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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the year was reportedly found the successor to kofi annan and peace envoy to syria where armed rebels are on the defensive in the commercial capital of aleppo. all while the u.s. and its allies seek new ways pressure damascus outside the framework of the e.u. went with hillary clinton to hold talks in turkey. a major israeli newspaper says tell a very good to go it alone and strike iran this should resume. failing to convince the last sanctions and diplomacy not working.
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alone welcome to r.t. this saturday you're with me tara tara well in syria's largest city arms rebels are vowing to reclaim lost ground after being pushed from a key district by government forces assault loyalists are in the middle of a massive military assault on aleppo throwing more tanks and airstrikes at the front line the findings increase the number of refugees fleeing the city and the country with some one hundred fifty thousand now registered in neighboring nations clashes have reportedly taken place between government troops and the jordanian military on their border as more people fled through the area international efforts to mediate peace are being revived with a veteran diplomat poised to become the new un envoy to syria after kofi anon quit and frustration here's artie's peter oliver. it's not a job many people would have wanted you think but considering the situation. in
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syria but it's that lakhdar brahimi will be taking over from kofi annan as the next special envoy on the syrian crisis now the seventy eight year old former algerian foreign minister does have pedigree when it comes to dealing with serious conflicts he was instrumental in forming a peace in the late one nine hundred eighty s. in the lebanese civil war in two thousand and one he was sent by the u.n. as the envoy to afghanistan as the united states invaded the country following nine eleven he was again sent to iraq in two thousand and three for the invasion of that country representing the u.n. on that occasion but it's also interesting to look at what type of an envoy he will be kofi annan quite openly spoke to both the syrian rebels and the assad government that if we look a little bit better he means personal life his personal contacts we might see a different approach from him but he's daughter a former b.b.c. and c.n.n.
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correspondent is married to wear one of the sons of the king of jordan. a strong family ties there jordan of course a country that has been linked to the smuggling of weapons and other arms into syria into the hands of the syrian rebels and jordan of course a haven a place of choice for those defecting from the assad government to go so perhaps we could see me focusing our attention focusing his attention on speaking to the rebels as opposed to the way that kofi annan tried to do it with speaking to both the rebels and the assad government but it looks like he will take over from kofi annan looks like the next envoy going to be. the four algerian foreign minister taking on that difficult job in syria for you as an its key regional ally are seeking new ways to pressure the syrian government into submission foreign policy chief hillary clinton's due for talks enter on saturday that's. now get some
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reaction and insight from foreign affairs analyst richard had barry richard thanks for joining us today now hillary clinton's visit comes as steps up threats to weigh in with force against syria tell us how likely is direct intervention at this point . what i think there's a complete. on the level of the united nations and the money terry and tragedy on the ground is very clear more than two million displaced twenty thousand people killed and. i think. because of a lot of the syrian regime and the most recent one being the prime minister and so so i think what the clinton administration is trying to be right now is really try to coordinate some sort of. approach and possibly also with the help of user and then all of that are of. serious concern because they feel that the opposition has a chance to retain its stronghold and much of the country so i think there's going to be very intensive discussion in turkey not only in terms of some. but also.
