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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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three german copycats russian punk band pussy riot could face three years in a german prison for their protest stunts in a cathedral this despite her lines condemnation of the shorter prison term and due to the moscow trio. vascular andras brevik is declared sane and given twenty one years in prison while his fight against islam is serving to inspire radical groups across europe. and the resumption of nuclear talks between iran and the energy wants strong is accompanied by concerns over un atomic agency bias and growing criticism of sanctions hitting iranian citizens the hardest.
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hello and welcome to our team. broadcasting to you live from our studio in moscow where it is seven o'clock well the catholic church is pressing charges against the re german copycats of the russian punk band pussy riot after they disrupted a service in the cologne cathedral a trio of activists could now face a prison sentence that's actually longer than the one given to their moscow counterparts last week's verdict on pussy riot sparked a wave of condemnation abroad including in germany party's peter oliver takes up the story. two men and one woman all in their early twenty's they interrupted a mass service that was taking place in cologne chanting free pussy riot decked out in the the garish balaklava some brightly colored clothes that have become synonymous with the the russian punk rock collective calling for these three people
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calling for the freedom of the three women that were sentenced to two years in jail for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred another group pussy riot had performed a so-called punk rock prayer in russia's main cathedral which offended many orthodox christian believers and now the catholic church of press charges against the three people here in germany waiting to find out exactly what they will be charged with now they could be charged with a breach of the peace and disrupting the free practice of religion the latter of those charges brings with it a maximum penalty of three years in prison so feasibly these people taking part in the copycat version of the pussy riot demonstration well it's all very interesting that this is happening here in germany germany of course was one of those countries that was particularly critical of moscow's handling of the pussy riot trial in russia now it seems that germany is facing a similar type of situation itself whereby three people could face up to three
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years in jail for performing a demonstration a political demonstration in a church. peter is also following reaction to the story via his twitter feed there he says that many instruments on the street say the protests performed by the posse riot copycats and. unacceptable so head over to twitter and check peter's page on line for more updates. there which are now smarter on the spread of equipment it killing seventy seven people and taunted the court with nazi salutes has been declared same by charges he's been jailed for the maximum twenty one years. committing the country's worst atrocity since world war two with this bombing and gun rampage in all slow and on you toil island but broken down his sentence equates to just over three months for each of his victims break the smirk twenty and heard the verdict which he is not going to appeal he's always insisted on his sanity and
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that the killings were part of his fight against the islamification of norway countries were suffering a rise in far right activities before the tragedy but as tests are sillier reports brave vick's ideas are fueling even more hatred towards immigrants and islam there's no doubt about his guilt for right militant unders brave they could massacred seventy seven people in norway thirteen months ago to show his rejection of government policies on immigrants and islam this case once again highlighted europe's deepening divide over immigration and integration and the subsequent radicalization of ideas. last week a twenty nine year old suspected brave exhibit fizer was charged in the czech republic officers found weapons and police uniforms in his flat and they believe he was planning a brave extol slaughter. while in norway police are investigating a threatening e-mail sent to newspapers and politicians from
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a person who claims to be brave and in command i would my soldiers to give all due respect to our people our culture and our ethnicity and warn all advocates of multiculturalism they get is this war we are now so deeply in physical violence is . a line that we draw very clearly now multiculturalism in the sense that everybody could keep this culture well this idea which has been the official idea for over for the last twenty years this idea is over there is a leading culture of european values and european culture such far right fire has gained traction in europe but it's also angered the racism groups and proponents of the left there are some resorting to very public displays of opposition. while there's an increasingly vocal wash of ideologies and a rise in political extremes one step at the fringes countries are increasingly
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criticised for failing to properly engage people on what's needed to sort the problem out and so my social tensions are testing the limits of tolerance. not yet despite the obvious threat of a deepening standoff between europeans and immigrants others say europe's tendency to walk on eggshells in the name of political correctness makes any real and honest debate all but impossible when you have. with integration of. everyone trying to find some excuse. but condition and if we don't send a clear message to everyone far right. muslim. it's become impossible to understand others brave extra we may have reached a conclusion but europe still no where near to wending at all to whether the cycle
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of fear and hatred. does are still here r t brussels. still ahead as greece struggles to satisfy its billow deal its economy continues to deteriorate but pleads for more time we ask if its future in the euro zone has already been decided. and in these times of economic uncertainty we could be going back to basics and pulling all wallets with gold that the u.s. republican party get their way and away i'll explain all in about fifteen minutes time in the business but it's a. alarming reports from bahrain which say security forces are using toxic gas and residential areas and the homes of opposition activists the use of tear gas is part of the continuing suppression and arrests of those taking part in an targeting protests which are occurring on the island nation daily former bahraini m.p. saeed hadi almost all we told r.t.
