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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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from steve. starts on t.v. dot com. the bloodiest day so far in syria sunday reportedly claims more than three hundred and twenty lives in fierce battles between the country's government and rebels just outside damascus . activist outraged israel's military refuses a delivery of aid to palestinian schoolchildren in the west bank the incident follows recent revelations on the mass abuse of palestinian youngsters by israeli soldiers. iran's foreign minister rings the opening bell of the world's nonaligned summit in tehran which will see a third of un members taking part despite the west undermining the event. go process hit record highs in the predicted it's a good one in the business of the twenty first.
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it is a pleasure to have you with us here on our to today. live in moscow in syria activists have accused the country's security forces of killing over three hundred people outside the capital damascus and the death toll in the southwest town of the riaa cannot be independently verified but the government says it did carry out an anti terror operation in that area and the british foreign office has responded that sunday's massacre highlights urgent need for international intervention against the assad regime moscow insists any unilateral action will only worsen the conflict that's already claimed more than eighteen thousand lives president assad though has vowed to stand firm in the face of what he calls a western. plot against his nation and this comes amid reports by activists that
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rebels of the free syrian army have shot down an army helicopter of a damascus middle east specialist kevin barrett believes what we're seeing now in syria could be a setup from the tree intervention but once again as with the houla massacre we have a very interesting set of circumstances where right before is un ministerial meeting coming up on august thirtieth we have a big orchestrated p.r. event designed to smear the government in damascus and the west into intervening in syria and i'm very suspicious i was asked about this shortly after the houla massacre and i said we need to wait and see what really happened and there are some indications that much and perhaps most of the killing in the whole atmosphere was actually perpetrated by the rebel forces and the same thing might be true this time the so-called no fly zone of course what that really is it's just a euphemism for an aerial attack on the country and again i'm told that if western
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countries do try to take over syrian airspace he may very well be shot out of the skies and i did so i certainly hope they don't try because this is the world to the brink of a very dangerous confrontation. and next hour here on r.t. we talked to a german a left wing politician a yarn about the ongoing bloodshed in syria and he believes the government lynn is actually being two faced when it comes to the ongoing crisis. officially they don't take sides something sure of the. human rights for. repression within the country sure enough but officially them are taking the other side with the rebel to whatever informally and we see it from their involvement you know with this from the ground you know the. invite three and put it to. the time thereafter. here. and officially they seem to take sides but it's clear to me who they are
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somebody selected people. on the basis of which criteria look lou i mean we now have been invited for a final discussion by margaret i mean how can you train some people who are smart i mean we left party to link you in germany we have contacts to left politicians some people in syria i would know who i would pick but obviously these are different people. and the interview is for next hour here on r.t. for an hour around one hundred pro palestinian activists have been stopped by israeli authorities on their way to the west bank from jordan the group came to deliver aid to schoolchildren in bethlehem refugee camps but were reportedly turned away without any explanation israel's defense ministry later labeled the activists move as a quote failed publicized he's stunned by this latest incident follows another scandal involving palestinian children
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a number of israeli veterans have spoken out describing a degrading culture of abuse and harassment of youngsters in the west bank and gaza activists have released a report containing dozens of testimonies to detail numerous cases of violence committed by former soldiers all of this as r.t. as paula slipped reports. the israeli defense forces has come under fire from its own rank and file an organization known as breaking the silence has published the testimonies of some thirty israeli soldiers and commanders in which they deal specifically with how the idea of treats palestinian children palestinian minors they talk about the opera treat use of violence by soldiers when it comes to children and at the same time they say that very often the idea of deliberately targets children using them as human shields during its operations but these reports also go on to say that even when children are not deliberately targeted they are not afforded any kind of protection when there is a shootout or any kind of military operation now these reports come out on the
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heels of another two damning conclusions that were reached by two separate groups one being an imminent group of british lawyers and another an international human rights group known as save the children foundation now both of these found that the idea is in violation of international law when it comes to how we treat palestinian children they say they very often these children are put into solitary confinement they are treated and abused they suffered extensive damage at the same time the army is using things like shackles to extract confessions from these children that those confessions are extracted under duress and also these children are not afforded any kind of legal representation now also this weekend there were demonstrations as indeed there are if we could not be silent which is a palestinian village villages there are complaining about the gradual encroachments of a nearby settlement on the water supplies they say that those water supplies are
