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it's technology innovation all the lives developments around russia we've got this huge earth harbored. welcome but this is would trickle the headline. on american trade blogs only whether the power why presidents rule was a coup in his first major interviews has been since stopped for now under new good tells us he's a spanish language channel but the people once timed for their sold on their democracy. and rubber bullets fired at thousands of protesters march across madrid who works out to support coal miners angry at the mounting cuts the government is attempting to save sixty five billion euros in return for an e.q. buying bailout. and a warning to the syrian rebels and regime that they face consequences if they don't
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stick to the peace plan as the u.n. envoy urges the security council to get them to adhere confidante and also says president assad has discussed with him the filming of the transitional government of. russia's ambassador to china outlines the two countries current and future relations in spotlight. the show on. the program.
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as china. second largest economy rush to take advantage of being in such. trade between the two countries is growing steadily of new projects. especially in the energy that is such a blessing for. today we'll be discussing the present and the future of. the russian ambassador. during the twentieth century the relationship between russia and china was like a seesaw turning from. the next but things improved dramatically after the for me and in the ninety's china was an important client for russia exports and lately the two countries have been focusing much on the energy sector the current russian ambassador to china. is one of the most competent experts on
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russia he used to have the foreign minister of china department and served as deputy minister for a number of years in the seventy's mr first went to beijing to work in the song a trade mission and returned there in two thousand and five the russian embassy. is there still a mystery of welcome to the program. we're here today to elaborate on president put in some recent visit to china it was a very important event in terms of russia's foreign policy and the media were mainly speculating on it with. in mind. for instance when putin emerged from the plane in the gene they took note of who was accompanying team those who were gassed let's say miller eager situ number all snuffed mr talker of head of trance nafta and mr kerry and go ahead overall saddam he would that's what's caught everybody's attention would you agree that this visit was mainly
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about energy. i wouldn't agree with this is testament our bilateral agenda with china is highly multifaceted. that said energy is certainly a very important if not the most important aspect in our bilateral economic relations. last year with their holding of trade with china it's eighty three billion dollars and their export to import ratio at about fifty fifty interviews or says made up sixty percent over experts in china this is a record rate that speaks for itself. on the other hand there are quite a few other promising projects on the table which we keep discussing. so the president being accompanied by a large group of high ranking energy professionals was no accident. but of many go she isn't in beijing was comprehensive in substantiative and that goes for energy
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traders well. he's. courting to media reports there is an ongoing bargaining process ever since two thousand and six over the price of anarchy is there any hope that we may arrive at least that a negotiated can reference price anytime soon but. i find it rather difficult to act as a fortune teller but i am optimistic we can see policymakers in both russia and china send positive signals to their respective corporations encouraging them to strike a bargain specifically the presidential visit we're discussing has come up with a task for the relevant agencies in preparation for a meeting of prime ministers which is to take place in russia this fall the dates are yet to be determined. but it is enviro it agencies do you mean the foreign ministries that primarily means energy ministries in both sides as well as gas
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brown and their chinese counterparts sort of the origin to prepare for the ministerial meeting they should come up with a negotiated price by the time of the meeting. going back to a question of the bargaining and gas prices in the started back in two thousand and six i was already stationed in beijing at the time our president publicly announced that the negotiation concerns to transit routes from russia to china the western branch that runs through russia's outside territory and the eastern route which passes to the far east the total volume of sales and mounts is sixty or seventy billion cubic meters which is a lot ever since which is six years now the corporations and both sides have been negotiating this specifics of such cooperation and that is a very complex matter here with the put that if that keep it why do you want me to translate what you are seeing. from the diplomatic wing going to plain speak as far as i understand the chinese want to feel last for gas then what europe piece is
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that correct and is russia willing to sell its guess to china to lower prices. going back to what i said about positive signals from policymakers russia does want to sell its gas pipeline gas exports or china mean new opportunities crushes trade with east asia china is the biggest market but it's not the only one in the region . china in turn does one russian gas which because it has in under supply of energy it is the regions of china that are meant to receive russian gas do suffer considerable sure that is energy resources. if this goes through decides china is pursuing a shift to environmentally friendly energy sources as a vital part of the economic strategy we have a buyer who wants to buy and a seller who wants to sell. for a negotiated price the parties will end up with i understand you'd like me to give
