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syria's conflict runs further beyond its borders people are fleeing the violence to neighboring states with fresh deadly clashes and lovenox. gagging the truth while totum a lawyer say they're bound from bringing up a legit torture inside military tribunals but then a tory is present still open despite president obama's promises also. was in washington and the us is not our father or a teacher to punish us we have the same rights as they do with yours foreign minister talks exclusively to r.t. spanish channel saying his country will go as far as the hague to defend its asylum virtually in the song.
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welcome to our t. we are on screen and on month twenty four hours a day seven days a week. while the conflict in syria has a long stop and being up at its borders the drawn out fighting has seen a mass exodus of syrians into neighboring states also clashes of pro and anti assad supporters in lebanon have left eight killed and dozens injured here's our middle east correspondent with more details paul slayer. the crisis in syria continues to spill over into neighboring countries for the second straight night on tuesday several people were killed in the northern lebanon is the city of tripoli during clashes between alawite and sunni muslims this comes amid growing evidence that massive amounts of weapons are being smuggled through live anonyma portably also through turkey to the syrian opposition now moscow has condemned this in the strongest terms and urged nations not to supply weapons to the syrian rebels at the same time the turkish government is investigating possible syrian links to
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a car bomb explosion on monday that killed nine people many of them children in the south east of the country they're all growing concerns in uncle that the kurdish workers' party known as the p.k. k. is behind this blast although no one has come forward and came to sponsibility the p.k. k. is regarded as a terrorist organization by and by the united states and by the european union and ever since the violence in syria has spiraled there are growing concerns that they are extending their influence and increasing their activities here in jordan to the situation remains fluid there are at least one hundred and fifty thousand syrian refugees who have crossed over into jordan male currently being housed in a number of temporary refugee shelters along the jordanian the syrian border but jordan is a country with few natural resources it has its own problems of scarcity of water and it's fragile economy and it is struggling to deal with this influx of refugees the camps overcrowded we've also heard reports of the outbreak of tuberculosis and
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other health risks the international community is struggling to deal with the situation the american president barack obama has warned that if syria moves or uses its chemical arsenal the united states will reconsider its decision not to launch any kind of military action in syria at the same time moscow has said that they cannot see any kind of. unilateral action that there needs to be an international response that is agreed to by all sides and that consensus is reached point c r t amman jordan international politics professor jeremy salt from bill kant university says turkey has ignored many of the implications when deciding how to act in this conflict. didn't seem to realize the implications of what it was doing. to confront the syrian government. knows the region relies on support. they would walk upon the picture.
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the situation in syria would exacerbate the core issue and also. began a year ago. you can hear what you need and syria is where if you. think there is a possibility if syrian government could be repercussions for what of course we could very much obliged one of their orders for each reading level. is already having a sunni government helping with daily attacks. on shia muslims so the consequences of what is going on and this is more support for those he sure . is involved. predictable they could go anywhere
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later they head of the syrian friendship association tells r.t. that it's no coincidence that syria's violence spilling out in neighboring states. to belief is that the violence what we're seeing you know this has nothing to do with the forum this has to do with destroying the people who also have a lot of testimonies from people in syria that a lot of the rebels members of the syrian free army are foreign nurse so the violence we're seeing no it's not a syrian products. that it's near to the jordanian border there it's not a coincidence that the trouble starts at the border because this undermines once again the influence from abroad it's a lot of outside forces and the governments are interested to see. troy's syria. to pick out the room first we have to pick out syria and i'm quite convinced that if they would succeed to destroy syria the next door to bits will be hezbollah in
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lebanon and one of these these two allies or taken outs. they will concentrate one hundred percent told me. you can catch more from chris johnson of the syrian friendship association and just over an hour right here on our. lawyers defending guantanamo detainees say that they are being silenced inside military tribunals banned from any mention of a legit torture in the prison attorneys say the restrictions mean they cannot properly defend their clients they are set to challenge the rulings with pretrial hearings for five men charged over a nine eleven set to start on thursday they were delayed by a day because a train crash in the u.s. disrupted the internet connection to guantanamo during president obama's first campaign he pledged to shut down the notorious prison but never has parties more important i explain. as the saying goes everyone remembers their first water mode
