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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 7:37pm-8:07pm EDT

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really is paul ryan is getting today for what he represented in his speech last night you know there was a time when traditional media was so afraid to do fact checking is so afraid to call people out i think they've almost been shamed into it in this convention that you there's only so far you can push the truth and at some point even mainstream media says we have to say something about it when you see the reaction that's occurred with paul ryan you get it you get a sense of the fact that maybe maybe mainstream media is buying into the idea that we have to ask tough questions of these of these politicians and that's absolutely with you mike papen tonia thanks so much for being with us tonight thank you. now from corporations taking over our government to corporations in charge of our health care system america is not a place to get sick according to a new research study published in health affairs the united states leads its european counterpart in part of counterparts in preventable deaths the result of
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the research examined people under seventy five years old who died from illnesses that could have been prevented with adequate and timely healthcare and found that these preventable deaths happened far more frequently in the united states than in the other three countries they studied the united kingdom germany and france or all those countries that have what republicans here would call socialized medicine so is the time to reconsider the for profit health care model we rely on here in america and try something new here to answer that question is david ceiling conservative commentator and pro-business advocate david welcome back. thanks for having me on tom it's always a pleasure all thank you david why do you hate sick people. you know very well i don't hate sick people but the issue is right now we needn't dispatch our program that works what we need to do is put good controls on it but our program doesn't work. it most certainly does and i would remind your viewing audience that these
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various countries with the socialized medicine and such their system not only were not only does not work as well as ours they are absolutely lying about the statistics and the study that you just cited is the most biased canard out there you have to ask yourself what are they trying to accomplish were twenty nine in the world were below slovenian health outcomes david and if you look at if you look at these systems it with the with the single exception of address cancer and i would say that breast cancer is the conservative is always quote and i would say with the reason why we have better results for breast cancer here in the united states is not because of our health care system it's because of a large and massive nonprofit citizen organization things like the susan komen organization and others you know promoting breast cancer awareness and self exams that isn't happening that hasn't happened in european countries but with the single
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exception of breast cancer we lag far behind all these other countries. it sounds good but it's a lie tom it's just not true that's why so many of these people coming to the united states for medical care don't and i'm not talking about the illegally shakes rate even the kings from you know the shakes and kings from saudi arabia don't come to the united states anymore they go to switzerland and germany which by the way i just you know i was just in the hospital a couple of times over the last few weeks i'm looking at all the equipment it's made in germany it's made in switzerland it's made in japan i don't see a single piece of equipment made in the united states. well i'm with you on you know we really have to kickstart our manufacturing in the united states or alternatively when we bring these imports and have them partially assembled by americans so we can you know jump start so we're going to we're going to we're going to agree on this tariff that if you're a starving artist long. well ok i you know i you know we can't go i don't think we can go anywhere with an argument where i say this and you say that we just agree
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that there are you know dirt disagree on the numbers but but what about the philosophy of it i mean here we have a health care system where billions of dollars later with a b. i mean steven steven him lay the c.e.o. of united health care made over one point four billion dollars himself as c.e.o. his predecessor dollar bill mcguire made one point seven eight billion dollars as c.e.o. of a health insurance company he had over one hundred employees at united health care who have made over one hundred million dollars or who are may excuse me who are making over a million dollars take their money and dispatch it yes absolutely stop giving them money as corporate c.e.o.'s and start using that money for preventive health care. what's wrong with that there's there's positively nothing wrong with preventative health care that's why we've got to be much more friendly to corporations that endeavors to do important research to help us to allow them to deduct those costs
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right off the top while they're going to already do that a as a real most of our most of our real medical research and as it is done by the universities and it's paid for by the national institutes of health as as you know the guidelines for big pharma are extraordinarily strict and they've never been made permanent so what happens on fortunately is these various lobbyists have to go to the hill and try to persuade them to extend these these tax credits and cuts and that creates a lot of problems in the system the system that we have is very good but we do have to address a couple of problems most notably the illegal alien issue and a couple of other stuff ok david seelig we will who i will leave it with you with the last word thanks small so much for being with us tonight thank you it isn't fair to say after the break republicans are already screaming about what they'll do if they win big and of amber i'll tell you what their scheme is and why we could be just three senate seats away from america turning into
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a corporatocracy or an oligarchy. love the capital account i'm lauren mr. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out when they thing that the i'm a. far left doesn't want the usa to defeat terrorism. itself neighborhood. be a liberal and a cause. along. the coast because you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensational stick garbage and calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that.
