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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price. breaking news this hour here on our t.v. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has once again lashed out at russia's support for the ouster of regime at a friends of syria meeting in paris that's despite washington's commitment to an international agreement placing blame on both sides of the conflict. meanwhile wiki leaks promised to shed new light on the syrian conflict as the group begins to release millions of emails claiming the material is damning not only from damascus but also the west. also washington plans to invest millions to upgrade torrijos kuantan
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a mowbray's to move suggesting the shop down of the detention facility once promised by barack obama can still a far cry. and roll into of germany responsible for. a hundred and seventy two because of its right to an open letter to the more in the business of twenty. five from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t two pm here in the russian capital i want to get straight to our breaking news this hour and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has lashed out at russia and china reiterating her claims that the two are supporting the ousted regime and they must face the consequences of the comments were made in paris where the members of the so-called friends of syria are meeting. this friday we're going to have more from our
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correspondent peter all over who is following these developments as soon as we can get him on the line here in r.t. meanwhile as shelling continues in the syrian city of holmes a u.n. monitor admits the violence in the country has reached on president of levels more than one hundred people have been killed in the last three days our correspondent marie if a notion i heard heavy artillery herself as she toured the war torn neighborhoods of homes. in this part of hundreds maybe back on the syrian army control but their patrols never stop soldiers are searching house to house they're looking for terrorists or snipers but that's not what they usually find. some people in their homes became their grades too and this room look human bones but at least one person. who seems to have been burned to death. in the next house we find three more charts call's. have to disclaim up to eighteen
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thousand people have been killed since the uprising began sixteen months ago the u.n. estimates around ten thousand we have no way of telling if these remains or others like them were even counted at all. the bomber used to be home to one hundred thousand people now we're driving through ghost area people have left military almost the only human beings left in this area this is he can see behind me the city cemetery almost untouched actually while the rest of the city looks completely like a cemetery buildings schools mosques all in ruins and no sign of life while many signs of this is one of the tallest buildings in the area and we can see from this balcony two completely different pictures two completely different realities look they're beautiful calm picturesque peaceful city while over there well we
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can see war homes the opposition hotbed has always been at the heart of the uprising against president assad there's a real job omran that if you could have been the epicenter of the clashes between the rebels and the army once it's been shelled heavily now so you can see it's quiet here but just steps away just meters away and other districts sometimes and this is where the things are happening right now extending behind these rays strange rays quite safe but from time to time missiles reach this area too this is why would hurry up but with a bar in other homes the district as you can see also most completely destroyed everything shops building schools even mosques we were told that this district was cleaned from turkey months ago but as you can hear not far from here questions still continue so we were actually told not to go any further i just simply dangerous. soldiers come to our
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location they tell us the rebels walk up so we leave. just a fifteen minute drive takes us to get another image of homes the people here aren't taking their bags it leaves the rat people here see the. very good and it's very soon if you will overcome loose. talking to this man at a coffee on the street full of people it's easy to forget this truck to night just a few blocks away. refinishing r r t homs syria. all right we're going to move on to some other news this hour and wiki leaks promising to present a different take on that ongoing syrian conflict the whistleblowing group has started publishing the so-called syrian files millions of emails that it warrants will expose the west's hypocrisy in dealing with damascus well earlier my colleague
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spoke to sarah firth who's following developments in london. this is the biggest release since we had table gate which gave us the u.s. diplomatic cables and a really unique insight into the workings of the u.s. government now the syria files is even bigger than that it's supposed to be eight times bigger than the u.s. diplomatic cable late in terms of documents and a hundred times bigger in terms of data now in the same way that we saw the u.s. diplomatic cables released its thought a similar things going to be happening with the syria files wiki leaks have partnered up with different media organizations around the world and they go through the data and release this in small stages now so far from what's been released already we've had a very interesting insight into the workings because these are the e-mails that were being exchanged between senior political figures in syria ministry figures corporations around the world the first e-mails that were released we showed that
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an italian company had been providing communications equipment to the syrian police and the syrian army know that contract is signed back in two thousand and eight when relations with the syrian regime were much stronger with the west it shows that the technical assistance with still being provided as late as february of this year say you know clearly that company more than happy to continue providing that assistance even as the violence he claimed a huge number of lies in the country and so you know i think probably there's going to be a lot of very nervous companies around the world is going to be a lot of nervous members of the syrian government certainly as we kill it's once again has its major coup in providing us with you know a very unique glimpse of what is going on now about julian assange true no he's been holed up in the door an embassy awaiting his solemn but answer has i haven't heard any comments from the chief whistleblower he did he released a comment three one of his spokesman sara harris and she said on his behalf that
