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then we later learned from. to burst into the back of the building then shot
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somebody in the vestibule so one man died another injured and somebody else was taken to hospital for shock it's very sad because as he was being hauled away into the cop cars that he said you know the english will are waking up and we're referring to you know the very divisive nature of the nazi qu├ębec was you know their years and years and years of confrontation about you know about the party and their ideas to separate fact from the rest of the country and it's a very divisive topic and the fact that they were elected as a minority many see it as a defeat and the threat of it to come back and canada as the whole country the separatist party has said during the election campaign that they're not going to hold a referendum if the time is not right if that's not really what the population wants really what we're hearing is that it's only about twenty eight percent of the population that would affect the border referendum if we were to have one so it is
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it is relatively low comparison to what we've seen in the past lot of angle phones or are afraid of is that they will see this as an attack from that the english on the french which you know certainly is the case you can take the actions of one person and spread it on the thousands and thousands of people there is a certain fear that there will be more more anglo hatred in the province. and at the time the shots were heard pauline marois was telling a crowd of supporters that quebec needs to become a sulfurous country independent journalist robert harness says the rift between english and french canada is only getting wider. it would be nice to believe that the man is just a lunatic it's pretty clear it is email be a lunatic but he is motivated by the divisions in canada one has to remember that divisions go both ways. because the english canadians under the british empire always ruled the roost the french canadians began to become very bitter about this
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and inevitably over time that has caused many problems and they want autonomy and i think that it is going to revive a passion in the person or a way to put it that's putting it hurt a little bit emotionally obviously it will and some english canadians feel very strongly about this of course to some french but i don't think the. it's going to change us long term view of that situation of quebec in canada tactically obviously she isn't going to want to stir up passions it in quebec why would certainly hope not well clearly the people who feel passionately that quebec should remain part of the canadian nation are never going to trust her because she lost a party that believes in the maximum amount of autonomy for quebec they can get a referendum through voting for independence at the moment and maybe in their
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hearts that's not really what they want but they have achieved the autonomy in language and in other things which has been very important to them i don't personally believe if you ask me what i really feel good or complete independence is on the cards or go back but real autonomy yes definitely. of course you can always go to much more insight on the division affecting canada with. the federation could mean for the rest of. the. protests may have influenced the vote thousands clashed with police. and a lot more. now the u.n. chief called for an end to the militarization of the syrian conflict speaking at the general assembly banki moon said the crisis is taking a brutal turn with. details now from new york. the secretary general of the
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u.n. bonn ki-moon addressed the international body giving them an update on the crisis in syria saying the humanitarian circumstances situation there is only deteriorating and getting worse by the day according to the u.n. chief he said that the humanitarian response on the part of the u.n. is getting harder and harder because the response plan that the u.n. has set up is only half funded and it's supposed to be fully funded at one hundred eighty million dollars so he said as austerity measures are being implemented by countries all around the world less countries are donating to a mission that is supposed to be helping out those syrians in need now the general assembly was very interested in eager to hear from mr lockhart where he me he is the new joint special representative for syria mr brahimi replaced kofi annan and he said when addressing the general assembly that it will be up to the syrians and
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only the syrians to decide the fate of their future mr brahimi will be traveling to cairo in the coming days to meet with the secretary general of the arab league and then he will be traveling to damascus to meet with syrian president bashar al assad so clearly he has his work cut out for him in the coming days and weeks ahead but of course syria is staying a priority within the united nations general assembly and the security council weeks we can expect for a lot of more conversations to be taking place in the month of september when the u.n. general assembly did the guinn's in the next coming weeks. but all of this as a many are fleeing the syrian conflict to neighboring states with over one hundred thousand leaving in just ghost countries like turkey and jordan say they are certainly feeling the strain of syrian refugees as aunties portfolio reports. at least ten thousand syrian refugees for at least
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a week have been stuck on the syrian side of the syrian turkish border and this is because ankara is simply unable to process the growing numbers of people who are fleeing syria to turkey there are already eighty thousand syrian refugees inside turkey and who was afraid that these figures could swell to at least half a million now and credit has been complaining that the international community is not doing enough to help it and to this indeed it is calling for a so-called safe zone or a buffer zone to be created inside syria and what we understand is that such as zone would extend some twenty kilometers inside syrian territory but the problem is that to create any kind of humanitarian zone you need to have a no fly zone which certainly suggests foreign intervention and there has been a lot of criticism about this from the international community certainly the united nations security council has not given its nod when and clipboard to stop in the past but we do understand that anchor is going to ask the u.n. security council later this month to create
