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money out of other people's misery quite literally the army of them sponsoring the paralympics is something is really lost on them and he seems to divide people into the serving disabled and the un to serving tony bradstock went through an at or sesame and which resulted in him losing his entire income for six months he says he was made to feel like a criminal and the process resulted in him attempting suicide. intercession is going to work and. it's a disposable. strickly said explosive watch explores what moral compulsion will stop to a shade she took a break in order to morris because i couldn't find any wire to cook with a roof over my head. any y.i.t. he's not alone pressure groups a thirty two people died a week after being found fit to work by at office disabled people and other activists have travelled here from all over the country to recessed against
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actresses sponsorship of the hourly makes they you know you sit in that admiration for paralympic themselves but say an organization and they feel was actually ordinary disabled people should play no part in this event. in a statement the company defends its practices and policies responsibility back to the government department for work and pensions which actually makes the final decision. we do not made decisions on people's benefit entitle him and or poor who continue to make sure that the service we provide is as highly professional and compassion and is it can be but disability activists say that's just passing the buck and that at us is sponsorship of the games gives it a whitewash it doesn't deserve they're trying to clean up their image by trying to associate themselves with sports you know this show disability rights people's activity has really given the other side out how paul floats
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thank you michael to team g.b. athletes appeared to highlight the branding on their power olympic accreditation during the opening ceremony but activists say that's not enough when at austin the government expect to cause a round hole for a million people to lose their independent living benefits in the next four years laura smith r.t. . still ahead for you in the program the u.s. and israel are left embarrassed as more than one hundred nations support iran's atomic program as experts believe the country needs it as a repellant against international military aggression. right also echoes of war in the black sea munitions dump to in the waters seventy years ago are still threatening all these hot spots.
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well the one hundred nations have unanimously supported iran's nuclear program as long as it's useful peaceful purposes off to be none aligned movement wrapped up into run it amounts to a resolving flap in the face with the u.s. and israel who've been trying to downplay the role of the gathering the latest i.e. a report issued during the summit claimed iran to doubled its nuclear capacity by installing new uranium enrichment centrifuges to run they rejected the document saying it was all politically motivated jim political analyst eric dry things the i.a.e.a. has never been any impartial body. the iranians do it partially for self-preservation they also do it for propaganda purposes and to lend themselves clout on the world stage they have the inherent right according to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that they have the right to have a nuclear program so long as it's for peaceful purposes as is now accepted international law so i think that's the first one the second one of course is the
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geo political reality that they look around them you look at the map and they see that they are surrounded literally on all sides by the united states or various allies of the united states and the principle is quite clear that the united states will invade nations that do not have the threat of nuclear weapons and the united states does not invade the nations that do have that threat the a e a in many ways is part of what the leader in iran called the overt dictatorship of the united nations that is to say that the i.a.e.a. is always led by us produced think tank individuals like eldora di or his predecessors who will inevitably execute the agenda of the western powers regardless of whether that contravenes international law saying mohammad marandi a professor at the university of tehran says iran would have never launch a nuclear program but why international pressure. the iranians are saying that this
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report came at a sensitive time to sort of distract attention away from this iranian success the nonaligned movement. conference in tehran has been highly successful instead of iran being isolated the united states has become isolated scented oppose senior figures going to tehran and many major world leaders have come to the country in addition the president of egypt came to iran which is a political earthquake the iranians are producing uranium. enrichment at twenty percent for facilities in tehran which then produce medical isotopes the fact that the united states and the europeans tried to prevent iran from obtaining this fuel in the past met that meant that they were taking iranian cancer patients hostage the irony here is that the iranians at the beginning had no intention whatsoever to produce uranium at twenty percent and then produce nuclear
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fuel but americans and the europeans by taking iranian citizens and people hostage for sea iranians to take that step the politicians senior politicians really know that an attack on iran would be devastating for the united states and not only for its economy but for its global position and its credibility . the washington seems reluctant to endorse a strike on iran israel is getting all geared up for it people in tel aviv know the impact of seeing emergency drills which simulates missile attacks and these are his policy reports war preparations have also moved to the ideological arena. this fifteen page emergency brochure is being distributed by the israeli army across the country and it puts around the mining based on very serious and grim statistics the brochure takes about what people should do in
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a state of emergency it says that there is a need for family told the families to get together and talk about what to do if the country is in a state of crisis at the same time if that anywhere between fifty fifty and three minutes is the time frame that israelis will have from the moment fire and sound until there is a state of emergency there and also urging people to go and check that they bomb shelters up to scratch now the pressure doesn't make any mention of any kind of you want to rant but certainly it is giving some kind of urgency and there have been those who suggested that it is really the day to day by israeli politicians in preparation for human and war and certainly we've heard that kind of recreated coming out of these maybe political elite some officials have said that we're looking at a civilian counted some five hundred people in any kind of war that would follow and it's raining strike on the run parallel to the brochure there is an advert that it's blanking on his radio television and it shows a way in general we sit with the israeli army officers and they're trying to convince him to give their support in an israeli attack on an enemy state
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presumably the ranch the general at this stage take a bite out of the chocolate hazelnut that sitting in front of him and he said something along the lines of let's go nuts which the israelis misinterpret to mean that he has given them the green light for the population and for the missiles not to fall guy and you have those who want to move the situation the israelis so we have been putting up there with it and it does seem as if there is something on the go we have heard some israeli politicians on record saying that a strike on iran is going to happen soon but the official line to be from the government in terms of. this brochure and when we got down was that it is nothing more than just the general public awareness people need to know what to do even if they don't know. what is. right who the true runners of the u.s.
