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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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while syria says president assad can step down only as a result of dialogue between the government and the opposition party looks at how the media spent on the story around. banned from talking about torture and silence to military tribunals the complaints of attorneys for guantanamo detainees who say the defense of prisoners is being jeopardized. and after months of protest over a failing economy we report on how spain's recession thanks more than just its people many of the country's forces are condemned to death by their own nerves. hello and welcome to our team where we've got the latest stories for you on screen and online twenty four hours a day seven days a week well starting in syria syria's deputy prime minister says foreign military
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intervention would be an infringement on the right of the syrian people to decide their own future the comments came after a meeting with russia's foreign minister in moscow to look for a political solution to the ongoing crisis however as artie's loosely call funnell now reports western media came up with a rather different picture of what was actually discussed. i want to play to you something that the syrian deputy foreign minister had said during the talks that was grossly missed interpreted and exaggerated in fact in some of the news headlines all over the net recommending resignation as a condition before conducting any dialogue means that you can't attend to the matter at hand the dialogue can discuss any problem i don't we are ready to talk about anything even question can be discussed but a resignation before any mechanisms in place for people to express their opinion
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is a democratic approach. plus you can see here right there which i was talking about is the need to remove any kinds of preconditions such as for example the requirement to present bashar al assad stepping down before some sort of a peaceful solution could be negotiated that is not what was reflected in the news coverage of the talks on tuesday between the the syrian delegation and the russian government of course we do have to keep in mind that the press conference that the take place was in arabic was they were translated to russian and then into english but what this really serves to highlight is the lack of accurate information and balance information coming out about the eighteen month long conflict i also want to bring into the discussion the example of the level as the battle continues to rage in serious second city several news outlets have reported for example what the free syrian army spokespeople have said that they have taken controls of nearly two thirds of the level of the syrian government of president bashar al assad has
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claimed disputed those claims and what all of this really serves to highlight is again the lack of balance information coming out about this conflict there really needs to be a middle ground in this escalating conflict what we're seeing instead is a sort of black and white paper trail the trading of barbs the sort of lack the ability for the different sides to come together to really move this forward and a diplomatic way another thing that's really not helping. the potential of a peaceful negotiated solution to the crisis is some of the language that was seen coming out of the the united states as the plate on monday because president barack obama had really caused a quite an international stir when he said that the movement or use of chemical or biological weapons by the government of president bashar al assad could a trigger would cause the u.s. to reconsider its opposition to military intervention this of course goes to the against what sergey lavrov has been continuously calling for which is no unilateral action by any outside power that this is
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a conflict that needs to be really resolved from within unilateral action by any country outside of this poncelet it will only make matters worse the russian foreign minister had said that it looks like there may be a willingness to discuss a potential solution to the conflict in a diplomatic matter but many factions both within and outside of syria did not wish to seek a peaceful resolution succeeding so it really remains to be seen whether there could be a way out of this one flip that doesn't further make this ongoing war even worse in the past. meanwhile encarta is investigating the possibility of syrian involvement in monday's call bombing in turkey southeast it rocked an industrial city close to the syrian border claiming the lives of nine people including children turkish officials were quick to blame kurdish militants who deny any links to the attack claims that kurdish separatists are capitalizing on the chaos and war torn syria
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and have accused the solids regime of stirring up the conflict by arming kurds on syrian soil associate professor of politics at bill cantu university jeremy salt says turkey has ignored many of the potential implications when deciding how to act in the conflict. didn't seem to do was indications of what it was doing it was to win or just to control. anyone who knows the region would realize that once the people who were confronting them. they were also they walk upon the picture of. the situation in syria exacerbated because you were also. in opposition most of the single user can help. you get a year ago. you could be here what you need. if you. don't think that is the most the possibility that the syrian government can
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be reprocessed instead what of course we get very much of a lot of the orders for each brigade a lot. of those already have a lot of problems the sunni governors helping with daily attacks sunni muslim. muslims so the consequence of what is now going on and this is the more sponsored. predictable i could go anywhere statement if you can for interview program coming up next hour as we look at the outside forces fueling the syrian conflict chris johnson head of the syrian friendship association gives his view on what the west has in mind for damascus and the home middle east and the long term there's a preview. such a powerhouse in the region it's sourced from. to pick out iran first they have to pick out syria and i'm quite convinced if they would succeed to the surprise syria
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the next door to bits will be hezbollah in lebanon and one of these these two allies or taken outs. they will concentrate one hundred percent on the. also coming your way and later this hour the probables on diplomatic spat over the web. said it or continues with ecuador saying it could take the issue to the un's international court all the details are coming up. but attorneys for inmates are kuantan mowbray they have been banned from bringing up the subject of torture and court they also claim that a number of other of legal restrictions are stopping them from building a proper defense in cases that could result in the death penalty those issues are said to be discussed at the pretrial hearings for five inmates accused of masterminding and launching the september eleventh attacks that were scheduled to
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start today but were delayed until thursday due to a train crash in baltimore which disrupted the internet connection to guantanamo president obama pledged to shut down the notorious prison years ago but has never lived up to that promise artie's more important i reports. as the saying goes everyone remembers their first one most will be closed no later than one year from now and us president barack obama's first executive order delivered on a promise cemented over the years as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and if you go to the geneva conventions i've said repeatedly that america doesn't torture and i'm going to make sure that we don't torture nearly four years after america's change took office one hundred sixty eight detainees are still being held at guantanamo awaiting their day in court before a military commission but even then the obama administration will not allow them to