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a buffer zone it is highly unlikely that russia and china will give its nod but certainly we are witnessing a growing humanitarian crisis at the same time we know that the head of the international committee for the red cross is in damascus they are meeting with syrian officials who are trying to find together some kind of weight of assisting these refugees and resolving the situation has been quite some time in those camps talking to some of these refugees and i can back up from firsthand experience what they as well as what humanitarian organizations are saying what the refugees told me is that the sanitation is far from satisfactory that very often they are standing in queues for hours waiting for food there not enough tense to go around people are speaking on the streets i spoke to a number of women who were complaining of sexual harassment one person to have put it the best he told me that him and his family had fled syria to escape it did but here in the rift. camps they were dying a slow death at the same time there are concerns that you just need
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a spark to erupt into flames there are concerns particularly from the jordanian authorities that they could be rioting they're also concerned that they could be further clashes so the main concern at the moment is that the situation is so volatile you could lead to an even further bigger humanitarian catastrophe. but later in the day here on our t.v. we talk to a german journalist who has witnessed the conflict in syria firsthand he tells us why western media coverage of the civil war is deliberately misleading. the mainstream media coverage claimed that the mosque because is was at the time when this so-called battle of the mosque because they were saying that because it's on fire they are heavy fighting and they were saying that now the rebels are so close to the city center that they are a power to conquer and all the city the government will fall i want to incite the city and there was no war in the city of course there is some suburbs there are a couple of interest groups who benefit from such
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a politics and the big interests of the western governments who want to have the regime change there and who are supporting that the information you get from these countries are very much one sided or money that i spoke to a lot of people who are not with the syrian government but in this is i think the most important difference to the media coverage here they were all against this war which is now raging so they said all of the we are not with our government right now we support our army in pushing back the foreign terrorists from our countries so then we can make the changes and the reforms. you can see the full interview with the man well the auction of writer the editor of the german news magazine in about an hour and fifteen minutes from now still to come though for the immediate future reshuffle for russia's space three major changes face the country's once pioneering space program we suffered several serious missteps last years. belgian workers are left out in the cold and
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continuing euro crisis makes cheap immigrant labor more attractive details on that coming your way in just a few. fanaa president vladimir putin has talked with in his first exclusive interview since returning to power he gave his view on the case of a russian punk band pussy riot three of its members of course jailed for two years after staging a punk prayer in the country's main cathedral. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. i'm aware of the pussy riot case. not getting involved in any way. bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t. but of course of a whole case of pussy riot sparked controversy and division here in russia its members to push the boundaries through their political stance that's let's delve into this a bit more now with our teams are going to study the program good to see you why
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why have they landed so firmly in the spotlight. well they are inherently members of the our group and i'm talking about the oh who seem to be concerned with making a political statement at least that's what they claim but they seem to be more concerned with the reaction that they get the message therefore becomes secondary and tertiary and the primary reason they are actually doing what they're doing seems to be to get a rise out of the public to get some sort of a provocative emotional response so this is exactly what the president what the see right seem to have been doing for example one of course the latest on the loudest such performance was the punk prayer the so-called punk prayer the christ the savior where they were jumping out by the altar on the pulpit and yelling things which were rather oppressed trained to be in charge of course remembers off group was to write were convicted and sentenced to two years in prison now there was also another case which also made waves and was really concerned considered provocative
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by a lot of russians but it's not so well known in the west this of course involves one of the members of the pussy riot group and you have to remember that there is almost a dozen girls in there one of the members who are also what they called a performance by. something a frozen chicken chicken into her vagina and that of course was also filmed and broadcast and also was supposed to carry some sort of a message and also there was a third incident which isn't so well known in russia or especially in the west and that was that was the incident in which doesn't talk when you go to one of those who work convicted of inside including islam and i really just hatred and the crisis she was participating in the one of the stunts where they have staged a mock hanging and one of the supermarkets in moscow where they were hanging supposedly migrant workers and a gaze now what the exactly they were trying to express is not quite clear and you
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have to remember that the decision that were rather the reaction to these. sentencing after three members of pussy riot. the public remains that quite split some believe that they certainly have gotten those two year prison sentences others believe that they got exactly what they asked for and that is popularity and punishment for doing things which are considered offensive by a lot of people or i thought is ridiculous where they live in central moscow thank you. quarter past the hour here and a warning not to meddle in regional affairs that was the greeting in beijing for washington's top diplomat head of a secretary of state hillary clinton southeast asian nations to work together to resolve territorial disputes in the south china sea. from the remnant university of china says u.s. involvement is only fueling tensions in the past few months and we see as you nasties it's picking sides are going to trip over the disputed that have you know
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you want and you know cities are also those who are still. in there or just be with china hold ourselves kind of say yes we've also seen the worst. of wars and not matched it d. s. think. but you can sign it as a matter of just a few depends on the average pair and. just against the chinese search plane i think if you notice he is trying to ship these to. you should pursuit be our number one reason it's going to get wanted to go to monte to some of the past growing economy in. the included cities and why it's not only east asian but also across the world are you nasty long to come fag and out of balance search against chinese in east. regions.
