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speak for themselves and clearly for the most part you know. very relevant you know. iran's nuclear ambitions have won some powerful backing as one hundred twenty countries voiced their approval for peaceful atomic research in the country this was the key point in a unanimously adopted resolution that wrapped up at a nonaligned movement summit in tehran the us and israel have been led to reeling by the success of the gathering you tons as a new report suggested iran has significantly enhanced its nuclear capacity but the document was rejected by tehran as politically motivated and there was another blow for israel and its western allies when un chief ban ki moon appeared at the summit he condemned their persistent aggressive rhetoric and threats of a strike on iran side mohammad marandi a professor at the university of tehran says it's ironic that the u.s. has forced iran to launch an atomic program the iranians are saying that this report came at a sensitive time to sort of distract attention away from this iranian success the
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irony here is that the iranians at the beginning had no intention whatsoever to produce if you aim at twenty percent and then produce nuclear fuel but americans and the europeans by taking. citizens and people hostage forced the iranians to take that politicians senior politicians really know that an attack on iran would be devastating for the united states and not only for its economy but for its global position and its credibility. independent researcher soraya support believes iran is the main barrier to u.s. domination in the region. mr brime ki-moon does recognize the fact and he has said so this iran is a key player in the region and nothing much really can be solved you fowler's that you want participation and i'm sure that the united states and israel would like mr by human to come down hard on iran says he's also aware of the fact there's two
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thirds of the countries that belong to the united nations are member countries of the nine aligned movement the united states state department they do tend to be very aggressive in their foreign policy towards certain countries in particular although i think they have the whole goal in mind they would love to be a global vision monic power. the nonaligned movement now is one hundred percent coming together to resist this kind of impression israel is being heavily criticized after several of its soldiers testified to the children were often in their main targets the release of follows the publication of two damning reports one from british lawyers that visited israel's military courts and the other from of the human rights group the defense of children international that detail multiple violations committed against children not to post here has the story. there were demonstrations as indeed there are if we weekend now be silent which is a palestinian village in footage that was captured on camera these soldiers can be
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seen going from house to house and physically taking people out of their homes one person was injured at least six people were arrested five of whom were children and there are pictures of the daughters of one woman trying to save their mother as she was manhandled by the soldiers who are sitting using stun grenades now these reports come out on the heels of another damning conclusion there is really defense forces has come under fire from its own rank and file an organization known as breaking the silence has published the testimonies of some fifty israeli soldiers and commanders in which they deal specifically with how the idea here treats palestinian children palestinian minors they talk about the arbitrate use of violence by soldiers when it comes to children and at the same time they say that very often the i.d.f. the new bookie targets children using them as human shields during its operations but these reports also going to say that even when children are not deliberately
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targeted they are not afforded any kind of protection when there is a shootout or any kind of military operation as you can witness from the testimonies that we've published and from my own experiences as a soldier i have to say that the main point here is that there is there is no real distinction when it comes to treatment between adelson children for example we were doing constant arrest appropriations throughout the west bank arresting i don't know how many people you know on a nightly basis in many of the people that we were arresting were either children or teenagers did the most occasions we didn't even know why they were being arrested in one of the radio parisian states we had a day that we basically invaded the palestinian town in the city of hebron the children started throwing stones at us so it's going to be picked at random kid that didn't even necessarily threw stones at us and used him as a shoe. the stones that were being thrown by his friends or by his supposed friends with the team instead of us we were hoping that that would stop him somehow that
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would stop his friends from throwing stones obviously didn't help him he just got injured in the indication so certainly not a good time for the idea of finding ourselves being criticised on a number of fronts r.t. television and u.k. court has shattered the hopes and of the reputations of russia. has high stakes a lawsuit against a billionaire compatriot abramovich was dismissed and one of the most expensive cases in british legal history or his last month in london has the story for us. the final verdict in this case found against a body that is old school which means that he won't receive a cent of the more than five point six billion dollars that he was asking for from which run up what i want to promote himself was not in court but his old scheme was he arrived looking very upbeat saying that he had full confidence in the british legal system but once the verdict was being read he held his head in his hands and
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as he was leaving he appears to have lost confidence in the british legal system now this is a case that has opened up for the viewing of the general public the key world of russia's mega rich and what they got up to back in the nineteen ninety's the wild east as we called it back then we're talking about stiff sums of money off shore bank accounts elicit payments made between people often in massive sums of cash. or of kools five star hotels ski resorts and enormous business deals done only on the strength of a handshake with no documentation which of course has made this case a very difficult one to judge it's brought to london to school building billionaires along with their own sororities megger expensive lawyers and bodyguards who walked around this course area in their shades in a menacing way but he spread his old ski says that he was done out of billions of dollars when he says that abramovich intimidated him into selling shares in russian
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metals and oil companies for a fraction of what they were but abramovich says that in fact. when never business partners that he was making payments to bit his off key but they were only for political protection. roof in russian but as he wanted five point six billion dollars on top of the one point two billion that he received back in two thousand and two from which this has been one of the biggest civil trials ever held in british legal history it's been. hundreds of hours and resulted in millions of dollars worth of legal fee so we've had the results of this case new when this time around we may see more cases of this nature here in london. well news of that mega rich court battle over billions in london might not go down so well in crisis hit spain where one in four is the now out of a job and putting away figures from your expert opinion more on that next hour.