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being taken over by the citizen as a result they have no water with which to use on the fields all for drinking water but in footage that was captured on camera these soldiers can be seen going from house to house and physically taking people out of their homes one person was injured at least six people were. with five of whom are children and there are pictures of the daughters of one woman trying to save their mother as she was manhandled by these soldiers who were all thinking stun grenades so certainly not a good time for the i.d.f. it's finding itself been criticized on a number of fronts portis here r.t. television and r.t. is coming to you live from moscow still to come on the program here that of a tolerance tested. from a visit this is not the in slummy quarrelled they have to accept that in germany it is ok to criticize islam if they cannot accept that they shouldn't be allowed to live here germany reminds its muslim community whose laws come first by allowing
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protestors to display cartoons of the prophet muhammad also. you know just a few minutes find out how are doing the basic things all journalists should for example like gathering the facts could land reporters on a blacklist of government. now iran's foreign minister has rung the opening bell of a conference for countries which don't consider themselves connected to any of the world's major blocs including that of nato at the summit of nonaligned states is the largest international event to have ever been hosted by the islamic republic with one hundred twenty nations taking part equal in two thirds of all u.n. members of the u.s. and israel have openly disapproved of the conference and even the united nations secretary-general ban ki moon to ignore it however he still decided to attend despite the pressure and media campaign aimed at playing down the importance of the
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summit let's get some more on this now joined by our joys of chairing a political analyst from hong kong city university good to see you today sir the name itself of normal life it's just a certain amount of neutrality but the summit seems to be turning into a counterbalance to a particular global force would you agree. yes. well as we all know the movement started by small countries which did not want to be long to denmark and nor to dissolve it during the cold war era and they believe. by coming together they would like to have more room over but so does small or neutral countries and a moment of cause they certainly see they have been threatened by the letters m of the united states or swell as pie is sole superpower status and the certainly again would like to work together to see more our influence and more room. for
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themselves as as as you say they're seeking more influence among regional members to move among each other here and as you said a moment ago that the members of the nonaligned states or the summit as it as it is are not interested in being under the canopy of america or russia yet here we have moscow and beijing not members of the not allowing groups but as we can see the two countries are looking to be very active in the summit what does that say about the significance of this event. well china is an observer. russia is represented now is a message go at large of a sudden putin many of the commonwealth independent states are full members all observers of the movement. china and russia has certainly would like to make use of the movement made what it like to meet use of the intentions a number of these on my space to contain the influence of the unitas face
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to enable them to facilitate the emergence of the multipolar world because after all china and russia have to recognize have to admit that the united states is the sole superpower and by. then of course interesting how you bring up the point that those who are who are taking part in this at this nonaligned summit are trying to fend off any regional influence from the united states because speaking of the u.s. there let's talk about sanctions on iran dictated by washington terror on calling on the participants of a summit to oppose the particularly sure you say the oil sanctions on iran do you think that leading powers on the guest list could make any concrete decisions on the matter to have any possible to effect on the procession of the west and it sanctions well the fact that this summit is now held in turkey iran and well at kendo by members of the non aligned rules and stays including countries like.
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egypt and so on certainly. is very much against the scenario of the united states washington d.c. actually understand that it is. tool pressure on didn't on. and since it has to be worth a backlash is certain need doesn't look good on the obama administration and. and there is certainly the fracs the wrought strain of countries desiring more independence more influence than i think most for will governments understand by three fully american lines they may support but there are some there are some analysts and journalists out there who already say that this nonaligned severed going on in tehran could be regarded in a way of sort of teasing washington because china is getting involved with
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a summit what do you think china at the end of the day has got to gain you made a mention a few moments ago that china is just attending as an observer. well china is very much and outside power in the middle east it has very limited. ability in the region and is most desired scenario is very much you nine with that all say you run in egypt you run each lucre who would like to go to canada and push you hate the saudi arabia. rich our gulf states as well as turkey to bring about a peaceful settlement in syria with doubts are allowing the united states and the western countries to play the decisive and predominant role and this is exactly in nine but the interests of china as well as russia are they both light to see
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the of united this face in friends being contained in the pond reach middle east region and they sort of to need look like to facilitate the middle eastern countries coming to get into and to get to prevent major power intervention in the region as you say as you say russia and china have been hoping for months now for eighteen approximate months for a peaceful outcome to the ongoing conflict in syria though it does seem that certain western countries are ramping up the rhetoric for intervention the story today about a massacre on sunday just in the damascus suburbs some saying is a pretext for international intervention predominantly from the west now we have this. summit is it possible that the members of a lot of alliance of it know something do they know that perhaps there is international intervention on the way coming to syria. well the middle eastern countries especially the key states among them including egypt.