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here's a warning to all you meat eaters out there and it's not because i have been a vegetarian since i was sixteen that's but you may be forced to completely change your diet in the near future. citing population trends that show that there will be two billion more people on the planet by two thousand and fifty and dwindling water resources a team of scientists with the stockholm international water institute warned that in the next forty years the world's population will be forced to radically change their diet going out most completely vegetarian currently humans get about twenty percent of their protein intake from eating animals but scientists warn that over the next few decades that will be unsustainable as the stockholm water institute reports there will not be enough water available on current crop lands to produce
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food for the expected nine billion population and twenty fifty if we follow current trends and changes toward diets common in western nations instead humans will have to cut back on their animal protein consumption by five percent to twenty fifty currently a diet dependent on animal proteins requires five to ten times more water than a vegetarian diet and says a lot of humans love eating meat that means we need a lot of water to keep all those animals we eat alive or leaves you eat until we slaughter them one third of all the arable land around the world is devoted strictly to growing crops to feed animals not humans but animals and those crops require a lot of water and will require more water when there's an extra two billion people on the planet expecting to eat more meat in fact as the report shows it will require more water than the planet is capable of producing this isn't just bad news several decades from now it's bad news to day to already there are nine hundred
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million people around the planet who hungry plus another two billion who are malnourished and we're seeing right now the devastating effects of water. of the lack of water thanks to a historical drought in the united states this summer alone the prices of corn and wheat diet staples for both humans and animals and the animals humans eat it shot up nearly fifty percent leading to a situation similar to two thousand and eight when food shortages forced hundreds of millions of people around the planet to the brink of starvation and sparked civil unrest in twenty eight different countries so this is our future if we choose to accept it or we can try something else like reforming our diets eating a little less meat each week right now and having better trade policies between food surplus nations and food deprived nations this planet is going to be very crowded soon we can prepare for it or not i know he's hoping that we make the right decision. is just.
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it's the good the bad of the very very rebarbative really ugly good code pink today all the pundits are talking about the rousing foreign policy speech connelly's or rice gave at the r n c ones in which she called for endless war in the middle east but no one is talking about her associations with known war criminals in the bush administration who dragged our nation into illegal wars and threw american values out the window when they decided to use torture well code pink is talking about it protesters stormed the r n c on wednesday staging a die in on the sidewalk to signify all the bloodshed from bush in conti's war of aggression and they're also calling for the arrest of congolese or rice under war crimes charges good on them for making sure people don't forget the lasting damage that rice and other criminals from the bush administration have inflicted on our
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nation and the world. the red ohio secretary of state john huston hostage is working tirelessly in ohio to cut short the number of hours voters in his state can cast their vote during early voting in other words he's doing his part to rig the election for mitt romney since a large chunk of early voters in ohio are minority voters who tend to vote for democrats to election officials in the state just found out how serious i was to do is in suppressing the vote this week us to fired thomas ritchie and dennis lieberman to election officials who attempted to extend voting hours during the weekend early voting no again has to be fired people for trying to allow more people to vote in ohio and someone tell me at what point did it expanding democracy in america become a fireable offense. and the very very ugly gina rinehart the richest woman in the world brian hartley who was born into
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a wealthy australian family of mining tycoons with roughly thirty billion dollars protocol in an industry magazine blasting the poor who are jealous of her in the columbine are writes if you're jealous of those with more money don't just sit there and complain do something to make more money yourself spend less time drinking and smoking and socializing and more time working. because being a member of the lucky sperm club is really hard work just as paris felt and really it's not too smart to call out the workers and customers that your family's fortune depends on as jealous and lazy or has a right heart is working out a new column titled let them eat cake now that is fair if you fear.