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and all hillary clinton is are looking after the u.s. interest in beijing fellow democrats are getting ready to officially declare barack obama as their presidential candidate first lady michelle obama addressed the party convention urging voters to give our husband another term to try and fix the nation's troubled economy mitt romney and barack obama are now running just about even in the polls and ahead of the november the sixth election but political commentator and author of the anti american manifesto ted rall says both kind of gets alternately could be a bad choice for americans. there is definitely a clear difference between misters romney and obama but that doesn't mean that either of them is going to reach out and do much about the pressing problem of unemployment underemployment and the stagnant economy mr romney's plan seems to be to bring us back to the one thousand nine hundred ten trickle down reaganomics and president obama has had three years trying to turn things around but he decided to
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bail out the banks rather than the american people so i would say that for people who are worrying about work and being able to put food on the table things are not likely to get and. then my kid worse the united states certainly affects the world mainly through brother militaristic outlook we are despite the headlines that we hear all that we see all the time here in the states about how the wars in afghanistan and iraq are ramping down there still is going to be a considerable forward aggressive strategy around the world particularly in the middle east i think whether you're looking at a romney administration or an obama administration i wouldn't look for the united states to have a different foreign policy in any kind of substantive way under romney than we have today because of the two party traps for a reason you know there's there's two terrible choices it's a lot like sitting down to a restaurant where they offer two meals and they're both just terrible so i
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personally would rather eat somewhere else and i would say well because either a protest vote for a obscure third party or i'll show up at the polls and not vote for president i want them to know that i'm voting and i'm available to vote but i cannot endorse either of these two of them. you're watching r.t. live from moscow just a moment on the world update for now though at least five security officers have reportedly been killed after gunmen attacked an interior ministry convoy in russia's north caucasus republic of english police say a bomb went off on a highway as the convoy drove by gunfire followed from the forest by the roadside leaving at least two other officers wounded russia's investigative committee has so far confirmed four deaths but some reports now suggest one of the injured died on route to hospital police say up to ten gunmen took part in the attack and several of them may have also suffered injuries when the troops tried to repel them an
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operation to find the suspected attackers is currently under way. or into the r.t. world cup they will go we'll start with cairo it's where some people have been arrested at least sixteen injured in clashes between protesters and police this was near the syrian embassy in cairo the demonstrators were chanting anti assad slogans and throwing rocks at officers at one point protesters tried to break through a police cordon around the embassy to hang a free syrian army for. thousands of protesters gathered in the center of yemen's capital city of sanaa to demand the prosecution of the country's former leader ali abdullah saleh they want to see cell a stand trial for the murder of dissenters in last year's uprising the former ruler stepped down from power on the terms of guaranteed immunity but has been accused of clinging to power from behind the scenes. media reports say the government has agreed a deal to purchase disputed islands in the east china sea from private owners the
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report is yet to be confirmed by officials but media outlets are quoting government sources china has also led to the islands as they are thought to lie in an area of untapped gas deposits the tensions surrounding the issue of ownership of been long running with angry protests staged in both countries. now after several space related slip ups russia has fired up some major plans for future success or the most recent incident took place just last month when russia's proton carrier rocket failed to orbit two communications satellites caffein off takes up the story and. the russian president has dismissed lead even used to rove as the head of the space center following a series of mishaps in the russian space industry mr rove resigned after last month's failed launch of the express and the two and the telkom three communication satellites he had been in charge of the facility that manufactures launch rockets and satellites since two thousand and five no prime minister dmitry medvedev had
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pointed to the fact that russia had seven failed launches in the past one and a half years these resulted in the loss of ten satellites he warns that the high rate of failure marked a quote colossal difference with other leading space powers now russia space officials have blamed the failures on manufacturing flaws as well as engineering mistakes but experts say that the decline of a once proud space program is rooted in a post soviet industrial meltdown that has hurt modernization despite a steadily growing flow of cash and aging workforce and the lack of responsibility at the very top have plagued russia's space industries experts say that russia's technical problems are surmountable but what the industry really needs they say is fresh blood and new talent despite all these setbacks there are big plans in store for russia's for a into the final frontier the country's planning to build research stations on mars before moving on to other planets and russian scientists are preparing for the next giant leap for mankind with plans for
