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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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phone stupid. stunts on t.v. don't come. in the firing line barclays former bosses set for tough questioning from british m.p.'s this wednesday over a deepening banking scandal. but many people are also seeing why the b.k. government have allowed the financial industry being painted stranglehold over british politics with so low. a vote on internet freedom the e.u. parliament is expected to decide whether the highly disputed anti-piracy act will get the green line also. drooling to. get it through or here it will be expose the secrets as the final episode of julia saunders news making interview show airs on r t we look back at the highlights and the impact of the
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series. and thank you for joining r t this wednesday with me karen taro chain of the u.k.'s banking scandal is set to deepen with departed barclays chief executive bob diamond to be quizzed by m.p.'s potentially dragging the bank of england and government officials into the affair barclays bank was caught fixing a key interest rate meaning customers were overcharged at the height of the financial crisis archie sarah for a three ports. it's been a truly terrible week for the city's reputation and it could be said to get even worse than we've already seen buckley's bank leads a number of its top executives that of calls coming in the wake of the revelations the buckley's was involved in fixing key interest rates known as libel interest
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rates were responsible for setting the calls for millions of businesses can see him as an investor is now following in the footsteps of the resignation of folkies chief executive bob diamond we've also seen buckley's chief operating officer jerry messier resigning as well but of course this story is so much bigger than just a few key individuals this isn't about a few bad apples this is much deeper than that and is once again giving us a glimpse really into the rotten core of the city's banking sector now the big question now is what is going to happen next all they're going to be more big resignations this scandal has once again called into question the entire culture and practices of the banking industry and it's not just barclays it's thought as much as up to fifteen other institutions could also be implicated in this scandal now remember this is the industry there's always people says over the last four
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years the credit crunch a double dip recession a slew of stories about scandals involving extortion of bonuses you know we know all about the lifestyles of the rich and the shameless what the public want to know is what is actually going to be done about it will talk to the inquiry at this point simply not going to cut it the public wants to see some real action here there are already big questions being all over why the regulatory bodies once able to step in now we know the serious fraud office the f.s.a. is looking at whether any criminal sanctions can be taken that's going to take a couple of weeks before we go. at any answers but of course everyone is going to be watching very closely as the former chief executive of barclays bob diamond gets quizzed by m.p.'s over what exactly happened who was involved what went down there . barclays was slapped with a fine of the equivalent of over four hundred fifty million dollars but economist
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rodney shakespeare says arrests need to be made the whole western banking system is compromised. those are great because you see it's not just barclays of bob diamond and he's chairman it's the consequences in everyday life which is at the moment the system and its corrections are putting money into this these zombie banks down a black hole as a result of all this employment is collapsing not just in the u.k. but right the way throughout europe and this is in the same is in in the united states of america so you see there must be penalties there has to be a new pair of time thinking and frankly the whole ought to be cleared out and we have to start again people don't realize that the politicians are complicit complicit because they think that the existing system only needs a few tweaks and a few corrections but that's not so all and to gether but of course you have to hit
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those that you can pin with a criminal charge and that can be done through the charge of conspiracy to defraud the banks firstly be controlled and that can be done by insisting that they lend only their own money and with permission the deposits of their customers but it must be can administered on two key conditions but it only goes to the real economy and not into the casino in the gambling and it's only for the spreading of the real economy now if you do that you could in fact start to create what is now alas the claps of the west the financial and economic system of which the barclays story is only a part european parliament is due to decide on an online piracy pact which critics say risks destroying internet freedom the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement known as actor is aimed at tackling copyright theft earlier my colleague cabin allan
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talked to robert harris from the pirate party who says the treaty is unpopular and confusing at best. so. there are people. on this street a. very very powerful know. anyway i mean there's a lot of argument going to be devil's advocate and keep it go it but support opponents of. their legal rights there's two sides to it yeah but where is the line do you think where one person drives becomes an infringement in. the right i think some would have a right to any money. any sharing online and no
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money changing hands along with me. selling dodgy the. together. to be trying. to do you know sharing online money changing hands comes in here and what are people like you doing to meet these companies in the middle of the speak so that the people who make the movies and make the music they invest the time in it they develop these things that develop the medicines as well don't get ripped off don't feel they're being ripped off or we'll get to enjoy these things at a fair price are you going to get around the table and talk anytime soon. and. you know. just meeting with people. you want to have cool stuff. and then the nine percent are back for their first ever national
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gathering in the last letter we report on how i'll keep on protesters all preparing for america's independence day and why they are being faced with a crackdown and matts arrests. and mind your language pages spewed over the right to use russian a crane spills over into brawls in the streets and in the parliament as well we have more on this in a few minutes here on r t. is a man under pressure from all corners sweden is set on extraditing julian assange to answer sex crime allegations while the u.s. is investigating him for a huge a leak of secret files by wiki leaks whistleblower is currently holed up in ecuador's embassy in london waiting for a decision on his asylum bit while still under house arrest was producing an interview show aired on our t.v. which is made world headlines or a smith looks back at the news making program. i'm julian assange.