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will be closed no later than one year from now and us president barack obama's first executive order delivered on a promise cemented over the years as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and it here to the geneva conventions i've said repeatedly that america doesn't torture and i'm going to make sure that we don't torture nearly four years after america's change took office one hundred sixty eight detainees are still being held at guantanamo awaiting their day in court before a military commission but even then the obama administration will not allow them to testify about the alleged torture and harsh interrogation techniques some claim to have suffered according to the government there is no scope to meet in to the advocates that defended six count of his torture in the course of treatment the
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government's justification for that is that disclosing that information. court could be damaging to u.s. national security interests at a pretrial hearing at guantanamo bay the defense attorneys will challenge u.s. secrecy rules and a litany of other restrictions that experts say undermine the right of detainees to receive a fair trial and defense counsel may want to communicate and the letter you know provides and current updates on news information to inform them of certain things that that may apply to their case and every one of those pieces of correspondence is then run through a vetting system where the government is reviewing all of that to determine whether or not it's proper material the confidences are being contaminated directly by the u.s. government over the years the u.s. military has gone as far as dosing detainees with high levels of psychotropic drugs
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. according to reports released by the pentagon get more prisoners were forced to take mind altering drugs often against their will before being interrogated a story first broken by truth outs lead investigative reporter jason leopold what the inspector general said was is that detainees were interrogated while they were on drugs that is known to produce or will end up producing unreliable information so then you have the government going into the d.c. circuit ok and arguing that all of the detainees statements are true critics accuse obama of following in the footsteps of his predecessor george w. bush by continuing a system that revolves around censoring defendants in the name of national security this is not a legitimate process how do you prosecute someone cheney years after the crime when
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you have full control of their body and the evidence for that an entire period of time nearly eleven years following the september eleventh attacks the us military commission is set to hear the first set of arguments in preparation for the trial of five suspects the u.s. president meanwhile is campaigning for his second term apparently forgetting about the monumental promise he made when beginning his first marine aboard i am artsy. colonel morris davis who formerly served as the chief prosecutor kuantan mel bay so as the u.s. is trying to keep embarrassing facts under wraps and explains why he quit his post . but think they're using the pretext that disclosing it will be harmful to national security i think the truth is that it will be an embarrassment to the country and this is more about what we did in the past then the potential harm going forward in the future what really put me over on the other side was being
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compelled to use evidence obtained by torture i think folks could make a an argument whether it's morally justified to engage in torture to collect intelligence to maybe prevent an attack this eminent but then you take that same information and hand it over to me and say ok now use this as evidence in an american criminal proceeding to obtain a conviction in prevention potentially a death sentence was just a step too far and so rather than go forward with tortured evidence i chose to resign. and still to come this hour giving greece room to maneuver and our friend asks the e.u. for some space while it tries to put in place crucial reforms which will dictate whether it gets more survival money. while in spain itself suffering from a biting recession its thousands of course this which are being sacrificed by people struggling to make ends meet. ecuador is prepared to go as far as the
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international court of justice in the hague to defend itself and decision to grant asylum to julian assange arch speaking exclusively to r.t. spanish channel the country's foreign minister said they're standing up to london and to washington to protect freedom of speech and the right to personal integrity . all feeling would believe that great britain will realize how important it is to give the chance for a person to be saved so that he won't be living for years in an embassy and trust that nations government we also believe that london will accept ecuador's sovereign decision if that doesn't happen we'll find a way out for haps the only thing will be left with is going to the international court of justice in the hague so that we can grant freedom to a son george washington and the u.s. is not our father or teacher to punish us we have the same rights as they do julian assange is an example a symbol of freedom of speech but there are some countries which try to influence
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things and limit his freedom and even oppress him so that he stops doing what he's doing who want to make them understand that we're protecting freedom of speech as well as a right to life and personal integrity is a saw and has spent the last two months hiding out of ecuador's london embassy avoiding extradition to sweden on sex crime allegations britain insists they will let him leave the country and threatened at one stage to waive the embassy to seize him like check with a us president called diplomatic so side rafael correll also says a soldier can stay at the embassy and definitely but is ready to discuss his fate if the u.k. drops the threat the wiki leaks editors kind of events this week in cases a cover to help him to america for leaking confidential military cables but a swedish official says they won't send him to a country where he face death. sweden's assurances don't offer much hope to the wiki leaks supremo because he's got a record of violating his rights as