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presidential race are desperately trying to outwit outmaneuver one another to win the hearts and minds of americans. if you want to get out absolutely none of it why not i hate the republicans you know watch the democratic convention probably not why not i don't need to murder do virgins even chaos artie's resident jews roaming the streets of new york amid the fever. thousands of protesters have occupied the main highway leading to behind the capital to demand greater freedoms and a democratic government the demonstrators held up banners and flags urging the release of jailed or dissidents including human rights activist now bill ridge ob for more on the story we're joined by colin cavell a former political studies professor at the university of the rain thank you so much for joining us and mr. cavell now protests in bahrain have been going on for
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eighteen months now and have seen violent clamp down from the government do you see this boiling over into a new phase of the arab spring. bang the people of bahrain a resolute they cannot be pacified any longer they two hundred twenty nine year. monarchy and the monarchy has become increasingly just their club they are corrupt and the people demand them are pretty they have demonstrated time and again over the past eighteen months since february of two thousand and eleven that they want the monarchy to go they want the cheating in the royal family to abdicate the lead bahrain they want democracy they want to make their own rules they want to rule their own lives they want their own responsibility and accountability they're tired of a single family running the engine our country with general court with no justice
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at all with disparity amongst the population so you know the u.s. has been supporting both reins a regime you know of course as the fifth fleet is based in the country i think going to maintain their support a stance in the face of growing protests that we've seen the last couple of months . well the united states wants to retain its edge amount of control not only a little bahrain but over the entire persian gulf monarchies in the entire middle east in order to keep that crude oil flowing which we have relied upon since the famous film with president franklin delano roosevelt and nine hundred forty five in the great bitter lake of egypt with him and saw the leader of saudi arabia so they want to keep that all flowing they want to retain their demonic control however they realize that with the increasing democratic opposition in all of these countries that they can no longer rely on these autocratic dictators to maintain
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control and this is particularly true in bahrain where the population three quarters of the population are out on the streets on a regular basis telling the government to leave saying we are no longer in support of monarchy we don't respect you and we don't fear you anymore you've got opposition leaders that rise up the regime put them in jail and the new ones rise up so what the u.s. is doing with president barack obama is to replace these autocratic despot we started with the north african regime egypt mubarak was removed in egypt we've had ben ali go we've had khadafi go leave. the regime in yemen go and so now if iraq obama is reelected and november sixth of this year then he will lead is a demonic transition these regimes and the now let me just jump in there because we
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are short of time and i want to get through some of these questions with you in just being believe the story about raines jailed a human rights activist nabby already jab seems to be repeating itself in saudi arabia way to add to the psyches of plotting against the state how common is this kind of sheet window of dissidents in the region. it's very common mom an arc attorney in saudi arabia is on trial today for setting up a human rights organization that's our common it is even if you speak carol or any type of right you're immediately put in jail you're immediately subjected to torture and many times and often kill and saudi arabia is particularly harsh there's a change right now on daughter amy an egyptian woman who is being lashed on a repeated basis simply because she got on the wrong wire one of their oil in some very despotic regime the u.s. know they cannot contain the democratic orses there are now erupting all over the
