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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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starts on t.v. dot com. syrian rebels claim they carried out an attack that killed several of the regime style brasserie with a former enter circle bodyguard named the called bring. israel singles out iran over an attack on its citizens after at least six taurus are killed in a blast in the bulgarian city of poor guts. and a test of chancellor merkel's authority of the german parliament is set to vote on whether to follow cash to spain's beleaguered bad banks. onscreen and online twenty four hours a day seven days
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a week this is r t well the syrian rebels have claimed responsibility for the latest bomb attack in damascus could mark a turning point in the conflict at such a been carried out by a bodyguard for president assad's inner circle with explosives planted the day before the killing of several top brass officials but although there has been some condemnation that's been drowned out by stronger was trying to calls for more action against a solid as artie's maria financial reports from damascus. we've only been hearing reports that it's been a massive very intense bombing but as you can see the building is not very much damage some windows broken and actually this is all the damage as we can see from here also from what we can see from here we can understand that the explosion happened inside the building free syrian army has already claimed responsibility for what happened and for the blast and for the killings the news about blast has come at a very tough time for the syrian capital in the last four days damascus has been
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seen for what the opposition
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is they tried to. get information and people from inside the regime but that does not exclude the fact that this is the work of some international intelligence service what is at stake now is actually all geopolitics of the region. the regime of assad out and they want a very flexible regime that can be used for other agendas the main one being for getting rid of its support given to the resistance and also weakening more and more iran. some states have been in siding the syrian opposition rather than calming them down but for their part western powers accuse russia are standing in the way of international efforts to stop violence after the latest attack the u.n. security council delayed a crucial vote on a new resolution which could see sanctions imposed on damascus and pave the way for
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intervention artie's marina point nine has the details. as a vote on a u.k. drafted resolution on renewing the u.n. supervision mission in syria now this u.k. drafted resolution is under chapter seven which means that it also calls for the renewal of the u.n. mission in syria for forty five days but it also threatens sanctions against a mask is if the syrian government does not seize the use of heavy weapons and withdraw from heavy populated areas within ten days as we have been reporting russia has stood firm on saying it will not support any resolution that paves the way for sanctions against syria or anything involving chapter seven of the of the u.n. charter under chapter seven many experts say it could also pave the way for. military intervention into syria china has always has also expressed a similar position russia instead has also drafted its own reza new resolution
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renewing the u.n. mission in syria for another three months if this mission is not renewed that means that the u.n. security council the international community loses any verifiable reporting and verification that is taking place in syria there are three hundred unarmed u.n. officials in syria while they suspended activities in in june there is still a presence there that is able to assess the situation on the ground and report back to the united nations if you lose that mission in syria there would be essentially no kind of objective force to report back to the international community and that could only make the syrian crisis worse. while some are trying to find a solution to the syrian crisis alors are only adding fuel to the fire as we reported later. the internet is now full of video training gods linked to the syrian on the rest showing just killed we investigate who would be interested in
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these lethal lesson. and the b.b.c. is set to challenge a controversial court ruling banning it from showing its latest film about last summer's riots in the world. at least six israeli tourists have been killed in a bus explosion in bulgaria with the israeli government accusing iran of carrying out the attack now claimed responsibility for the bombing in the black sea resort of borger here's our trees paul slayer. put talking here of a group of some two hundred israeli tourists who have just arrived in the bulgarian city of burgers they have boarded three buses and they hadn't even lift the parking lot when one of those buses exploded here in israel the country's gone into a state of emergency it is a been a hotline that's been set up plans are in place to send a plane to bulgaria to bring back the survivors and almost by the minute those
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survivors are phoning israeli radio stations and television networks crying hysterically saying that there are bodies lying about the ground that there are people screaming that they were close that have been ripped they being held in a holding cell in the airport and they too frightened to leave saying that they're afraid to open these two cases really the mood is one of panic the airport itself has been closed and there is a lot of criticism being leveled by the israeli government towards not only the bulgarian airport security but also european airport security what we are hearing is the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that iran is behind this blast and the speculation is that it is the work of a suicide bomber the question though is just how far netanyahu is going to go in those claims for months now he's been hinting at a possible strike on iran because of that country's nuclear program and certainly what we're likely to see in the coming days is commentary over whether or not this incident will so that give netanyahu justification if you need to go that route.