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a songes mother explains in a new online interview christina songs also slams western media all for not doing enough research on all the accusations against him read more on that at r t dot com . also there why hit the road when you can float over it a u.s. firms developed a working hard for a bike that promises to reach places which leave other vehicles ground to. greece is asking for more breathing space to implement financial reforms and spending cuts which have sparked two years of widespread protests the prime minister has to convince the euro zone's top brass later this week that he's done enough to receive the next bailout installment it's worth thirty one and a half billion euros without which greece will default potentially exit the currency union the p.m.'s expected to ask for two more years to get reforms and place economists jaan is about
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a fokus says getting the delay will do more harm than good. i very much fear that the chances are pretty good and i fear because these two x. three years are not two years during which i have the opportunity for people to put the good example economy back on track if just more time during which the greek social economy will continue accelerating an accelerating fashion or level visions have to decide to think what do they want to do with beliefs that they want to see in the eurozone or not and secondly how do the define the word enough when they say that they want that big government and things that they're considered to be enough before they release more funds these are two fundamental questions coming over very much fear that germany has not put up its mind around them yet this is the great depression in economic terms that resembling the dust bowl for the united states in the 1930's but also in psychological products most people over on the verge of money quick and then at age one moment depressed the next. it's going to be dipping
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down significantly one way or the other it's just that you know the laws of nature you can modify only the question is how it's going to be done will it be done in an i.q. manner with us falling out of the euro going to the drachma and then not effectively raising not only that in you know what is going to be part of the sustainable. or russian at least dealing with the crisis not just in greece but also in the that we in spain and eunice armies completely clueless on this matter. it's been a long wait but russia has finally join the world trade organization let's catch up with artie's business team katie what does this now mean well care and that really does depend on who you're asking because some are as old as the warning the international trade won't necessarily improve as a result but others are taking a different i will be taking a closer look at the bed as it's with the w. experts in about five minutes time with all of the business but a seven. now we turn our attention now to
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a flooding tragedy that has once again struck russia's southern region this time for have died after a river burst its banks following heavy rainfall power supplies were caught while the water and sewage system in three villages around the city of say were also damaged officials say the early warning system worked effectively and that people were successfully evacuated from their homes in time volunteers are helping residents with blankets last month severe flooding claimed the lives of more than three hundred sixty people elsewhere in the region. some other international headlines now south africa's platinum belt could see flare up further as trade unions demand higher wages last week thirty four striking miners were shot by police in protest at holiday unemployment and extremely low pay anglo american platinum which is the world's top producer says it's received a demand for wage rises from workers in the region and other sites have reported
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fresh walkouts in the past couple of years south africa endured several violent strikes and protests over low wages and poor living conditions. britain's royal bank of scotland has been accused by u.s. investigators of possible violations of sanctions against iran it's part of a crackdown that's already left the u.k. standard chartered facing a heavy fine for hiding illegal transactions with top wrong america is coming down hard on british banks it's already fined r.b.s. for money laundering two years ago and has been questioning seven major financial firms over fixing a key interest rate. at least forty eight people mostly women and children have been hacked or burnt to death and ethnic clashes between two rival groups in time you know the tensions on rivalry between the two communities over the. and water resources have been ongoing for decades
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a string of similar clashes eleven years ago killed at least one hundred thirty people. wildfires are raging in europe with spain and greece evacuating people to safety spain is suffering its worst summer blazes in a decade as infernos which may have been started deliberately scorched thousands of acres of land and threatened villages and there are parsons also suspected in greece where some twenty fires have wiped out forests and all of gross while being powered on by strong winds and bosnia soaring temperatures and harsh terrain is making it hard to control the flames. spain's descent into recession is felt far and wide among the people there many have been forced to abandon their livelihoods and one that involves much loved animals while the decision it can be heartbreaking alex said a chef reports. for several months thousands of spending yards have been protesting