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testify about the alleged torture and harsh interrogation techniques some claim to have suffered according to the government there is no scope. to advocates it does it did six count as she's torture in the course of treatment the government's justification for that is that losing that information. court could be damaging to u.s. national security interests at a pretrial hearing at guantanamo bay the defense attorneys will challenge u.s. secrecy rules and a litany of other restrictions that experts say undermine the right of detainees to receive a fair trial and defense counsel may want to communicate or send a letter you know provides and current updates on news information to inform them of certain things that that may apply to their case and every one of those pieces of correspondence is then run through
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a vetting system where the government is reviewing all of that to determine whether or not it's proper material the confidences are being contaminated directly by the u.s. government over the years the u.s. military has gone as far as dosing detainees with high levels of psychotropic drugs according to reports released by the pentagon get more prisoners were forced to take mind altering drugs often against their will before being interrogated a story first broken by truth outs lead investigative reporter jason leopold what the inspector general said was is that detainees were interrogated while they were on drugs that is known to produce or will end up producing unreliable information so then you have the government going into the d.c. circuit ok and arguing that all of the detainees statements are true
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critics accuse obama of following in the footsteps of his predecessor george w. bush by continuing a system that revolves around censoring defendants in the name of national security this is not a legitimate process how do you prosecute someone cheney years after the crime when you had full control of their body and the evidence for then an entire period of time. nearly eleven years following the september eleventh attacks the us military commission is set to hear the first set of arguments in preparation for the trial of five suspects the u.s. president meanwhile is campaigning for his second term apparently forgetting about the monumental promise he made when beginning his first for nine artsy. earlier we spoke to colonel morris davis the former chief prosecutor at the charas president he explained what caused him to leave his post what really put me over on
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the other side was being compelled to use evidence obtained by torture i think folks could make an argument whether it's morally justified to engage in torture to collect intelligence to maybe prevent an attack in a minute but then you take that same information and hand it over to me and say ok now use this as evidence in an american criminal proceeding to obtain a conviction and potentially potentially a death. was just a step too far and so rather than go forward with tortured evidence i chose to resign. now if you've missed some of our stories you can always find them online news whenever you want to that's at our dot com. a failed experiment as the japanese government allows fishing near the distressed fukushima nuclear plant they can bring some wiring. plus the debate dividing germany criminal charges are filed against a rabbi and varia for performing
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a ritual circumcision had to r.t. dot com for all of the details.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. mission would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from phones to christian. news for instance on t.v.
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dot com. i'm karen taraji welcome to our team now despite recent economic reforms some forecasts predict spain a set to slide deeper and to recession the country's difficulties have seen thousands of people rally over. period of many months but they're not the only ones suffering artist like say a chef explains. for several months thousands of spain ers have been protesting loudly and angrily as the government's austerity measures spark rage among those who feel those cuts most painfully the recently published financial forecast for twenty thirteenth suggests that should madrid stick to its current financial policy things will be looking even worse for the pensioners and the unemployed. but while these people can stand up for themselves these four legged fellows cannot voice
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their discontent since spain plunged into an economic crisis horses have also become its victims this looks healthy now but a month ago he was barely alive he is the only survivor from a herd of more than ten seven more dead bodies were recently discovered by workers of this animal shelter in madrid they get absolutely the number of horses we have to care for has increased dramatically with the crisis people can't afford to keep them that's why they dispense with them find them into a condition known as did eat their own excrement and drink green water to survive keeping one horse costs around three hundred euros a month something many private families and horse riding schools cannot now afford price are often being sold at almost half their value for seven thousand euros instead of twelve c. boy this last us we're losing money is good if we can please cover our expenses but nowhere fraid we might have to sell our horses to slaughterhouses if we don't find
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the means to survive and that is exactly what thousands of horse owners have done since spain plunged into recession this year the horse meat industry registered in increased input of thirty percent less poor sweet is not so popular with spanish because rumors so it is usually exported abroad to countries like. france and russia. eighty percent is for human consumption and twenty percent is processed into animal food this shelter hasn't seen any state subsidies in four months but private donations ensure it's survival expired groceries from local markets may not be much of a delicious treat for these horses but it's better than becoming food for someone else as austerity measures continue to strangle spain many of these once loved animals will most likely pay for human economic mistakes. ski r.t. reporting from madrid in spain. coming up just
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a bit later this hour google stands up for itself in court. for the result we're peabody and you know so i don't think this judge is either a moron or a cruise use of the troops there is fire there somewhere google denies any zation bribed bloggers to make them support the web giant in a high profile lawsuit plus in just a few minutes our business update. boyer afloat shares and soul food producers versus russia joins the world trade organization so the and its lower its merits will get more people here flowing before was walled cutting fertilizer subsidies news we speak to your expert in business five minutes. ecuadorian president rafael correa says he might turn to the un's international court for help with resolving the case of genocide arch it follows comments by a swedish justice ministry official that wouldn't be handed to any third country if
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there was a rescued face the death penalty there that after the u.k. had threatened to enter the ecuadorian embassy in london and arrest him the wiki leaks editor has been staying there to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning a legit sex crimes which he denies. from the u.k. pirate party says sweden's assurances are not firm enough for a song which. clearly cold stay in the embassy but it's difficult to see how we will get our announcements. seem to be returned to try and you have to. produce french. amount to staging the although. it's common to third countries don't like it when there's a question of the death penalty so i don't think these insurance given to.