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what the. files waiting to do is not to embarrass one side or another it was a give us really an understanding of what was going on and he said that that is a need for understanding because we'd be able to find some sort of rest of the. poignant words from the man himself who is a holes at the moment like he is a very. in the ecuadorian embassy here in london as he seeks the box they get that it's this it's a sweden and again indeed the thoughts of the us if he were the sense of. the fact that the syrian files are making headlines despite all the criticism julian assange and wiki leaks have faced prove the group significance says justin radek national security and human rights to rector the government accountability project if these leaks were meaningless fluff or not in the public interest in knowing cared no one would report on them and they would see julian assange djoser crackpot
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and no one would pay any attention to it the fact that they're being reported on inherently shows their worth despite the fact that credit card companies that chilled doll financial support to wiki leaks and he is holed up in the embassy this organisation is continuing to function which is a testament to the by ability we can only access an organisation especially at this time and i find all of this to be very interesting because it shows a number one week the leaks is alive and well despite the best efforts of so many countries to shut it down and number two that as much as the mainstream media wants to distance himself from wiki leaks there's syria files are the front page of every major newspaper in the world right now. and don't forget the editor of wiki leaks julian assange has been hosting his own interview program right here on our t.v. all twelve additions are always available for you at
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a song stop r t talk com. i'm julian assange. editor of wiki leaks expose the world secrets these documents belong the united states government being attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemn the said quote after quote people illegally shoot five hundred days now being detained without charge but that hasn't stopped us. today on a quest for revolutionary ideas that can change the world tomorrow. ok back to our breaking news this hour and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton's comments lashing out at russia and china reiterating basically her previous claims of the two are supporting the us with regime and that they must face consequences pay the price she said now those comments were made in paris where members of the so-called friends of syria are
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meeting this friday let's get more now from our teams peter all over you following these latest developments peter so our friends of syria meeting not exactly sounding all that friendly is it peter. paul not friendly it's all we've heard really a threat from the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton to russia and china saying that they will have to pay the price for what she sees as their support of the assad government now from russia's point of view their opinion on syria hasn't changed they've blamed both the government forces and the opposition chivas for the ongoing violence in the country now this is somewhat of an inconsistent message coming out of washington coming out of the office of the secretary of state there just a week ago in geneva at a meeting of the international partners on syria the united states agreed that it would be only through both sides laying down their weapons and coming to the table to talk that peace could be achieved now a week on she's back to saying it's that assad must go and this russia and china
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are helping him know the similar inconsistencies that we've seen from what hillary clinton see today and also because the subject of helicopters now mrs clinton saying that russian helicopters are currently being used to kill civilians in syria now we've heard from the foreign ministry here in russia that. there is a shipment of helicopter parts disassembled helicopters on their way for russia to syria however it would take more than a month to reassemble those aircraft once they arrive on syrian soil so they can't be being used at the moment for what mrs clinton says is the the use of russian technology to. to kill civilians an inconsistent approach and they threw it coming from the u.s. secretary of state. so we of course will continue to keep track of whether we have any kind of russian reaction to those words that russia and china will have to pay for a so called their support of president author peter all over live for us what those
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developments thanks for that. well let's discuss that latest development around the syrian conflict with mark meant to visiting professor of international relations relations at bill kent university in turkey he joins us now live from the from the u.k. i believe professor rahman thanks again for once again being with us what do you make of clinton's latest statement russia and china will have to pay just a week ago in geneva moscow and washington seem to find common ground it looks like on the syrian conflict that they would try to pursue a method of both sides having to answer their i think this is part of the problem really much of states has its own solution and it's not to see any compromise or any other countries so if you remember you need a meeting. rather than a process of change so russia has made some concessions that haven't gone far enough
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and i think the rhetoric of mrs clinton recalls until the bush era there's a great deal of continuity in international horsy george bush and barack obama's administration after all when crohn's russia and china. of iraq in two thousand and three condor lisa rice president chirac like name that he would pay a price and think of the destruction of his reputation and his. fall from public esteem afterwards indeed even more charges for instance and i think the problem now is that mrs clinton is in a sense personal lives in this she is saying good. can't be any dissent on the one hand the united states is promoting democracy and one which humans flow of us with your other hand only secure line is acceptable and unless you fall into line york to try to be an enemy in this very dangerous situation because she's converting a regional problem a crisis in syria and its neighbors into potentially