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well the israeli prime minister has already validate telfer sponsor over the bombing let's discuss this with professor paul sheldon foote from california state university. thank you professor for taking the time to join our team today now benjamin netanyahu was quick to blame teheran saying that all signs point in that direction but at this early stage what evidence can he possibly have for this i mean what are the grounds for such accusations. and none whatsoever in the western media we hear this all the time even the pan am flight being shot down over scotland we heard iran and then they switched to the libya. nose reports claim that the pattern between attacks in various cities around the world has been the use of magnetic bombs attached to vehicles if you will guess what method was used by most of the chili ronnie and scientists inside iran this is a mossad need and we're going to locations boag area in january fifteenth sorry the
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training agreement there with israel and in the agreement to develop a military developments in the future of bulgaria remains of the exporter. of or in the world. is a very close. and i know the likewise with the other countries like in india where we had a very worried the attacks a few days before the attacks the chief of mossad was there what was he doing and when india there are very high is there a union forgive me for interrupting you but don't you think that given the pressure iran is under over its nuclear activities with the current international sanctions and of course the constant threat of attack what really be intemperance interest to carry out this kind of a bombing. absolutely not there was no incentive whatsoever in the the countries in which that screen that's taking place or countries that have very strong ties with israel how could they even have
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a chance now barack obama has condemned what he called the barbaric terrorist attack but how far is washington prepared to go to support israel. i would jettison those for it the obama would prefer that israel do the bombing by it so as it did in iraq in syria. however depending on how the election goes for him if he thinks he's losing the election in november he could change his mind and want to be a participant do you think that blaming iran for this attack a sort of diverting attention from israel's ongoing to messed up problems i mean you have public protest we coalition. not only israel's problems or man sudden so far even in the social justice movement protest but in america we have massive economic problems in america he keeps growing his city's future as the bridges go through the world we're bankrupt and we don't need these
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endless wars to do this even deeper a duel all right i'm afraid that's all the time we have professor paul sheldon foote from california state university thank you. get more details and analysis on this and many other stories on our website are to dot com here's a taste of what else you'll find online at the moment it's claimed that sensitive military down are allegedly released by army private bradley manning to wiki leaks could have saved countless lives but experts say the u.s. failed to use the information. plus a nazi era war crime suspect who is believed to have helped send thousands of jews . has been arrested in hungary more details about the ninety seven year old r t v dot com. the german parliament is set for a tough vote on whether to grant spain's ailing banks one hundred billion euros worth of rescue cash chancellor angela merkel has been rallying support for the
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transfer but although lawmakers are widely expected to back her she'll still have to face down a rebellion within her ruling coalition parties peter oliver has the details from berlin. when german chancellor angela merkel addresses m.p.'s just behind me a little later on she's going to be looking to garner their support for further bailout funds for spain's ailing banking sector that without that support that money can't be released from the german treasury now speaking on german television the chancellor seems confident saying that we always get the majority that we need however there are rumblings of discontent among m.p.'s here in berlin we saw a minority vote against the new bailout fund that minority coming from under merkel's own center right coalition we've also heard from the opposition social democrats who have told mrs merkel that she shouldn't just rely on their support
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that she's going to have to make a valid case and prove to them the third the bailout money for spain is in the best interest of germany now the heartland for bailout money is the wealthy southern region of bavaria there taxpayers and politicians alike one thing most is merkel to prove this not only is germany giving money to spain in the best interest of the country but also to bavaria giving extra tax revenues towards the poorest states in germany is in their best interests that well as it stands at the moment of area paying out the lion's share of money to help keep areas of germany such as right here in berlin afloat so the situation in german internal politics mirror mirror the situation that we're seeing concerning germany and its role in the future of the eurozone the question has to be asked can mrs merkel make the case that bailout funds are the way forward. chancellor angela merkel is still striving
