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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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russia and china. western drafted resolution at the security council that would have paved the way for sanctions against syria details coming up from new york. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu extends his blame to include lebanon saying both iran and hezbollah behind the bus blast in bold garia that left eight people dead. also the german parliament decides to hand over a massive bailout to spain's battered banking sector with angela merkel grasping enough support from to back the rescue.
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live from the new center here in the russian capital this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day so our breaking news story that the u.s. and its allies have failed to push a sad resolution through the u.n. security council for the third time russia and china have once again vetoed the motion for the latest from new york let's cross to. you know why exactly have moscow and beijing stop this latest draft resolution dead in its tracks. well the leader's double veto put forth by russia and china came because they said they would not support any resolution under chapter seven that paved the way for sanctions or possible military intervention into syria and that is exactly what this u.k. draft a resolution that was put before a vote paved the way for the u.k. resolution that was supported by. germany portugal and the u.s.
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. on damascus to remove all of its heavy forces from populated areas within ten days and to stop using heavy weapons if the syrian government did not meet those requirements this resolution would have allowed the security council to impose sanctions on the syrian government if this resolution also holds for the u.n. supervision mission in syria to be extended forty five days but it was tied together to these sanctions that the west have been spearheading against the syrian government now russia and china as well as south africa who abstained from voting on this this resolution they have all argued that the resolution put forth by the west was very one sided putting only pressure on the syrian government and not the armed opposition in syria and now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice lashed out at russia and china saying that they have gotten in the way of the international community helping. the syrian
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civilians that are caught in the midst of the violence is escalating in syria or rice said that she will now the u.s. will seek an alternative course with their partners outside of the u.n. security council other western investors also pointed direct fingers at russia and china using their veto power but russian ambassador to the u.n. vitaly churkin said that it's time for the security council to. stop the bickering and having a blame game with one another and it would be best for them to just agree on a tactical resolution that would extend the u.s. supervision mission in syria for at least another thirty days but at this time he said it's time for the security council to begin working together is up with the western members of the council who have presented unacceptable and unworthy
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statements should have at least done something to persuade a dialogue between the warring sides in syria and prevent the further militarization of the crisis instead of provoking the activity of extremist and terrorist groups these zealots are pushing their own geo political goals which have nothing in common with the interests of the syrian people and this has only served to escalate the conflict even further in truly tragic proportions. while marina as you mentioned the u.n. observer mission to syria is set to expire in less than twenty four hours now does it look like there's still any hope left a tool for kofi annan peace plan. well at this point there have been reports that the u.k. is putting together a resolution that would extend the u.n. supervision mission in syria for thirty days that is according to various reports and there may be a vote on that resolution in the next in the coming hours clearly time is of the
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essence because as you mentioned bill this this mandate expires in less than twenty four hours russia did draft a resolution that called for three month extension of the mission but embassador churkin said he was not going to even put it for a vote because western countries would not support it unless the drop consisted of punitive consequences against the syrian government so at this point it's a wait and see game the security council is still talking they're still working but time is of the essence because if nothing is extended within the next twenty four hours that means the u.n. loses a verifiable group in syria that will not be able to monitor observe this crisis potentially spiral even worse. audi's marina portnoy thanks very much indeed with the latest from new york short well staying with the syrian crisis some of the bloodiest of the conflict that both the government and rebels dubbed the period
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following yesterday's deadly bombing in damascus the attack wiped out three senior members of assad's government including the defense minister it coincided with intensifying clashes in the capital and across the country which killed over one hundred fifty people according to reports the whereabouts of president assad who hasn't made any public appearances since the explosion is unknown with some sources suggesting he has fled damascus a correspondent for the ocean or is in the. news about blasts has come at a very tough time for the syrian capital in the last four days damascus has been seen for what the opposition and free syrian army have dubbed the final battle for damascus that is size of battle for the syrian capital shootings have been heard in very different parts of the syrian capital we've also seen black smoke drifting over the city skyline and we've also been hearing helicopters not only flying over one of the oldest continuously inhabited capitals in the world but also firing and we can see some smoke even now in actually many different neighborhoods of damascus
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many countries have quite as their embassies here in syria had half withdrawn all personnel in this neighborhood alone turkish embassy over there saudi embassy this is the building of american embassy tallon embassies these amasis have all suspended their work overseas companies have also have created their staff foreigners no longer feel safe here in the syrian capital and they have fled but ordinary syrians don't have the same choice the world has come to their door and they have nowhere to run and they're trying to organize their everyday life waiting for this nightmare to end one of the most important rule these days in the syrian capital is not to go to the cities troubled areas where the clashes between the rebels and the army still continue and the names of these neighborhoods are very well known to everybody here. i have began. no i won't take you to my down it's too dangerous but damascus is a very big city with a population of around two million people maybe these days even more with all
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displaced families from homs and other epicenter of the uprising from all across the country shelter now here in the capital and in some neighborhoods you can see pictures that you don't at all expect to see in the capital of a country and gulf war i like this family alone picnics really very peaceful pictures so one can flick has been raging for seventeen months already people say they're tired they are exhausted but they also say that life must go on. from damascus in syria. well maria is one of the very few remaining international correspondents that continue to report on the events from the heart of the conflict you can follow her on twitter to stay up to date on the developments in the syrian capital live coverage throughout the day via her feed for notion or underscore r.t. . when we get more on the events in syria and at the u.n. from process activist he's joining me now from spain so this latest u.n.
