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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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pussy riot global. foreign governments media here's how the two year jail sentence given to the members of the russian female. hitting the campaign trail veterans on protestors take over barack obama's election office in oakland calling for the release of jailed whistleblower bradley manning. plus an occupation in flames nato and international troops are on alert as afghan forces deemed friendly increasingly turn their guns on them and. it's good to have you with us here on araa to you today real research showed live
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in moscow the jailing of three members of a russian punk band pussy riot has attracted criticism from all around the world and seen protests in support of the women they received a two year sentence on charges of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred so that russia's main orthodox cathedral a foreign governments also had their say on russia's internal matter the u.s. even calling on the authorities to review the case reporting from new york is ati's . there's been both political and public reaction over the pussy riot verdict now i around the globe there has been several protests on friday in support of the three russian band members that were convicted of hooliganism paris brussels london and tell of eve are among the cities where demonstrators gathered to denounce the trial and the two year sentence saying those that aren't. support of these three
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women the members of the pussy riot say that the decision that was made by moscow's court was emblematic of russia's intolerance of dissent on the more political front the u.s. embassy in russia has called the verdict on fair portion and there was also reaction coming from amnesty international which said that the decision was a bitter blow to freedom of expression in russia also political figures in europe have begun to weigh in on this developing story we heard from the high representative of the european union catherine ashton who has said she is deeply disappointed by this verdict calling it disproportionate a similar sentiment has also been echoed by germany's foreign minister so clearly this story taking place in russia has ignited a wave of reaction around the globe. and a u.s. based journalist says that her washington should look closer to home and tidy up
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its own affairs before judging others. the united states has other double standards that bear on this case too first let's look at the one nine hundred eighty nine case of st patrick's cathedral where act up members came into the church of about forty five of them were arrested before they could really voice their own protests and numerous times since the beginning of the iraq war around the united states people have tried to go into churches to speak to the congregations are known to modern for example an activist in the united states has done it about thirty times to try to say look your religious beliefs are so and so what's happening violates them please join us and they've been threatened with arrest arrested and worse so the united states does exactly that that is states which has more incarcerated people than the next three countries on the planet and that's only in absolute terms in terms of relative terms more than any other country on the planet the united states has all these people in jail and it's going to lecture other
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countries about how their legal process should work i just think it this has no credibility around the world and i think it's shameful. now the official reaction from around the world over the trial has been overwhelmingly critical public opinion has not been quite so definite has some of the feedback we've received so far at dot com. this ridiculous case makes me think of the middle ages. what would the banishment have been had this happened in saudi arabia i'm sure it would have been a call for death. for once i actually agree with russia take this joke of a band and look at the much longer what they do is immoral and unacceptable god bless christianity disgusting and here i was thinking russia was getting more progressive this has put a big dent in my respect for russian british and be that went to russia to support the right why didn't she use her time to free young black youths in her prison for
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some silly crime if she's so concerned about the justice system in russia i think the us should get even with russia by arresting justin bieber. while much of the media coverage of the pussy riot trial labeled the case as politically motivated but a former spokesman to the russian patriarch a priest of. things there are no grounds for that conclusion. here it's possible that the ones mind aims to stage a political protest but they actually did nothing of the swords inside the cathedral either putin nor the patriarchs names were mentioned in the lyrics edited in later on was inside the cathedral that actions boil down to insulting god and the virgin mary no politics so it's wrong to say they were persecuted on political grounds it's wrong to bring politics in here but it's something the west loves to talk about and they convicted and their lawyers were selling the story for
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a high price. personally i think the verbal offenses should not be punished by a jail sentence but there's no way do i want to blame the authorities or the court this law is the brainchild of russian legislators. well as a much more of the old pussy riot story online you can check out our team's youtube stream for more videos from inside and outside the courtroom. the trio. right. these are the. streets of. the united states so police were called in to