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it is true where they expose the world secrets these jackets belong the united states government being attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemn this quote after quote the law it promised an insight into the world tomorrow and in twelve episodes julie and i interviewed opinion formers and activists from across the political spectrum. and with the first guest being hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah the program proved it wasn't going to hold back from the get go talking to a man the mainstream media has ignored for six years what we call for in serious negotiations dialogue is that reform at the moment is going to be carried out because the alternative to that no one cause of the sea diversities i was inside syria because of the sensitivity of the situation in syria also that just i was
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there just civil war and this is exactly what america and israel want for syria elsewhere the joined up europe project came under fire from david horowitz in a show that pitted the outspoken right winger against radical leftists. with the age old ideological fight threatened to turn physical had they been in the same room horowitz maintains europe is dead agrees it was a disastrous spirit europe europe is a cultural theme park in significant that's what happened that's what your welfare state just took out of the plight i have had personally i have personal experience with a socialist dream paradise of sweden and i can tell you it is nothing like you have opposing the global politics change also made wait for two more on the guest list the eminent thinkers tarik alley and no. the world protest movement showing modern politics are no longer fit for purpose to them the answer could lie in latin
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america and bolivia mentioned a couple of times one of the most striking things that's happened there is the three most repressed. part of the population of the hemisphere the indigenous population has moved into the political arena i want you to know i am not defending him i think he is a dirtbag i think he is a dirtbag he obviously has no problem using his fifteen minutes of fame to sleep with anyone who is crawling dividing media opinion but getting real people talking today in a soldier's show hit the ground running and the public on the twitter sphere have an appetite for more nothing short of groundbreaking revolutionary broadcasting highly engaged and then significantly represents stiff of the times i'll miss it looking forward to season two of julian assange. but there's no guarantee season
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two can happen and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a guy was forcing for me and nobody would know who is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life the feeling is mounting that the u.s. would indeed prosecute judy in our songs for espionage or worse given half a chance he's currently here at the ecuadorian embassy in london waiting to hear whether he'll get asylum it's thought that prospect was first raised off mike during his interview with the ecuadorian president for the show broadcast on r.t. mutual admiration is clear in the interview and it ends on a friendly chilling note as he. has been a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way and welcome to the club of the persecuted. thank you. i think it
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is a. has given us a glimpse into the futures shape of the world we live in while his own future hangs precariously in the balance. london you can watch the final episode of join us and show in just over fifteen minutes right here on r.t. plus you can find all the previous episodes at a sound start dot com and while you are online be sure to check out all the other stories we're covering on our website that is our dot com if you are protective of your personal freedoms you could be considered and they stream out right wing terrorists in the last at least that's what one study claims plus. these brazilian fighter pilots could be and big trouble for flying a bit too close to the capitol supreme court building and shattering all the windows in the you know skull world heritage landmark. the
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first ever nationwide occupy protest is underway in the u.s. with the largest gathering expected for america's independence day demonstrators are rallying on the fourth of july to renew their protest against economic inequality homelessness debt and war activists started flocking to philadelphia over the weekend and already they've been met with a heavy police presence on sunday twenty six occupiers were taken into custody after a night demonstration the protests started in september last year in new york against corporate greed corruption and a widening gap between the richest one percent and the rest of the population have a little later a former wall street trader tells us that ruction in the political arena has to end for there to be real change in the u.s. . there is one general theme that unites all of occupy it is that money and