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a manned base on the moon within ten years experts say that with ambitious goals like these a failure is simply not an option for russia's future in space lucy catherine of r.t.e. in moscow for the business news with carrie to you in just a sec for now though a tough economic times i see people looking for ways to cut costs and that's why a cheaper immigrant labor can play its part construction workers and belgian one of the better off you nations are complaining of growing an unfair competition from polish builders and with no end in sight of the ongoing eurozone financial crisis the competition will only get tougher as ati's test for australia reports. well we're here at a construction site where all the workers as well as the owners of the construction company are from poland belgium is seeing an influx of foreign workers from other e.u. countries and more often than not these workers left the belgian counterparts in limburg for example a province in flanders which has a significant construction sector thirty eight percent of all companies have lost
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bids to foreign firms ninety percent of them expect to lose bits in the future and this is prompted fears that in the coming months one in five companies will have to lay people off setting prices or. what we can call which the people need to work but if that work is going to other companies then we will lose a lot of jobs. local firms say they're also losing out when it comes to speed of delivery our building sector is heavily unionized and too they've got fairly strict working new rules but if you look at the foreign companies people work ten twelve thirteen fourteen hours a day six days out of seven and that of course for delivery speed of your project is a huge advantage and more belgian clients are opting to try their services these people are much more flexible so that's that's why we tried it and it was it was
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a success europe's debt crisis has dealt a massive blow to a sector that employs up to sixteen million e.u. citizens and with no clear signs of the tough times letting up tension is brewing especially when local firms feel they're getting the short end of the stick on their own turf tesser cilia r.t. antwerp in belgium. has promised s.k. he'll be in the r.t. business tesco good to see you again but temperatures are dropping but tempers are rising to fill us and absolutely not in the office for a bought gas was on the horizon out today and that's because the european commission has launched an official investigation into suspected market abuse by gas from the probe comes a year after brussels surprise a russian energy on its customers with an unexpected right at the offices. just what will focus on whether gazprom pushed up prices and hinted competition in eastern and central europe the investigation could result in heavy fines and
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a quiet gas pump to change its trade practices business r.t. caught up with oil and gas as alexander not off on an estimate of these fines. if we look back into history and remember back in two thousand and nine finds war. find. a german company owner and france company. e.d.f. they will find a bowl for. five hundred fifty million euros so basically if we. just want to fire the european gas market share buy gas all buy gas so probably. to find big aspirin to find good data it is probably up to one billion euro so let's go to europe and see what's happening because right now the footsie in london is suffering loss largely because b.p. is actually the worst performer on the boards to. the bit of drama going on actually be because it's dropping around four percent the u.s.
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department of justice will try to prove that gross negligence on willful misconduct against the oil rig the charges are related to the twenty ten deepwater horizon disaster in the gulf of mexico itself a top news oh and and today as you can see the tax managing to gain a tenth of the head of the e.c.b. meeting got coming up on thursday let's check out the common currency and see what it's up to right now because we'll be able to see if the client as investors really hold on to their positions not quite sure what mario jar gay is going to lay on the table as we're going to one twenty five forty two just that let's see what the actual markets are doing because the ruble as you can see is declining as all the bourses we've got but we are just down the my sex posting declines at this hour really taking their cues from the general to wait and see attitude across the global forces they also got to remember that is in the world's biggest economic zones that the u.s. china the eurozone and japan all the contraction right now let's have a look at you might have made we'll be able to see they are declining also supply
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disruptions going on at the moment with hurricane isaac stopping production in the gulf of mexico and i'm going to depart the building another belongs in blue will be our next not maybe marina next time she's not quite as good as they were right but she's ok what are our. thanks for that video buy back in a moment people of illinois so they put barack obama in the crosshairs of course does he deserve as they're saying to the as they're asking does he deserve another four years in office we'll see in just a moment crosstalk stay with us. culture
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is that so much i mean if you can which of course you might want to come to terms of years a number of lackluster even and even slightly bizarre republican convention nominee mitt romney president now it's time for the democrats to reaffirm their. good ol sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style don nelson has moved on to the title of.


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