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moments the most difficult task is to make a careful assessment of the ship speed and direction so that she enters the stock corrido exactly on time it takes some complicated arithmetic to add up speeds and subtract minutes. yet what are they doing but. still lingering on the top gallant sails your. little. when she came in we need twelve knots ok that's what we've got right now sail setting aborted three minutes to go what's the distance. finally they need to shut off the engines to help the ship navigate out of port. always fail in these competitions really otherwise they would be pointless. that's why all of the engines to shut down five minutes before the start that's the rules. so with us from central control the mechanic that's the way the plane writes now u.k.
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. shows the lights is about to go on that the engine is shut down the myth is now i'm disabled you'll talk about bottles and. say. great steering we sped away from the start. mig gets off to a good start a fair wind helps the ship pick up a speed of ten knots take the lead to the polish sail boat. behind. the four sails of the largest of all the lower one is as large as two hundred eight square metres the foremast and some others bear a great number of sales themselves this. same is true of the mainsail mast all the
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sails on them are interchangeable a total of two hundred fourteen square meters the only exception is the main sail mast. nicholai abram off is not just the ship's boat but also a former sub-mariner abramoff a spent the last thirty years making sails. week with this utility room here is our workshop we have one hundred sales and store all of different shapes and sizes twenty six of them are meant for masts and races while the others are kept as replacements. nicholai is the only person on board the can repair the damaged sail. sails are torn fairly often specially by strong winds you might even say they are wounded in the battle against the elements i have especially vivid memories of one rather
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dramatic sail replacement that was last year when we were competing against the polish boat dharma ga we were on our way across the baltic sea from finland to poland that's when the top most sail collapsed it took the cadets some four hours to get a new one back up all that happened to mid strong winds and torrential rain. don't touch that. again is the bosun's favorite student like all the other cadets he joined me as crew three months ago that remembers only too well the terror he felt when confronted with the prospect of climbing a fifty metre tall mainsail must. brilliant. my heart sank and i shivered all over although we didn't go very far on the last occasion. and then we had that time to buy it was more to how sites in petersburg we looked up at the top
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of the mosque and wondered whether it was possible to research this old but now it's quite a routine thing for me to do. i remember the ship being caught up in a vicious storm near here during a race. sail in the gym bricked. the guys had to be sent to the far end of the bow each with safety equipment. was so big. under the water several times. but that some trainees are divided into shift teams each lasting four hours without doubt keeping watch on the deck is the most grueling task the crew can't predict what might happen on shift sometimes they sit around for four hours board but sometimes they have to constantly run from one end to the other. for what. for our. team. has
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to feel six. feet below. the. field through each truth you. feel thank. you. thank. you. just when you actually did it very quickly it's more like. spring for a while when you do. this is it me oh. my. god he's. so you know so i.
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love. the first exchange of communications with race officials. today. an hour later. participants are informed of how they're doing. with the bulletin for the month so that the mist up or the report we've got a science places in accordance with an updated coefficient of handicaps and the like as expected the polish boat. is in the lead we are in the second place both of us have an equal chance at the moment and only. the gap between the polish and russian sail boats is minuscule it all comes down to the second phase of the race then everything will depend on the wind the poles decide to seek strong winds by taking the risk of going further south into the open sea they disappear from is view but the crew sees another vessel in its place
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approaching on the horizon. but make way for our. software the. phone cord and watch all the show must go on the pitch. we did annoy people and. always. break when i was sixteen ok back to work. politically it was also to stop the tourists want to take our picture just because. they don't see that many sailboats. on. the cruise liner sails off followed by the sun sliding behind the horizon the
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first night of the races second phase sets in the nervous tension from the start fades away life on board returns to normal cadet self shifts do what they can to vent all that pent. energy ms current speed is twelve knots people in the captain's cabin a comfortable at the sailboat is heading towards another victory. fifty . ft fish text. if. he. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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there must. be nothing yamin him. on the second day of the race the crew in the morning shift hasn't got a single moment to spare the wind is stronger than expected the first attempt to take down some of the sails is unsuccessful one of them is caught in the hurricane force wind the sail will be torn apart unless it's fixed without delay. just like when it's in the back to roll up the top sail we tried to tie it to the bow so that the wind couldn't repeat upon it but we couldn't the wind is too strong it's simply
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too strong the crew gets control of the sails them it picks up speed to fifteen knots the ship is tilting heavily support a difficult turn for the ship still lies ahead. but some of the went past the turning point one and a half hours ago now we're heading for the finish line there are about one hundred forty miles to go with the polish boat was slightly closer to that point and therefore made a turn a bit earlier than we did but now that we are on the right side of the wind we'll try to overtake it with. the polish but it is only a short distance ahead. all ms crew needs to do is keep a speed for the first few hours after the turning point everything's going smoothly . with little and shows where we all are when the ship began three hours or so ago