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politics has sort of corrupted the system to the extent that everything is broken so i do think that that is our biggest challenge is how do we sort of pull back on that and how do we how do we fight one of my favorite signs and t. shirts i've seen and i saw a bunch of this on may day was someone was wearing a shirt that said i can't afford a lobbyist so i occupy wall street i mean there's been studies that have shown that the sort of bottom third of the income bracket have no say have no influence over their elected officials the middle third has something the top third has the most say so i do think that this is a big byproduct of the sort of corruption and of money in politics is the occupy movement. that's full interview in just over an hour here on our. police in ukraine have used tear gas to disperse protesters angry at a new bill that allows wider use of russian language in the country the demonstrators claim the use of russian and government offices as well as media
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mainly russian speaking regions impacts on the country's national language ukrainians up to half of ukraine's population uses russian as their primary language and under european laws any ethnic minority that makes up at least ten percent of the region's population can use its mother's tone locally the bill has yet to be signed into law by the country's president victor young he's promised during his election campaign to make russia the second official language the issue provokes fights not just on the streets but inside parliament as well as artie's aleksey at a show of school reports. another day another brule while ukraine's parliament deliberated over called to the. deputies use their fists to let their feelings be known one of the central figures in another recent scandal region's deputy but you could use the. says he was attacked by opposition politicians while trying to address lawmakers. when they were i had to finish my
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speech in order to stop the voting five to six people attacked me i'm a former weight lifter and could provide a strong physical reply but i didn't want to because then everyone would have said i was a thug but it was hard to restrain myself especially after a bottle was thrown at me after these events i received threats and had to move my family. is going to heated debates have often ignited into all out rage inside the rada two years ago when parliament was due to ratify agreements with moscow on the stand that leaves of russia's black sea naval base small bombs went off and the route a speaker had to hide under an umbrella from a rain of rotten eggs thrown at him it may look like an anarchy but for some in ukraine's political circles it is in fact democracy in action and when you listen to begin there. you would never see fights in the soviet our own you'll never see
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fights in north korean political structures on lookers with a brawl as a last resort and delivering your point when the vocal methods don't work out i'm going to only have been in a democratic state all of that is not a factor but still it's a democratic at the ballot former deputy now political analyst to me that every day intends to disagree he says deputies are weak and cannot bring anything to a logical conclusion neither the law making process nor the fights that is why he published a guide on how they should be rolled. a dip in just table which is an endless source for improvisation i've counted at least eighteen things a different table which could be used in a fist fight with like the microphone or the hoop which is used to hang one's back if they maim and seriously injured each other maybe this would have paved the way for a new breed of politicians able to actually. we're effectively used to. the years
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for it's in the wrong to have it shocked impressive audiences they are usually televised like on the politician channel the favorite t.v. show we certainly hit the screens mushin white again almost three years it had been relatively calm politically in this country and ukrainians had been deprived of televised fistfights within the ball i mean but now with the bottom introduction looming this fall deputies are expected to intensify their fight for the right to work inside this building. reporting from in ukraine and still to come in just over a minute on our team welcoming the so-called god particle in the shrine of european physics. scientists all over the world excitedly await an announcement by nuclear researchers which promises to herald the dawn op a brand new era more on that coming up. time now for some more on news in brief for you a home and offices of former french president nicolas sarkozy have been raided as
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part of a funding inquiry police claim his two thousand and seven presidential campaign was illegally financed by the country's richest woman which he denies it's the first legal tangles since enjoying presidential immunity during five years in office in december another former leader shocked sure rocky was found guilty of corruption and misuse public money saving a two year suspended sentence. pakistan is to reopen key nato transit routes into afghanistan the decision comes after us secretary of state hillary clinton expressed regret over the deaths of two dozen pakistani soldiers in an american air strike last november the taliban probably vowed to attack nato convoys along the reopened routes which will play a significant role for the u.s. before the planned all out of all combat troops from afghanistan in twenty fourteen drone attacks however continue despite persistent calls from islamabad for
