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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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quote. from. this week's top stories here on our turkey's stab at military intervention in syria gets the cold shoulder as rebels declare civilian aprils their latest target warning international flights to stay away from. a chorus of support for iran's peaceful nuclear program as the country destroys any notion it's been politically isolated by the u.s. for this hosting of a massive international summit. the republicans freshly nominated presidential
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candidates mitt romney promises a hard line stance against russia but faces criticism for flip flopping on previous policy. and the war of the well i'm on the verge of that would be bad legal attempts like the london based you know boris berezovsky to cut up its life of its multibillion dollar fortune. it's eleven pm here in moscow you're watching r t a with the we came first the most open push yet for military intervention in syria came this week proposed by turkey with backing from both britain and france it proposes a un this refugee camps on syrian soil which would be guarded and protected by foreign forces via a no fly zone the idea hit
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a dead end at the security council with russia and china standing against any further interference but britain and france remain determined hinting they might side step the view when all together and that according to brian back from the end to war on the coalition would be like a return to the pot. if the united states and and france and britain consider the united nations to be nothing other than their plaything a fig leaf for their own foreign policy yes they're very disappointed in russia and china for quote weakening the un but if the un is actually there be a voice for peace. a method an instrument to avoid war in the scourge of war to avoid the ravages of colonialism as it has pretended to be at least in the past just it's very odd and ironic in fact completely hypocritical to have the french government saying to the syrian opposition you form a government and we'll recognize you i mean that's just a script from the good old days when the colonial powers operated through proxies
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so it will be they those who control the monopoly of violence that is the nato powers themselves will be the ultimate determine or of what the character is of this new so-called opposition government or what they will declare to be the legitimate government of the syrian people. the rebel fighters say that foreign powers coming in and establishing a no fly zone over syria will significantly help them in their fight against assad's government but in the meantime they promise to expand their own offensive and a new battleground us the villian a port with the free syrian army warning airlines to avoid damascus and aleppo they say planes arriving at those two locations are part of an alleged smuggling network for the government and it's feared any lending the billions on not could now be a target of the free syrian army but that's not the only tactic employed by the rebels a. serious question as are d.
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the loosely coffin of reports. it was another disturbing example of the many atrocities committed throughout the syrian war a truck bomb with homemade explosives headed for a checkpoint to the entrance of syria's largest city. i love you but the men that are loading it aren't assad forces they're one of the many groups fighting under the banner of the free syrian army and their captives said to be a member of the should be a militia with a very close ties to the us a government the video filmed by the new york times and turn into an on air segment by the b.b.c. captured what human rights groups called evidence of an attempted murder a potential war crime under international law review of rebels from the free syrian army trying to use a prisoner as an unwitting suicide bomber in the retards and government forces and the cameras didn't follow the prisoner who had no idea that while being blindfolded he was actually embarking on a suicide mission he simply thought that he was being given his freedom the very next morning he was said to have a scaped after the bombs failed to detonate and the b.b.c.
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had aired the story on august twenty second but this glimpse into the darker side of some of the tactics now being used in the uprising never aired again the story was also pulled from the b.b.c. website the network told me that this was due to copyright issues and this very video raises the question about whether such tactics. to be more widespread among the opposition than what has been previously documented they have yet to draw the same level of scrutiny as the crimes committed by the government were challenged in syria is met with more whether by the government or the rebels the violence seems to be the name of the game and he further shatters the prospects for peace a grim reality for the civilians caught in this bitter war. for r.t. in moscow. meanwhile syria's neighbors are feeling the heat of the long running warm next hour a report on how has that friendly jordan found itself between a rock and a hard place the never ending stream of refugees from one side and i'm smugly from the other. weighing in on the syria situation is we keep leaks with
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julian assange promising to publish millions of the e-mails showing just how comfortable the west used to be with a sudden why the media is so intent on vilifying him in his first t.v. interview since he was granted asylum by ecuador he criticized washington's arrest made of leaks he said speaking the truth wasn't harmful unlike america's action in iraq and afghanistan some of which his website helped expose sunday also talked about a transnational surveillance empire that he says is quickly taking shape up the developing world also go inside to the internet giants of such as google as being complicit in a memo to spying operation by the united states called within from the u.k. independence party says the issues and we can leave that brings up by extremely relevant. we here in britain suffer even more from the surveillance society in the united states london is the world capital of surveillance everywhere you look