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loudly and angrily as the government's austerity measures spark rage among those who feel the scots most painfully the recently published financial forecast for twenty thirteen suggest that should madrid stick to its current financial policy things will be looking even worse for the pensioners and the unemployed. but while these people can stand up for themselves these four legged fellows cannot voice their discontent since spain plunged into an economic crisis horses have also become its victims this dalliance looks healthy now but a month ago he was barely alive he is the only survivor from a herd of more than ten seven more dead bodies were recently discovered by workers of this animal shelter in madrid. the number of horses we have to care for has increased dramatically with the crisis people can't afford to keep them to it's why they dispense with them find a mentor about condition always did eat their own excrement and drink green water to survive keeping one horse costs around three hundred euros
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a month something many private families and horse riding schools cannot now afford bryce stallions are often being sold at almost half their value for seven thousand euros instead of twelve c. boy that's already the last us we're losing money it's good if we can please cover our expenses were afraid we might have to sell our horses to slaughterhouses if we don't find the means to survive. and that is exactly what thousands of horse owners have done since spain plunged into recession this year the horse meat industry registered in increased input of thirty percent less poorest meat is not so popular with spanish because humors so it is usually exported abroad to countries like belgium france and russia about eighty percent is for human consumption and twenty percent is processed into any more food this show to hasn't seen any state subsidies in four months but private donations ensure its survival expired
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groceries from local markets may not be much of a delicious treat for these horses but it's better than becoming food for someone else as austerity measures continue to strangle spain many of these once loved animals will most likely pay for human economic mistakes. ski r.t. reporting from madrid in spain. and us mind waiting nearly nineteen years to join the w t l some russians still aren't happy carry on a cow and you can't please everyone all of the time when we're really not everyone is quite as excited as others about joining the club events in a way warnings that this white bring down prices or help trade it all as well but w t o x but yes there's a valid he thinks that there are big benefits to be had to have a listen. we're now living in the twenty first century do we really need to be that
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don't meet your. absolutely i think this is an dispensable part of operating in the global economy operating and then the vironment abettors competitive that provides the impulses for change really sounds like you view it as a little kid motive for change but other countries such as vietnam say that they are not reaping the expected benefits of the. well actually if you look at the dynamics of foreign direct investment flowing into vietnam what you see is that before w t o membership the country was receiving approximately around three three and they have a billion dollars worth of investment after w t o accession this figure of two to three full but this is really up to each country to decide how much it
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can try to reap from w.t. accession because obviously w.t.r. accession benefits the pound also the accompanying policies of countries and their companies argentina this week while the w two complain against the european union i can be w. till sensually be an effective mechanism of resulting trade disputes yes so far actually one of the more efficient parts of the operation of the w t o is precisely in the sphere of settling disputes and this is something bad russia could certainly use after w t o accession especially in an effort to lift restrictions against russian steel exports for example and the exports of chemicals there are almost one hundred restrictions currently now in the. against russian
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exports abroad. no restrictions that america would lift the cold war trade restrictions on russia within days that's according to the head of the w c o the one nine hundred seventy s. that jackson a member of balls favored trading with russia even though the reasons behind the disappeared two decades ago. the u.s. business will miss out if washington fails to act fast so the u.s. stocks now will say that they're actually stating the pressure from japan though some disappointing trade data coming out of that as well as investors away saying at the meeting minutes from the federal reserve meanwhile sales of existing home sales rose as you can see the dow jones on the. negative territory as to the european markets they are still declining as well traders though also awaiting the outcome of the saying enough to do with the euro as their leaders along with the
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rest of the world say as you can see the percent of negative territory on the euro is a low of us all to hitting seven week highs and these are the closing figures for the russian ruble at she lost in the session against the bosco currents is losing way to compared to guess today's date so it is going to be up to markets and to the close and biggest the b.l.t.'s on the my sets for this to wednesday they both finished firmly entrenched in negative territory and that's really as investors are past again and choose days of gains and so cannot believe that a catchy gambit in a race to be russia's richest man is still on a deal has come good then is mikhail's and is to the bottom of the she used all his jobs of buying chemicals for they have been lost it for a fraction of its current value was sixteen billion dollars mccoll says. yes behind
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mining magnate isn't all he's expects top his rival was a big list on the stock market is. money that they will be talking again current about more money than all of us combined thank you for that depressing well coming up next peter lavelle and his guest on cross talk to the crisis in syria that's right after the headlines. to.
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