democracy you impose it on the country you have water pressed so instance democracy the world does not work that way they thought it did with the
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arab spring but they also so the administration and the republicans too as i said are blind to the terrible dangerous but their policies are causing. the state you're in for that full interview with martin safe coming up in twenty minutes. iran is held military exercises launching several long range missiles capable of reaching the persian gulf but the drills come as the country's parliament is mulling over a bill that seeks to block shipments of oil through the strait of hormuz to countries that have imposed an oil embargo and sanctions on iran those measures are aimed at pressuring the islamic republic into curbing its nuclear program but tehran says it has no problem selling oil some large customers like china have been exempted from u.s. sanctions iran has also been stockpiling money and goods to buffer the impact of the measures against them independent researcher and writer soraya supper for all
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which says tehran is actually trying to fight back at attempts to bring down islam a cool. you ron looking back at this history knows that it has no choice it either goes down or it has to defend itself and i think it will if it's ready to defend itself it has the means and the capability of the policy it's all in barca's have been used to devastate the economy and for foreign powers to basically take over the country considered civilian nuclear program it's simply a means to an end what is washington has in mind is to remove the regime you don't have has tried to create with washington with the p five n one that's one it has even said that he would give up its medical isotopes its twenty percent enriched uranium if iran can disappear with isotopes for its medical research but the wall
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howard has not wanted to reach a conclusion reached an agreement iran is even more convinced that this is just. an excuse for regime change. but more on the story available whenever you want and on our web site here's some of what else is waiting for you there bikes behind bars in mates and a brazilian prison get the chance to shape time off their sentences by generating electricity through pedal power giving them more than bite at the end of the tunnel . rock and riot vans in a moscow gang who are in for a big surprise when antiproton punk band pussy riot stormed the stage more on what happened for you at our t.v. dot com. doing a songes presence on our team which is made world headlines draws to an end at least for now the final episode of his news making interview show airs in just over an hour this time the top whistleblower talks to malaysian opposition leader anwar
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ibrahim about the fight for freedom and the hypocrisy of some world leaders r.t. sarah firth reports. later on today we're going stay with who was julian a silent as he conducts his final interview fish a that's been running on are now in it he keeps up with his tradition of interviewing formally imprisoned activists political leaders are going to see him speaking to. his moment deputy prime minister and now one of the leading opposition figures in the country faces them have faced persecution this being politically motivated leading of course to the most sinister criminal allegations discussed you use this for sar democracy democratic elections due to show the independence. saudia be so to be strong in the skin. i sometimes feel like speaking this way myself.
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now as a rising internal rival to the former prime minister in malaysia and whatever him face sexual assault allegations and was imprisoned for five years after being smeared with allegations that you can join the similarities between his case and what's happening with julian a songs of course killing a stunt is never actually being charged with a crime but he is wanted in sweden for questioning the sexual assault allegations now asuncion his legal team has always maintained that they're fighting this legal battle against the extradition because they fear that once in sweden it will be very easy to extradite songe to the u.s. so this particular thing that i mean trapped under came about as a result of. your police department saying we must have a way to take terrorists from one country to another you know.
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you must you know the rule of the game enjoy it because. now all this coming at a time when the u.s. has once again reiterated its calls for a song to be prosecuted for espionage we've heard senator dianne feinstein saying that the wiki leaks founder had compromised america's security she said that the song schools himself a journalist but he's no journalist he's an agitated very strong language that mixed messages that have been coming from the u.s. with the foreign minister of that country denying the remotest possibility that any case against the saw and we both but that coming as the u.s. justice department has said that the investigation into wiki leaks continues so it doesn't really seem that the u.s. knows exactly what this line on a song should be at the moment so the stakes remaining extremely high here as julian assange remains inside the ecuadorian embassy awaiting that all important
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decision on whether or not he'll be granted asylum. well as sara was saying there julian assange is refusing to leave aqua doors embassy before a decision on his fate has been made he's attempting to avoid being put on trial in the u.s. for spying free speech activist trevor tim says these plans undermine america's constitution and could set a dangerous precedent. what the new york times does is actually considered worse than what wiki leaks did because the new york times routinely publishes what is called top secret classified information which is actually the highest classification that u.s. government uses and the only thing wiki leaks has published although they've published hundreds of thousands of documents has been secret and below which is a lower class occasion and if we keep this punished for this type of behavior the new york times isn't just in much trouble or if or more so now the government has argued that they can go after the government leaders but never have they been able to prosecute
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a private citizen for publishing this information in the public interest and the real problem is that if it if it actually came to fruition then not only would wiki leaks and joined us on to be in jail for doing what essentially every other newspaper does but in the future other newspapers who want to publish stories in the public interest the administration would be able to threaten these papers prosecution bring them to trial and not only would it stifle free speech in the sense that it could put journalists in jail but it could also bankrupt many media organizations would have to spend millions of dollars defending themselves against what is traditionally a protected. protected by the first amendment. we don't forget about the final episode of julie messenger of your show is set to air on our t.v. in just over an hour time an hour's time i should say and all the previous episodes are available for you at some start r t. the chief executive