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resolution has been vetoed what impact will that have on the situation now in syria . i think the draft resolution that was proposed by the west by britain and the united states. was expected to fail i don't think they really had. any delusions that the russians and the chinese won't use the veto so they obviously have something in mind and they are stating now that we've done all enough. in the security council and it's obvious you're not going anywhere so we are going to seek other measures and this really opens the door in front of the international public opinion for will be a unilateral move from those states in the name of saving the syrian people from bloodshed which would definitely lead to more blood being spilled in syria so you're saying that countries would act outside the u.n.
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security council because they're beefed up that there's been no agreement on the next course of action you see them going alone and military intervention. well i think it will be probably were first of all the narrative that is being put in the media is certainly ever around this point that we need to do something either to see people or to save ourselves because there is a lot at the moment with. the chemical stockpile of chemical weapons stockpiles in syria. so there is a shift now from intervening in syria to save the syrian people from addicted to it into intervening in syria to save. us from you know. falling in the wrong hands so i wouldn't say that they would probably or necessarily go into syria directly as they did in libya for example but they might support certain regional powers actions or sending troops in the name of humanity. so i don't know what
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their plan they have in mind but the obvious going to russia is proposing an extension of that u.n. observer mission that expires tomorrow russia saying that mission should continue for another three months do you think that could be an answer could that have a positive effect bearing in mind that really there hasn't been much achieved by the previous mission. i think it's too dangerous for for the monitors in a sense to go and monitor every single day because they have been you know it's really. two thousand of them but in a sense it is better to have monitors on the ground when there is a serious issue. for them to have you know look at the situation just like what happened. it's better to have them on the ground so i would actually question. what we have got to bring connection here but i do just want to ask you bearing in
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mind what's happened yesterday those latest events what a sad position now. to be honest i don't think he was really surprised i mean. the real surprise came with the first attempt to assassinate those particular people there was some poisoning reports posing attempts reported so i think there is a certain procedure that has been put in place and we have seen. succession and you know contrary to the reports we're hearing from the media. did show today. received a new be appointed defense minister who took his oath in front of president assad is clearly in damascus and he's carrying out these official duties his plan in a sense doesn't treat the syrian government and doesn't treat the. stick to certain people if they go the whole plan collapses no there are certain institutions in syria and there is a procedure for success from the same plan carries out i think the plan of the
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syrian government. is to try to break the bones of the of the armed rebellion and in a sense what happened yesterday plays in the hands of the syrian government destroy and because the pro-government supporters who are really not a minority at all. are now what. does not and. that was. even with more force. i think i can just ask you one more question because we still got this connection because it's really interesting to hear what you have to say such intensity now is the pressure on assad to go nobody really seems to thought through what happens if he does go the void that is left what do you predict bearing in mind that you're saying that probably is going to stay for a while but what would happen if he does go what are your concerns. well i'm not going to be a trait i'm not going to try to be emotional about it if it depends on really how
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he goes syria is in a sense. a country that has more issues than what this person or the person and president assad is this now at this moment in time he represents the hopes of syrians of a lot of syrians of keeping the country united of taking it through this storm so he is very much needed. however. if he pulls it will depend very much from how he goes fortunately he's forced out or assassinated whatever then i don't expect a top a speck to kill so i expect. you know a lot of that is going to take place by people who are into the. political settlement to be reached and i don't think it will be a reach because again president assad commits a lot of support in syria and those people simply do not want it to lead to not want to settle the government to collapse because they fear that the cost of the
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collapse of such a government it's much higher and we have endured so far so i think he does not. we simply do not want him to go and we want him to weather the storm and we want to lead the country and then afterwards everything is on the table thank you very much for your thoughts interesting as we've been talking we just heard that britain wants to draft a new resolution to extend that u.n. observer mission in syria something we were talking about something that russia's been pushing for so an element of consensus there agreement with russia concerning that u.n. mission in syria thank you very much for your thoughts good to hear from you and sorry about the poor connection at times but we heard mostly what you have to say thank you so well as the conflict in syria continues it seems the battleground has now taken an online dimension as r.t. reports in a couple of minutes for you click and find lots of load optional videos on the best way for syrian confidence to kill their enemies again pop. on the internet stay with r.t.