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the crackdown is likely to worsen while the authorities get away with abusing human rights. the problem that's happening in a. long time ago problem the the offer to using the new police force and violating human rights on the whole and all security to just shut up everyone not cannot say anything and you know that may be a blow job been. contracted for. three years i was in oh and just because he tried to raise his voice i can say that they they they took some police people with grades to the courts but they did not charge anyone of high grades who send their commands and are responsible of what's happening here in bahrain we have much more news waiting for you at r.t.
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dot com there right now israeli police exam a palestinian far after five and his children were trying to stop a wrong in a family car. also a cerebral celebration for russian scientists who got burned alive in greek close to creating the world's first artificial intelligence beating our competitor at last. download the official r.t. application to self choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from our now t.v. is not required to watch our t.v. all you need is your mobile device watch r t any time. wealthy british soil is an expert on the tires on.
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the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines join in to cause a report. is he used to.
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the. motion soon which brightened if you knew me by phone from phones to crash in these . newsgroups don't talk dot com. thanks for joining our team now as joy innocence remains holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london avoiding extradition the wiki leaks founder has rallied some powerful support president rafael correa has exclusively told r.t. spanish channel that his country is calls as united south america. we supported him in a pick scuse me but i can't seem to find a better word because of the diplomatic clumsiness of great britain they threatened us with violating the sovereignty of our embassy in order to arrest
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a song and this was brought together all the nations in south america and other parts of the world because this would have been pure barbarism it's an unacceptable risk which would break one of the ground principles that which is lost did for ages the in viability of diplomatic missions the bolivarian alliance and supported by the people of south america and unison mainly for that reason not for granting asylum its. president caress full interview will be coming up here on our team next hour with more of his thoughts on just how far the diplomatic standoff over join us. iran and the u.n. atomic watchdog are holding fresh talks more than two months after the previous discussions failed there's already more international hype over attack iran's nuclear program with new uranium enrichment machines reportedly installed at one facility israel's accusing iran of speeding up its work to build
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a bomb which at tonight's saying it's only interested in energy and global affairs journalist james corbett doubts the new talks will get anywhere but now because of iran's own willingness to cooperate unfortunately the i.a.e.a. has been exposed during this entire iranian dispute as as a little more than a gang of thugs rather than a bureaucratic agency that's trying to neutrally arbitrate this dispute and really what it demonstrates is that the nuclear powers that that currently exist are really trying to enforce a monopoly on nuclear power and dictating what countries can or cannot have access to that so that they're attempting to to hold the iranian government which is a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty to higher standards than other members. of the i.e.e.e. who are currently using nuclear power and of course one of the biggest detractors of iran in the iranian nuclear program is israel which itself is not
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a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and has hundreds of nuclear weapons itself which have never been publicly officially disclosed so there is there's a lot going on under the surface here but it just goes to show that unfortunately b. i.e. a decision has already been made before its report has even been finalized clennell optimism regarding the success of the talks there's equally little hope for iran that western sanctions will be they're supposed to target the government but as one iranian political commentator told r.t. from his personal experience the crippling penalties are hurting set a sense wondering why do you any government is not taking the united states international courts because of that because of the sanctions that the united states has imposed on iran are genocidal sanctions they're killing people the killing ordinary civilians are killing medics retired people the killing people who have not got nothing to do with you as nuclear program it's affecting the whole family you know it's affected my dad because he can't get the medication that he
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needs he was diagnosed with p.t.s.d. so for the past three decades he's been receiving medication and he became a diabetic after a few years and if he can't get the medicines then his life is in danger is not only diabetic people you have eight thousand hemophilia people in iran who badly need those medicines and they're not getting it because these medicines are being produced in the united states are being produced in the european union and because we can't buy them they can't use it and that's putting the life in danger and the united nations has shamelessly remained silent the united nations is practically doing nothing it is lost it has lost its credibility. iran's also a key topic in the u.s. presidential campaign with an answer to the stalemate over to iran's nuclear program seen as a guaranteed vote winner also focusing on the upcoming election as artie's cross talk with host peter lavelle and his guests discussing what's of the candidates is