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a made after protesters. of the group made up of. one hundred strong support. well as you can hear the demonstrators marching through the officer chanting free bradley manning he's accused of leaking classified information to wiki leaks and if found guilty he could ultimately face the death penalty protesters demanded that president obama release the whistleblower and scott olsen an iraq war veteran and one of the protests says the government is simply making an example. of the matter so. if you're. a lot. more
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a little further. example of. people all. over you are. doing all. right now but you know we're not going to. you're trying other way. and. well fear is the u.s. is desperate to lay its hands on julian sancia the man behind the wiki leaks website certainly playing on the minds of diplomats as well declassified documents from the australian embassy in washington that reveal concerns he might end up on trial and the stakes just stuck inside ecuador's london embassy and britain vowing to prevent him from taking asylum in latin america and wiki leaks spokesman a christian believes the matter could even go all the way to the international
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court of justice the. the . yes it's a country it's the only right thing to do but if they're on to a system this hard line position which is absolutely absurd given the circumstances . of the legal team of julian that we killing these families just to. as indicated that he will take the matter before the international court of justice . and force the government to give him say as it's clear you say that this is a threat by the u.k. authorities who take are extraordinary have called for a. strong reaction especially in light of the american countries it is it is beyond my understanding why the stuff of william hague will take such an extreme step especially when the negotiations were ongoing in accordance with that war is in the impulse period between two countries and this should could upset well you nations
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all over the world and i'm pretty sure that the british diplomats will feel. very secure in all of us and the areas given the fact that their own government is ready to violate to the convention out of the twenty two with these threats i just won't believe it will carry. all right ten minutes past the hour moscow time still to come for you just a bit later in the program here on r t a permission to pray in the holy land israel stands accused of denying palestinians access to mosques during the holy month of ramadan and even harassing those that are eventually allowed through. and we were appalled when you private military contractors entering the market to clean up the blackwater sallied image of guns for hire. now aside from a roadside explosives the taliban and al qaeda fighters nato forces in afghanistan
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are increasingly under attack by a new photo that of friendly afghan forces two more u.s. soldiers were shot yesterday in an insider shooting episode bringing the total to a dozen soldiers in just over a week and as odd he's got reports that this is a problem that multi-billion dollar defense organizations simply cannot solve. the ads for military hardware in the u.s. local like hollywood blockbuster trailers whether it's for a tactical armed drone which can fit into a backpack. or for a special robot like clothing for soldiers they sense what the user wants to do where the user wants to go and then explode we like to call these men thomas systems but many ask why with all the high tech gear the u.s. can't win against man of simple means from some remote afghan villages a u.s. marine general estimated that eighty percent of his troops casualties in
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afghanistan were caused by homemade bombs components of which often cost no more than a few dollars. jake dilla better served in afghanistan at the beginning of the war the arabs and the armored humvees are cost millions of dollars and they're destroyed by something that costs the price of a pizza and we don't have any effective weapons to combat that animosity that rage against american presidents there's no such thing it's sort of like if the chinese moved into you know wyoming or you somehow that why oh why only it's going to be happy now not at all there's no way that they just will simply want them to leave the us invests in military gear more than the world's ten other biggest military spenders combined the pentagon resists cuts in their gigantic budget arguing that they need to fight terrorists in other places we continue to face very sleek serious security challenges in the world of today we are still at war in
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afghanistan we still confront terrorism even though there's been significant damage to the leadership of al qaeda the reality is we confront terrorism in somalia yemen in north africa. the u.s. is extensively using drones to go after who they identify as terrorists. will there ever be enough weapons to kill terrorists in this look at anwar locky before he was assassinated by a drone did we stop al qaeda on the arabian peninsula we stop al qaeda us march on yemen no we did not we actually in many ways made it worse by the fact that others besides a walkie were targeted and killed in that same campaign civilians we invest in the military hardware destruction which obviously is perpetuates the cycle of killing kill five ten come back you've got to have more hardware to kill that ten.