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safe zones or a no fly zone and regime is also using its force. and forces within a level now turkey's increasingly alarmed by kurdish activity in northern syria having suffered attacks by kurds seeking autonomy in the border region surely turkey has a right to defend itself if it feels threatened. but of course turkey has its own interests i mean there are two sides to us on the one very much concerned with a humanitarian tragedy in the flow of refugees from syria into turkey right now it's the biggest recipients of refugees from syria but more than the u.s. you are right number one concern for not only the civilian leadership but also the military intelligence security part. possible of rice insurgency and what we see in recent weeks is that there's a growing chorus you need. between syria and. kurds in syria and most kurds in the
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route and turkey's burden is going through a grueling course. because i've been of the. kurdish majority of regions in southeastern turkey so i think turkey is also trying to make sure that the kurds and not exploit the situation to launch their own kind of. independence hall and see if you can start so i think turkey is a symptom concerned with the humanitarian aspect. but also trying to hedge against the balkan will be frequently now turkey's a nato member but the alliance has so far shunned military action even after syria shot down a turkish plane in june what do you think it'll take to get the blocks to reconsider . well i think a more day i mean on the one hand i think long as the opposition forces the episode will not be able. to full or major regions of your eye going
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to turkey will be able to really move forward on sort of military intervention in the in order to he heard waiting for united states and then also a clear signal that. we could see military forces. from this line not only in the just that he's going to be the going to be the one does not want the east on leadership and he's on quandary by stepping in alone we've got the nation and other major. us forces and species concerned but more than that this is a remember the turkey other important neighbor to the east iran is very much against any kind of intervention gregory also richard i'm sorry to interrupt you i'm afraid that's all the time we have thank you for joining us live from the philippines that was foreign affairs analyst richard hey daryn thanks here. so i had the question of who should watch the what governments worldwide struggle with how. to keep us safe on the internet so how do you do it without raising suspicions
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over civil liberties we report later. a century in the russian scalise as the country's air force gears up to celebrate its anniversary time line style. israeli media says a military strike on iran could be imminent and could take place in the coming months tel aviv has long threatened to attack saying international sanctions against the country over its nuclear plants are not enough but as an associate you're going to reports an early use of force by israel could leave barack obama red faced and during this november's presidential race. according to a major daily israeli newspaper the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his defense minister would like to strike iran as early as before the u.s. presidential elections taking place in november this year now amid escalating media
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reports and expert predictions that such an attack could in fact be around the corner the peepers front page article on friday offered by its senior commentators and reportedly based off of conversations with israel's defense minister says that if it were up to benjamin netanyahu and his minister of defense israel would cause a military attack on iran sometime within the next several months importantly israel's security cabinet ministers have been resisting such an option for now what's important here is while israel is weighing this option we know of course that iran continues to insist that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes exclusively and we have seen the obama administration be careful in urging israel to stick with diplomacy and now of course the big question is whether israel may in fact go ahead with such an attack and whether or not it will wait for a green light from washington importantly experts in this article are quoted to say
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that if such an attack were to take place before the u.s. presidential elections there this would cause a major embarrassment to barack obama as well as really cast a blow to his success in these elections because as we know his main rival republican mitt romney has never excluded such an option. well as the media frenzy over a possible strike on iran gains momentum the u.s. president has tightened economic sanctions against the country a new law signed on friday prohibits american entrepreneurs from doing business with the iranian oil sector as well as shipment and insurance companies the measure also blocks stock and gold trading with a number of iranians to. two shows including its central bank. and still to come this hour the egyptian jews fearing for their future. certain. high titles people to forget. articles insight on how wrong he relations between
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congo and israel are severely affecting those who remain in power struggle into.