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the bearing angle of the polish ship was something like one hundred thirty degrees now it's one hundred seventy in other words we have one back a distance from the poles. but nature deals me a cruel blow the wind has died down and the ship speed instantly drops to five knots with a sails beginning to droop the bulky frigate almost comes to a halt like to pursue is trying to catch up with her another exchange with race officials confirms that mir is now trailing behind the polish ship. as we've got to shows to remedy the situation but only if there's a fair wind to help us in that case we might overtake ships with a small coefficient a fellow had of them in the morning but the wind has driven them closer to us. the situation can't be remedy for the time being
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a strong wind is their only hope the crews whose job is taking care of the musts i will most know what to do they decide to hold a tug and more competition to try to reduce the stress brought on by the calm conditions. that you. have that right and loosen up. ready for ready. was. injured. with the help of this instrument where it will to see the constellation of the stars in the sky. normally you see
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this from below but right now i am looking at it from above because what force you she was on. the ship and the cadets who are not lucky enough to be involved in the tug of war go to a room where they listen to lectures on astronomy they're not very popular but attendance is mandate are up. with you inside the age of g.p.s. satellite and internet communications these seamen to talk how to do six times term in a ship's coordinates by observing stars. is up is measuring how high the sun is over the horizon is easy enough good issues according to what you learn to do it after two or three lessons but also but if you want to determine the ship's location with you need to take three different measurements at a time as it was called. the problem is that the ship will cover a large distance in the five to ten minutes it takes for the contents to do the
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measurement. was was was the foresail must team is victorious meanwhile reports of the overall race positions of the ship start coming in as for mere there is no wind in sight yet. listen for the information about the voyage first july twenty second monday lord nelson is nigh thing class and twelfth overall. and the mir is second class and second overall the pelican of london is eight and eleven. overall. the ship's galley has its own race against time when it comes to feeding almost two hundred people four times
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a day speed is of the essence the cooks have to work almost around the clock during such races. destroyed to make the first tasty during a race we normally cook food separately when you have a tilt economy good health or would be burned to the other half would end up on the floor so taking in potions is much more convenient. on the second evening of the race that steam hardly has any work to do the wind is still quite weak changing the configuration of the sails is pointless cadet project going takes time out to explain why people still like sail boats pushing your book this is the only place where you can feel the thrill of the wind swaying you from side to side while you're up there hanging on to the mast also a sailboat promotes the spirit of comradeship it builds character and your ability
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to stand up to the elements of truth it's a tough job setting sail was especially hard work would end up worn out and dead tired but not for one moment to die regret it. down in the bowels of the ship away from the deck and the elements signs of normal life can be found there are two campaigns showers and lounges here in addition to quarters for the cadets and cabins for the regular crew about one hundred fifty people spend several months together in these premises during the night when the fate of the year's main race hangs in the balance the atmosphere here is just as calm as it always is. the. crew on the bridge follows the coordinates of mir in the polish ship its chief rival the russian sailboat is closer to shore its crew expects to cross the finish line ahead of the polish ship the result should be clear by next morning. the
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morning brings the long awaited wind that comes too late in the day the race is almost over. but there's one mile to go to the finish line the polish ship dharma led usury came an hour ago mission hill and we should come second. they were closer to the line because they had been going a bit further south and benefited from southerly winds but they had a lead of several miles. through on the deck is quest for the news of the defeat. shall we say three cheers for the winners will get. by. you see yourselves. to meet you. but you should take place to face and victory in your stride when you're. young i'm upset of course i really don't know about the others but we had a chance to win and we didn't the way that i see it today we just didn't go the
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right way i don't think it was the right way. we simply should have taken another route. it was a fair race after all it is foolishness the captain says. well well bound to win the next time. and it disappointed no less finally getting to this point i think we'll do better the next leg of the race. such as mayor and dharma joshi are called windjammers levels and it's no wonder our lives are in the wind if there is no wind we go nowhere the poles were fortunate i don't know if it was a small stroke of luck or an educated guess they showed a slightly better performance than we did. the wind is what matters. eat. his crew takes in the sails before
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entering the spanish port town of kid is. out. in accordance with tradition it parades in front of thousands of spectators on the russian and polish ships more side by side they're like two peas in a pod. the sail boats turn into floating exhibitions open to the public for a few days anyone is free to inspect them inside out i. use the meanwhile off duty samus head into town. and. the crews of all race competitors get together at parties on line with snacks drinks and done so their rivals at sea shake hands secretly hoping they will emerge
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victorious next time and receive such congratulations on the victory. was. today is the last stop for me she will later join thirty other sailboats returning to portugal and then the russian ship will follow a route of her own once again the wind and waves will be both her friends and foes on the way.
