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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2012 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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if the situation in syria continues contagion is the very risk why the west right now is hesitant to intervene because they know if you go into a country like syria you have no control over what's going to happen in the neighboring countries. in the center of attention and levanon so that's why right now the west does not want to intervene because the one of the spillover but it's not the perfect opportunity to work with iran if i would just look at syria i would think. that that's now the time to get in contact with iran but if you look at the current news. threatening more and more in conflict with iran threatening to attack the nuclear sites within iran with the threat growing by the day and i'm still not confident that israel is really keeping at bay until november . it's very difficult for me to think about getting more contact with iran but at the same time there's the spread of military attack on iran interior and right now
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. seem to back of the talks that started so hopefully in moscow for example earlier this year so. the problem is that we're not having syria as a problem alone we're not having peace very iran the problem in the rhone we have turkey because conflict is escalating everything at the same time so where do you see the future of this argument between israel and iran if tel aviv would be rational. i would be happy and think nothing's going to happen because i think military attack on the raw. cookie nearly suicidal for israel. considering that with all the change in egypt in the neighboring countries the tech like this you don't know how the region will react and if netanyahu be rational i would be happy and safe and think no they won't dare to unfortunately i'm not sure that that and you know is that rational i mean he's increasing he's really
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increasing his tanks israel attacks. and i'm afraid his calculation might be before the us elections i can attack iraq i have to back me after the election he might not want to back so the gives us really really bad chance that the netanyahu might attack in october as soon as october and starts with an attack and the question is how an attack from. tools for nuclear sites in iran how will that develop. i'm not sure it will develop an all out war but i mean attacks on israel will happen then you don't know how to react with a street of formals whether they will close it or not that would definitely start an all out war in terms of germany's role what job is that germany to do germany could really change a lot in that region it was. germany nine years ago to to mediate in the conflict on the not the program it was germany who moved to three plus three talks in the
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beginning in two thousand and three and when i'm talking to passengers in the region or when i went to a couple of months ago i mean everybody thinks the german should play better the stronger role unfortunately this government just plays. the us courts so whatever the u.s. does they follow it and they don't have any initiative from their own what kind of initiative would you like to see the first thing they could easily do is deescalate the conflict with iran i mean they could really go three four five steps towards to iran and say ok. now we believe that you stopped the military nuclear program in two thousand and three so that we're lifting the sanctions and we are engaging in human rights talk and economic talks and that they're generally just lift sanctions is that not purely a symbolic act you know it would be much more than symbolic because the u.n. sanctions are rather small and then the e.u. sanctions are much much bigger i mean that's the oil embargo that's very big and
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germany was sort of the powerhouse behind the on the border they could easily have said in a ok we postpone it for another six months postponement not lifting there would have been a very strong signal to turkey. they could have started negotiating. to me to move on that i mean i really forty with my own government said what's the problem with with a moratorium for three months for six months of the border before that because they just follow the u.s. line here they don't have their own policy that's really bad at i think the other thing is weapons i mean german arms exports biggest in the world after russia are on the u.s. and they should stop selling weapons in the region and that involves saudi arabia as well as israel as well as other countries and they are still sending every kind of weapon to that region what would you like to see from a german government's foreign policy right now i mean if they would do nothing at
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all i would be happier than what they are doing today i mean officially they're not doing much but then we suddenly can read the newspapers that they sent a spy ship you know that they are monitoring everything that they are helping the rebels against the assad regime they are taking sides in a military conflict and that's exactly wrong i mean better would be if you don't do the right thing do nothing. thank you very much bushes bt your work on. the. motion will be soon which brightened if you move about someone from phones to
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freshen. his phones don't talk t. don't come. from. some. of the going down of the sun and good morning we will remember that we were there.
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headlines and i'll see that saudi international i'm told me to watch criticizes iran avoid stepping up its nuclear activity up to the dominance of the nations behind the countries envisions as a site in terror helping the nation change its image after international calm to. lead a part in the games in london are overshadowed by the controversy around a major sponsor is accused of forcing people disability box to war when they are physically unable. and study says it will keep pushing for more protected saying zones inside syria despite objections from russia and china on the ground its allies claim the measure is needed to help syrian refugees that face criticism for its handling them that it tried this level. as the headlines are now much more exciting stuff is coming your way as andrew is here with this forward.