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let's assume right now that all the republican lies work and let's assume at the billions of dollars tens of billions it might end up by who knows spent the likes of the koch brothers sheldon a dose of karl rove let's assume with that works let's assume that the statewide voter i.d. suppression laws and restrictions on early voting and hurdles to voter registration all these things to stop democrats from going to the polls let's assume if they all work assuming all of those things work then come january twenty third teen mitt romney and paul ryan will be in the white house. speaker john boehner will be bridged presiding over a republican majority in the house of representatives mitch mcconnell will be leading a republican majority in the senate will have one party republican rule in america again. and unlike when democrats held majorities in congress and the white house
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for the first two years of president obama's presidency republicans will see to it that their agenda under mitt romney is not de railed by a filibuster by the democratic minority by president obama's was by the republican minorities constant filibuster republicans are already planning how they can silence the voice of the minority in the senate should they sweep the elections in november and this plan was laid out this week in the pages of the financial times newspaper and guess who spilled the beans none other than one of the most powerful voices in the republican party multimillionaire k. street lobbyist grover norquist as the financial times writes grover norquist the anti-tax crusader who wields considerable influence among conservative lawmakers said republicans could use an arcane congressional mechanism to push through ninety eight percent of their agenda if mitt romney wins the white house including a controversial overhaul of medicare. so what is this arcane congressional
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mechanism that norquist speaks so it's called budget reconciliation and it means that anything pertaining to the federal budget spending and taxes can be passed with a simple majority in the senate just fifty one votes instead of the supermajority sixty votes there republicans of force in the senate for the last three and a half years there was of republicans can roll up their entire agenda in the form of a budget and the democratic minority won't be able to stop it that's exactly why paul ryan and the republicans didn't introduce their plans to end medicare as we know it turning it into a voucher program and leaving seniors at the mercy of the for profit health insurance program as an individual piece of legislation they instead included it as part of their budget because as long as any medicare is included in a budget bill and not as a standalone piece of legislation federal air corps fifty one votes to pass the senate got it. so what other sort of stuff can be included in
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a budget bill that can slip by the senate without democrats having a say for want to complete repeal of obamacare getting the private health insurance industry the power once again to die all americans including children health insurance coverage for preexisting conditions through reconciliation this arcane process this this goal it's just about the money and therefore you can't filibuster a process republicans could completely defund wall street reform they could neuter the financial regulators at the f.c.c. in the c.f. t.c. and let our banking system fall back into the hands of the hustlers and gamblers on wall street through budget reconciliation this arcane process republicans can decimate the medicaid program and the children's health insurance program leaving the working poor with no lifeline should they get sick through reconciliation republicans can virtually eliminate government agencies like the e.p.a. the u.s.d.a.
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and the f.d.a. that is sure the water we drink the air we breathe and the food we eat and the medicine we take are all safe to reconciliation republicans can slash taxes on the rich even below the historic lows they're at down while also raising taxes on middle and working class americans. and keep those taxes in place for the next ten years. they can slash taxes on corporations continue to give new tax subsidies to corporations like iran these bain capital that send thousands of american jobs overseas through reconciliation republicans can put even more burdens on american students who are already drowning under a trillion dollars of student loan debt by slashing pell grant spending and making college a luxury that only the rich can afford basically as grover norquist promised republicans can accomplish ninety eight percent of their corporatist agenda through
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reconciliation through only fifty one votes in the senate the only thing standing between the united states as we know it and the united states is republicans and vision which is a corporate feudal state where the middle class disappears going standing between the two is this election coming up in november republicans will likely hold the house the white house is a tossup right now and all republicans need in the senate is to pick up just three seats that's just three seats and nothing will stand in their way anymore the financial times asked to paul ryan spokesman if this was the goal if this was what seemed planned in the inner circles of the party to use reconciliation and sneak all this stuff through the senate and the spokesman said i'm not going to be able to ask the congressman about that today so basically no comment you know we may have plans to do everything in a sneaky way and run it through congress. in a way that can't be filibustered but more i'm going to talk about it like getting
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good coup in any oligarchy you don't want to advertise what you're going to do. but this is what's happening folks and we all should take notice tell everybody we know about it and get active in the selection. and that's the way it is tonight thursday august thirtieth two thousand and twelve if you missed any of tonight's show you can now watch it on eight in h.d. on hulu at hulu dot com slash the big picture for more information on any of the stories we've covered visit our website so tom hartman dot com free speech org and dot com also check out our two you tube channels there are links to thom hartmann dot com also there you'll check out our dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and join me tomorrow night for our conversations with great minds with journalist craig unger the author of the upcoming book boss role inside karl rove's secret kingdom of power and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag you're it.