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really a man of the people the first show is coming your way later this hour but here's a quick preview. of a wealthy person who is paying thirteen percent or about thirteen percent in federal taxes most middle class americans are paying twenty five percent or so that's class warfare to point out though they're saying the point today in dare to point that out and say that that's a problem is class war so now there is you know what i someone who spent his formative years in britain the young communist league i was grinning because this idea that this is class of all things. in laughable class warfare is about who has power in the society and altering the taxation level and seeing who can get the better accountant has nothing to do with fundamentally changing the way people live the fact the romeos and a lot of money is largely irrelevant breck obama is surrounded by multimillionaires by billionaires george soros has more money than god for goodness sake mainstream media which is losing wealth is largely behind the behind the democrats so i think that that is a digression. the
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greek prime minister is on a charm offensive in europe hoping to win more time for implementing reforms promised to international creditors however on his first stop in berlin he was met by a tough message from the german chancellor who said action must follow words on saturday on phone is some of us is heading to france with the same mission and best man patrick young says the struggling economy won't be able to get back on track even if it implements all of the promised reforms it's really rather shy this whole situation i mean the great political costs are utterly delusional if they believe they can. possibly manage to make the numbers add up the numbers simply don't add up they have not added up in greece for two decades probably a great deal longer ultimately there is a fiction price to be won from greece greek economic numbers the idea that suddenly when you have an economy that's in
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a tailspin it's collapsing an incredible almost unprecedented grit that suddenly everything is going to switch iran is really not going to have the situation for mrs merkel who has got a terrible dilemma is she's actually going to have to do something radical that she hasn't done before the euro crisis which is make a decision and actually how did she made any decisions a couple of years ago it would have been a lot better than the elastoplast the sticking plaster is that if you don't like to these euro crisis the truth is there's no messing around here greece is bankrupt. game over mrs merkel must agree with her about our ventures she has to inject greece from the euro because tragically it's the only human solution for everybody involved. in the meantime the greek prime minister is thinking thinkable admitting the country might have to lease or even cash in some of its incompetent blends square the books we've got the story at heart. plus don't
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die with the nice green peace activists more of the stormy russian rake in protest over drilling for oil arctic. take a look at other news from around the world one person has been killed after a former security guard opened fire outside the empire state building in new york city before being shot dead by police authorities say the man who worked in the famous landmark was sacked on thursday and was reportedly targeting his balls several others were injured in the shooting with witnesses saying the gunman fired randomly people on the street. so it's long running clashes over poor education standards seen thousands of students clash with riot police and santiago officers
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use tear gas and water parallel to disperse the protesters who hurled rocks in return president you know that criticize the students for holding on all the rides demonstrations many of which turned violent. three people are dead after a highway bridge collapsed in northeast china several trucks fell around thirty meters smashing into the ground below after the road gave way the eight lane stretch of highway has been open for less than a year and was designed to ease traffic congestion in the area. france has suggested that western nations could consider setting up a limited no fly zone over part of syria without un security council mandate earlier the us also put forward the idea of a partial closure all syrian airspace washington and its allies are still focused on plans for the future of the stricken country after president assad leaves but in
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syria itself the fighting between pro and anti-government forces show no sign of abating artie's oksana boycott visited one of the few pockets of peace in a crisis torn country. a phrase syrians use for someone who loves life and a good description of this nation's character even during a time of war some syrians still preserve their home or joviality. the town of sway there is one of the few communities in syria still largely unaffected by violence. let it remain with flashes usually here people come to the park with their families every night nothing has changed. it is trike in contrast to the rest of the country just fifty kilometers west lies daraa the city where the syrian uprising began and we're going out to buy bread is sometimes a major risk but for the residents of suede that is no coincidence populated