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plus a two hundred years after a key battle russia of fought against of the invasion of napoleon enthusiastic are reenacting the clash. the us military has stopped training for all new afghan local police recruits until the existing forces are reassessed and checked for the ties with insurgents this decision comes in light of so-called green on blue attacks which have claimed the lives of at least forty two nato soldiers this year for more on this we're now joined by colin nouri from an afghan policy think tank the world strategies coalition mr nori thank you very much for being with us thank you very much now what is your opinion on the current vetting process do you think the u.s. military will manage to reassess the entire army within a reasonable time frame. i don't think that's realistic however this is between the ministration in the military but certain pentagon looking forward they're looking
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forward to see when the election is coming and soon this is going to be put behind them and right now they're in there in a position to figure out what can we do that we can secure the votes and if that's exactly what they're after this the current administration is thinking about so once this is behind them down there will think about how they're going to. assess their exact way of how to to control this entire chaos was going to military. well is it even possible to prevent someone becoming disillusioned or joining the taliban made a training once they've already been vetted how do you safeguard against that i think that's das the biggest headache you know i think. enemies of afghanistan as afghans as it themselves there are cells. that they
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are infiltrating inside the a.n.e. an area in p. which they come forward afghans himself talking about the karzai government and say that they can stop this but they haven't really laid out the facts of how they're going to do that it's something that. they haven't really figured out and it's not going to work just by just saying ok we can stop it it's impossible they have to lay out exactly how they're going to do it. well how do you think this is going to affect the security situation once the u.s. leaves the country. well it looks like we're well leaving a twenty forty says is that a glimpse into the distorted of the snowballing or. what's going to happen in afghanistan if u.s. policy is not going to change is not going to is not going to be. in the
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benefit of afghanistan. the meeting grounds can stand for themselves and this is not going to work but it sounds good but as u.s. policy is just directed to help out it's on its own benefit i don't think this is going to work now you just mentioned the start of the snowballing which kind of reminds me of iraq the power handover in iraq is widely acknowledged as a borderline a failure with militants now carrying out attacks on a regular basis do you believe that any lessons have been learned there and how can they apply here in afghanistan well see a lot of people don't see this there afghanistan is a different set up then iraq iraq never had. a civil war in iraq never was never in a war for thirty years like afghanistan was there the post invasion.