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the. show you actually such is only. what needs to happen is. already showed me we know he was correct and we sure don't know how much. credit is due to. tone control in it's role. pressures southern cross another region has been hit by heavy flooding leaving four people dead it happened after a river burst its banks due to extreme rainfall over eleven thousand people are left without electricity while the model supply and sewage system more also damaged on the outskirts of the city to upset officials saying early warning system worked effectively and that people were successfully evacuated from their homes in time emergency ministry sent rescue teams and trucks with drinking water just last month
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one hundred seventy two people died as flash floods swept through a different part of the region. now let's take a look at some international stories making headlines this hour. at least seven people have been killed and thirty three wounded as gun battles raged overnight in lebanon and northern city of tripoli armed forces have been moved to the area in an effort to disperse the clashes the fighting between sunni muslims and now it's has been fueled by the tension in neighboring syria it two countries share a tangled web of ethnic and religious connections. the greek prime minister on some odd us says his country needs more time for reforms that's ahead of his meeting with the head of the eurozone to discuss if greece has done enough to ensure its next much needed bailout payment some of us is also due to meet with his french and german counterparts later this week spending cuts have already proved
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hard to swallow for the greeks forcing thousands. protest earlier this year. between the computer technology giants google and oracle which began last year has taken a fresh twist a court order both to reveal the names of bloggers who were allegedly paid to comment on line in favor of their company's google had been sued by oracle for a breach of intellectual property law and its use android software google firmly rejected claims that it had bribed online commentators to make them support the company in that case the court has set a new deadline for evidence to be disclosed journalism professor at georgetown university christopher chambers believes the internet giant has serious questions to answer. there's been a jury verdict in the copyright actions this is after you know the smoke has cleared this judge is doing this it's it's utterly utterly. unprecedented i do
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believe in there where there's smoke there's fire and because oracle who had lost you know who was the point of you know had you know one or two people that they said they had there must have been something there must have been some. camera as they say in latin to the judge that you know something was going on here or he just looked and saw you know article upon article blog post upon blog post lining up you know in google's favor and said there's got to be something going on here i don't think this judge is either a moron or crazy so there there's there's fire there somewhere. but seems the world trade organization isn't the holy grail many thought daniel is our business to ask to tell us today russia joins in with warnings it won't bring down prices or help trade with export your list of all it's things that benefits. we're now living in the twenty first century do we really need to be. absolutely i think. as an dispensable part. of operating and the global
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economy operating and then the vironment tibet is competitive that provides the impulses for change really sounds like you view it as a little promoted change but other countries such as vietnam say that they are not reaping the expected benefits of the. well actually if you look at the dynamics of foreign direct investment flowing into vietnam what you see is that before w t o membership the country was receiving approximately around three three and the have a billion dollars worth of investment after w t o accession this figure went up two or three fall but this is really up to each country to decide how much it can try to reap from w t o accession because obviously w.t.r. accession benefits the pound also the accompanying policies of countries
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and their companies argentina this week filed a w. two complaint against the european union can be w. till sensually be an effective mechanism of resulting trade disputes yes so far actually one of the more efficient parts of the operation of the w t o is precisely in the sphere of settling disputes and this is something that russia could certainly use after w t o accession especially in an effort to lift restrictions against russian steel exports for example and the exports of chemicals there are almost one hundred restrictions currently now in existence against russian exports abroad. america will screw up cold war trade restrictions for russia within days says the head of the w t o the nineteen seventies. vernie
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amendment falls favor trading with russia even though the reasons behind the act disappeared decades ago pascal lamy adds u.s. business will lose if washington fails to act forced. the fears of a chinese production bubble growing on news its vaal steel mills failed to put this month's global demand and missiles prices have been fully in for a while now and ignoring market signals means a bubble that's about to burst. traders cautious ahead of merkel and a long meeting this week on greece's next bailout chunk of the euro's also steady of the week highs while the rubles losing some of yesterday's big gains meanwhile is heading for its biggest drop this month as investors cashed tuesday's three percent earnings on the all tears and the race for russia's richest man is back on as a deal comes good leonid mickelson is to i wish it was one of his perch off the ball
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in chemicals monopolists last year for a fraction of his current value with sixteen billion dollars mickelson is not just behind mining magnate is expected to top his rival if super lists on the stock market as planned europe today carol we'll have more for you now ray thank you for that update and coming up next peter lavelle and his guests cross talked about the crisis in syria that's right after the headlines.
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