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syrian rebels threaten to attack civilian airports calling on international airlines to stop flights going into the country's two major cities. backed and aerated iran's reaffirming its position in the international arena after hosting a summit of dozens of nations as the international atomic watchdog piles of pressure on the country for stepping up their activities. as israel builds its war rhetoric against top we look at how a military that is helping the israeli population prepare for a reciprocal attack. hello and welcome to our team karen taraji starting your saturday off here in moscow we
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go now to our top story the rebel free syrian army is threatening to attack civilian airports in the country's biggest cities the fighters say the government is using the halls in aleppo and damascus for military planes let's now talk to dr ali mohamed the editor in chief of independent website syria tribe which has been monitoring the crisis since it started dr mohammad thank you for joining us so the syrian opposition is warning foreign not to use the airports in damascus and aleppo now could these foreign planes come under attack from the opposition targeting the government aircraft. first it is no proof that they will only be targeting the government aircrafts they said they will be targeting civilian aircraft and i don't think they have the means to distinguish which are government ones and which are not. the rebels saying that they are attacking civilian airports now is just one
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more step in revealing that actual terrorist nature because it's against every law in the world to attack civilian airports for whatsoever reasons and the fact that the they are of bragging about it shows that maybe they acquired aircraft weapons from their supporting countries and of course when when these weapons reach terrorists you can always expect them to use them that way that what in targeting foreign aircraft lead to the rebels really losing the international support that they currently enjoy. i'm actually surprised they are still enjoying their support when the international community sees the rebels slaughtering people civilian people in the street and throwing them from the roof and still support them this gives the wrong message to the rebels that whatever they do they will still enjoy this twisted support the fact that they are still enjoying this support indicates a big problem either in the media that shows what's happening in syria or in the international community itself now russia has again warned that foreign nations
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they have warned foreign nations against pushing for regime change in syria and all the while urging the opposition to go on fighting let's listen to what foreign minister lavrov had to say. fighting rages it's just not realistic to only demand one side to capitulate it's not about ideology we're not clean to a regime or a certain actor in the syrian conflict we're just talking here about what is realistic and what is not but those who are demanding the government stop fighting while at the same time urging the armed opposition to continue the battle these forces are ready to pay an extra price which will be a huge number of human lives. dr mohammad after listening to some words there just how critical our foreign powers support to the rebels in terms of continuing the conflict it's very critical i think the only reason their bills are still fighting
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until today is because they enjoy the logistic weapon and financial support from many countries. what mr lavrov said is very important how can you ask the. army in any country in the world to stop fighting the rebels that you would recognize the existence and since they are there what do you expect the army to do and if you really care for the welfare of the syrian people you should the minimum you should do is ask both sides to stop fighting now there have been allegations that nations like saudi arabia and qatar are supplying the syrian opposition with anti-aircraft missiles just how have only armed would you say is the free syrian army at the moment. at the moment the free syrian army is not heavily armed well enough to win any battle against the syrian army the syrian official army just like what has been happening in the past months but it is definitely have really aren't enough to harm civilians and to endanger the lives of many syrian people the fact
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that these countries keep sending money and weapons and also what they call logistics support or means of communication which are used to mainly to broadcast atrocities they commit against civilians and while the. countries norway this is no match for the syrian army was a very serious question what exactly do you want by sending these and this is what it is and now very briefly because we are running out of time i do want to get this last question in turkey and its western allies are now pushing for for protected save zones inside syria it's a move that would certainly amount to foreign intervention now and carter says it needs to protect civilians what's your take on that. it's actually funny how can you protect civilians by imposing water you want to protect civilians you have to stop for and stop the war starts with stopping the influx of the influx of. money to the rebels the fact that they are thinking of a safe zone is
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a big. media. media. big need the media. because you cannot start putting civilians are out after i'm a harm of the editor in chief of independent websites or try to be and thank you for your time thank you. iran's taken steps to change its image as an international outcast over one hundred nations have offer their support over its controversial nuclear program the final declaration of the summit of nonaligned states hosted by to iran backed the right for all countries to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while the gathering was being held the u.n. nuclear watchdog released its latest report accusing iran of increasing your am in richmond. finding suggests the number of centrifuges at one of iran's facilities has more than doubled attack iran.


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