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union has totally changed the landscape the political landscape and the ethnic lines last april of afghanistan. and the lessons learned from iraq is not going to apply to afghanistan people should really get down when there is no relevance whatsoever what afghanistan is going through right now. and of finally is there any chance that you think that a power handover could be delayed and how that would affect anti-american sentiment in the country. death is dead will be too late to be seen dead what one could take effect by dan on the other hand again i'm i'm stressing again dead if the policy of states and nato does not change that puts staff dance themselves in the driver's seat then things are going to be very hard right now america end of
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the policy makers in the beltway are the ones are making the decision how afghanistan should be around but the fact is that afghans should come forward themselves and it's going to be and has to be an afghan solution and. for afghanistan even by afghans this is the only way that they can do that and there are ways of doing it but they're not looking hard enough to find a way. thoughts on this mr colley nori co-founder of new world strategy strategies coalition thank you very much for being with us thank you for your time . all right this week u.s. presidential candidates have been touring key states to secure support for november's election republican mitt romney beat barack obama to the gulf coast visiting areas hit by hurricane isaac there's also been a lot of harsh rhetoric between the two obama's supporters because obama supporters accuse romney of paying little attention to u.s. soldiers fighting abroad while the republican he slammed obama's first term as
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a foreign policy failure value that he would get tough with russia however sociology professor william robinson says there's little real choice for american voters we were there's no real significant difference between the republicans and the democrats regard to the economic program both parties are beholden to transnational corporate interests particularly to banking interests to oil interests to the u.s. military industrial complex this is a longstanding reality of u.s. electoral campaigns increasingly they're personalized increasingly the real issues at stake the vital issues for the people in the united states and worldwide are not dealt with and increasingly they are simple simply personalized attack there is one difference of substance and this is coming out of the campaign big and that is that the obama administration has been pursuing what we could call a very limited neocon has been a little more social programs that are a little more just takes off and really those are the only i feel that the only
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significant differences right now between these two parties in their presidential candidates. meanwhile in charlotte north carolina hundreds of occupy demonstrators took to the streets ahead of the democratic national convention protesters are marching through the city's business district chanting slogans and holding up signs decrying corporate influence on u.s. politics the democrats' convention is set to open in the city early on monday earlier demonstrators gathered in tampa during the republican national convention but the turnout was less than expected due to hurricane isaac that passed through florida next hour she's going to comments about the upcoming election with author andrew levine he tells us his view on how much genuine choice americans have here's a preview. it's sort of like. a coke and pepsi and level of antagonism and out of we exist in the places where those things are manufactured and marketed but at the level of underlying political vision or underlying
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political orientation there isn't that much difference and romney would probably be perfectly happy doing what obama does we happen media which is so several that control and. all the institutions that manufacture opinion are so pervasive and our electoral system has become basically if i can advertising it's become less sales promotions there are brands and there are people trying to sell different products one of two products. and it's. a pressure that's not all it's not so much of the pressure that's hard to resist it's a pressure that most people are most people aren't even aware that there is an alternative. we have more for you on this and many other stories on our website are two dot com. an eleven year old pakistani girl allegedly falls victim to any mom who is accused of trying to
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frame her for blasphemy and a corolla burning case. and us insurance companies trying to wriggle out of billions of dollars worth of payments for the damage caused by this summer's record breaking drought. german chancellor angela merkel has wrapped up her visit to china it was aimed at tapping into the country's monetary muscle to help pull europe out of its downward spiral she sought to boost the flow of investment from beijing into the european stability a firewall against financial trouble that the chancellor worked hard to create however the german leaders overtures were met with a guarded response from china's leaders who stopped short of pledging more cash injections into european debt. from the european council on foreign relations
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explains why the chinese are in no hurry to lend a hand to berlin debate in europe is that the chinese would invest in some of the new vehicles that have been crazy like the european stability mechanism. the chinese. offering lots of words of support today and yesterday but not much in the way of concrete promises to buy bones in any case the chinese don't tend to make their own choices public so we don't know for example how much the chinese invested in european bones in the last two years since the euro crisis began and anyway we probably know. there's a lot of there's a lot of uncertainty about in the case of a possibility this is a european company and so it would benefit not just germany but also france and other countries in europe but lots of the deals that have been signed. off the
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german companies rolled into european companies and so in that sense there is a competition going on between germany and other european countries generally seems to be winning that competition. now let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the world this hour at least fourteen civilians have been killed in a u.s. drone strike near the town of iraq in southern yemen local tribesmen say women and children among the victims military officials claim the airstrikes were based on incorrect intelligence as the targets were thought to be armed islamist militants recent drone strikes are part of a joint u.s. and yemeni government campaign against al qaeda in the country. hundreds of buddhist monks took to the streets of amman mars' second largest city in mandalay on saturday gathered in a support of the government plans to deport or move to camps the muslim minority living in the country the idea came after a recent outbreak of sectarian violence in the west of me and maher which left almost ninety people dead according to the u.n. rohingya muslims are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.