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there's a c.c.t.v. camera we are constantly monitored monitored twenty four hours a day. now we we in the u.k. independence party trying to fight this in the same way that wiki leaks has been trying to do but it's very difficult because you're made out to be against the rule of law or if you don't want to be so very you know every moment of your your waking life but the fact of the matter is that there's been no attempt to sorry to tell you the stuff that they revealed is fraudulent it's misleading. the whole story seems to be to try. because the actual documents speak for themselves and are clearly for the most part you know. very relevant you know. and plenty more to come this hour including no mercy for minors veterans is to chronicle in the communication and bridges retallack dva army has committed against
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palestinian children on occupied land. also an exemption to tap into time as well as german chancellor angela merkel tries to convince be seen to use the billions to prop up an ailing eurozone. iran's nuclear ambitions have worn some powerful backing as one hundred twenty countries avoids the approval of peaceful atomic research in the country that was a key point in a unanimously adopted resolution that wrapped up a not aligned movement summit into run the us and israel have been left reeling by the success of the gathering as they've been trying to undermine it all along it comes as a new report suggests that iran has significantly enhanced its nuclear capacity but the document was rejected by to run as politically motivated it was another blow for israel and its western allies when linking them to moving up here at the summit he condemned it in the quest of the toric and threats of
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a strike on iran say and mohammad marandi a professor at the university of to run says it's ironic that the us effectively forced iran into a process of nuclear development. the iranians are saying that this report came out a sensitive time to sort of distract attention away from this iranian success the irony here is that the iranians at the beginning had no intention whatsoever to produce if you're aiming at twenty percent and then produce nuclear fuel but americans and the europeans by taking. a citizen. people hostage force iranians to take that politicians senior politicians really know that an attack on iran would be devastating for the united states not only for its economy but for its global position and its credibility. independent researcher soraya alaric believes the iran is the main barrier to us had germany in the region mr
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prime ki-moon does recognize the facts and he has said so this iran is a key player in the region and nothing much really can be solved q sours hurons participation and i'm sure that the united states and israel would like mr ban ki moon to come down hard on iran says he's also aware of the fact there's two thirds of the countries that belong to the united nations are member countries of the nine aligned movement united states state department they do tend to be very aggressive in their foreign policy towards certain countries in particular although i think they have the whole goal in mind they would love to be a global hamonic power with the nonaligned movement now is one hundred percent coming together to resist this kind of interaction. and like iran its enemy israel has lost popularity points after several israeli soldiers testify that children were often their main targets their words were backed by shocking footage showing
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how it's on me had separated a mother from her daughter in a small palestinian village policia has a story. there were demonstrations as indeed there are if we had not been silent which is a palestinian village in footage that was captured on camera these soldiers can be seen going from house to house and physically taking people out of their homes one person was injured at least six people were arrested five of whom were children and there are pictures of the daughters of one woman trying to save their mother as she was manhandled by the soldiers who were also using stun grenades now these reports come out on the heels of another damning conclusion there is when the defense forces has come under fire from its own rank and file an organization known as breaking the silence has published the testimonies of some thirty israeli soldiers and commanders in which they deal specifically with how the i.d.f. treats palestinian children palestinian minors they talk about the op or treat of
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violence by soldiers when it comes to children and at the same time they say that very often the i.d.f. deliberately targets children and using them as human shields during its operations but these reports also going to say that even when children are not deliberately targeted they are not afforded any kind of protection when there is a shootout or any kind of military operation as you can witness from that distance between published and from my own experiences as a soldier i have to say that the main point here is that there is there is no real distinction when it comes to treatment between adults and children for example we were doing constant arista peroration is throughout the west bank arresting i don't know how many people you know on a nightly basis and many of the people that we were arresting were either children or teenagers did the most occasions we didn't even know why they were being arrested in one of the radio parisian streets we had to basically invaded the palestinian town south of the city of hebron the children started throwing stones
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at us so it's on point we picked a random kid that didn't even necessarily threw stones at us and used him as a shoe. it distills to pull being thrilled by these trends by these supposed friends who did team instead of us we were hoping that that would stop him somehow that would stop his friends from throwing stones obviously didn't help him he just got injured in. so certainly not a good time for the i.d.f. it's finding a south been criticized on a number of fronts policy r.t. television. still ahead for you in the program a nostalgia for old no it's important why many germans in the bond of the doj mark annoyance still popular a decade after the euro was made the country's official country. also acting in bad faith we explore the reasons behind in the new president of rise of islamic extremism in russia but in the series decimation of moderate muslim clerics.