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you a specific rate in dollars per thousand cubic meters but i have no answer. in principle we keep telling our chinese friends their russia once it's downstream markets to be equally rewarding. that is willing to sell or gas to asian customers including china at no lower price than what we charge from europe. or after all which has been a customer for decades here to let me rephrase my question as far as i understand you just confirmed that this new x. for truth is very important for russia. right now so this means this is no longer a purely economic matter this is also a political matter does this mean that russia perhaps should buy on the price that list a little bit at least for the time being just make a little concession i would not say there are concessions being made. on either side is rather about a sensible compromise based on common sense primarily but it's up to experts to
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define what common sense means in this particular deal was coming back to each party's logic our logic is clear our chinese counterparts explain theirs as follows for several years they have been receiving gas through a pipeline from turkmenistan along the western route and their deal emerged to many stand offered low prices therefore our chinese partners explain that they cannot buy russian gas at a price that is considerably higher than that from took many stand. there are other factors concerning china's domestic prices on energy resources they have considerable subsidies from the government and this should be considered to. again without going into detail about the political situation. i'm not sure if we can speak of a light at the end of the tunnel but i am absolutely sure that in the foreseeable future we will arrive at
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a negotiated price. i haven't heard of any conflicts between moscow and turkmenistan concerning these gas supplies to christan has limited dollars of gas right so there are not our immediate competitors. there is no disagreement between moscow and turkmenistan but each party is doing what it is supposed to do we're doing our part. of course from those two supply routes up the western and the eastern route but there are also other options. in order to get russian gas prices lower china has been offering russia as in gas prone and other companies a stake in some joint project in china. either in transporting gas or industry being it should do it but if your all that is surely interesting but it definitely requires expert assessment to exclude. you mentioned transportation tronson aft head mr talkative has taken part in the visit is infrastructure already ready
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to start delivery since six months or is there still a work that needs to be done. we certainly need to do the preparing to rework premier li we need to grieve on the roots and the prices construction itself won't take long judging from experience building in oil pipeline from russia you know to china's east coast pipeline that stretches three kilometers across russian territory and another nine hundred kilometers across china the corporations involved in the project including this a talker is trying to manage to build this pipeline within a very short period of time modern technology and its capabilities make pipeline construction operation even when the hearing is s. challenging as it is in the. territory. let's move on to political issues now russia and china's positions often consomme. for
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example on syria or on iran. so let's take syria for example do you think that china could possibly participate somehow in resolving the syrian conflict. in fact china is very much involved in the peace effort and it's not just my impression chinese diplomats have been very active in syria especially in recent months russia is in china is a huge issue on a number of important international issues are either similar or aligned or in tune with each other. and i could see this reflects our similarity in perception with regard to present day international realities little little dylan if you saw that russia and china are aligning themselves against a third party state or group of states is that we have a common outlook on things like the role of the united nations international law
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with the equality of all countries the indivisibility of security and so on do not make up like multiple eritreans we both consider the un charter and other international conventions as a fundamental guidelines we agree on these principles and that's why we often act in unity including the case of syria says serbia was a russian ambassador to china spotlight a book be back shortly will continue this interview in time so stay with us going to. lead. the world into the future of science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future
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covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur. alcohol is a big issue a penny . was. much. much me. welcome back to the spotlight i'm just a reminder that my guest on the show today is a russian ambassador to china. your excellency there are two large international organizations where russia and china play a dominant role you match in the u.s.
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but there are also are there are going incisions i mean the shanghai cooperation organization the former shanghai five and brics. which one of the two would you see is more important today they're both important. i wouldn't draw a line between them. which wants more effective. c.e.o. has existed for more than ten years we recently marked its tenth anniversary. well this year always the brainchild of the russian foreign ministry in fact brics is also largely a pet project of the foreign ministry. and it was initiated in two thousand and six by no one other than president putin. so if you want to do it the organization itself was his only initiative and the first stage it comprised three states russia china and india. later but it included brazil in finally thousand africa.