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to learn who is behind the lethal lessons. in the meantime israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has blamed hezbollah for the terrorist attack on a bus carrying jewish tourists in bulgaria in which eight people died tel aviv is already accused iran of being behind the attack but now the blame list has extended to lebanon correspondent paula slater is joining me now live to tell me more of this paula yesterday it was a rant today. what could these accusations mean for the region. well as you say the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that the fault because of this attack that happened on wednesday in the bulgarian city of burgas is clearly on the shoulders of hizbollah now that was attacked in which eight people were killed six of them were israeli citizens one was a bulgarian bus driver and one was the suicide bomber himself netanyahu says that hizbollah acts as the long term of iran in the region and while this is no secret
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certainly everybody here does know that hizbullah is a proxy for iran the fact that an attorney who is not naming his below is only going to through the stroke tensions in the region and certainly tensions between these two countries the israeli prime minister also went on to say that it was no ned hizbollah had attacked or been behind attacks on israelis in countries like thailand georgia greece and cyprus in the past not israel has tried to deal with has been on the past but it has failed back in two thousand and six israel went to war with lebanon on over his below but by all accounts that was a war which israel lost at the time it was said that hizbullah a small army of fighters was able to take on the great israeli defense forces and when and it gave the arab world back it supplied so to some since israel has almost an say told score card what's his villa and that is why there's a lot of speculation whether or not by now naming his villa on yahoo is going to
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try and use the bus bombing on the wednesday as a pretext for perhaps attacking his fellow once again. it's not the first time israel has made iran the scapegoat is it. now it's certainly not the first time that israel has made the round the scapegoat what we're hearing from the israeli prime minister who held a press conference and to quote him he's saying that iran is behind this wave of terror and he goes one step further to say how can a terror nation whole. nuclear weapons and that is familiar with trick coming from the israeli prime minister he certainly is using this incident to again shore up support for the israeli position and that is that iran is building nuclear weapons and should be stopped at all expenses we are likely to hear more war trick coming from netanyahu certainly it is something that his premiership here is closely associated with but if indeed netanyahu attempts to deal with iran by perhaps going
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to war the timing could not be worse you've got a region in flux you've got on going violence in neighboring syria you've got for the first time and islamised president in neighboring egypt but netanyahu is also known for often using the international concerns and the international community to do it to detract attention away from problems it has on the domestic front there is the real threat that you will see social protest is growing in number in the coming weeks we need to just remember that last year we saw social demonstrations in this country that's all the largest number of israelis on the streets and at the same time this week the largest israeli political party to demand the ruling coalition of netanyahu says that he has problems to deal with on the domestic front paula thanks very much indeed for that live update from tel aviv paula slip. britain's intelligence and security committee says the u.k. should play criminals only game in a bid to tackle terrorism spy agencies in the military are being told to adopt
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cyber warfare tactics. smith reports. if you can't be to joy that seems to be britain's new attitude when it comes to dealing with tax a new report by the u.k.'s intelligence and security commission has concluded it's not enough to defend against cyber attacks additionally the military and spoil agencies should be actively declaring soluble war on enemy states attack evidently is in their view the best form of defense although in this case they're calling it active defense bearers voicing that britain should be secretly hacking into enemy systems using programs like the stuxnet virus which disrupted iran this nuclear enrichment program it comes just two years after the launch of a six hundred fifty million pounds national soluble security program but progress
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according to the m.p.'s on the committee has been slow the national security strategy ranks the threat of cyber attacks alongside that of terrorism and yet this committee of m.p.'s seems fully prepared to engage in it itself this despite the fact that the report says the communications agency g c h q believes eighty percent of cyber attacks all preventable three basic measures like using security software and proper passwords cyber attacks of course have another name hacking it's illegal in most countries including the u.k. and britain has its fair share of hacking. including that of autism sufferer. he's been fighting his extradition to the us for hacking into the pentagon's computer system for ten years now so far his government has refused to protect him maybe if state sponsored hacking becomes the norm that will change. the german
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parliament has approved a one hundred billion euro rescue package for the spanish banking sector chancellor angela merkel had been actively lobbying for the hand out to rally enough support germany's finance minister warned that the eurozone risks contagion from swain's weak banks if the bailout is given the spanish banking system will face close supervision marcus kerber professor of political economics at technician university believes that handing money to spain will destabilize europe. is becoming more and more dangerous because of the so-called you are rescuers have to step up or all sorts of fire walls and have to dilute in the way regulations they have set themselves and now allow spanish banks to have direct access to the european financial stability facility and the promise as well to buy directly through the european financial stability facility spanish bonds this is. admittedly.
