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all. the stories that show you this week western nations ramp up calls for military intervention in syria in order to protect refugees but face criticism for aiming to hold on to rebels fighting tactics are accused of being war crimes. might have to spend from six months to whole yeah they could or an embassy in london that whistleblower makes a full cost during a raid to say he hopes pro diplomatic resolution to the standoff.
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so no doubt cost iran refutes the midst of its international isolation by hosting a high profile summit attended by leaders and senior politicians from of that hundred countries despite opposition from washington. of all agog suboxone business tycoon romano weapons in a multi-billion dollar basile with fellow countrymen berries berries up skate and london ports in a case full of accusations of dirty dealings and civil rights. hello and welcome to all see twenty four hour news line from moscow. with the latest news and the week's top stories western powers have pushed this week for setting out foreign protected safe zones in syria a move that would effectively mean intervention given the opposition to the idea
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from russia and china britain has hinted at foreign nations could act without the approval. of the buffer zones are needed to help syrian refugees but some experts believe those behind the nish to pursue other interests in the first place. it's a pretext it's still another way to divide and take over the country using the united nations as your bill is unfortunately a repetition of what happened in libya where we're the united nations being used to promote war instead of promote face their playbook or to libya they want to try the same playbook and go with those work anymore but there is no desire by. the west nato to have been negotiated settlement the oldest purpose of this exercise is to make sure that there is no competition in the middle east for pipelines such as by way of syria iran and other places all these other things are excuses to claim that they care one bit about humanitarian concerns as it is
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a gross law they rebel fighters say that foreign power is coming in on the stump michigan no fly zone over syria will significantly help them in their fight against assad's government meanwhile think toxics employed by the opposition on the ground all raising more questions than a sycophant. it was another disturbing example of the many atrocities committed throughout the syrian war a truck bomb with homemade explosives headed for a checkpoint to the entrance of syria's largest city. i love what i do but the men that are loading it aren't assad forces they're one of the many groups fighting under the banner of the free syrian army and their captive is said to be a member of the should be a militia with a very close ties to the outside government the video filmed by the new york times and turn into an on air segment by the b.b.c. captured what human rights groups called evidence of an attempted murder a potential war crime under international law review of rebels from the free syrian army trying to use a prisoner as an unwitting suicide bomber in their attacks on government forces now
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the cameras didn't follow the prisoner who had no idea that while being blindfolded he was actually embarking on a suicide mission he simply thought that he was being given his freedom the very next morning he was said to have escaped after the bombs failed to detonate and the b.b.c. had aired a story on august twenty second but this glimpse into the darker side of some of the tactics now being used in the uprising never aired again the story was also pulled from the b.b.c. website the network told me that this was due to copyright issues and this very video raises the question about whether such tactics may be more widespread among the opposition than what has been previously documented they have yet to draw the same level of scrutiny as the crimes committed by the government were challenged in syria is met with more whether by the government or the rebels the violence seems to be the name of the game and further shatters the prospects for peace agreement reality for the civilians caught in this bitter war to seek out for no for r.t. and moscow. still unclear who exactly is the fragmented syrian opposition
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a western governments that came to help them seize power of the conflict torn country france has asked us not opponents to fall with provisional government promising to recognize that i'm a legitimate representative of the new syria that not a sense of what could be behind this attraction bipartisan its potential implications is a one for you as arteta. period in all songs once again broke his silence giving his fans. interview since being granted political asylum by ecuador talking to a pan latin american t.v. network the whistleblower defended the weekly leak schools pointing out that no one was hurt as a result of publications on the website something that cannot be said about america's actions in iraq and afghanistan which it exposed also lashed out at the u.s. for its overwhelming sabella its practices and what he called a global supply and that was implemented via google base the weekly legal believes is leading to national to tell it turn is in which the public in the west
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increasingly influenced by press many play shows speaking about his own future a sound has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for over ten months now ted and i take from six months up to a year for him to become a free man and then from the u.k. to independence party told r.t. that a soldier might be right to count on sweden eventually dropping the case against him. i don't see. very quick resolution to this unfortunately for our coffers the. police weren't under enough pressure with all the other police having to do it would be a lympics of everything else at the moment. but i don't see a resolution of your william hague or stop threatening to storm the dorian embassy which i think he was very foolish to even hint to rigidly but we might come to some arrangement with the ecuadorians i don't know but i think the most likely thing is that sweden will realise that they've created by not sending a prosecutor to talk to here in england there's the offered to do to speak to them
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to answer their questions by going this heavy handed route i think they've they've made a rod for their own bike and they're going to end up having to drop it but i don't think they'll do it any time soon. all the twists and turns of judith saunders a long running saga all in our website home and also that you can watch all the episodes of the week in leaker's our own interview program that was broadcast on r.c. including the one where he talks to ecuador and president himself. hasn't been. on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. for the source material is what helps keep journalism we. we wanted to present. something real.