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controversial south korean preacher's son moon has died aged ninety two and soul food was the founder of the unification church which he turned into a worldwide movement the church gained notoriety for alleged brainwashing and of the mass weddings of followers critics accuse him of profiteering through the church after he created a business empire that included arms factories and publishing ventures. and i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few minutes. emission
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at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them we will be there. their clouds childhood was overshadowed by this tragedy. they still feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. that will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and you seem so. innocent.
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a little angel. on live from our studios and some from moscow this is our two glad that with us let's take a look at your top headlines. turkey's call for a no fly zone in syria fails to get support at the u.n. as rebels in the country declare a civilian airports their latest targets mourning international flights to stay away. you are welcome to course of support for its peaceful nuclear program at the nonaligned summit in tehran during a blow to u.s. moves to isolate the islamic republic. republicans are freshly nominated presidential candidate mitt romney promises a hard line stance against russia but faces criticism for flip flopping on previous policies. and romana on bottom of it successfully fends off attempts by self exiled
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tycoon borders but is also keen to carve five billion dollars out of his fortune a london court ruled by themselves he was a fundamentally unreliable witness. and next we hit the road with the russian delegation to the famous war and peace show in britain for the reenactment of many of the twentieth century's major battles are special reports next. in the early hours of a hot july dawn a group of unusually dressed people carefully head on to the shore of one of the me up as tributaries there clad in servant military uniform from the days of world war
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two. in the summer of nine hundred forty one on the crossing the. one hundred thousand people were killed while they were trying to escape the surrounding enemy . i witnesses say that the river ran red with blood for several days now candles float down the river. moscow's military history club called the division has traveled here to honor the memory of fallen russian soldiers but this journey to smolensk is just the beginning now they have three thousand kilometers to cover across the european roads to take part in the legendary war and peace show in england. in the village of belching and candles the old hopf surrounded by a huge park today it attracts collectors of military vehicles and others with an interest in reaction great battles of the past century the thirtieth war and peace show is about to take place. to ensure rain since the beginning of summer
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has turned the festival venue into a swamp. military enthusiasm began arriving long before the beginning of the show for them not even bad weather can overshadow the event they've been waiting a whole year for one after another festivals open up offering every thing from uniform buttons to tanks. number two number two do you read me number two over there's a gas station one hundred kilometers from here is a third of a tank left the copy i copy. there was an accident i fell off a four wheeler and broke my spine before that i was a physician a surgeon and there's suddenly i was bedridden but after six months i started walking slowly recovering. the us thinking of was going to do when my friend from rostov told me that he'd restored an old soviet probated a car. they also had
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a gas sixty nine cheap and it was me he restored it i did it in a mill she star then i decided i needed a uniform to match. started. by the campground in. historical reactors from a soviet afghan war paratroopers club keenly digging away. in accordance with military protocol the soldiers are preparing shelters in case of an enemy attack the most amazing thing is not one of these soldiers speak russian these people hail from belgium britain sweden france and holland. well we're digging a trench and we're trying to dig a trench we're doing it by hand so. see how far we get and i turned from going to finish it reenacting soviet union in afghanistan because well.
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because no one else was there wing it basically it's nothing political over enough for communism or something like that it's just out of interest it was quite secret and interesting to research also quite hard if you can't read russian. convoy left moscow with four heavily loaded cars with trailers to cross seven european countries to show you is tight and there's little time for rest. for the most the last year we had a pretty interesting trip to the war history show that. when i showed pictures taken with some s.s. officers to my friends would be asking me. how could i be friends with fascists you know you were but there is no ideology in it whatsoever but there's no difference between those dressed as the red army or the nazis. you can uniforms only serve to unite people and it's very nice when you pass a german camp in
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a soviet uniform and the germans stand up to greet you use of for you but if you. look. at the camp the festival goers are doing the chores and preparing equipment despite grim conditions many have come here together with their families trying to involve both relatives and friends in the. many years ago british police officer neil cullen himself an old soviet t. thirty four tank he restored it and then became a driver. for the second guards tank ami living is the group here in england and we necked around. tank joins me helps come on the tank. and her parents also join us hopefully my children will carry on when they're big enough i think my colleagues at.


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