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a little problem if you say that countries like russia and china by extension india south africa brazil other important countries don't agree with. doctrine or minor mrs clinton are to be considered supporters of tyranny and enemies of the group this is going to create a very much more dangerous clue or or. i think we can agree and many would agree strong words really what kind of price could secretary clinton been talking about i mean are we going to see any concrete action. well we do know there are a range of actions united states and its allies can take economically but of course they are heavily dependent on chinese finance in the united states and have your allies and i said have your department. for the gas we already have sanctions on iran do we really want to create further problems are pursuing that kind of line maybe there are in full methods. the russian duma there are discussions about the
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law requiring good n.g.o.s in russia to register their support and that crash coming from abroad and you know other countries in the former soviet bloc us passion passion new york a new country has helped to bring about regime change so there's the imply threat but perhaps the russian government the chinese government other governments the united states doesn't regard really as democratic or. university of over for quite a just kind of not could well be kind. subversive approach is that there is a risk to all this and as i say the fact is maybe the suspension simply speaking out of frustration. is not yes teachers go for in a sad but very likelihood must be that in moscow and beijing and other countries where. u.s. policy is not supported the governments may feel crushed but. for less security and some sense of threatened by this country i'm squinting after all. even to very much
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rhetoric with people he doesn't like remember her comments on gadhafi we came we saw he died that was on american television. calling out with mrs clinton and grew fatal. just briefly professor i meant we talked about geneva ending in support of both sides having to answer for the conflict but also the first step kofi annan says also a place for both the government and rebels to have to be blamed for the violence are we back to step one here with these comments coming out of this friends of syria meeting. i think unfortunately we seem to be around in a circle yes. the response from both sides because this is an apology and people once they've started killing us to keep again it's hardly my stuff and the question is all the allegations against russia so they're supplying weapons to assad really a smokescreen for what the west may be doing on the radical groups repeating the
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afghan experiment of the one thousand nine hundred eighty nine syria. i wonder whether we may not find years down the line we were terribly happy about the consequences even if the regime in syria as in afghanistan has felt many professor mark almond of international relations at bill can't university in turkey speaking to us from oxford thanks for that thank you. well the pentagon will reportedly poor a major some into new infrastructure for its military base at guantanamo bay the u.s. government replete it repeatedly pledged to put an end to the controversial to tension facility that's based at the site and used to hold terror suspects i she's going to camp has more. forty million dollars will be spent to lay out this underwater fiber optic cable from south florida to cuba where the guantanamo bay prison camp is located the base commander said it only makes sense if we're going to be here for any period of time an infrastructure project like that may well suggest that the
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u.s. military's preparing for detentions and other operations at the guantanamo base for the long term when president obama was first running for office he pledged to shut down guantanamo in very strong terms in two thousand and nine he even signed an executive order to close it but not only did it not shut it down but the u.s. is obviously renovating guantanamo in this case by improving communications and the argument is you don't make such an investment to pick up and leave guantanamo has made a black hole in america's human rights record indefinite detention torture around eight hundred people went through the camp within the last decade of america's war on terror the majority of them had nothing to do with nine eleven that's according to a former chief prosecutor guantanamo now the prison house is one hundred sixty nine detainees the government says eighty nine aren't those threats but president obama and congress have blocked their release as for the rest some of them have a shot at a military hearing but forty six don't have that chance because the government says
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they can't be tried for one reason or another the u.s. supreme court keeps refusing to take up one tunnel detainees petitions what has been striking to me was that the u.s. prides itself on the rule of law and human rights but at the same time has denied you legal process to these detainees practice for sure and not just think one tunnel but in secret prisons around the world human rights organizations have issued reports on all kinds of violations but to the u.s. it's been like water off a duck's back. but later today we speak with british lawyer and university professor philip sands who says legal advisers practically gave the leadership unlimited power to do anything they wanted. but the law is involved very young love had no real background in the subject of international protection the right thing to vigil and were very ideological in their approach basically they
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saw their function as. normal as you can depend. but to give the president the tools to do what he want to do that's not the function of a lawyer in any society in any democratic society. russian lawmakers are set to vote on a bill which has already caused a public storm in the country under a draft of all foreign funded noncommercial organizations engaged in political activity should be branded foreign agents and to make their finances more transparent now critics say could be used to crackdown on the opposition movement but for more let's now get across live to our chief for who is following this story reno tell us more on why activists are so opposed to making their finances transparent scandal about well basically you can start with the fact that you've all makers the authors of this draft law are exact same people who have just recently come out with