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the long lasting conflict between the palestinians continues with new evidence of children in the front line testimonies of soldiers and a shocking video how they separated a mother from her daughter in a small palestinian village have taken the strive to a new level policy have a pulse now from ten of their. there were demonstrations as indeed there are even weekend now big sunday which is a palestinian village and in footage that was captured on camera these soldiers can be seen going from house to house and physically taking people out of their homes one person was injured at least six people were arrested five of whom were children and there are pictures of me daughters of one woman trying to save their mother as she was manhandled by the soldiers who were stun grenades now these reports come out on the heels of another damning conclusion there is really defense forces has come under fire from its own rank and file an organization known as breaking the
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silence has published the testimonies of some thirty israeli soldiers and commanders in which they deal specifically with how the i.d.f. treats palestinian children palestinian minors they talk about the op or treat use of violence by soldiers when it comes to children and at the same time they say that very often the idea of deliberately targets children using them as human shields during its operations but these reports also going to say that even when children are not deliberately targeted they are not afforded any kind of protection when there is a shootout or any kind of military operation as you can witness from that distance that we published and from my own experiences as a soldier i have to say that the main point here is that there is there is no real distinction when it comes to treatment between adults and children for example we were doing constant arrest operations throughout the west bank arresting i don't know how many people you know on a nightly basis and many of the people that we were arresting were either children
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or teenagers did the most occasions we didn't even know why they were being arrested in one of the radio parisian streets we had that we basically invaded the palestinian town south of the city of hebron the children started throwing stones at us so at some point we picked a random kid that didn't even necessarily threw stones at us and used him as a shoe. being thrown. by his supposed friends who did him instead of us we were hoping that that would stop him somehow that would stop his friends from throwing stones obviously didn't help him he just got injured in the in the so certainly not a good time for the i.d.f. it's finding a been criticized on a number of fronts paul if they are r.t. television. and this brings us to the case of pro palestinian us rachel corrie was crushed by an israeli army bulldozer in two thousand and three the twenty three year old was taking part in a demonstration trying to stop palestinian homes from being destroyed in gaza haifa
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court ruled that israel was not at fault a journalist tom dale who witnessed cora's death claims israel was trying to sway the incident under the rug. it's tremendously disappointing on the basis of what i saw on that day in two thousand and three it's absolutely not possible to characterize what happened next to them in my view so i told the coach and as i told the. question before the bulldozer driver. a very long drive up. before he got to rachel during which time he must have been able to see even on the face of the shots presented to the court by the threat of military the law. was visible above the took the bull's eye sublight just before she was crushed and she come with an amount of trying to escape so in my mind that's absolutely no doubt that he would have seen on this that it represents a want what happened on that day
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a culture in the israeli military community to such crimes and that culture impunity it's the philatelic it fortunately sometimes by the courts who deliberately turn a blind eye of course the main shoulders on which the fools palestinian shoulders better because it's full of civilians almost every area is a civilian and so the israeli government to say we refuse to treat anyone in this area additionally given that human rights because we've given it this particular name. close matutinal happy to me i think that's just me serving that responsibility. this week iran was of the sun told the global political stage showing the despite economic sanctions and why it spread of an if occasion it's not as isolated as largely believed to negations from a one hundred states got into iran for the nonaligned movement summit and group of nations who don't consider themselves part of any power blog dozens of country need
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is attended including egypt's new elected president mohamed morsi the first visit to iran by an egyptian head of state says the nineteen seventy nine islamic revolution the significance of the meeting was also underlined by the presence of the u.n. chief who came despite being last names are all discouraging him and independent research. explains the sounds about iran's role in the region the one. mr blanky moon does recognize the fact and he has said so this iran is a key player in the region and nothing much really can be solved q. flowers if you want participation. i'm sure that the united states and israel would like mr ban ki moon to come down hard on iraq and there's he's also aware of the flag there's two thirds of the countries that belong to the united nations are member countries of the nine aligned. united states state department likes to say