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mission would be so much brighter if you live. from plans to impression. start totty dot com. hello and welcome to our team now the debate over how to control the enter into and who should be doing it is as old as the web itself but despite the efforts of governments to shield users from the growing dangers of cyberspace every proposed internet law hits the buffers over personal liberty concerns let the coffin of reports. it's hard to argue against protecting young ones from dangers like child pornography that's what russia's new internet law aims to do by making it easier to remove harmful content from the web it gives the government new
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powers to blacklist pages even entire domains bypassing the courts but critics say it could be used for altogether different purposes russia's wikipedia was one of several websites to go dark and protest about. using this law to protect children ms blocking access to information for everyone including adults that's not protection that censorship it's. great britain united states france germany lawmakers say the bill is on par even weaker than what's on the books elsewhere but for online activists countries like the u.s. or britain are case studies in how not to regulate the web you can see the different countries use different tactics whether it's copyright law. or cyber security laws or just using national security as an excuse to go after for a screech crease speech may be enshrined in america's constitution but in a world where acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from
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a few keystrokes on the computer the keystrokes of u.s. citizens are increasingly under suspicion if you see something say something according to these f.b.i. flyers anyone with a passing interest in personal data security could be a potential terrorist report suspicious activity of the authorities. and while pre-crime detection may be the stuff of fiction the homeland security department is considering a virtual border patrol which would scan billions of bytes and bits to stop cyber crime before it happens that's like sticking a microphone in everyone's living room so you can listen to all the conversations and what is really bad guys internet freedom advocates helped defeat to controversial copyright bills but the u.s. house voted to force private companies like facebook to share personal data with the government and military when it comes to protecting our civil rights and civil liberties we don't usually give a government check and that's really what these bills have done in a lot of ways across the atlantic britain is on the verge of
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a web wide big brother internet and phone providers are reading black boxes to let the government to monitor every email phone call even as a mass this is the first step toward the government taking control of the internet it's already blocks web pages it deems illegal but under the digital economy act it will soon add copyright violators to the blacklist anyone suspected of illegal downloads could have their internet cut off. the war over how and who should control the internet may have been inevitable you're saying to yourself well no i understand this internet concept a lot on the internet but it's. a little better. the biggest challenges facing governments of today and matter how well intentioned regulations will always be subject to criticism and try to get a line between security and censorship while it may be harder than it seems you see catherine of r t moscow. but it's not only explicit content on cyberspace that
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worries governments as we report online. germany officials hope baseball saying it must literally play for illegal war native through social network. and leaving a deal to c.n.n. host and time magazine editor for leeds at caria apologizes for plagiarism but is it enough to allow him back on air to find out about r t v dot com. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its all you need to use your mobile device more charts see any time. all right here with our team and it's time now for some of the world's news in brief for you this hour
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a senior libyan defense ministry official has been killed in the eastern city of benghazi general was one of the military officers to defect during the uprising that toppled moammar gadhafi he was shot dead from a car by a gunman as he left friday prayers there have been a series of murders of military officers who served in the gadhafi regime. three u.s. marines have been killed by a man dressed in an afghan police uniform he opened fire after inviting them to dinner to discuss security issues it's the third assault on nato coalition forces this week four other international troops also died on friday. egyptian troops have detained nine islamised militants supposedly linked to the ambush hoovering that killed sixteen soldiers on the border with gaza last week the military closed the checkpoint and launched
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a major offensive to try and restore security in the area egypt tsunami region remains highly volatile with militant groups having her own since the toppling of hosni mubarak last year. staying with egypt the arab spring and the rise to power of the muslim brotherhood have saward its relations with israel it's also deeply affecting jews in egypt who until recently considered it their home parties falsely reports from cairo. alone frightened and struggling one of the last of her people in a land that no longer wants them selene has merely the photos of who did family for comfort she is one of cairo's few remaining jews once there were eighty thousand now there are fewer than twenty and certainly i'm afraid certainly i am but as the bad i try to forget. she has reason to be wary the new rulers of egypt the muslim brotherhood call for jihad and want the liberation of palestine they've