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a halt. three people have been killed and over a dozen injured in peru in clashes between police and demonstrators hundreds stormed a government building in the north of the country opposing a multibillion dollar mining project protesters have continued for months over the so-called conga scheme financed by a u.s. based company opponents claim it will harm the area's ecosystem and destroy water supplies. there is opposition groups are to hold talks in moscow later this month with u.n. envoy kofi annan also set to visit russia for separate discussions that comes as president assad says he's prepared to leave his post if that's the will of his people and if it bring stability to his country the opposition and meanwhile says all syrians must retain the right to defend themselves before any deals with the leadership can go ahead clashes between government troops and rebels continue to
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rage nationwide. the european center for nuclear research says it's ready to announce the most anticipated scientific discovery in over a decade rumor has it they have found the tracks of the higgs a balsam known as the god god particle which could offer us answers as to how the universe works peter oliver breaks it down for us. since it was first theorized almost fifty years ago scientists have been striving to prove the existence of the higgs bo's'n the reason for the decades of higgs hunting is the hope that this elusive particle can fill in some of the gaps in our understanding of how the universe works of the dominant theory physicists work with has the less than grandiose title of the standard model now if we think of the theory as a jigsaw with a whole load of pieces missing finding out that the higgs does exist would allow those gaps to be filled in giving scientists a clearer picture of what is in front of them loose particles or sort of the holes
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of one it was not planned experimentally people was hunting quarters particles for years and now we are witnessing historical one one of the reasons for such advancements in this area of physics is the large hadron collider the work done at the twenty five kilometer long particle accelerator under the border between france and switzerland has been crucial to furthering our knowledge of what makes the universe tick all for the tidy sum of two point six billion dollars despite excitement from the scientific community at times the general public struggle to understand why this work is taking place even suggesting that experiments at the l h c could bring about serious disaster something that physicists say is ridiculous norm. of where we're concerned. i don't think venture was really much we are estimated to believe but book too. explain what is
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a he was was i'm probably i mean. just normal people is probably one more complicated than defiant in this particle well complicated mysterious and at times just plain confusing it certainly is but the possibilities that it could open up the science are endless who's to know where the discoveries made at the l h c could lead us in the future. r.t. . business time daniel and freak weather across the globe has helped the price of wheat yes farmers want bread and meat will get more expensive in shops in the u.s. as his harvest prices soaring fourteen percent in a week unusually heavy rain in russia has also brought record inflation some experts fear countries will bring back export by as we saw during the summer extremes of two thousand and eight to guarantee supplies. china service is always sending the shanghai exchange down hong kong and tokyo are holding on to gains
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though crude meanwhile is near its highest. questions retaliation for western oil sanctions is over one hundred dollars per barrel of crude into a storm of performance yesterday the r.t.s. closing above fourteen hundred points of jumping almost four percent we expected to be a little changed when it opens in around thirty five minutes time wall street meanwhile closed early ahead of today's july fourth celebrations boosted by unexpected jumps in factory orders the ruble was stronger against both major currencies on tuesday but the euro's almost flat against the dollar this hour and americans have been over saying for the computers and t.v.'s of the fixed prices the top japanese produced has been fine for colluding with competitors on the l.c.d. panels used to build p.c. screens is the second big scandal in the industry of the seven l.c.d. makers including some soon refunded customers whole five billion dollars in
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a price fixing settlement and europe today we'll have more for you next hour we certainly look forward to that update daniel. up next at is the last in the series of the joy in a song interview shall that's after i recap this hour's top stories in just a few minutes.
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well. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered.
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olympic gold. live. the real live. plane crash at the end of the speech i am an event. for a. witness. or
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like all of the law miscellany and good luck. lists them out on a limb and i'm a. little mouse ilana me that a little. please. please please. please
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