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saudi arabia turkey and iran you can work out to get a certain formula so they certainly can gain the trust of both the desire in damascus as well as the opposition forces in syria i think this cruel alone probably can secure the trust of various already parties in syria. but this certainly is a very long and difficult challenge but does this kind of option the muslim countries would like to see russia and be seen and i know would very much like to facilitate and support this process of trying a political analyst from a hong kong city university very interesting insight thanks so much for coming on
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are today. well i don't forget if you've missed any of our stories here on r.t. just find them click away on our website our team com in-depth news analysis available for you twenty four seven how to fish the group a lot of us announces a war on the u.k. special service in support of the wiki leaks julian songe launching online attacks on a number of key web sites plus. prison with benefits norwegian authorities pledge to grant a undisclosed conveniences to mass murderer anders breivik as they fear for his mental health those details are also on our website. now too pussy riot members who have been on the run reportedly fled russia wanted for questioning over their participation in an anti putin stunt of course in the country's main orthodox cathedral which landed three other members of the band in prison. pointing to unconfirmed reports two members of the
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punk bands the punk band have reportedly fled the country. to in order to avoid prosecution and potential questioning over their participation in a very controversial stunt at the christ the savior cathedral which you can see behind me that really really stirred international attention now according to a post by the pussy riot group twitter feed it looks like the two women are planning on supposedly quote recruiting foreigners famine is for new actions of those remains to be seen what that actually means and entails now we have to remember back on august seventeenth three members of the pussy riot punk band were convicted on charges of hooliganism sentenced to two years for their controversial stunt the move really divided opinion here within russia and also raised some serious criticism of the russian government abroad this was a political list of the stunt it certainly worked as we've seen another group called famine in ukraine which had cut down and are orthodox cross they're
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following that action more crosses were actually cut down so regardless of how the pussy riot story plays out it does seem like it is sparking similar actions across the country and story is certainly not dying down any time today. reporting right now germany are struggling to see eye to eye with its muslim community over who's lowest on beliefs should prevail from extremism protests to openly displaying portraits of the prophet mohammad but demonstrations have been taking place in a number of cities across the country peter all of it was for. demonstrators in germany display cover to choose of the prophet mohammed outside a mosque german courts gave the green light to allow the cartoons of mohammed to be displayed saying they were protected by artistic freedom and did not qualify as a call to hatred the same cartoons which originated in denmark have resulted in
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violence around the world since their publication in two thousand and five. behind the protest say that they're doing this to gauge the willingness of the islamic community to out here to jim a little difficult once you have missed. all this is not provoke ation on the contrary we are testing the propensity of extremist muslims who have built a base here in berlin to respect our laws. a spokesperson for germany's islamic community has said they won't be baited into taking action he has not disappeared the point out we're going to ignore these people and we will not organize a concert demonstration that is the right position to take and it is one that will hold there was a reaction elsewhere though in egypt a man tossed four nail bombs into the grounds of the german embassy he said he was incensed by the court's decision to allow the cartoons to be shown during the protest right wing politicians say that while in germany muslims should accept
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german law obviously. this is not the islamic world we should be able to decide what cartoons are shown they have to accept that in germany it is ok to criticize islam if they cannot accept that they shouldn't be allowed to live here the right wing groups say that muslims aren't the enemy their problem is with government policy which they claim allows islamic extremism safe haven within german borders and if there were not a quiet our message is clear it's not the kebabs over but the politicians following false parlous sees who are your enemy they're the ones wearing islamic extremists thrive here the incident with the cartoons isn't the first time german courts of past controversial judgement regarding islamic beliefs already this year a ban on circumcision received outcry from the country's muslim community if lawmakers want to avoid future protests of this nature then it's up to them to come up with
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a solution to tensions between non muslims and germany's islamic community peter all of a party. hard in just a moment during a bushel with the best nurse for an hour though everyone should know both sides of a story or at least in principle yet that's not the premise the us government seems to be sticking to when it comes to telling the truth about its operations overseas that he's gonna report says the people tasked with uncovering the real facts that are always left to face them yes. in the u.s. free speech is protected by law so what can the government do when they don't like what some journalists reveal about them it turns out a smear campaign is one of the options chris woods is co-founder of the london based bureau of investigative journalism the organization to great efforts to report on the deaths of many civilians in cia drone strikes overseas. elements of the u.s. intelligence community chose to attack or work. rather. some of the points that we