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launched a war of words against jews that goes as far as to threaten death it took us a long time to find simeon and when we did even longer to convince her to be interviewed by us she was worried that her neighbors would see her talking to a television crew eventually she agreed to talk to us here on the street but when i walked her back to her building a neighbor spotted us and started screaming obscenities at her that is for not to persons in my back to. the roots of jewish people run deep in the streets of cairo as far back as the twelfth century pious jews trod these cobbled streets on the way to study with a non-physician rabbi moses been my morn after mitt has collected memories of the many jews who once lived here he proudly shows me articles of those he once knew about. this place used to be fooled jews they were all my friends but they all left in the early fifties sometimes they come back to visit me and we always see it and
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talk about the good old times. it was a jewish man who talked to him at his trade the love of his life was also a jewish woman but his is a way voice today in these streets it can be dangerous to ask where's the nearest synagogue. certainly i am afraid of those so you are going to look at not that they said that your job problem is to do like to resemble that of god. that little country which few data mention israel maybe divisions among egyptians but they are united in their hatred of the neighbor. israel is a racist state which doesn't respect agreements and israeli jew is not welcome in egypt being in the. streets you continue between us i hate do with israel and its presence in that region is dangerous but. israel is a cancer our main enemy after the revolution of january it's now possible to cancel
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the peace agreement with them and so simeon spends her remaining days alone holed up in her apartment and suffering from alzheimer's disease too afraid to venture out and when she does it's only for the shortest time just in the memory of a fast disappearing world policy r.t. cairo greek officials believe they can raise a much needed money finding route but tax evasion then piling extra yet more cuts to commence international leaders to keep it afloat all avenues to generate cash are banks poured by agrees to tackle its mammoth debt as we hear later economist roger bootle believes the country's only option is to quit the eurozone. greece in my need to get out of the euro i cannot see any way in which this current policy of austerity is going to bring any relief result was grinding process of trying to bring prices and wages down takes years decades directly sort of
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a competitive house races going through but i don't think it's possible to imagine a return to economic growth in the current setup by contrast with the euro breaks i can't imagine economic growth so far from being a disaster i think it could be the major step that leads to the restoration of growth in europe. russia's air force celebrates its ascent tenor saturday with a spectacular show in the moscow region and the pilots are also out to impress after their high flying rehearsal more than one hundred on planes and helicopters will take part in the show including russia's latest state of the are fighter the two fifty the country's renowned opera about extreme area about a traveler will also demonstrate some of their death defying stunts and they'll be joined by pilots from seven other nations including britain france and italy ireland recently made the military a top priority to spend billions of dollars upgrading the air force over the next
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few years. some food for thought next as we ask you how you like your groceries cheap and tasty or as nature intended it's the resident. are you sheep an easy or all organic when it comes to what you eat this week let's talk about that i don't care you don't care so you don't care what you put into your body you. do. for the expensive organic food i mean it doesn't to me it doesn't really make a difference i actually started juicing this year and i found out about it when i was getting a facial and there's a place called free foods right down that way and they have the best juices i've ever had in my life kale spinach basal i mean it's like and it's life changing it sounds delicious it's delicious and expensive actually it is expensive but if you think about it a glass of wine is like nine dollars and it costs the same amount why do you think
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organic costs so much more regulation at least in finland it's really strict on what you can do and how you do it and the crop is smaller so that's the problem doing doesn't that defy logic shouldn't it be cheaper to eat a tomato yeah yeah it should be true that the world we live or on a medical doctor is there the day the food is. let's say polluted or or it's not healthy like contains a lot of trans fats and so on so on then it can lead to cancer but genetically modified food cannot lead to consummate this nonsense so there's a lot of people that assert it dies why do you think they get away with that but why does the demo have such a bad rep i think it's mainly some kind of propaganda a lot more people are interested to get healthier and other parts of the world so where do you think america falls in that spectrum very well obesity is the number one for kids here is it just
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a lack of knowledge or do people don't have the money time. we want to sit down for breakfast this morning and healthy just got here cannot find everybody's running and grabbing about all the time so you're eating better now more ghana. and i did manage to keep him on the straight and narrow or go to the phrases injury. i know mine will be in my if it is not there you won't need it and that's the best way to daughter whether or not you eat organically the bottom line is you might want to take a minute to consider the old average them you are what you eat it's. an hour to sports later this hour the records keep tumbling out the olympics pressure started on that he sang go wins big at the hammer throw vinyl while the country's synchronized swimmers and get the gold at their third games in a row the details and around twenty minutes. shortly the award winning economist
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has got a plan to save the euro zone by killing it off i'll have the headlines first in just a moment. and
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prejudice. do it with caution. looks like. jump to the top. ignore the pain. stage or show.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. shining operations are all over that.


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