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intellectual defeat because all these measures so far have not stopped the u.s. from becoming more and more unstable what we actually witness here in germany is some sort of collective suicide of the german nation because the representatives of the nation the members of parliament overt with the two thirds majorities in favor of something which might turn out to finally as an unbearable debt. burden for the german public finances. to entertain and inform the two fundamental reasons people use the internet however when the web is being used to influence a conflict that has already taken thousands of lives in syria alarm bells start to ring artists are first looks into exactly who is driving the trend of deadly online training videos. just a click away and the internet is full of these video training guys that are providing dangerous tips that kids see cyber warriors taken from their computer
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screens and given the practical skills to kill now so the many of these videos that have emerged in the last year are aimed at the syrian opposition and the syrian rebel forces that are fighting against the syrian regime in the country at the moment but they're easily accessible you have a huge number of views on the huge chief sites where these videos are going up and big questions about the regulation of these videos about why they're allowed to stay out for so long now many of these videos was aimed at the syrian opposition aren't actually made in syria itself is that many of them originating from other countries including a lot of them coming from the u.s. and of course that again raises questions about the u.s. is involvement in this type of cyber warfare of course many other countries and many other governments also stand accused of participating in this type of cyber
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warfare but there are big concerns because over the last couple of years certainly countries like the u.s. and the case have identified as one of the main threats in this war on terror as being the lone wolves people who are sat in the privacy of their own home and able to access information that trains and to be able to carry out an attack and say videos like this are of course deeply disturbing was the subversive know how might be aimed at the people fighting inside syria right now of course is just a click away for anyone who wants to log on and have a look and that raises very very serious questions and has terrifying implications he's reach is far beyond the syrian conflicts. not time joint committee on the business terms for the next business committee. so it's corporate earnings season at the moment in the u.s. isn't it is it really is and is easing up
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a lot of the headlines because we're talking big companies bill we're talking i.b.m. the biggest computer services provider and it's combing over four percent and that's off to boosting its forecast we've also got evo as well the largest internet marketplace as well surging eight point seven percent that's where you got the nasdaq the tech heavy bulls posting nine tenths of a percent. stay with us as well we've got prices for corn and soybeans this surging to record highs and that's because of the worst u.s. drought and hole of a century the local officials have substantially lower it prospects across most of the major growing regions of the prices of the two staple crops have sapolsky the peaks of the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight crisis although other states who do such as we surmise they do remain lower than to live to the european markets then now coming to an end and they've been falling is so below is going on
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we had a much anticipated bond auction in spain today so boring costs rise and demond for a while french born corresponds to a trio of bond auctions today so they farms they went lois's a real contrast of results we also have bad news for britain as well we have retail sells failing to reach expectations and the u.k. could continue to pay for the financial crisis for years to come. prime minister david cameron admitted there's no end in sight spending cuts through to twenty twenty i came movement on it we're going to talk about here. she says if it wins by make a nokia have rocketed the most in a decade that's on strong second quarter sales of its flagship lumia small fry which unexpectedly rose to four million units now rising cells are bright spot for the former global handset leader as it was a fifth consecutive quarter of plunging revenue. that brings us on to the exchanges that will be able to see that the euro is down the law is going on in the european region today is one twenty two sixty as you can see we've also got the russian
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kaiser that managed to get a they get the u.s. dollar and the year right if we got time we check out the markets and just see that they managed to get in the session we had optimism from the global equity markets we always had oil buys in for a seven session and if we look at the start i think it's a little tough for actually but also about fifteen minutes with another update for you. all right. thanks a lot for that you have more for me then a little later in about an hour from now. twenty eight minutes past the hour i'll be back with a look at the main stories in a couple minutes from now stay with us. sigrid
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