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retired lieutenant colonel anthony shaffer says the pentagon's obsession with military resources hasn't changed since the time when their enemy was the soviet union it was all about the numbers it was all very accountable regarding hardware hardware purchases how much how many missiles can you have how many can you defeat it was all very binary this or that this or that it was always it was a match force on force. and the current today's war it's not like that there's no force on force equation there's no way of measuring the number of tanks that will take care of the taliban because the taliban doesn't use tanks they don't need them and so this is where our current paradigm the us paradigm on war is completely outdated all those fancy weapons certainly project power but in real warfare in afghanistan for example all that advanced gadgetry still hasn't delivered victory some argue is because while spending tremendous amounts of money on military gear
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the u.s. has failed to for me understand their enemy and what motivates them to fight i'm going to check on in washington our team. come to life in the heart of moscow the u.n. has officially named a locked up and he me the four mile jiri and foreign minister as its new envoy to syria kofi annan successor is a veteran diplomat with experience in the well still volatile iraq and. some of question his objectivity because of his ties to jordanian royalty his daughter a former reporter at c.n.n. is married to one of the king's son jordan has allegedly been providing support for rebel forces in syria now locked up and he has received wide backing from the international community however arab experts warn against excessive optimism to be sure you. haven't been good for a while and can be easily attributed to this three member syrian council really front of the u.s.
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impeding what we're. seeing continue to be here we're going to go to break he seems to be a bit discouraged from the stronger track record but not really well or a successful mission. the watch marty now the u.s. labor department has released alarming data suggesting unemployment has surged again in almost every state today here on r.t. our very own our financial gurus max keiser and stacy her but they certainly pull no punches about those they believe are responsible for the economic hardships for sure coming our way to thirteen thirty g.m.t. for now a preview. g.d.p. does not calculate anything having to do with a sustainable economy and life affirming qualities the only thing that contributes to g.d.p. in the u.k. in the us in the g twenty countries is suicide if you commit suicide fast like they
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do in india the farmers are committing thousands of suicide a month because of monsanto that's considered a growth story the emerging market it's a happening contrary they're committing suicide really fast there's the u.k. people are committing suicide at a more leisurely british pace like oh darling i think i'll tell myself ok that's considered g.d.p. but not quite as aggressive as india in the united states oh yeah well in their case it's more homicidal suicidal so you've got those massive shootings and then you've got people killing themselves ordinarily so it's a combo play. now with the holy month of ramadan drawing to a close a muslims around the world are flocking to mosques to celebrate but in palestine that often means standing for hours at security checkpoints only to be denied permission to pray as artie's policy reports but people here want to pray that soldiers stand in the way it's a painful game of control and if we date is played out at checkpoints throughout
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the palestinian we spend at this time of year in the holy month of ramadan it's at its most brutal and the threat is like dogs been houston's half past five in the morning and i was twelve thirteen seven hours i'm here and they won't let me cross . with a nod of the head or the wave of an arm and israeli soldiers says who can pray and who cannot it is a distressing scene for those who wait palestinian worshippers desperate to get to jerusalem have been standing pushing and shoving here for hours many have already been through several checkpoints to does of course then in order to retain order order is very important. control over the palestinians is important because that's how you can. take control over their lives the aqsa mosque is the third holiest place in islam on fridays the holy day hundreds of
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thousands of worshippers from across the west bank in east jerusalem make their way here human rights groups say the checkpoints have eased up this year but in the past is ready soldiers would ride on horseback into the crowds and use tear gas on fasting worshippers the hardest element we have found that people who are considered dangerous during the rest of the year are suddenly allowed to cross during ramadan because they're about forty years old it means they stop being a terrorist for a short while it's absolute and it shows there is no security problem but israel says its checkpoints are here for just that the army says it wants to avoid trouble by making sure men between the ages of twelve and forty don't pass unless they have special permission that sometimes takes weeks to organize the influx of hundreds of thousands of palestinians into sends an unmistakable message to the israelis and that is that your wisdom is no matter. the grand mufti of jerusalem accuses israel
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of having and now terry a motive when it comes to the al aqsa compound at the. radical jewish groups say they want to demolish and take control of they claim it is a part of israel and if not the mosque itself and then the yards they want to show our mouth's proving once again there is no democracy in israel. for those who make it through. it's a small victory the other store just. behind . you to do that you must. know we have to. meet. those who don't make it simply. and. another degrading struggle next week.