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to help the euro survive despite the rising cost of the crisis for her own country letter on economics professor william hankel tells r t why the single currency is no longer viable and governments aren't learning from their mistakes. what is learning capacity of governments. fears not students from the. school but long long monetary story shows i saw one this is no substitute for own currencies or the listed foreign exchange rates behind the idea of you you'll see a long way namely said we can form the united states of your. physical ones if we want to hear if your night it seems to you or we need to put it if you're going to come in quite secure with carbon that by the end of sick people need but
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we do not have in your carbon coming people to come in there most is so long as you will be is not a nation and vince that will never be a nation it cannot have a common currency. you can watch the full interview with economics professor welcome hankel in just over an hour here on r.t. . well b.b.c. is considering contesting a court order banning it from showing a film about last summer's riots in the country the programme shows actors reading testimonies gathered in the aftermath of the disorder and has now been mysteriously shelved until further notice parties laura smith explores the reasons behind it. the bonds program is the two parts to huge draw involving actors reading excerpts from interviews with two hundred seventy people involved in last august's riots in
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titled the riot in the woods the interviews were originally done for a project aimed at understanding the causes of the disturbances as to why it's been fans this is an extremely opaque and unusual case legally we are not allowed to name the judge who handed down the award to the court he was missing in all the case the decision referred to we understand this kind of order is sometimes made in cases of breach of privacy but at the moment there's absolutely no indication walt's legislation has been applied it's here as far as reaction goes the b.b.c. it self doesn't seem to be able to talk about it either just putting out a statement confirming the cool and that is unable to add anything meanwhile press freedom groups have called the move to a big and indicated they feel this is the shit just to remind you that riots broke out loft oldest pacific following the shooting of mark duggan by
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a police officer in north london they then spread countrywide and over the next three days cities across england were terrorized by violence looting and often since then a lot of studies and programs that we made looking into the causes and it's very unclear why this particular one has school and out of the pool although it does come close to be on the bus rate and also a place to be all in fulton lympics the b.b.c. the lawyers are considering appealing the decision and promise to show you the programme at a later date perhaps only then will it become clear why this highly unusual decision to ban the programme was made in the first place. now to some other international news in brief the families of american citizens killed in drone strikes in yemen have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the u.s. against four top military officials defense secretary leon panetta and cia director
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david petraeus are among those named in the case relatives accuse them of approving and directing the strikes which they say are unconstitutional as they occurred outside of military conflict those killed were allegedly linked to terror plots. there is no end in sight for cuts in the u.k. has problem minister david cameron admits britain will have to endure years more of austerity despite a recent fall in inflation cameron said the picture looked so bleak that public spending would have to be slashed until twenty twenty five years longer than initially promised in recent polls suggest only half of those who believe the coalition were capable of dealing with the crisis when they first came to power still believe in them now. there's been a huge display of dancing in pyongyang to mark the announcement that leader kim jong un has taken the top military title of marshal hundreds of soldiers helped
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celebrate the news which came after several days of reshuffling at the highest levels of the army kim jong own is already a supreme commander of the korean people's army. returning now to syria and as the conflict there doesn't tense of i it seems that the violence has filtered into all aspects of life including the internet one example of that is a spate of new videos linked to the own rest on the internet offering training on how to use kalashnikov assault rifles as our sara furthur reports many are wondering who put them up and why they haven't been taken down. do you want to learn to fire a k forty seven with just a click away and the internet is full of these video training guys that are providing dangerous tips that kids see cyber warriors taken from their computer screens and given the practical skills to kill now so the many of these videos that have emerged in the last year are aimed at the syrian opposition and the syrian
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rebel forces that are fighting against the syrian regime in the country at the moment but they're easily accessible you have a huge number of views on the huge chief sites where these videos are going up and big questions about the regulation of these videos about why they're allowed to stay out for so long now many of these videos was aimed at the syrian opposition aren't actually made in syria itself is that many of them originating from other countries including a lot of them coming from the u.s. and of course that again raises questions about the u.s. is involvement in this type of cyber warfare of course many other countries and many other governments also stand accused of participating in this type of cyber warfare but there are big concerns because over the last couple of years certainly countries like the u.s. and the have identified as one of the main threats in this war on terror is being