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hello there welcome to the sports and these are their headlines sailing through hoops a place in the fourth round of the u.s. open to stay on course for the second grand slam title of the year plus on the double alexander you called strikes twice is a need to be a three year old to lead the russian premier league. and drop in. his admitted from the russian squad by new coach fabio capello with two world cup qualifiers coming up next. let's start with the u.s. open where maria sharapova has cruised into the fourth round the third seed with an easy straight sets win over american my lord the russian winning twelve of the last thirteen points to advance six one six one an hour afterwards said it was her game
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plan to get her opponent early and what was potentially a tricky encounter thanks to her to. she came out pretty groundstrokes. folks to go for. my opponents have been quite different my last two rounds but. something that could be dangerous if you get the time to do what she likes to do in. the. so no real shock there but britain's laura robson continues to upset the fallbrook after feet think kim clijsters in the second round she beat nine seed gnarly in three sets robson is ranked eighty nine in the world although to get a silver medal at the summit and then pick. them up single by sam stosur for a place in the quarter finals after the australian defeated american voter that changed seventy six seats to the school this one. top seed victoria azarenka was
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also into the fourth branch she thrashed chinese changing their six love six one patrick of eight about the number five seed got past france's poland comment c s m russia is not either tribe or got the better at least the south that are in straight sets in the men's draw about djokovic choosing to run three very easy win for him against the world number one hundred twelve. in brazil the serb dropping just five games during his victory little over ninety minutes. and then he roared it's career will last at least one more match just a couple of days ago he said he will retire after the u.s. open and he beat australia bernard tomic in straight sets the thirty year old hitting his hitting thirty eight seats and also smacking if he wakes is responder american john isner the twenty seven year old making the most of his six foot nine frame with twenty three in his when i've been in charge in yemen and. former u.s. open winner one martin del potro progress to also needing four sets as he defeated
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ryan harrison to reach the third round. for a. big target for me to fix the roof. where we were to. learn to row through. for over. let's move to the russian premier league resonate three points clear at the top of the table this morning alexander courage of scoring twice in a three no win over new boys more diverse rant on friday night constantine city on off got the first after twenty five minutes i then after the break kirchick of grace making it just after the interval with a good lob there and wrapping up the win shortly after as any terror by three
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points at the top of the table five wins from seven the third from. another news russian manager fabio capello as namely twenty four months squad to his first competitive matches in charge and there's a surprising mission with captain on the show have been dropped the thirty one year old has come under criticism recently after captaining russia during the disappointing euro twenty twelve campaign russia have two world cup qualifying matches next month against northern ireland and strikers on public and pavel pogrebnyak have also been admitted and he keeper vladimir place is back to start my left here early this week and that his retirement from international football. elsewhere wrapped up their first trophy of the season they thrashed chelsea four one in the super cup the reigning europa league one is never let their get into the game that m.l. falcao grabbing a hat trick to make it and they've got other world chelsea's gary cahill
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consolation for the blue dogs. just difficult heroes to be champions let's you can we don't win too if you serve a day where it seems that we work hard. and we have to accept where we are in hardly understand the levels of which. we never really got into the game. the most disappointing aspect of tonight. with a bit more position than we'd like to lose penetration and. it went into the. stand they retreated. very low blows in the show and with a lot of made it difficult to find the space was. now elsewhere the draw for the europa league group stage has been made to russian clubs were in the first round draw things and she crashed outside it out mark six to one aggregate in qualifying that in group a with five time european champions liverpool to tally including a c. and young boys in switzerland while being qualified by that you are winning the
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russian cup playing group h. against italian giants into milan and part of sam belgrade of serbia see will become the first thing ever from as a vision and to compete in the group stages of europe he competition. when i played there was a national team it was such a long trip to get to the ground was small but there was a really great atmosphere it will be tough. going this route for me no one returns this weekend after the summer break however there is nothing seasonal about the weather in belgium during free practice some friday. from start to finish ahead of this weekend's action. cover yes he appeared to adapt best to conditions and was fast this spanish and i no longer i will be looking to extend his fourteen point lead i read bill's mark in the driver's championship but his teammate felipe massa also needs a good showing with his ferrari future in down after
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a pause season qualifying gets underway later on saturday. now with the paralympics taking place in london disability sport is hitting the headlines and this week and new sport for good foundation project was launched by laureus here in moscow nick like chills expects. norris the legendary charity foundation has been busy giving its support to a new project aimed at working with disabled young sport lovers labelled the unified sports program the plan is done in conjunction with the special olympics the global games which raise awareness about talented young people with intellectual disabilities a group that is often marginalized segregated and vulnerable within russian teams to create a new world of inclusion in the community through sport was. part of my goal as a representative laureus is to spark children's interest in sport who travel across
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the globe and hold master classes for kids to show everyone that sport has the power to change the world and unite people in a way that little else carol because that's the way mr four time olympic gold medalist alex seeing him of was quick to get involved with the young people in a variety of sports including basketball football and florida there was also a special treat for everyone as he was joined by three members of the recently crowd elim pigs swimming team that is horrible angelica to monument and indeed of his channel giving them up and comers the chance to see this building are those up close and personal to me that you have it that it was such that for this it was a laureus support the unified sports program in russia is sure to continue to grow and develop helping to educate the general public on the inclusion of the intellectually disabled. athletes every possibility of maybe one day competing for
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their own and impact glory making large chose our team or school so i'm talking of the paralympics oscar pistorius is preparing to defend his hundred two hundred and four hundred meter titles but i'd run as he is known reached the semifinals of the four hundred meter a limb pick competition earlier this month but me twenty five year old south african is playing down his chances of another hat trick of cults. i just think of a really moved away from the hundred i ran my first race in the hundred meets is last weekend in sixteen months and i run an eleven point one in quite a strong headwind so i feel like i'm in good shape to see to be a feature in that race but you know the some of the top cause of slow running quicker than i am and that's the focus they'll be raised for the hundred of the some of the guys on trial and running the two hundred either. but my focus is really on trying to defend my totals and then i have to be realistic and say you know the two hundred in the four hundred i probably think vince that i'm fit to see
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today and that is always sport for the moment so i'm back in the four hours time. she agreed laboratory to mccurry was able to build most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and we're going to dish why you should care only on the r g dot com.