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middle east well let's leave it right there we've just run out of time i wish we had more time to speak jamie cullum cavell former political studies a professor at the university of the train thank you for speaking to us here on r.t. thank you. the visions of ukraine's crimea draw thousands of tories every summer however recent underwater discovery may compromise the results long as tabish reputation artie's alexia shaft he finds out how far the authorities will go to keep inconvenient facts from surfacing. locals in the crimea admit that the tourist season this year might have been better but still we're talking hundreds of thousands of stories from all over the world who have come here for summer holidays but none of them are aware that swimming in the sea here might actually be dangerous this summer dozens of dead dolphins washed up on crimean shores ecologists say this is down to an infection and the actions of local poachers but others have connected these deaths to something more sinister divers recently
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discovered these barrels containing poisonous gas which were dumped in the sea by the retreating soviet army prior to the nazi invasion of one thousand nine hundred forty one archives suggest one thousand two hundred containers are scattered around the crimean coast we have find and identify locations of around five hundred twenty ten the integrity warranty of these bottles officially expired meaning that starting from twenty eleven these containers can start falling apart. if poisonous substances are released into the sea water the consequences could be unimaginable he prayed gas can theoretically kill everything within forty kilometers however the state ecological watchdog firmly denies this threat even exists. are divers and specialists from the interior ministry check the bottom of the sea or the board tori's tested water for poisonous substances and we found nothing. but this recently declassified documents suggest the opposite in two thousand and four crimea's authorities urged private colleges to check the coastline for threats that
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is when those containers were found former m.p. oleksandr crucial is probably the only politician in ukraine who is making comments on the issue because she says the authorities are deliberately keeping the public in the dark and europe what it now that's a mentality of local bureaucrats who come in for a year or two now face and don't want these problems on their hands meanwhile more and more kids who turn this virus infections from crimea summer holidays and this is the. evidently caused by travel project state of the sea water says lifting those containers from the bottom of the sea is impossible they will fall apart that's why experts suggest a different solution if. there's a technology which allows to see all these containers all for seven hundred years underground succumb for gases are constructed and put above the decaying barrels would solve the problem. it is hard to estimate how much this kind of operation
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would cost but as long as these barrels are a threat to every black sea country key of would most certainly get international aid should it appeal for help this year's tourist season has finished with no major incidents but some say that next year unless there's urgent political action the region may not be so lucky alexi russia of ski r.t. reporting from crimea in ukraine now moscow celebrating thirty day marking the anniversary of with eight hundred sixty fifth and on our website you can see some of the festivities. try and watch for to us from the red square way and all military music festival took place combined with the flashing parade uniting of the two military units from all over the world that's on our website. both online and how one of the world's
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foremost is developing markets has become a battlefield germany looks ready to join the economic war between china and the u.s. with the wrangle over the price of so many. t.v. race route and new bridges sitcom about a family of pakistani immigrants stirred up a storm of complaints from muslim view with. the u.s. presidential race is heating up with fresh maneuvering two months before the election republican mitt romney has slammed his rival barack obama for his handling of foreign affairs but wasn't turned on accused of paying little attention to troops in afghanistan but how much should americans really care for protection
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exchanges artie's resident is in new york to find out. in the us republicans and democrats are holding their national conventions and here the media and politicians talk about them that the most important things going on right now so who's watching and what have they seen this week let's talk about that have you been watching why not because i don't like either one of those guys so you don't watch and you don't vote and that's a no i do vote but i don't like voting for the word who's who's not the worst of the two. but do you need to watch the conventions to be informed know it's all crap have you been watching you know absolutely none of it why now but i hate the republicans you know watch the democratic convention probably not why not i don't need to do you think there is actual information being said sad at the conventions or a say just kind of b.s.