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of the u.k. star of the largest bank barclays has resigned in a deepening financial scandal homeowners and businesses were overcharged for loans during the credit crunch because the lender was fixing a system of interbank lending rates and the government's ordered a full part of the mentoring inquiry into the country's banking sector let's see what chris roebuck thinks on this is from the cast business school and joins us live from london mr roebuck do you think there's a need for this inquiry aren't the culprits already known is this not clear and open or is this going to be dragged out and a process with a few token slaps on the wrist at the end. i think there are questions about the banking industry but that's a question about the global banking industry this particular problem there are regulators across the world who are looking at twenty international institutions including citi group j.p. morgan u.b.s. and what this is about is about individual banks trying to manipulate the local
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interbank lending rate so actually we've discovered that the effect on individual bank account holders in this country has been negligible but that doesn't diminish the fact that certain people very very few people at the top of international banks were trying to manipulate the market. barclays as i understand has been fine but the scandal has led to calls for a criminal prosecution against individual bankers you know obviously made these decisions do you think we'll actually see any real convictions. well culturally and historically there's always been a little bit of a difference for example between the u.s. and the u.k. in respect of white collar crime i.e. fraud and that sort of thing that doesn't involve any form of violence in the us they're much tougher on that and people who do things wrong in organizations go to jail generally speaking in u.k. in most cases they just get a slap on the wrist and they're not allowed to be a director of a company anymore but they don't go to jail what's now happening is that in the
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u.k. the government is saying actually we're getting to the point where if people do do things wrong they need to go to jail. of course a monday barclays chairman resigned he's now going to point at a temporary boss as i understand it which will lead to a search for a new c.e.o. given that he's been discredited in this scandal what kind of person can you find as a replacement well the whole point about the replacement is you know that they are looking at somebody at the present moment who's taken over temporarily who happens to be the chairman of the british telecom which is now not just telecoms in u.k. but our global but what they need to do is i mean barclays has a problem here because they've lost their chairman on monday and they've lost their chief executive on tuesday so if i was a barclays shareholder i would be slightly worried if i was a barclays employee i would be slightly worried and i suspect that some of the other banks are beginning to ask themselves the question ok if we get caught out as
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having done something wrong in this scandal is our chief executive going to have to resign because logically we could see in the next three months twenty chief executives of global banks having to resign but speaking of learning lessons from scandals like these david cameron has said it was important to learn lessons from this affair why haven't these kind of lessons been learned in two thousand and eight when the government first promised to sort out these banks now we're seeing another inquiry. i think the problem is actually there's two problems one historically a lot of things happened in the middle of the financial crisis that perhaps shouldn't have happened secondly when you look at the size of these organizations as the head of risk for a global bank said to me look if you've got one hundred fifty thousand people across the world you know that somebody somewhere has to be doing something wrong that's a statistical fact and we have to catch it before it gets out of hand in this particular case we're talking probably no more than as i say two hundred people in twenty
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banks across the world so it's a very very small percentage and the point i try and get across to people is that actually there are hundreds and thousands of people who work in banks across the world who do so with integrity they act ethically and they act professionally and we shouldn't because some people have gone wrong we shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush right on another note and just briefly mr roebuck a report on british t.v. uncovered a possible trail of e-mail exchanges that could have led traders at barclays to believe the lending rates manipulation was sanctioned by the bank of england do you think there's going to be true and again just briefly. there's a possibility it could be true because when the crisis was that it tight all the central banks of all the countries wanted to prevent any of their banks collapsing because that could have produced a house of cards effect where everything went down and therefore they might just have suggested that it might be a good idea right chris roebuck cast business school in london his analysis on this
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latest barclays scandal thanks for that. now the eurozone is deep in its own banking and debt crisis too of course not even a week after the latest bailout plans were agreed they're in trouble with opposition in finland and a court challenge in germany where many in the e.u. feel the pinch with austerity cuts by contrast in germany normally conservative consumers have begun splashing out on luxury cars and expensive houses are jesus on a boy who investigates what's pushing the spending spree. better for economy good for business detroit cross has been selling vintage cars for almost three decades but he says he's never had a better run of trade than in the last year and a half and use of the euro's instability has told the wills of his business so well there is stiff competition event to become one of his customers. in gold to the gold of the governor you have the markets in your garage and the markets the old