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many things and i think that's precisely because they do tend to be very aggressive in their foreign policy towards certain countries in particular although i think they have the whole goal in mind they would love to be a global vision monic power. the nonaligned movement now is one hundred percent coming together to resist this kind of aggression to resist this kind of double standards and hypocrisy and i think that's probably really thinking of the united states this finds. so this summit in tehran resulted in a declaration stating every nation's right to peaceful development and he said need to energy seen as a backing of iran's controversial nuclear program it came just as a new report by the un at home of course of the matched accusing baseline extent of stepping up its uranium enrichment political analyst eric draitser the timing of their bodies shows the i.a.s. anything but unbiased be a rainy ins first of all they believe that they have the inherent right according
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to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that they have the right to have a nuclear program so long as it's for peaceful purposes as is now accepted international law the united states and israel too to a large extent are terribly embarrassed about the fact that the nonaligned movement summit has gone off as a tremendous success and the fact that many around the world are seeing the n.a.m. summit as really iran's coming out party in terms of geopolitics in terms of their position on the world stage and so the timing of the report i think is is in fact dubious and i would go further and remind people that the i a e a in many ways is part of what the leader in iran called the overt dictatorship of the united nations that is to say that the i.a.e.a. is always led by us produced think tank individuals like eldora di or his predecessors who will inevitably execute the agenda of the western powers
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regardless of whether that contravenes international law. you're watching r.t. and still ahead figure this out with a history of flip flopping on political issues u.s. republican presidential nominee and me trump is becoming more of a punch line that clear frontrunner for the white house. some later fears of radical islam spread throughout russia after a series of attacks on muslim leaders who preached against extremists are eighteen . bridges high court has given the verdict this week in one of the most expensive bottles in legal history. russian tycoon. has lost a multi-billion dollar play against his fellow countryman roman abramovich the chelsea football club owner the months long standoff between the two oligarchs living in the u.k. scandalous accusations of greed and design a city. takes a closer look at the case the final verdict in this case found against
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a body's good results which means that he won't receive a cent more than five point six billion dollars that he was also going for which what i want to promote it should not import the good results keep was he a really became very upbeat saying that he had full confidence in the british legal system and it was the verdict was being read he held his head in his hands and as he was leaving he appeared to have lost confidence in the british legal system now this is a case that has opened up all the viewing of the general public the murky world the old russia is a mega rich and what they got up to back in the nineteen ninety's the wild east as we called it but we're talking about massive sums of money off shore bank accounts elicit payments made between people often in massive sums of cash and there are of course five star hotels and ski resorts and enormous business deals done only on the strength of a handshake with new documentation which of course has made this case
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a very difficult one to judge is brought to longer. to school building billionaires along with their own megger expensive lawyers and bodyguards who walked around this area in their shades in a menacing way but he spit his old ski says that he was done out of billions of dollars when he says that i'm over it intimidated him into selling shares in russian metals and oil companies for a fraction of what they were but abramovich says that in fact he embodies all together whenever business partners that he was making payments to but as well to keep it they were only for political protection. roof in russian which has become a common hollins in the legal circles here in london as a result of this case a promotion it is that he did make regular payments to put his old ski full political protection but he says that they weren't anything to do with the partnership they were often made in huge cash sums up to five million dollars
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hundred for in cash and totaling several hundred million dollars he says that he paid for but is also key to travel in a private jet that he bought him a french chateau and he also bought him jewelry for his girlfriend but as he wanted five point six billion dollars on top of the one point two billion that he received back in two thousand and two from which this is being one of the biggest civil trials ever held in british legal history it's been hundreds of hours and resulted in millions of dollars worth of legal fees so we've heard the results of this case . when for better this time around we may see more cases of this nature here in london. so after losing fortunes during a high cost lawsuit some russian tycoons could use advice from a class chinese bond to uphold that premium status or now website. least it's thousands of dollars to make a trade come true that how a chinese all this to try to actually support. that.