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but i think it's sort of you know sounds good on camera do you think that how these conventions actually do anything you know. spend money our money our money how do you feel about that i don't like that. i do we get them to stop because you know romney's going to say leave town. the content is not so much the port important as the outside how people perform that that's my first impression that the people are choosing the heads not the phones i think most of europeans are through obama and that's it and you don't need to watch any of the bad never. really want to show us that i was really i mean congress or us is smarter than that was really awful i'm sure said what better way irritates me is that these people aren't too bad she's really think we're stupid what are they covering up well that she's a very intelligent lady but i mean she sat there for an hour striking mitt romney so you go well you know americans smarter than that you know that way i mean america needs someone to stand up and take charge i think let's face it ok. that
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are out for themselves that's it i give up on it but don't they when i mean you're not happy with the way things are going and so the solution you've chosen is to check out doesn't that mean they they went. yes. yes so it seems like most people aren't even watching but if you do decide to tune in and remember to watch it for what it is extremely calculated very expensive showmanship designed to influence the way you think whether or not that works is up to you. right now we have to go there with the president i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in a few moments stay with us. dreaming
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when you're watching r t let's take a recap of the headlines this hour syrian rebels declare civilian airports are the latest target and one that international flies shouldn't straight anyway near the country's two largest cities. to push for a no fly zone over syria since activists are rallying in a small way as germany both for and against assad's regime. actions i speak louder than words in israel as the country launches a massive war propaganda campaign along with emergency drills. the sponsor getting attention for all the wrong reasons at the london paralympics and among disability activists as a firm which they say humiliate them is the key backer of the games. next time
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we talk to foreign affairs expert and german left wing politician ian fanaa to knew about the was an agenda in syria. as one of the world's major economic and political powerhouses germany has a lot of influence which it can exert over global situations not to talk with me a little bit more about what germany is doing on the global stage right now i'm joined by. foreign policy spokesperson for the left body here in germany thanks very much for speaking to me. syria is of course the major flashpoint in the world right now what's germany's view on the situation moment. i would love to know i know what my position is in syria and i think i'm the only side i can take that those people are still peacefully demonstrating for the right for the democratic and human rights. but the german government officially they don't take sides
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something sure of the. human rights. repression within the country sure enough but officially them taking any other sides with a rebel to whatever but informally and to see it from their involvement you know with this by ship on the ground there. and they invite three and put it to us for the time thereafter and train them here so officially they seem to take sides but it's unclear to me who they are now you mentioned the training of politicians for a syria without assad how are those people chosen. i have no idea and i mean this is buy it it's not the government think. think think that's close to the government we have in germany so somebody selected people and i don't know on the basis of which criteria i have no clue i mean we now have been invited for fun to discuss from my mob friends i mean how can you train some people and others not to mean we
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left party to lincoln in germany we have contacts left politicians some people in syria i would know who i would pick but obviously these are different people so if these people being brought here to germany because germany sees them as being beneficial for the country in the future sure obviously i mean there's sort of an idea this government has which is not out of the public space i don't know about it but obviously they have an idea who they want to govern the country with or this is ethnically based religiously based or politically based i've no no clue i can't figure i can imagine i would think that they would look for people who are not too close to the muslim brothers so to islam for a way from from us that is possible maybe not too critical about turkey but i don't know so is germany setting itself up as the best place to to train politicians for the post saddam era that's what they are doing i mean obviously they are inviting
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people here and they call it training for the situation there after. so yes they are training people for government positions they want to have the relationship with the german government and eventually the muslim brotherhood there or another country where they have huge influence of course in egypt how do you view the situation in that country after their revolution and their transition into a new egypt was very difficult situation for a long time i was afraid that the army would take over. now as of today it looks better so that they are losing some of the power of the military to the elected president this situation continuous hopefully to future for the situation within egypt what this means for the whole region i mean we had the clash at the border to israel so really have no idea i think it's very volatile right now for israel for
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libya syria. and especially then all the threats from israel against iran so it's too early to say that the revolution in egypt is one is over everything is peaceful and happy happy but it looks better today than four weeks ago well to move to libya now what's the situation there in your opinion how does a country like libya want to rebuild itself and one of the aftermath very few people talk about is that many of those who fought in libya now went to the area and are now fighting in mali for example were we have no sort of a civil war going on or some really extreme muslim took over the north a part of mali many of those fought before that and worked with weapons everything were trained in the area so we see sort of the fallout of this war and libya in the neighboring country is there a chance that the type of situation we see right now in libya it could be repeated in syria as of today the situation for me in syria looks much worse than in libya
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because i mean the whole environment you know with the middle east conflict. is one problem the other problem is that right now there seems to be so many other countries. who have their own interests within syria supporting one side or the other turkey with the kurdish problem so they are supporting the movement just to prevent the kurds within syria to have their own you know autonomy then you have the gulf states supporting the rebels and you have the cia on the ground you have german spy ship something i mean this seems to be the whole world have their interest now with one group or the other syria and that looks to me like a recent piece for a long civil war within syria now we talk about contagion when we're talking about the eurozone crisis is there a risk of a war contagion in the wider middle east area if the situation in syria continues contagion is the very risk why the west right now.


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