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we will not spend the next four years blaming others we will take responsibility we will not try to replace our founding principles we will read apply our founding principles. aren't these speakers get down to business painting president obama as an unfit leader and pushing party platforms but while republicans basta. the pomp and circumstance misinformation and watered down speeches dominated last night's rally will tell you how we marched return to our best traditions of american leadership and support those who faced down the brutal tyranny of their oppressors. between the pope punchlines and rounds of applause john mccain and congolese are rice are pushing for decisive action in syria is us one step closer
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to another military intervention no question more. and president obama came down hard on banks after the mortgage crisis but it looks like the big banks are not only back to their old tricks they never learned their lesson is in technicalities and loopholes to make more money blogger an influential analyst dan dan breaks it down for us. and it's been over a month since julian a saunders granted asylum in ecuador but he's no closer to the freedom that he craves back in the u.s. bradley manning's defense team revealed more details about his harsh treatment an update on both cases ahead. it's thursday august thirtieth eight pm here in washington d.c. you i'm liz wahl in are watching our. what is the final day of the republican national convention the day has come for republican presidential nominee mitt
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romney to tell america why he should be the next commander in chief leading up to today a series of speeches and events that have showcased a vision and controversy within the republican party one of the clearest examples tension between ron paul supporters and the establishment republicans to talk more about this r t white house correspondent christine joined us earlier from the republican national convention in tampa. an interesting dynamic going on yesterday we saw those ron paul supporters the delegates from maine once again walk out of the convention hall in unison taking up a whole lot of room i should mention they waited for the ron paul tribute video to play they waited for rand paul's speech and then they were gone they seem to to really be angry at the way everything has really gone down here without even letting them have their voices heard christine and you know ron paul he declined a slot to speak at the republican national convention but as you as you mentioned
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they did play this courtesy tribute video to him at the event here's a look at it for those with dedication. and. sometimes that only paves the way forward. christi and how are ron paul supporters reacting to that video. frankly it's a mixed reactions liz we've heard responses range from inspiring to offensive a whole lot of people that are here in support of ron paul but you know convention goers as well as delegates of course happy that they had a video at all but let me put this in a little perspective you said ron paul declined to speak you spot ron paul declined the speaking spot because a he would have had to fully endorse mitt romney which he
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says he doesn't be he would have had to have his speech heavily vetted both by the aren't the and the romney campaign so so those are the conditions under which he denied a speaking slot here back to this video live less than four minutes it talked about the fact that ron paul has never voted for a tax increase that ron paul has never voted to expand the debt ceiling the story the lives really in what wasn't said in this video ron paul has asked just for an audit of the federal reserve and reserve and in fact the republican platform committee has adopted that as part of this year's platform so he was happy about that no mention whatsoever of his position on the military he has also called for an audit of the pentagon with ron paul's does he want smaller government and much much less government spending he means it across the board not just from the so-called entitlement programs he wants it from the place where the majority of the money actually is spent and that is the military so a lot of people who support ron paul by the way as we've reported time and time
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again a lot of support from military veterans military veterans in poll after poll have been shown to support ron paul above any other candidate who was present in this primary race leading up to the convention here this is an important issue and to have it not mentioned whatsoever was pretty offensive and you know frankly i'll use their words repulsive to some of these supporters who i spoke to. that was white house party white house correspondent christine for. last night was the first time foreign policy was discussed some of the leading voices within the g.o.p. took to the stage to rally support for military intervention in syria despite this the main headlines are of course of the. highly anticipated speech first i think that personal narrative was at least the fact that part of his speech to me because he did not feel very comfortable to me in the beginning of that
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speech giving it as he got into it when he got to releases where he seemed like he felt more comfortable which seemed to be more policy oriented tonight really belongs to mitt romney what do we know about how he's preparing for tonight's state we do know that he has practiced your member a pool report that came out on sunday when he was and was fairly new hampshire at the residence there that he was practicing a virtual replica teleprompter same distance on the teleprompter working on the speech we're told by the campaign he's a bit of a tinkerer we hear there's a rumor that clint eastwood may show up. can you imagine dirty harry speaking at this forum steps from me carol costello i mean what a night it will be here's what i can tell you here's what i can confirm that the romney camp is telling c.n.n. yes there is this mystery gas there will be all these character witnesses you know folks who worked with romney. staples and during the salt lake city olympics and also when he was you know running the state of a government in two states.


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