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mindgames chinese scientists close the gap between man and machine by inventing controlled. u.s. presidential candidates matronly criticized current president bronc obama for his handling of foreign affairs said they republican national convention this week his commons could be worse and for other nations as america's presidential election approaches romney has a history of flip flopping on issues though so it's hard to tell what his message will become in november he's got an extra count explaining. mitt romney is now officially barack obama's opponent for the white house and he's talking tough throwing rocks well verbal rocks not only the president but also nations at the
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republican convention where he accepted his nomination mr romney did not fail to once again highlight his any masorti towards russia he criticized the president for not being hard enough in his view on russia when it comes to missile defense mitt romney says under his administration quote mr putin will see less flexibility and more backbone and of quote and of course that adds up to his earlier statements that russia is america's number one geopolitical enemy and that they need to reset the reset that's actually what he says on his website as part of mitt romney's foreign policy agenda so yes a lot of tough talk i heard experts say that's how mitt romney makes up for a lack of charisma what's interesting about the backbone comment is that mitt romney himself is often characterized as lacking the backbone as he has flip flopped on so many issues like abortion he was for abortion before he was against
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it or illegal immigration he was for giving them legal status that he was for deporting them mitt romney is flip flops have been widely discussed they've become an endless source of inspiration for comedians this is this is from the tonight show with jay leno it says actually mitt romney and hurricane isaac have something in common they can both change direction said any moment and another comedian goes obama is like you can be whatever you want to be while romney is like i can be whatever you want me to be there are tons of jokes about mitt romney and his backbone issues apparently one way of showing some backbone for him is this kind of tough talk full of threats we'll see how far it will take him in this november election. so with the two party system in the us some voters feel they aren't left with much of a choice now and later they somehow are also andrew live in shares what he sees as the flaws of america's electoral system but here's
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a preview. at the level the underlying political vision or underlying political orientation are there isn't that much difference romney would probably be perfectly happy doing what obama does we have a media which is sort of all the control and. all the institutions that manufacture opinion are so pervasive and our electoral system has become basically i can advertising it's become sales promotions there and there are people trying to sell different products one of two products to a product it's. a pressure that's not all it's not so much of the pressure that tardiness is that's a pressure that most people work most people aren't even aware that there is an alternative. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the war at least
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a dozen people are dead after a double suicide bombing near a military base in central afghanistan more than seventy others were injured the taliban said it sent out two bombers one driving a truck packed with explosives and the other on foot. protests against the early release of the accomplice and ex-wife of a notorious child killer and paedophile have ended in scuffles with pleas the demonstrations took place outside a convent where michel martin has been sent after serving just over half a jail sentence the woman was sentenced to thirty years in prison for letting two girls starve to death in the cellar while helping her husband mark to truth carry out sexual abuse is another. seven share muslims have been shot dead in the city of quetta in pakistan police say gunmen on motorcycles forced the group off a bus and shot five of them to survivors tried to run away but were clashed chased down and killed that is the latest in
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a wave of. violence in pakistan has shared groups groups blame the government for failing to hold the bloodshed. russia is a triscuit facing a wave of islamic radicalism after a dug astonied muslim spiritual leader was assassinated in his house on tuesday the female suicide bomber entered the clerics home disguised as a program and blew herself up this comes in the wake of last month's double assault on muslim figures in the republic of tatarstan some expose believe the roots of extremism lead all the way to the middle east the government must still be very cautious on how it treats the spread of radicalization as painting all muslims with one brush could drive people into the hands of the islam that he goes for ports. the trip to work that turned to tragedy our sons had moved he was driving when a series of blasts threw him from his car the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas among believers survived to find out his deputy was shot
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dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind the attack but the spotlights now on the other stun most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical islam in washington yes some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where as an official religion on the got the money has to be worked off and they demand that ideology is spread here that it's. like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it's strongly advocated in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling for jihad holy war against them but abysmal or any other radical movement of us lot of course not part of the official religion here but i thought the same different ideas often taught in smaller mosques hidden from the mainstream. like this one
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form a boiler house rebuilt into a mosque in one of gazans many apartment blocks the art it's the mom's denying being radical but admit they do not support their stance official branches of islam . we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no terrorism these are words only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit as. we were told here believers are taught sincerely and equality there are no longer up held in modern society with justice can only be achieved through islam and when someone says islam is the only fan way of life and social order they're called radical or extremist then what's the punishment for stealing the hand is. not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal court nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list of
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banned extremist literature was thrown together. often in books by classical world famous author is a bound more than some of prophet muhammad saints how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain influence. of course start our stand is a long way from becoming engulfed by the war stuff radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is now key in the wrong moves could only worsen the situation you're just going to have our g. guys i doubt our son to stay with alice happen back with a recap of this waste top stories in just a few. years .


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