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but i do remember you could always many more reports from our middle east correspondent. is a taste of what i also find there right now. from international human rights groups protest leader gets a three year sentence. plus a robin hood. thank you for the money away to the paul. this is just a moment on the world for now there are private military firms and i was a bigger part of modern war and destruction and they operate in an industry whose
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image has been destroyed by alleged crimes of blackwater in iraq so i went to meet some new players in the field who are currently on a big p.r. offensive. fighting for profit the trade is as old as warfare itself but modern private military contracting is a growing market and russian companies want in on the action to this training is to hone the skills of the staff and it is military training not just security but i want to be here in this forest outside moscow they want to be working in places like iraq and afghanistan. russian security systems or r.s.b. is a private military company founded by former russian soldiers they are for convoy and guard duties around the world there you selling point they say they are more careful than other firms about what they do when most of the ones that we know that
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there is no state no high ranking official tobacco as we work on our own a russian company must respect all the rules and laws of the country of residence as well as its lifestyle and mentality where when you're holding your guns for hire so what's the difference between military contractors and mercenaries that's the tag that some american firms have been labelled with after killings where they were based. for guards from us based military contractor blackwater which has since changed its name of facing fresh indictments for allegedly opening fire at a baghdad road junction in two thousand and seven killing seventeen iraqis the discrediting of blackwater has opened up the market for russian firms says r s b but in this business there will always be a tension between morals and money who chose the company the purpose of creating a private military companies to make profit and as a rule the biggest profits come from clandestine operations so that is tempting for the company and for individual operators should not be permitted he would call them
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what you will the market is that for a reason the private sector is supplying services that overstretched state forces if it can't or won't provide such as in the treacherous waters of somalia come under bring your car crew did everything in their capacity to fix the engine as quickly as possible but i remember my heart throbbing because we knew there were pirate ships in the vicinity them who could assault us at any moment put it on them while pirates bandits or others could strike it seems governments and companies are prepared to accept the controversy and pay for the likes of dimitri and his kind tom bottom r.t. . all right into the arty world out there we go starting with south africa that is where the president has ordered of the shooting dead of thirty four striking mine workers by police jacob zuma called the events shocking and unacceptable police opened fire on a crowd of protesting miners armed with machetes demanding better working
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conditions it's one of the worst incidents since the end of the apartheid in the one nine hundred ninety four. school occupations continue. by police pupils at one prestigious school use the entrances of protests across chile and demanding radical educational and funding reforms the government has consented to. the actual. curiosity rover is preparing to make its first big leap by zapping a rock with a laser that's just one of the ten tools it has available to help study the red planet and its ability to support life. to find out whether new yorkers are excited about curiosity it's adventures. human technology. so what this week let's talk about that i hope.
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in the universe do you think we will see. if we learn. i hope so i hope so maybe you will become a bit more. i hope so it's funny to say that because i'm french and we're not at all but i think we need to understand that we're not alone yes i don't think as many people are into it that should be i posted something on my face we're going to haven't had one comment or one like it at all and that was a couple days ago so that's kind of a little bit of a little bit of a disappointment why is that you would think reaching another planet feller i feel like maybe the olympics shadowed it you know and kind of eclipse the moment but i tend to think there's more pressing issues here on earth and i'd rather see
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the money invested in. environment and. global food issues and that kind of thing but could we possibly find other solutions if we look outward. possibly i think it's great too i feel like we've lost that spirit of exploration largely well so it's underfunded a lot of people have it but we don't we don't commit enough to education either at school in our government or in our living room or in our solar system. that maybe they'll find some oh worm holes or something of carbon you know carbon based or some of that but no martians no martians what if they did find martian there i don't think they'll want to come to earth if they're getting our television they won't be want to be coming though they'll be seeing our lives are dashing said i don't know whether or not you think it's a big deal that humans have technology on mars the bottom line is it kind of is the big deal or at least it's a massive accomplishment no matter what we learn from it it's.
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tied back in a moment with the top stories here on alt. thanks for. joining. me from.
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going to. school started here before going global and now pulling the fire. log in. to the right to. choose your place to change your stance. to. make your statements. small.


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