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primarily by the jews a religious group that incorporates elements of all major faiths sway that has so far proved syria's most successful peace laboratory the local sea is because their culture breeds tolerance. in the list to be different there's a basic right guaranteed by humanity in psuedo we have people of different political opinions but we all respect and accept each other as human beings that's why sweden hasn't witnessed any confrontations we can differ politically but we still want to preserve our homeland we have people who are against the government but they're also against the violence then no army checkpoint on the streets and no fear of rebel snipers on the rooftops business is slower than usual but the outlook is a bit these hotel opened its doors just two weeks ago its general manager is convinced that tolerance both political and religious always pays off. have to
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continue. people have to. have to. accept. that you have to accept. the other. people. so i think it's good to open up this while the rest of syria gathers for funerals in psuedo weddings are still the most common public event money and more among about a dozen couples time the not on that particular day. the middle or in hotels where used to seeing very different people and we'll learn how to accept everybody that's what syria needs both sides need to stop killing and start talking to some in the west it may come across as ignorance and disregard for those who are suffering but it's actually the opposite the syrians always valued the beauty of the simple life and they won't give it up easily even at gunpoint. but.
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i'm afraid we're going right now but i think that. maybe never. when it comes down to. answering carrie the business starts now and there is talk of gold making a comeback as a currency kitty please explain yeah exactly karen so theoretically we kid take our coins to the bank and get that much of the precious metal and return and that's exactly what the republican party want to do they want to fix the dollar to gold again or print money but jacob no morgan stanley told us that hurts washington's ability to react i don't think so i think if you have a currency is just backed by the gold standard you won't have the kind of flexibility to intervene when you have a crisis think what happened when lehman brothers went down and the authorities
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search on the sidelines since then through the crisis we've had the third intervening time and again i'm not saying that there are negative consequences to those interventions but if it hadn't intervened there's a so there's a significant risk that would be you know a far worse place than yours today in the great depression in america unemployment was in the teens low twenty's for years now in america it's just eight percent i think it's a lot worse than it could it is a lot better that it could have been and their homes could have been tied if they'd been toit's to a gold standard and that brings us on to wall street there and it's quite a different viewpoint for you now because we're now looking at positive territory this is a raising early is a lie as a rebound in technology stocks is helping to overshadow a disappointing economic data reading the orders to come to goods which actually
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declined on the european markets they are still in the red now chancellor angela merkel's said that germany will stand behind the greek government as it struggles to oh the horror the economy via expectations that greece will exit the euro zone in the near future but as you can see the vast. don't look convinced i think they've had a few times already we get on to the exchange rates that was see that is still down now the chancellor said that the goal of the austerity measures is to help greece reach the light at the end of the tunnel that was how was also the ruble is now finished trading and it was a mixed performance today as you can see it lost out to the u.s. dollar a managed to gain against a common currency and stocks here in moscow they finished the week on the back taking their cue from europe and in response to the fall in oil prices as well but they're pretty hope mouses a little sum so lloyd russia says that foreign direct investment rose to seven billion dollars in the first of this year. the united a corporation is building
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a new midsize area to compete with the boeing seven three seven. a three twenty it will have some one hundred forty seats and have a completely new design not based on the current super jets it will give the country a good wage of a civil with clowns already announced to build a large line up on the m.s. twenty one and they are karen so i'll be back in about fifty five minutes or more markets and more business you know the drill are i will see you then katie thank you for coming up cross talk with peter lavelle first though i'll be bringing you a recap of our top stories.
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magine assets that the devil watches you every single morning. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me. you know we realized
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there were following everyone from early in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. me devil operation on our chief. culture is that so much as i can which of course is right on account of events of yesterday americans are told the face of the fiscal cliff as a lection day. as this presidential election campaign really about issues and visions of the future. the news secret laboratory was able to build on those most sophisticated robots which fortunately don't amount anything.


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