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the lone wolves people who are sat in the privacy of their own home and able to access information that trains and to be able to carry out an attack and say videos like this are of course deeply disturbing was this a verse of know how might be aimed at the people fighting inside syria right now of course is just a click away for anyone who wants to log on and have a look and that raises very very serious questions and has terrifying implications he's reach is far beyond the syrian conflicts. they're the famous brothers who dominate heavyweight boxing and they've both been speaking to our team reigning w.b.c. champion. reveals the secrets of his star family and his relationship with his brother bloody met. we just brothers way close friends friends and. it's very difficult to flies shows as false born to say comport
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emotionally very difficult and second point. were in there as well why we thought or fight against somebody can you measure if two cells five shows. will be very difficult for a while and that's why we don't want to break the heart of it that's why we brought . the shadows and we keep them so. he can catch spotlight and fall in a little over five minutes right here on our team. let's cross now over to our business desk where. the markets for a solo marine and what we've been reporting on the struggles of the spanish banking sector how is it influencing investors what care in the european markets are not all been quite yet but we do know that later in the day we are expecting see spain
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and france hold a ball and all explain this due to all three billion euros worth of that whereas when it comes to france it's eight to nine billion so investors will be watching closely monitoring that and what happens and of course we'll be bringing you the latest as it happens but for now let's take a look at the asian markets still the only ones trading at the moment and there were seen optimism returning on to the trading floors with the both the nikkei and the hang seng are adding and that's as investors are have a better concern not concerns about the mystic about the health of the global economy and their recovery and we know that in japan technology firms are doing particularly well to everyone and take a look at the currency the euro is still flat against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble again against both major currencies all the ones that will of course bring you the all dated figures for that in about an hour's time when there are some markets open of course but for now once focus on some of the stories and in particular microsoft because it says that it's a brand new operating system which is that windows aides will be released on the
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twenty sixth and the software giant says this update is the most important really design in more than a decade and then the positive thoughts to the fourth quarter earnings report microsoft is publishing on thursday however analysts say it may post losses for the first time ever after troubled takeover over an online ads company called a plaintive. also there is a new twist in the fears between apple and samsung the u.k. judge has ordered apple to publish ads saying that the south korean firm did not call its a special notice will also be placed on. apple's website as well as in all the media and the court decision this fall in apple's failure to block sales of galaxy tablets in the us. where i was a russian markets will open in the last the now right now in the picture you see arise from the ones that it was and mix one the artsy has added over half
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a percent when it comes to the my six it sat around a third of a percent and something that always has a major effect on the often economy is from prices and right now they are heading higher in fact they're going for their seventh straight session of wall says the longest winning streak since the february i should say and this comes off the back all of us stockpiles falling on expected lies we can also construction homes numbers of go in the higher now also was since we're talking about well let's talk about local companies that have to deal with oil year when the gas tax for monopoly gastrell may end up getting somewhat competition shares over the second largest gas firm rallied some reports the recent gas forms group on exports has sealed the deal with germany's n b w for delivery of two billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. violate the law as gas form remains the middleman and ship in the fuel. all right and this is how business looks this hour i'll have
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a more stories with our next hour we look forward to marina. charlie we talk to the two creatures go brothers to find out what's behind their success in boxing that's after the headlines. the.
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world through the. air in more mouths to feed but where will the food come from can science provide the answers to the future of under the microscope. we've got the future covered. secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and worry this is why you should care watch only on the dot com.
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