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i don't think it's possible to measure the efficiency and significance of each organization is they all have their specific character first of all responsibility in the interest of the c.e.o. in central asia. it is acknowledged there are russia china and their alliance within the organization is of great importance. deals with matters of security. cooperation it also deals though the degree with economic cooperation it has a number of large projects in this area. as you know but an enlargement of this organization is being discussed right now. it tracks many other countries. already participate in the work of this organization. as observers or derelict partners. actually our foreign policy makers raise the question of our further eventual in the argument or the arena zation so by means of its major partners neighboring states but there are still some technical financial and legal issues that must be
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solved prior to such an enlargement well let's hear more about the shana hiatt corp there's ation in a report by spotlights. after almost all of russia's east european neighbors joined nato the country turned to beijing in search of well lies is a result the shanghai cooperation organization was founded in two thousand and one then you went to national body in one thousand china kazakstan kurdistan russia to egypt is down and was back to stand was initially given the cold shoulder by the west things changed after barack obama became us president that was when nato started seeking as you always systems in normalizing the situation in afghanistan and the latest meeting of the. last month afghanistan joint for other countries iran india pakistan and when gaulier with observer status the beijing meeting
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supported iran's right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes rejected any military intervention in syria and then they to me sell defense and you win the the borders of a c. all member states the decisions only tense if i the only one is ations image as a counterbalance to the nato alliance. summit of the past year has been attended by mahmoud ahmadinejad who is an odds with the us which is up at the i'm not going to ask you if this was a deliberate demonstration off some anti western movement although it clearly have to place but i'm sure you will definitely denied it but. i will tell you the truth or at least the way i see it because in the first time mr i've been injured it is your meeting iran has been an observer with the organization for a long time for this reason. the second part in the summit in beijing or to me if
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it would still. break send asio and what distinguishes these two organizations is that the u.s. . there's not a member while russia and china are with well the u.s. just can't be everywhere russia is also missing in some organizations where the us is a member. but . only in the. us. when i was talking about russia's in china stand on international issues i deliberately used words like similar orienting in this case i would see where in tune with each other there is no disagreement with regard to the logic of the future su enlargement. there are certain differences in approach as far as specifics are concerned such as the time frame and the preconditions for
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enlargement that have to be met which includes legal financial and institutional issues. but there are joint expert panels working on these issues and i think the organization will definitely expand in a few years those will. russia is evolving relationship with china is getting a lot of attention these days diplomats are evidently doing a lot to promote it but as we grow closer and barriers go down aren't you concerned that russia may eventually become a mere supplier of raw materials to china. chinese obviously superior to rushing terms of economic power. discourse i would say that is debatable it was the way i see the former soviet union used to sell its oil and gas and other
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commodities to the west for decades and i don't remember anyone seriously question whether we were becoming a raw material appendage for the west. but of goes up you see you make do with what you've got. there are a number of countries australia for one whose g.d.p. is largely made up of commodity exports in china. particularly iron ore and coal exports are the source of justice to. and i haven't heard the australians obsess over becoming china's ruins here with appendage either. at the same time we'd all be surprised if china were to be interested in russia to acknowledge your hard tech products just remember there was a story about china buying russian axes just because they needed or in and would rather sounds like a job and i do remember that whatever the case this definitely did not happen in the seven years that i was in bath or to china but you're really is china
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interested in russian technology i don't think it will take you by surprise if i give you the concrete fact we've constructed two blocks of a nuclear power plant in the eastern province to the so-called can one nuclear power plant these two units have generated electricity since two thousand and six two thousand and seven and are part of the chinese power line but according to experts. are the best ones in the world in respect of such technical characteristics as reactor protection which is really hard after the fukushima disaster so these power units are estimated by chinese experts as the best in the world. recently but the doings of president putin's visit to china we agreed to build another two units of the new. powerplant that's why my security nko was also present there with mr putin. in the normal course of events in a whole that's the way it will be. in december this year we play into
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a the foundation for the theory in it which will cost a few billion dollars. but he opened. as we can see chinese businessmen are very interested in russia the realize they can reason big money here us in a number of chinese businessmen here with perfect knowledge of the russian language which means they have delegated at least five years of their lives to learning in order to make money specifically in russia so what what about ordinary people in china are the interested in russia people often see these days the east of russia will soon be populated by the chinese do you think they are interested in moving here. if you look at china's written history. and we can find then as to conical there were kept day after day. the past two thousand years scrupulously of the. negative story hundred
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years is not that big of a deal for them but that is true to china was expanding geographically and economically but it never really waged long term workers and to see honestly it's never been successful. either in its asian history nor at present time so they've been successful in fighting long term worse they used to conquer the world and no aim to do it by means of commerce and that is where china and every individual chinese trader makes the running here you could actually pick up a few tricks from them or their russian market is generally here which. is neighbors we have a common border of four thousand three hundred kilometers. naturally the chinese are too wise to overlook these opportunities just as the russians are to explore the chinese market and corporation potential in an article titled russia and the
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changing world president putin highlighted the need to catch the chinese wind in russian sales this image is quite relevant it is also important for our sales to face the right direction and i am sure there will be plenty of wind our chinese partners are generally willing to cooperate but. all right i have time for just one more question that is of interest to me people in russia as far as i know hong kong and macau have introduced me to free travel for russian tourists but what about mainland china is it going to follow suit which of speaking of hong kong a couple of years ago i was authorized by the government to sign an agreement in dubai under which russian tourists don't have to team visas to stay there for a certain period of time this has increased the number of russian tourists going to hong kong five times it's the book a month ago i was interested to sign
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a similar agreement with mco it is supposed to enter into force a while after the exchange of diplomatic notes sure that all the details have been finalized one is doable so far is mainly in china is concerned to my knowledge that last year about eight hundred thirty five thousand chinese visited russia wherever idea of reasons at the same time was two point five million russians went to china . that is to say russian visitors coming to china outnumber the chinese in russia a little bit of three times or four times what we are currently negotiating visa free entry for certain categories of visitors just given the disproportion this is a very delicate issue concerned organizations in russia are watching it very closely it was which i believe is a good idea but she left bank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest today was itself as a russian ambassador to china and that's it for now from
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a few spotlight will be back until then r.t. and take.
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