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a different law which tighten the screws on the assembly on the rallies and demonstrations in russia so a lot of these human rights organizations a lot of n.g.o.s are saying that this is just a continuation of the trend that these these are the same old lawmakers from one particular faction in this state duma for just continuing what they have started they have started with the protesters and now since they have been alleging that some of the protesters have been financed by the u.s. and ceo's in engine goes which in turn have have or may not have been receiving money from abroad they're basically saying that this this is just their way to talk to try to trying to put it down for on the operations of all of the non noncommercial are going to see. now these noncommercial are going to the human rights activists are saying are going to basically not be able to operate in russia they say they already have too many checks and balances in all this happening as it
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is that they will basically have to. make sure that their operation is too transparent they basically will not be able to even receive any financing from abroad and they say that they're not dealing with politics that the definition of the term that the different issue and also the law as it exists right now is too broad so essentially some of the critics are saying that anybody from the amnesty international to the gorbachev fund down to the russian orthodox church could be branded a foreign agent and they say the law needs more definition however the proponents are saying that there is nothing negative about this law that there is a dire need for stricter regulations on the noncommercial organizations on their operations in russia they are saying that this is basically a way to prevent these organizations from pushing for an agenda in russia's internal politics politics something which of course is an acceptable to any country not just russia and speaking about that they're also saying that this law
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has almost been taken word for word from the american wall the fairer the foreign agents regulation which which has been in existence from one thousand nine hundred thirty s. and of course the lawmakers are saying hey if you look at the country which brands itself a beacon of democracy like the united states and they have a similar law why shouldn't russia have something in place as well so this is basically the gist of it and this is exactly what they're going to be discussing today in the state duma. arena live from the state duma thanks for that. well look now at some other stories worth checking out on our web site r t v dot com the fukushima power plant disaster may have been triggered by a tsunami but to francis it was human error that led to the disaster unfolding also . got footage of a massive fire that raged in the russian capital find all the photos and videos of the blaze online. a look at some
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other world news in brief for you this hour riot police clashed with protesters in libya they tried to clear encampments outside the presidential palace officers fired tear gas and water cannon and force people out they were pelted with rocks opposed to planned construction of a highway through a nature reserve demonstrators walked for two months from their villages to the capital to reject the planned. nato supply trucks are in pakistan crossing the border into afghanistan it's the first convoy to do so since the route was reopened earlier this week islam about shut down the road last november following the u.s. airstrike that killed twenty four pakistani troops thousands protested the revival after u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton apologize for the incident a few days ago. deadly american drone strikes and pakistan's alleged taliban support continues to strain relations between the two sides. as i check in with
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daniel glass so after the business death kai there daniel and grief have fact so many tax workers the country doesn't have anyone to collect cash when they can have a situation isn't it despite one in five out of a job greece continues laying off workers but now it's tax service has taken less than five percent of jews because it's on the stove top daily reports brussels insists things continue second people as one of its conditions for getting a bailout want to mark is the poser and brands traditionally strong more gets from spain and italy are a profound crisis says europe's number to call make up here say after announcing sales skidded in the first of asia has closed down off the china warned it may not grow ten percent this year it's used to double that growth crudes a dollar down on reports saudi arabia is raising production to make up for iran sanctions and moscow has swung into the red after a bright start contagion brought losses on thursday as well the euro has swung into
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the black in the last hour of the some heavy losses over worry euro zone news is still near three year lows two major currencies slovenia says an e.u. bailout called the rule of the fitch warned it has one of the weakest banking markets in central and eastern europe but the country's finance minister i did a bailout will only be needed if their lenders problems get bigger. and i quote wrong to have exposed her country to those risks one hundred seventy two economists have written an open letter to the chancellor saying she's open to germany up to huge on all the e.u. states by agreeing a banking union mrs merkel dismissed the economists fears she said the union is first of all about the banking supervision and that is urgently necessary up to date all the news and interviews are on the website all right thanks for that danielle. coming up next an hour to hear the news headlines after this short break .
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism on us we.
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we want to present. something else. you know his secret laboratory was able to build on those most sophisticated robots which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach a green.


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