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the british high court tests measure the hopes and reputation of russia's self exiled tycoon. his high stakes lawsuit against billionaire compatriot a mortgage was dismissed in one of the most expensive cases in vehicle history and that from martin. the final verdict in this case found against bodies results which means that he won't receive a cent all the more than five point six billion dollars that he was asking for from which run up what i want to promote it should sell was not in court the bit is old steve was he arrived looking very upbeat saying that he had full confidence in the british legal system that was the verdict was being read he held his head in his hands and as he was leaving he appeared to have lost confidence in the british legal system now this is a case that has opened up all the viewing of the general public the murky world of russia's maker rich and what they got up to back in the nineteen nineties the wild
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east as we called it back then we're talking about massive sums of money off shore and could. illicit payments made between people often in massive sums of cash or of course five star hotels ski resorts and enormous business deals done only on the strength of a handshake with no documentation which of course has made this case a very difficult one to judge it's brought to london to school building billionaires along with their own choices maker expensive lawyers and bodyguards who walked around this court area in their shades in a minute singing way but he's got his old ski says that he was done out of billions of dollars when he says that i'm over it intimidated him into selling shares in russian metals and oil companies for a fraction of what they were but abramovich says that in fact he would never hurt business partners that he was making payments to bit is also key but they were only
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for political protection. roof in russian but it's also he wanted five point six billion dollars on top of the one point two billion that he received back in two thousand and two from which this is been one of the biggest civil trials ever held in british legal history it's been hundreds of hours and resulted in millions of dollars worth of legal fees so we've heard the results of this case new when for better this time around we may see more cases of this nature here in london. well the news of that mega rich squabble over billions in london might not go down well in crisis hit spain was hard to come by and one sport is now out of the job this is according to the latest figures from you with that expert opinion on that next hour . fans of food hundred he has a better one russia fought against of the invasion of napoleon those years the
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reacting the class. there was presidential candidates have this week been trading verbal blow. they told the safe they see as vital to their success in november election. that republican mitt romney beat barack obama to be gulf coast visiting areas hit by how can i think there's also been a lot of house retore between the team obama supporters and romney paying literally in kenya for what the republican slams bamma stand as a point of policy in the area and vowed that he would show more backbiting in relations with russia however sociology professor william robinson says the highly personalized campaign for high because i said there's that little real choice american voters saying that might have seemed unusual or there's no real significant difference between the republicans and the democrats regard to the economic program both parties are beholden to transnational corporate interests
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particularly to banking interests of oil interests to the u.s. military industrial complex this is a longstanding reality of u.s. electoral campaigns increasingly their personalized increasingly the real issues at stake the vital issues for the people in the united states and worldwide are not dealt with and increasingly they are simple simply personalized the times there is one difference of substance and this is coming out in the campaign victory and that is that the obama administration has been pursuing what we could call a very limited neocon has europe in a little more social programs that are a little more respect and really those are the only i see those are the only significant differences right now between these two parties in their presidential candidates. now i saw it is again it is you can ask the author andrew levine how much genuine choice americans have at the upcoming election here's a preview. it's sort of like. coke and pepsi
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and the level of antagonism that undoubtedly exists in the places where those things are manufactured and marketed at the level of underlying political vision or underlying political orientation there isn't that much difference and romney would probably be perfectly happy doing what obama does we have a media which is so several that control and. all the institutions that manufacture opinion are so pervasive and our electoral system has become basically if i can advertising it's become sales promotions there are brands and there are people trying to sell different products one of two products two products and it's. a pressure that's not it's not so much the pressure that's hard to resist it's a pressure that most people are most people aren't even aware that there is an alternative. right that's coming up
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later for you here on our t.v. next attacks against muslim leaders in russia have been on the rise recently prompting fears of a steady growth in radicalism and influential sheikh was killed on tuesday in dagestan when a female suicide bomber entered the clerics home disguised as a pull groom and blew herself. up to a double i felt on muslim figures in central russia in july teas you go out of peace cannot find out where the roots of extremism. the trip to work that turned to tragedy that our stance had moved he was driving when a series of blasts threw him from his car the man who's been openly against the spread of radical ideas among the lever survived to find out his deputy was shot dead in another part of town investigators still don't know the exact motivation behind the attack but the spotlight is now on the other stun most people here are muslim and that gets mentioned more and more when it comes to the spread of radical