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box out in the rain change the international atomic watch criticizes iran for stepping up its nuclear activities the duffers of nations at the summit in the country show support plates and that. the israeli government and the south it's more a trick against tehran will look at how it's simple treating all areas of life in a strength. to try and help a part in pics in london is overshadowed by a name just paul said he is different in a vulnerable time for the same people. news from russia and around the world this is see with me. thanks for joining us first
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stake in steps to change its edge as an international outcast one hundred nations have offered their support of its controversial nuclear program the final declaration of this summit of known alliance states hosted by to run box the right for all countries to develop a new use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while the gathering was being held at the u.n. nuclear watchdog released its latest report accusing iran of increasing uranium enrichment i.a.e.a. findings suggest the number of centrifuges that one of iran's facilities has more than doubled but the iran has dismissed the document as politically motivated and save mohammad marandi a professor at the university of tehran things it's unlikely the timing is purely coincidental so. the iranians are saying that this report came at a sensitive time to sort of distract attention away from this iranian success the nonaligned movement. conference in tehran has been highly successful and said of
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iran being isolated the united states has become isolated scented opposed senior figures are going to tehran and many major world leaders have come to the country in addition the president egypt think iran which is a political earthquake the iranians are producing uranium. enriched uranium at twenty percent for facilities in iran which would then produce medical isotopes the fact that the united states and the europeans tried to prevent iran from obtaining that fuel in the past that meant that they were taking the iranian cancer patients hostage the irony here is that the iranians at the beginning had no intention what. however to produce twenty percent and then produce nuclear fuel but the americans and the europeans by taking. a citizen. people hostage
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force the iranians to take that politicians senior politicians really know that an attack on iran would be devastating for the united states and not only for its economy but for its global position and its credibility. despite washington clearly not favoring military confrontation with iran israel isn't ruling it out major drills simulation missile strikes in case of a war with these mixtape have been held in tel aviv and these imagines the exercises and not the only way israelis are being prepared for a time as middle east correspondent explains. this fifteen page emergency brochure is being distributed by the israeli army across the country and it puts a rather smiling face on a very serious and grim statistic the bush take about what people should do in a state of emergency it says that there was a need for a family to take the family should get together and talk about what to do if this
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country is in a state of crisis at the same time it is that anywhere between fifty fifty and the minute is the time frame that the phrase will have from the moment fire when found until there is a state of emergency care and also going to people to go and check that they bomb shelters up to scratch how the pressure doesn't make any mention of any kind of meat on the ranch but certainly it is giving some kind of urgency and there have been those who suggested that it is really the way to hit by israeli politicians in preparation for human and war and certainly for that kind of rhetoric coming out of the israeli political elite some officials have said that we're looking at a civilian council some five hundred people in any kind of war that would follow and it's raining strike on the run parallel to the brochure there is an advert that is fighting on israeli television and it shows which in general we sit with the israeli army officers and they're trying to convince him to give their support him in the israeli attack on an enemy state presumably the ranch the general at that
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stage take a bite of the chocolate hazelnut that sitting in front of him and he said something along the lines of let's go nuts which the israelis misinterpret to mean that he has given them the green light to have this operation for the missiles start to fall right and you have those who want to move situation the israelis so we have been putting up there with me and it does seem as if there is something on the go we have heard some israeli politicians on record saying that a strike on iran is going to happen soon but the official line to be from the government in terms of. this question and when we spoke to dani was that it is nothing more than just the general public awareness campaign that people need to know what to do in a state of emergency what is the i'll never. take a says it will continue to push pull for and protect and save zones inside syria despite opposition from russia and china although on cross has military involvement would require u.n.
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security council approval its ally britain signaled as well possibly it was possible to bypass the united nations western states claim buffer zones are needed to help refugees fleeing the conflict but syrian rebels say that would also in the fight against president assad and political analyst and freelance writer. is skeptical that foreign intervention would even be aimed at protecting civilians in the fast place and this is not them here mary cary curious what should be done is to form is to push for a negotiation for a very look with the syrian leadership and with the opposition for example next month we have the interim an opposition meeting in san dimas goes to the president of risk to syria so why do some states are not hoping the syrians for a political solution where there are many going trying to see the so-called jihad these. and the fundamentalists in syria sided by both cried out that it was out of .


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