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cars and i think they buy more than. before the crisis price tags in his collection run from a mere fifteen thousand euro to massive three million for the balance. and while in the past the majority of his clients have a real passion for classic wills which are crosses now dealing with a new kind of buyer those who just want to park their money for profit this car is a b.m.w. five hundred seventy only built two hundred fifty two cars and in two thousand and . five you have to spend for a car like that three hundred fifty thousand euros and today you have to spend a million real estate or jewelry almost all luxury sales are now reporting an option as germans fearful of the euro collapsing. turning that embattled cash into something they see as more durable it's not like the money has always been burning
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holes in german pockets traditionally the people of this country have been pretty conservative spenders but the average household putting aside eleven percent of it . but maybe you're a spirit you're shrouded in uncertainty more and more german for now buying into the idea that saving is wasting low interest rates combined with increasing inflation made savings accounts and profitable more than a decade ago. but better than few believe here the euro crisis vindicated here once and for all turning a one's diligent saver into germany's most. vocal advocate of spend spend spend more and more people get. nervous even like the luxury people like the rich people know things to they don't believe the money and come home renovations to expensive medical procedures fear of the possible devaluation is pushing germans into a spending spree and his dental clinic the appointment calendar is already booked
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for several months i had and the clinics director himself is in no mood to wait and see in addition to a brand new x. ray machine has just bought a house that he never intends to live in my. world is the only. people who want to. don't want. and while in other countries this would be taken as a sign of growing consumer confidence for big banking germans this really is spending for a rainy day i can avoid the artsy reporting from munich in germany. a look now at some world news in brief in iraq at least twenty nine people have been killed and over sixty wounded in a series of blast most of the victims died when a car bomb exploded in a busy market earlier in the day two roadside bombs targeted shia pilgrims on the outskirts of the shrine city of karbala recent weeks have seen increased attacks on
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worshippers raising fears of a return to widespread sectarian violence. libya has freed four members of international criminal court arrested four weeks ago on fission spying they still have to return to tripoli later this month for a final ruling on their case one of them a lawyer melinda taylor was charged with smuggling documents to colonel gadhafi was captured son saif al islam who's accused of killing protesters during last year's revolt libya wants to try him set him in itself but the i.c.c. is concerned that he won't get a fair trial there. and the new york court has ordered twitter to release private tweets in the case of an occupy wall street protester activist say the move will violate the privacy of malcolm harris who is charged with disorderly conduct over demonstrations last year judge and says he personally reviewed the data and will
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release only relevant parts of it to prosecution lawyers harris was arrested in october along with hundreds of others during a march against corporate greed and inequality. daniel bushel now joins us from the business das can your talking thank shuns on iran that's right u.s. and european. oil imports kick in this week to find out the implications with joined by louis davis are involved for joining us two hundred dollars we saw when sanctions were first announced earlier this year where will the process go from here. well we believe the prices will increase over the remainder of the year to buy a number of things one demand will grow seasonally as it gets colder in the northern hemisphere winter but also the impact of the sanctions on the world or market will start to have an increasing impact so how much is the iranian situation to do with it how much is it going to be seized the moment how much of an effect is iran
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having. well certainly countries like saudi arabia can increase their production in order to produce enough oil to replace the barrels that will be lost as a consequence of the rain. but in doing so they will reduce the amount of spare productive capacity in the world but it's productive capacity is held back in the event of additional emergencies and as a consequence that would lead to higher prices the actual sanctions from the e.u. will probably take out five hundred thousand barrels a day or about one quarter a rein in exports but i think over and above that the u.s. sanctions will have far greater reach as will impact the buying behaviors of countries such as india south korea and japan who are heavy users of a rain or how long can this last how long could the west theoretically go on without iranian oil. well in theory saudi arabia can't can step up and produce at the required levels but as i said at the expense of spectacle capacity saudi arabia
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also has some stores of oil that it's been building up over the last six months which you can release into the market when it sees fit and bear in mind that we're getting increased production from countries such as libya and iraq which aren't although not critical certainly of help to ease the situation somewhat so the situation can be sustained but it will require a high oil price and that's why we have an all price case which shows a recovery towards the end of this year what about the other side of the coin royalist. halters like russia how much of the benefitting from iran's problems at the moment. most countries outside opec oil fields are producing at maximum at all times to. return their investment on their capital so in the sense they cannot really step in to produce extra however they will benefit along with other produce with high oil prices and on that basis russia will benefit
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in addition russia's exporting more oil to the far east through a new pipeline to a part of the world which has relied heavily on a rainy and there is a potential the russian oil heading to the far east will gain market share from the iranians and that might be a permanent shift if purchases such as japan. korea and and china switched increasingly to taking more russian oil so there might be a permanent benefit from the situation interesting so iran could permit from the current problems those people will thank you for joining us and those who we've got time for this hour join us for more on. thanks very much for that update and live interview there coming up on sports here in our world women tennis number one and star maria sharapova exits wimbledon but first a look at this hour's headlines after this break.
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