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islam in washington yes some of the local muslim communities are financed by arab families from states where wacko business is an official religion the money has to be worked off and they demand their ideology is spread here. like a business is one of the most fundamental branches of islam it's strongly advocated in saudi arabia which backs it up with billions of dollars of support across the muslim world its followers often oppose all other religions sometimes even calling for jihad holy war against them but it isn't or any other radical movement of us lot of course not part of the official religion here but i've already see different ideas often taught in small mosques hidden from the mainstream. like this one form a boiler house rebuilt into a mosque in one of gazans many apartment blocks they aren't it's the moms denying being radical but admit they do not support their stance of visual branches of islam. we don't divide brother muslims and there can be no radicalism no
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terrorism these are words only used by prove a kidders who want to discredit islam. we were told here believers are taught sincerely and equality and there are no longer up held in modern society with justice can only be achieved through islam when someone says islam is the only fair way of life and social order they're called radical or extremist and what's the punishment for stealing the hand is chopped off. not the kind of punishment you'd find in russia's criminal code nevertheless such ideas are reportedly gaining more support among young muslims for some experts it could be partly to blame on how the list of banned extremist literature was thrown together. often in books by classical world famous authors have banned or even some of prophet muhammad saints how can we expect muslims to react and of course the radicals use this to gain
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influence. of course star stan is a long way from becoming engulfed by the war stuff radical islam how the state reacts to the spread of extremism is now key the wrong moves could only resource in the situation you've got going to all of our g. guys on our sun. so i got our teaser com for more on this and many other stories and here's what you can find there right now. an eleven year old party standing girl allegedly falls victim to ring mommy is accused of trying to frame her for blasphemy in a koran burning case. and also online at the darkly humorous agents pressured characters from the senses they lose eight caps and dolls game russian lawmakers final hours and hours dot com. german chancellor angela merkel has the rest of her visit to china was aimed at tapping into the country's monitory
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muscle to help pull europe out of its downward spiral she saw due to the flow of investment from beijing to the european stability by a war against financial troubles that the chancellor words hard to create over the german leaders the overt shows where met with a guarded response from china's leaders stop short of pledging more cash injections into european debt. from the european council on foreign relations explains why the chinese are in no hurry to lend a hand to berlin. the big hope in europe is that the chinese would invest in some of the new vehicles that have been crazy like the european stability mechanism . the chinese. offer lots of words of support today and yesterday but not much in the way of concrete promises to buy bonds in any case the chinese don't tend to make their bond purchases public so we don't know for example
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how much the chinese invested in european bones in the last two years since the euro crisis began and anyway we probably won't know so there's a lot of there's a lot of uncertainty about in the case of their boss but we see this is a european company and so it will benefit not just germany but also france and other countries in europe but lots of the deals that have been signed. off for german companies are open to european companies and in that sense there is a competition going on between germany and other european countries and mostly germany seems to be winning that competition. while germany is striving to make sure the euros stay there for its old car and the deutsche mark showing no signs of being discarded i too have put all of the half of the. old school favoring following into. here in germany the don't try are still very much alive and kicking in fact in the store in central berlin the good old they market is still accepted
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as legal tender when it comes to purchases with an exchange rate of around two dollars each marks to the euro the store's manager says that there's still enough of the old currency around to warrant them taking it once on the name of three the reason we accept which marks is there are still plenty of people with the old currency we get quite a few people wanting to spend them in our store from it's not just in shops that they're accepted if you find a few demarche coins down the back of the sofa germany's public telephones will happily take them off your hands germany officially dropped the old money for the euro over ten years ago in two thousand and eleven alone though over eight million marks were brought to the bundesbank to be changed into crisp new currency but where is that cash coming from. he had that has not been one of my other lead relatives gave me before and as a gift so i decided to turn them into something it could spend on television. we've
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had them lying around the house for ages we've only just got around to getting democrats changed or there are those though who say they won't part with their deutsche marks as a minister. i keep them as a souvenir i'm not going to change them into europe and according to the blunders bank there's still more than thirteen billion dollars each marks in circulation they say they get returns from as far away as brazil and new zealand so unlike some eurozone members the bank won't place a time limit on accepting old money. so we will continue to take them as long as people keep bringing them it's something of a tradition here that currency from years and years ago will always be exchanged for legal terms or there are conspiracy theorists. you say that in the banks vaults trillions of being stockpiled should the euro crisis deepen. so
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if the cash that's returned isn't being kept for a rainy day what happens to it and once the exchange is completely. shredded ending their days as very expensive confetti feature all of a. it was an artsy i'll be back with the headlines in a few minutes to stay with us.


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