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were raising for the particular about the civilians in several articles including this one in the new york times an anonymous u.s. government official tacitly accused the journalists of being sympathetic tall kind of let's be under no illusions there are a number of elements who would like nothing more than to malign these efforts and help al qaeda succeed to suggest that in any way oh my news organization the pure investigative journalism or in any way sympathetic towards al qaida or its goals it's disgraceful i do think those kind of serious. mistakes involved the cia i remember is claiming that it killed civilians in pakistan for more than a year our reporting the reporting of many other credible newspapers and academics now simply isn't the case that simply untrue usa today journalist tom banda
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burke and ray locker became the subject of a sustained internet campaign to discredit their work just days after they began publishing the results of their investigation into a multi-million dollar pentagon funded propaganda mission in iraq and afghanistan fake websites twitter feeds and facebook accounts were set up under the journalist's names in which they were accused of being backed by the taliban we tried to contact mr locker but he wrote back saying his editors prefer that he does not do any interviews on. the subject but it's smear campaign wasn't the punishment for the prominent yemeni journalist hi dear shying he was the first to report on the u.s. drone strike in yemen which killed fourteen women and twenty one children back in two thousand and nine he's now in jail in yemen upon the request of barack obama himself convicted of having ties with terrorists and what's what's most outrageous for me as a as an american journalist is the role of the u.s. ali abdullah saleh the president of yemen gets
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a phone call from john brennan or whatever obama's advisers but from president obama himself and president obama said we're very concerned about the release of this guy we don't know the full extent of what happened in that phone call with the white house and state department in fact i interviewed the state department admitted that obama in fact said the u.s. wants him to stay in jail here in the u.s. or in the u.k. for that matter journalists are protected by law and it's not easy to put them in jail but there is one way to get back at them try and discredit their work by suggesting they're helping terrorists or the taliban or whatever else one might argue that the label carries out it's becoming an all too convenient for the government to brush off investigative journalism which exposes their flaws and kind of check our reporting from watching your heart. over to auntie's down your bush we go good to see you again for the business of you know you know i've washed my skies are many times he's been saying for ages that people should dump the cash and score
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a gold stash apparently the markets agree seems to be right goes already at all time highs it is expected to double in price again metal spirits in the coach and explains why. you have massive amounts of printing right now that's been sort of very carefully and very well concealed to plug up deficits what people are sinking about and you talk about the four thousand five hundred dollars no argument is when the velocity of money does kick up basically what happens everyone scared take the money of the banks take the money out of different things that investment and keep the money cash i know where it is narratives that he's a basically be the churn over money goes down now once people sort of see there's lots and lots of printing money into the system to get money to move around in the build new businesses and everything else once they start to kick in and the velocity of money kicks up but they printed so much money in the past three years that when the velocity does kick in effect it has is much bigger because that much more money out in the system and that's where you get the gold price of gold. but as i understand gold prices have been mostly driven up only by the belief that
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base is a safe asset is about the ultimate bubble to say that it's a bubble it's pretty hard because if you talk about the total amount of assets invested in gold globally it's minuscule very very few people actually have gold in their investment portfolios very people very few people have gold is there gold mining shares or gold related stocks in their overall investment portfolio and so that this doesn't smell like a bubble a bubble is when people take out margin one hundred to one that buy an internet stock that they don't know anything about has no revenue no earning and who knows who's been around for two months it's not a bubble if you're buying for cash gold not on margin and sticking it in your safe that's not a bubble and that's more that represents more of the gold market today than any sort of public stuff that's happening. now resells share price going down in most schools to the world's top aluminum maker announced a second quarter loss no fresh help from the all germany to greece after that we came across these talks london is closed for holiday
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a different story every hour as the euro seesaws off the german politicians a temporary greek exit and some selling shares slumped the most in four years as a you. the firm infringed six peyton's from mobile devices a south korean company will now pay over a billion dollars in compensation but something has another hearing upcoming that could lift a sales ban on some of its products in the states a mcdonald's expanding into siberia when the last place alyse called chicken they open the first restaurant in crust late next year before rolling out through the region twenty percent growth a year makes russia one of his most lucrative markets but for the last decade poor logistics and a lack of supply is a fool to mcdonald's bid to open the door up today in interviews on the website robert daniel many thanks. just a moment of the headlines here on ars he then as peter lavelle crossed.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you
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knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the news a secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and worry this is why you should care only on the dog. shit would be so much brighter. about some.


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